Monday 19 March 2018

The old Character Design Game

This is a bunch current thoughts on my system rewrite.
Will do in basic steps bits at a time like basic 4 classes and character stuff first
then add extra classes in various comps and source books and combine all together when at least half done. Nothing in stone yet.

Classes and Prime Requisites

Assign stats as you please but consider
-your best stat in your class prerequisite gives you extra abilities
-your class prerequesite stat is equal to the highest level you can gain or 20 max
-you can change your class once per +1 INT bonus you can have

You can roll again till your bonuses reach +5 or better in total 

Prerequisite Stats & Bonus Benefits
Basic Four Classes 
Cleric WIS bonus divine pells d8HD Medium armour
Fighter STR bonus WP +1 Unarmed +2 Critical Hit +3 Cleave d10HD Any Armour
Thief DEX bonus NWP +1 Sneak +2 Street Wise +3 Acrobatics d8HD Light Armour
Wizard INT bonus arcane spells
d d4HD No Armour
Basic Four Races (Mysterious Demi Humans)Dwarf CON +1 Engineer lore +2 
 Blacksmith (or other craft) +3 Gunpowder Any Armour
Elf CHA bonus spells choose one list Any Armour d6HD  Any Armour
Gnome WIS
 bonus spells choose one list  d6HD Any Armour
Halfling DEX bonus NWP +1 Sneak +2 Survival +3 Herbalist d6HD Medium Armour
Secondary ClassesDruid WIS
 bonus spells bonus nature spells d8HD Light Armour
Monk WIS bonus NWP +1 Acrobatics +2 Tumbling +3 Feign Death 
d10HD No Armour
Bard CHA bonus spells
 choose one list d6HD Light Armour
Sorcerer CHA bonus arcane spells 
d8 HD No Armour
Secondary Races (Forbidden Monsters Races)
Abhuman CON +1 Survival +2 Track (or other lore) +3 
(pick one) Lore, d12HD Light Armour
Changeling CHA bonus spells choose one list d6HD No Armour
Giant STR  +1 Smash +2 Lifting +3 Eating d12HD Medium Armour
Tako DEX
 bonus spells choose one list d4HD Any Armour
Tertiary Classes
Paladin CHA
 bonus divine spells d10HD Any Armour
Ranger DEX
 bonus nature spells d10HD Medium Armour
Alchemist INT bonus alchemist recipes No Armour
Shaman WIS bonus 
mentalist spells No Armour
Tertiary Races (Psychon Apocalypse Races)
CON (Golem) bonus apps d8HD No Armour
Mutant CON (Freak) bonus mutations d8HD No Armour
Alien INT (Outsider)
 bonus spells choose one list d4HD No Armour
Psionic WIS (Mystic) bonus mentalist spells d6HD No Armour


Roll and allocate
Roll four lots of 3d6 stat rolls
- only one stat can be below 9 raise whichever ones you wish otherwise to 9

Two stat rolls of 4d6
- 12 min 18 maximum to help your prerequisite class stat high
Assign as you please 

your reject rolls can be used for your starting followers
each reject set is one follower (1+CHA bonus max, pick best stats)
this might take 3 or 4 four tries low stats could be a child or animal or old aunt


pick and allocate one of these sets of scores
18 17 11 10 9 9 (74 total +5 bonus total)
18 14 13 11 9 9 (74 total +5 bonus total)
16 16 13 10 10 9 (74 total +5 bonus total)
16 13 13 13 10 9 (74 total +5 bonus total)
13 13 13 13 13 9 (74 total +5 bonus total)
18 16 13 10  9 8 (74 total +5 bonus total)
16 16 13 13 9 7 (74 total +5 bonus total)
no starting followers

or be a more modest hero and struggle more
16 13 10 9 9 9 (66 total +3 bonus total)
13 13 13 9 9 9 (66 total +3 bonus total)

What are Stats for
CHA ability to befriend or influence others, command followers
CON ability to resist disease, poison, hold your breath or other resist bodily shocks
DEX ability to dodge traps or dangers, manipulate tools or be sneaky
INT ability to solve riddles or puzzles, understand things, spot immediate clues or know stuff
STR ability to lift stuff and smash things and hit hard or throw things further
WIS ability to resist magic or spells, use will power, common sense, experience or foresight

Sample Basic Classes and Prerequisite Stat
CON Dwarf
DEX Thief, Halfling
INT Wizard
STR Warrior
WIS Priest. Gnome

What is Bonus for

CHA bonus is your to your number of loyal followers +1
CON bonus is added to your HP every level
DEX bonus on all to hit rolls and AC
INT bonus to WP or NWP or Languages, can take skills not from your own class
STR bonus to damage on all muscle powered weapons
WIS bonus to luck points +1 (thieves get +1/Lv)

Bonus for stats
Stats below 9 are damaged by disease or injury and could be restored
the cost of this is beyond earnings of a commoner
3 -3
4-5 -2
6-8 -1
9-12 0
13-15 +1
16-17 +2
18-19 +3
20-21 +5
22-25 +6

Spell Bonuses for classes with high prerequisite stats provide extra spells
+1 one first lv spell at first level
+2 one first leval spell at first level and again at second
+3 one first level spell at first, second and third plus a second lv spell at 3rd
+4 one first level spell at 1st to 4th level plus a second lv spell at 3rd
+5 one first level spell at 1st to 5th level plus a second lv spell at 3rd
+6 one first level spell at 1st to 6th level plus a second lv spell at 3rd and 4th
a first level spell can be replace with 4 cantrips with a certain skill
some learn a extra cantrip slot as a skill, goblins do it all the time
some classes get proficiencies instead of spells or other abilities

Hit Points HP
Class HD + CON Bonus
d4 Wizard
d6 Bard, Elf, Sorcerer, Gnome
d8 Cleric, Thief, Druid,Halfling
d10 Fighter, Monk
d12 Dwarf, Abhuman, Giant
Most persons without character class like commoners d4 or d6 for typical fighting men 

Roll for 1st level HP has a minimum 
d4(3min) d6(5min) d8(6min) d10(8min) d12(10min)

Armour Class AC

AC is total of AC points in best possible case, you might also record AC vs missiles or from behind. AC Number is 10 + DEX bonus + Armour bonus + Shield Bonus + other skills or magic

Light Armour

+1 Heavy cloak*, bracers*, heroharness*1gp
+1 cloth, padding, leathers, furs, wrappings 4gp
+2 Gambeson, 15gp
+3 Leather armour, Fibre 20gp
Medeum Armour

+4 Ringmail armour, scale armour, hide armour, bezainted armour  -1 Mov 75gp
+5 Chainmail armour or metal scale armour -3 Mov 150gp
+5 Breast Plate* 
 -1 Mov 250gp
+5 Elfmail -1Mov 1500gp (dwarfmail, orcmail or high tech human ballistic mesh)
+6 Reinforced Chain, splintmail armour -6 Mov 250gp
Heavy Armour

+7 Platemail armour -6 Mov 400gp
+8 Fullplate armour -3 Mov -1 incoming damage 2000gp, custom fitted (or ballistic plate)
Power Armour

+9 Scout Power Armour 10000gp +3" Mov and Jump, 2 hydrogen cells for 12 hours
+10 Atomic Power Armour 100000gp 
+3STR d6 unarmed, atomic power cell 30 days
*Can be stacked with other items every +4AC -1Mov


+1 Cap helmet* 1gp
+2 Full helmet* (halves perception) 75gp


Buckler +1 vs one attack
Small Shield +1 vs any incoming attacks
Medium Shield +1 +2 vs missiles
Large Shield  +2 -1 Mov

Movement (Mov) and Range (R)
Standard Mov is 12".
1" is ten foot indoors and ten yards outdoors for Move (MOV) or Range (R)
time measured in one minute combat round or ten minute turn
Cone areas off effect are 30 degrees times range
Explosions or clouds are measured in circles across in inches" or radius in inches"
STR in Items under 2lb is non encumbered
More than STR in Items under 2lb is light encumbrance -1"Mov
More than STRx2 in Items under 2lb is  medium encumbrance x1/2 Mov
More than STRx5 in Items under 2lb is  heavy encumbrance Mov 1"
More than STRx10 in items under 2lb can lift with a STR roll standing to max of STRx20

Untrue but quick Simplified Scales and Conversions for game:
Foot 30cm Yard=Metre 2.2lb = one kilo,  quart=litre, gallon=4 litre mile =1.6 kilometres

Time in the Gameround is one minute
turn is ten minutes

Followers could be....
Use your CHA bonus +1 for your number of followers
They are loyal helpers and best friends who will do anything for you out of love

Pet or mount or servant or friend or spouse or relative or lover
Any interesting available person you meet might be convinced to be your follower in play with a CHA roll. If they like you and have no other commitments. Banishing a follower unjustly might make all of them leave you (Morale roll each one to stay)


You can have one henchman per CHA point
They are loyal goons that will be fairly loyal and you support their upkeep
They actually like you and choose to support you and are more loyal
They generally follow orders and stick to your instructions

Are paid personnel. They are loyal to you for money mostly
They are more likely to disobey or be tempted by a distraction
The only limit is your payroll

Command Radius for followers and hirelings
Most characters use CHA bonus in inches to command troops to rally or motivate them
Fighters and add their Lv to their CHA command radius bonus
Bards add their Lv to their CHA bonus command radius bonus


Morale rolls are made with a d12 to determine hirelings obey orders
CHA bonus of leader adds to group morale score
Green/cowardly 4
Experienced/uncomited 6
Veteran/determined 8
Elite/fanatic 10

Hirelings need morale checks to
-charge superior odds or forces
-hold line if charged by superior looking forces or cavalry
-close ranks if broken ranks from previous failed check
-stop looting corpses or treasure keep fighting if comanded
-stop tormenting prisoners keep fighting if comanded
-stop running away if morale broken if comanded
-don't go charging into enemy trap or taunts, stick to plan as comanded
-regular troops hit by heavy artillery or magic or break formation
-irregular troops hit by missile troops like archers or slingers

Regular Troops
-spread out not base to base fight as a mob in open ranks
-if demoralized they withdraw and possibly try to regroup
Irregular troops -base to base in formation in closed ranks
- if demoralized they become irregular

Patron God
Roll for your god from one of the tables grouped by pantheon
reroll till you find one you like
all the ones you reject are angry at you
let DM appoint you a patron based on your occupation, past or class
Be a godless heretic almost as bad as a witch or cultist

Luck Point Can be Used To:
Reroll any dice after the fact to succeed better
Change a spell memorised to another one you could have
Have a common item you forgot or found like lamp, rope, water
Heal d4 HP could stabilize wound if bleeding to death
Revive if unconscious with 1HP in a d4 turns

ENC SystemENC is about 2-4lb and can be held or used in one hand
2 ENC is many two handed weapons, kite or tower shields
Armour ENC is = AC bonus

More ENC than STRx1 -1 Mov and initiative
More ENC than STREx2 -3 Mov and initiative
More ENC than STRx3 -6 Mov and initiative
More than STRx4 only move 1 cannot fight or run

Typical belt 2 ENC
War Belt or bandoliers 4 ENC
Bag 4 ENC
Girdle 6 ENC
Satchel bag 6 ENC
Small Sack 10 ENC
Small Pack 12 ENC
Big sack 20 ENC
Army Backpack 30 ENC

Saving Throws, skill tests and difficulty
Simple Task roll over relevant stat to see if you fail

-Something you are skilled in
-Anyone can normally do but has some risk especially if under pressure
-Saves using your prerequisite score
-Making a roll against some one or thing offering minimal resistance
-basic trap or mild poison from unskilled user or mild
-Especially skilled or prerequisite stat save in simple task automatically succeeds
-Possibly taking a long time on simple task automatically succeeds

Difficult Task roll over half relevant stat to see if you fail

-Tasks you have no skill in but can still try with a serious risk
-Additional difficulty attempting something you are skilled in
-Any one could take a risky chance in in task but mostly would fail
-Attempting a skilled task vs 
some one with successful skill roll
-Saves not using your prerequisite

Impossible Task roll over stat bonus to fail

-Very unlikely to succeed without skill but slim chance
-Unskilled versus a successful skilled person
-Something you are skilled at at but near impossible difficulties

Starting Loot and Status in Shadelport

d10 Thief, monk, sorcerer, druid, mutant,
giant, abhuman, shaman, outsider

1-6 common 7-9 freeman 10 noble

d10 Priest, warrior, wizard, bard, elf, dwarf,
halfling, elf, dwarf, changeling, paladin,
ranger, gnome, robot, psion

1-3 common 4-8 freeman 9-10 noble

Common Status
Live off a copper a day minimum 3d6 copper to start

Pauper, beggar, peasant, slave, servant, labourer, monk, watchman, serf. Some of the better ones have more and have some savings and a hovel, the worst are destitute beggars or criminals.

Clothes: old shirt, old trews, old hat, string belt, foot wrappings or sandals woven from reeds

Items: cheap bowl, wooden spoon, sack, a piece of cloth, small knife d3, candle, clay or wood pipe

Arms and Armour: sling d4 or staff d6 or club d4

Provisions: loaf of coarse old bread, gourd or clay jar or water, d4 1=onion 2=turnip 3=plump rat 4=bowl of tripe

Trinket (1cp): d6 1=wooden beads on string 2=wooden holy symbol on leather thong 3=clay or wood palm size figurine 4=carved bone medallion 5=candle 6=carved wooden cup

Followers: married partner, child, friend immediate family member, dog, cat, goat, pig, donkey,rat, squirrel, sheep, crow, chicken

Freeman Status
lives off a silver a day minimum 3d6 silver to start
Town person, shopkeeper, yeoman farmer, trader, priest, officer, craftsman, house hold warrior Some of the better ones own a shop, farm, business and/or a town house, with money in a bank.

Clothes: good outfit and a old everyday outfit, hat, cloak, shoes, leather belt, pair of stockings

Items: nice cup, nice bowl, knife, bag or backpack, blanket, small knife d3, oil lamp, tinderbox, clay pipe

Arms and Armour: dagger d4 and shortbow d6 plus d12 arrows or small sword d6 or spear d6 or hand axe d6

Provisions: full skin of water, loaf of fresh bread and d6 1=pound of cheese 2=pound of spicy dried sausage 3=rabbit 4=fish 5=pidgeon 6=bowl of eel stew.

Trinket (1gp): d8 1=family brass crest ring 2=tiny silver holy symbol necklace 3=old bronze arm ring of clan 4=large symbolic key on a string 5=a legal document such as letter of recommendation, banknote, passport or merchant licence 6=very fancy hat 7=bone dice 8= personal note, map or verse on parchment 

Follower: Friend or relative or married partner, student, child, servant, slave, dog, cat, goat, small cow, cart pony, sheep 

Noble Status
live off gp a day minimum 3d6gp to start

Noble or richest merchants or large scale land owners. Some of the better ones have land and taxation rights over commoners.

Clothes, fancy court outfit, colourful everyday outfit, coloured cloak with symbol, pair of  boots, pair of fancy shoes, ornamental leather and fur girdle with metal or ivory decor, silver signet ring
Items: Ornate tin lantern with built in tinderbox, knife, pewter cutlery, pewter mug, brush, hand mirror, bar of fancy soap, cloth, blanket, ornate knife, plate and bowl

Arms and Armour, padded armour +1AC or gambeson +2AC, fancy dagger, any bow or crossbow or pistol, any two hand weapons and a shield in good condition with family insignia

Provisions: dried fruit cake, wineskin with good wine, week dried rations, pound of cheese, loaf of best bread and d8 1=piglet 2=pheasant 3= duck 4=chicken 5=joint of boar 6=joint of deer 7=nice fruit and berries, 8=large game meat pie.

Trinket (30gp): d6 1=gold family ring 2=enamel brooch of family 3=mask used by secret society or cult 4=tiny gold holy symbol 5=letter if introduction from noble 6=family tree 7=small book with selections of holy verse 8=deck of playing cards 9=dose of poison or sleep drug or narcotics in tin 10=fancy box of sweetmeats and bottle of mead

When you spend the amount of living money to class standard for a month and have basic clothes and items according to your status in public you get accepted. Wearing clothes not of your station might be a criminal offence.


Im considering modifying my robot class into a golem class but would need to change at least names of abilities, power sources, etc but interesting


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