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Quick Dungeon Fillers for Solo of DM free play

Basic dungeon tables for retro improvised dungeon crawls or solo quests. Probably use with my redbrick dungeon pdf book or other tables here and elsewhere. Obviously with my kobold geomorphs used recently. Anyway easier than me flipping between posts etc.

Ive been testing some stuff I have written so running my test party through some dungeons using these.

Sortie 6Went out on new trek and found a new mine to explore. Seemed more ancient and found bark tubes with mummies inside. One began to move and party fled. Cleric determined anywhere with mummies too dangerous.

So went to another mine as Tin Hills has thousands. Entered another mine and found some old metal tools proving it was a recent human mine not the prehistoric undead filled ghost mines they had heard of. Alass in the next chamber piercers dropped on the thief wounding him. Party grabbed the pierces for stew later and killed them (cave abalone). Being careful next room thief heard tools and sneaked in to see 5 kobold workers with a first aid pack on floor. Thief tried to pinch the pack with a small healing potion but kobolds detected movement. Party charged but kobolds chasing thief whacked him with a teeny pick. Party did badly followed by kobolds retaliation hitting thief again. Three kobolds died and last two tried to run, the elf killed one but other went for help. Thief drank the found potion after first aid and party got ready for counter attacks as kobold left the cavern. Party decided the other rooms of cavern probably kobold free.

Quickly checking with thief then elf peeking. First dodged a crossbow trap. Saw two sleeping stirges next cave and a bronze mace on the floor. Elf and Thief killed stirges and thief missed being hurt again. Priest took the mace. Next cave saw bat swarm and quiver of arrows. Party wary of bats swarms after a past encounter. Still they were feeling bold enough to clean out mine not just skirmish when only beginners. Ambushed the bats and broke up swarm before they could do any real harm. Arrows in quiver of 9 looked fancy like belonged to elves. Thief fell in a pit trap and badly hurt. Party 
dragged poor fellow out and healed with spells and first aid. Next chamber avoided a slime but heard kobold guards coming (dungeon alert had gone up to amber).

Party dug in as nine warrior kobolds with swords charged across the big cavern. Elf took a pot shot while Dwarf and Fighter blocked exit tunnel to restrict kobolds. Kobolds were better armed and did well. Dwarf and Fighter killed some kobolds and cleric healed the fighter. The elf panicked and cast sleep and the party cheerfully went to finish them. The priest insisted the kobolds be tied up and kept prisoner and taken to town later. Party sighed and complied and the thief considered murdering the evil little critters later. Found more sleeping stirges and then went through the way the kobold warriors came.

Went down stairs and found a great gallery with side passages. Thief found a sleep gas trap and disarmed it and took the glass vial of liquefied gas for later. The next chamber he looked at set off another trap but the rest of the party pulled him out. Once awake and back on duty almost trod on a rusty feces covered foot spike trap buried in hole. Priest finding traps a burden cast detect traps and checked area. Thief noted were gibbering kobolds in a cave talking and party moved in. Kobolds screamed out as four killed but 5 kobolds from another cave were alerted and moved in. Party was sandwiched between two groups and the Elf and Thief went down. Then the fighter. Priest was badly hurt and the Dwarf battled on. Priest healed the fighter at risk of being harmed and promptly did. Dwarf battled on and the Fighter got up to help, both were hit again but as they had killed 10 of the 15 kobolds the survivors fled.

Found another mace and healing potion and revived the priest with it and he stabilized the almost dead party members. The party sealed up the mine and camped. With a nights rest  the priest managed to revive them enough to travel back to Tinvale. 
Party sold magic maces and bought plate armour for Dwarf and Cleric and some healing potions. The party now had a serious amount of money at last (350gp each), 5 healing potions and some magic arrows. 

Sortie 7 The party had heard that a more sophisticated kobold group had built a dungeon and were keen to investigate. This time they were better armoured and mixed up spells for a more serious assault. 
They also hired 4 man at arms to help.

They found the door and kept watch. The thief and elf got into position above the gate and others his amid rocks nearby. Some kobold kids came out to play and the thief got in. The kids scuttled off to whatever shenanigans they were up to and the thief opened the doors. The got the elf close enough to kobold guard murder holes to cast sleep on them. The thief managed to kill most before the cleric got to try and insist on capturing anyone.

(Basicly I roll room inhabitants in area and place dice on map so i know where monsters are on area in case any alarms go off). Men at arms are in rear as back up and to protect the elf. Caught a  kobold rearming trapsand took prisoner. The thief too a burning oil bomb. Burst in another room and bound and gagged four kobold skirmishers. Thief sneaked in a room and stabbed a kobold suicide bomber and took his grenaide. Cleric put up detect traps and cleared several more rooms. Captured 3 kobold workers easily intimidated.

Came to another room with a priestess and her dogs. She managed to hold the elf but the thief got in and stabbed her while the dwarf and fighter killed her dogs. The priest followed up with a mace blow to the priestess. She screamed quite a bit and blasted the cleric with a holy spell but he bashed her again finishing her. The alarm was set off and the dungeon encounters were were more likley now.

Confident to go on the priest healed himself and the party moved on. Heard some kobold kids playing and tried to nab them but they screamed and hid in a store room. They broke the door and tried to quiet the brats but they kept screaming. A kobold wizard and four guards came to investigate. They dropped the kobold kids who fled yelling and attacked. Dwarf brought one down while they were in shock. All but the thief and hirelings went to sleep from the kobold wizard spell and the thief got stabbed. Wizard blasted men at arms with magic missiles injuring them. The wizard blasted the Thief with an acid arrow knocking  him out and a hireling stabbed the screaming wizard. The wizard managed a fog cloud and retreated. The men at arms awoke the sleeping paty members who healed the thief and one soldier knocked out. Shaken the party moved on while kobolds went on high alert.

They came out the room to be charged by a hell hound puppy and 8 worker kobolds with tools. Elf cleared kobolds out with sleep and the Fighter hurt the hell pup (lost 4 of 8 HP) and the pup bit uselessly at the Fighters armour. The Thief began stabbing kobolds while the priest protested and other party members surrounded the dog. A bit of ineffective maneuvering where the Fighter got a big chunk bitten from him.  All the sleeping kobolds were stabbed by the thief who saw a door open and out came the kobold chief, his wounded and another fresh wizard. The thief who was closest got a light spell cast on him and resisted being blinded, the other wizard magic missiled the men at arms knocking them  out. The Thief took down the wounded wizard and badly hurt the other one. Fighter finished the Hell pup which avoided Cleric and Dwarf while elf shot at the kobold chief and missed.

Thief resisted a charm spell from wizard then took him out with a dagger. Fighter gave whopping blow to the kobold chief followed by the Dwarf and Cleric. Everyone breathed while cleric saved the men at arms and the thief went stab happy on the incapacitated foes. The men at arms were alive but unconscious. The Dwarf guarded a key hub while others searched the last few rooms. They oppened a door to find a suicide bomber trying to light his grenaide fuse and well he didnt make it. Found 700sp and more magic arrows, kings crown and some more kobold kids. Trapped the ones outside playing and party recovered a bit till the men at arms could walk. Everyone felt lucky to make it back to Tinvale. They were able to face kobolds more directly and clear the dungeon but had not counted on wizards or the more organised resistance. Sold the kobold workers and children but took time to find kindest owner possible and got a worse price. Slavery is bad but killing is forever.

After a rest planned to visit the Ruined manour house. 

Leveling these guys to 3rd  just to test stuff.
Elf has stayed on 5HP again having a -1 on HP rolled while the Dwarf is a HP monster double anybody else. Oaths proved troublesome for some party members so had to roll more. So Far...

Cordelia the Elf CG always cheats in contests and now avoids starting fights
Gareth the Fighter LG never ambushes and wont cut down trees
Simon the Cleric LG dislikes killing and now seeks to preserve old customs
Korg the Dwarf LG wants to get married and have kids and now wants to find one true love
Klaus the Thief CG likes to get drunk lots now wants to help the sick

The gaining extra abilities for random alignment oaths has proven hilarious and resulted in one party turning on each other and more deaths than adventures so im keeping on with them. 

This has been good prep for a game


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  1. Neato tabble but each misdirecttion is really rare, less then1 in 7700 chance of each.


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