Monday 12 March 2018

War Zone Addendum - Quest Tables

While doing the Giant War Zone came up with a new type of sub table which will be in all the war zones in the future. The Quest Table. This is stuff adventurers can do in the war to help. Goblin War might be next - a bit lower level for newbie heroes than giants or dragons.

Future War ZonesUnder sea invaders, dwarf invaders, barbarian invaders, beastmen horde, evil ones horde, dark elves, goblin horde, chaos invasion, angel invasion, lizard invasion??? suggestions welcome

d10 Faerie War Quest
1 Contact the faerie king and/or queen and beg them for mercy

2 Close the faerie gates and damage their laylines
3 Infiltrate them and cause a slave revolt
4 Kill a great noble and send them into mourning
5 Visit dwarves to make allegiances to make elves back off
6 Awaken dragons or giants and make faerie back off
7 Turn dark elves and bright elves on each other 
8 Leave false clues of older hidden races that could scare the elves away 
9 A pro elf cult is gaining attraction and needs to be destroyed
10 A dungeon has a elf relic that might buy them off

d10 Peasant Revolt Quest

1 kill a faction leader to help bring peace
2 Steal treasure from a faction to help bankrupt their war effort
3 Foreigners are interfering, go and make them think twice
4 A important leader is travelling go capture them
5 Royal heirs are being smuggled out of the country, capture or aid them
6 A fortress has stockpiled gunpowder go and destroy it
7 A dangerous cult has infiltrated a faction, find and kill them
8 A charismatic demagogue might start a new faction stop them
9 Someone assassinated a faction advisor, find the assassin and who sent them
10 Someone in your faction is a traitor find who and use them to send false plans

d10 Necromancer War Quest
1 The necromancers seek a vile tome and it needs to be moved or destroyed
2 Necromancers are making a undead colossus and need to be stopped
3 Infiltrate the necromancers school and kill the teachers
4 Burn down the necromancers library
5 Find a cache of holy relics lost long ago in a dungeon
6 Assassinate the lich that directs the army
7 Find a means to make the sun stay out longer
8 Contact the barbarian hordes who hate wizards and undead
9 Stop the necromancers reaching a graveyard to resupply troops
10 Hunt hidden necromancers among humans

d10 Dragon War Quest
1 Kill the dragon swarm queen or drive her back to hell
2 Seal the dragonspawn pits
3 Gather stockpiles of anti dragon weapons in a dungeon
4 Kill the leaders of the dragon cult
5 Help transport balistia to key human strongholds
6 Find non human allies like elves, dragons, giants or the sea lord
7 Lure dragons into a trap with a treasure waggon
8 Find and entice the good or neutral dragons to aid humanity
9 Turn the dragon tribes against each other by stealing treasure and planting clues
10 Help refugees escape hungry dragons

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