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War With The Giants 2 Encounters and Wonders

So those giant bastards are everywhere, tearing down walls, sitting in houses, using wells as toilets, eating your cows. Initially they send in the irregular dumb giants and ettins anf ogres with some orc warband scouts. Once humans organise resistance or larger defences are encountered the more organised giants appear. Once behind lines giants wander about taking as they please and you see more giant women and children joining in the fun. Giantesses are not weak or cowardly. If protecting their children they are worse than the men and more vindictive.

Some humans worship giants. Partly from fear partly some believe them to be their heroic scale ancestors. To them the giants are more kin than some of the foreign civilised gods. Some more tribal humans might even join the giants to ruin civilization.

The more advanced giants are more willing to conquer and accept surrender. Many of the giants even ogres will accept gold or silver to go away and consider this a yearly Tax. Some giants make a list of demands including food, youths, livestock and money. Tiny fiddly human loot my require human slaves to handle. Dumb giants like ettin and hill giants don't value gold only food and mayhem. If you don't surrender you may well be eaten and your town destroyed.

Overconfidence is a big problem for the giants and the dumber ones will be surprised often and fall back and form larger groups. Fire and Frost giants know humans can fight back.

When giants run amok your country will not be the same. Giants can with their magic and slaves and elementals can make major changes to a region and might even create obstacles to split factions. Rivers might move or flood, forests might grow, rifts might open up, hills might appear.

I should mention G123 and other DCC modules and fan made modules expanding the classic dnd module are available. I find G123 a bit boring. More sub plots and something personal like you know their prisoners would help. Once you've done that huge fight in G1 everything else is easy and you could possibly burn it down. Last time I ran it the party caused an earthquake to seal off giantland and marched on the fire giants with a army of all the mountain peoples they could muster in a alliance and demanded the leaders come out for single combat of every giant would die. They didn't feel like sneaking or dungeons after G1and2. Trying to split the tribes or other extra goals can help. I do think some Gygax stuff is ill paced and needs more work. I think D123 is better and more open.

Bonus New Giant Type
Bog Giants are greenish hued often covered in mud and have vegetation growing on them. They can hold their breath for hours and in swamps or water ways throw mud instead which can pin a human down. Live in small islands with wood and reed constructions and some even buid rafts. They are fairly dumb and often are surrounded by foul swamp odours. A new tribe from marriage between fog giant and sea giants but poorer. They dislike moving far from water and equally home in salty mangroves of fresh wetlands. One innovation they have made is to trade with serpentmen and lizardmen. Pet dinosaurs and giant reptiles like snapping turtles are the most obvious benefit. They also have been manifesting the reptilian taint in their blood line. Like most dumb giants they are irregular troops preferring open formations and skirmishing. Only in the war have they just been seen but after any that survive will find somewhere marshy even swim across a sea to find one. Their reptilian allies will aid them.

d100 Encounters
01 Orc skirmishers in distance avoiding trouble to report to giants
02 Orc mercenaries raiding for pleasure attacking any puny humans they can for loot
03 Beastmen skirmishers with pets hungry for flesh
04 Warg riders with bows will test targets with bows closing only if victims flee or panic
05 Huge cavemen with clubs and spears looking for food or victims
06 Cavemen following a ogre boss who directs them to attack
07 Cavemen following a hill giant who they worship and adore even if he is thick
08 Band of ogres hungry for manflesh and gold
09 Band of ogres led by a ogre magi, more dicaplined and careful
10 Several ogre magi in a band will rely on magic before closing or to escape
11 Redcaps in dwarf form demand loot then grow giant sized if disobayed
12 Lone fachan eating somebody and overconfident
13 Several fachan hopping mad and keen for a fight
14 Band of hill giant brothers looking for tasty humans or livestock or mayhem
15 Ettin leading a band of orcs
16 Several trolls eating victims over confidant
17 Mutant ogre freaks rampaging in the name of chaos
18 Dire wolf pack roaming for food
19 Giant sabretooth cat down from mountains
20 Giant bear with hill giant buddy 
21 Mammoth with hill giant friend
22 Giant ravens causing mischief will try harassing humans
23 Stone giant with earth elemental raising a earthwork mound for a future giant base
24 Large odd bearded young louts chasing a victim actually young half giants
25 Young half giants asking where human army is and other questions
26 Older half giant with mutations, destroying houses and eating everything
27 Cyclops herding livestock back to giant land
28 Cyclops drunk drinking barrels of wine it stole
29 Lone etin on the rampage keen to start killing
30 Firbolg offer humans fools gold to talk and try to get information
31 Firbolg chasing human rider trying to report giant movements
32 Verbeeg leading ogres cautious and willing to have them all hurl rocks and avoid closing
33 Verbeeg advising boss of a band of hill giants, more wary than normal
34 Dwarf scouts investigating how bad situation is to report to their king
35 Fomorian chaos cultist worshiper of balor looking for food
36 Band of formorians gathering food and corpses
37 Formorians wallowing in mud bath full of corpses and food
38 Great formarian leader with men demand surrender
39 Several stone giants with earth elementals building a wall or huge trench
40 Stone giant warriors cautiously assessing human fortifications avoiding fights for now 
41 Camp of hill giant women, children and elderly led by shaman setting up camp
42 Ogre women building a bonfire to cook prisoners for hungry ogre children 
43 Lazy orcs resting after eating someone with wargs, might chase if can be bothered
44 Firenewt scouts riding striders avoiding trouble
45 Teen hill giant having a baby guarded by her grizzly bear desperate for help
46 Trolls eating some villagers relaxing after a day of murder
47 Ogre magi gang drinking and holding squealing prisoners they plan to marry
48 Fire giant women and children sitting around bonfire with backpacks of food
49 Frost giant family led by shaman
50 Stone giants atop fortified rock outcrop with lookout tower they just built
 Fire giant boy with his pet firetoads burning the shit out of anything flammable for fun
52 Fire giant with pet fire elemental burning down a house roasting occupants on spitroast
53 Fire giant with hellhounds on patrol hoping to spot signs of human armies
54 Fire giant wizard summoning and releasing fire salamanders
55 Firenewt footmen roaming and raiding
56 Firenewt soldiers marching with fire giant leader
57 Zombie hoard led by frost giant necromancer
58 Icemen led by frost giant
59 Icetoads being herded by frost giant boy
60 Frost salamanders herded by frost giant
61 Lone forest giant looking to smush humans to save forests and for fun
62 Sea giant raiding from river with his fishmen followers
63 Stone giant with rockmen followers scouting for building locations and materials
64 Desert giant leading snakemen, jackalmen and scorpionmen
65 Lone frost giant beserker
66 Frost giant shaman with ice elemental
67 Frost giant girl with group of polar bears
68 Hoard of zombies bringing wight with them surrounded by snowfall
69 Dozen frost giant warriors marching to front line
70 Dozen fire giants marching in formation chanting
71 Cloud of fog over area with sneaky fog giant eating people

72 Mountain giant kicking down buildings and throwing trees
73 Sleeping mountain giant having a quick map, just a few weeks
74 Cloud giants on foot just arrived from cloud castle looking about and hungry
75 Frost giant with arctic pack of white hyena men
76 Frost giant arrived by iceberg from sea with band of scurvy puffinmen pirates
77 Winter wolf pack hunting over area
78 Giant goatman with club carving huge chaos sigil in turf
79 Frost giant leading ice troll tribals
80 Arctic wolfman giant with regular wolfmen worshippers and wolves
81 Giant cyclops orc followed by orc tribe
82 Fire giant wizard keen to fireball somene with new spell
83 Giant firenewt followed by tribe of firenewt skirmishers
84 Giant fighting undead colossus directed by necromancers
85 Frost giant with pet wooly rhino
86 Frost giant and fire giant gangs having shouting match
87 Frost giant and fire giant gangs having savage battle
88 Giant ticks roaming over area will swarm if smell blood
89 Giant rats size of wolves running in packs
90 Giant flies menacing travellers and laying eggs in corpses
91 Giant lizards following giant vermin following giants
92 Gargantuan gorilla followed by apemen worshipers
93 Cloud giants preparing to sacrifice mortals to their vile god

94 Storm giant youth would like to meet humans to see if they are as bad as elders say
95 Brontosaurus ridden by hill giant with basket of human prisoners
96 Storm giant on cloud will fire a few lightning bolts for fun
97 Gargantuan monster rampaging over area
98 Gargantuan humanoid followed by hill giants cheering him on
99 Titan crushing a shrine and trying to stomp clerics
100 Titans fighting each other

d100 Wonders
01 Hill giants building a huge log cabin
02 Giant beavers dam causing a flood over area
03 Ettins playing making wish tearing poor captives apart
04 Formarians llowing in one of their food-corpse-mud pits having a orgy with prisoners
05 Ogres playing ball with two teams with different bloodlines, ball is crying child
06 Stone giants building incredibly tall tower stacking stone pylons
07 Cloud giants rolling boulders for fun at ancient stone monoliths with upset druids
08 Cloud castle close to ground with various giant soldiers marching out
09 Cloud castles fighting each other from different tribes 
10 Crashed cloud castle with rubble and fluffy cloud matter everywhere
11 Ruined castle with giants picking rubble for corpses to eat
12 Hill giants chasing herd of squealing pigs
13 Fire giants chasing burning mooing cattle stampeding across countryside
14 Huge forest fire in distance with clouds of smoke
15 Burning buildings and refugees fleeing with posetions
16 Huge bank of fog covers everything, giants gibbering in the distance
17 Snowstorm covers area ruining visibility
18 Lightning across sky and black clouds, distant storm giant riding a cloud 
19 Burning coals rain down from the sky called by fire giants
20 Distant volcanic explosion and ashcloud rains down over area
21 Crevice with boiling lava with fire giants bathing
22 Necromancers performing ritual over giant corpse
23 Colossal elemental rampaging over area with several giant shamen following
24 Giants having a wedding to unite two different tribes followed by feast
25 Ogres have built a wooden stockade full of prisoners as provisions for army
26 Cavemen erecting stone monoliths directed by their shamen
27 Several hill giants making love 
28 Goatmen wizards performing ritual to make one of them a giant
29 Ettin sitting drinking but heads are fighting over who had the most
30 Ogres chopping up a troll and burying bits by the road to clone it
31 Forest giant planting magical tree seeds to plant a new forest
32 Redcaps dancing around cauldron of blood dipping their hats in singing
33 Fatchans playing jumping games over a ravine
34 Stone giants and earth elementals built a huge artificial hill mound with fort on top
35 Stone giant priests guarded by earth elementals calling a earthquake
36 Huge ravine opens up in the earth during quake
37 Bubbling geothermal spring with growing calcium deposits
38 Hill giant shaman planting hill seeds that grow over area
39 River moved and flooding area turning into a swamp
40 Distant mountain explodes from huge lightning bolt
41 Necromancer cult digging up ancient giant skeletons
42 Rift opens with quake and ancient gargantua awakens
43 Bronze colossus built by city fighting a titan
44 Cloud fort overhead with chanting clouds giants hurling rocks as they pass
45 Fire giants fighting a red dragon, trying to trap it with nets
46 Bog giants arrive with dinosaurs, giant snapping turtles, frogmen and lizardmen troops
47 Desert giant performing ritual over old crypts to call mummies to serve him
48 Desert giant summoning a colossal elemental bigger than most mortals have ever seen
49 Gargantua fighting while peasants fleeing with everything they can carry
50 Knights attacking lost stone giant children, parents will reward rescuers
51 Huge stone wall as per spell goes for miles with no door

52 Engineers digging huge pit trap for giants 
53 Engineers open cut mining a dungeon to find a anti giant relic need help
54 Tsunami hits the shore causing huge damage and flooding the rivers
55 Giants leave huge crop circle designs in fields and cut turf to make pictures
56 Hill giants building a stone henge
57 A god from heaven slays a giant menacing a cleric guiding worshipers to safetey
58 Forest giant has animals lining up to be made into giants
59 Ten headed giant riding dragon flies by
60 Heroic dwarf with combination of magic items beating up panicked hill giants
61 Pack of ghouls eating a paralysed hill giant with a look of terror on face
62 Necromancers ask you to fight a giant while they reanimate a giant to serve human cause
63 Huge sinkholes open to ancient cave systems releasing horrors of the deep
64 Hundreds of bloody corpses float down stream
65 Ogres pile up sacks of gold in the middle of their camp
66 Desert giant using summoned minions to make human slaves build monument
67 Giants have opened sinkhole to lost ruins need humans to search for them
68 Giants building a gateway to giantland supervised by titan
69 Glacier moving rapidly a mile a day from mountains filled with frost giant forces
70 Volcano erupts and fire giants come out read for action
71 Iceberg from sea baches and frost giants pour out

72 Waterways and coastal sea freezes over
73 Out of control cloud fort moving erratically, blood dripping to the earth
74 Hundred handed giant not seen since the dawn age, enemy of the gods
75 Mountain giant with army of stonemen, living boulders and elementals
76 Mountain begins to burst from the ground growing daily
77 Cloud fort dropping colossal rocks onto human buildings
78 Cloud fort and huge elementals aiding greatest tower construction even built
79 Giant mole undermining buildings and fortifications
80 Miles of trenches with huge sharpened logs
81 Hill giants herding wooly mammoths in stamped towards human lines
82 Giant kobolds fighting a hill giant, after they shrink and run away
83 Balor lord of the fomorians unleashes his baleful eye and destroys a human army
84 Formarian noble with unearthly illusionary beauty has 
charmed army of men85 A large gathering of a giant tribe summon a divine ancestor god from the netherworld
86 Human wizards with scaffolding assembling a great colossus or golem
87 Huge siege engine or cannon built by human and dwarves with oxen to reposition
88 Humans and dwarves building a wall or fortifications
89 River of thousands of refugees swarming to wherever they think they can flee to
90 hundreds of soldiers and peasants scattered in panic while pursuing giants chase them and gobble them up
91 Giant tribal leaders arguing with troops facing off against each other in tense situation
92 Dead giants around wagon loads of poisoned mead left by humans
93 Huge refugee camp, everyone scared and hungry, afraid giants will come

94 Women, children and elderly giants in huge multi tribal camp with wooden walls and guard pets
95 Elves from hidden position fill giants with arrows and draw them away from road to human settlement
96 Elf champion killing several giants with his pets and followers
97 Party of adventurers killing some giants to loot their stolen human military payroll
98 Hundreds of knights mobilising to charge giants, flower of chivalry will perish or survive from this moment
99 Giant army on the march with pets, man sized minions, elementals and monsters
100 A great giant ancestor god battling a human god destroying the area

Part 1 causes and forces

Part 3
d100 Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda
d100 Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion
Part 4
Giant Mutations - giant blood taint and the chaotic mutations of giants

Giant Class for BX
Giant Fortress Zone

Monster War Zones

Faerie 1 Faerie Forces
Faerie 2 Encounters Wonders
Faerie 3 Rumours Treasure
Peasant Revolt 1 Forces and Encounters
Peasant Revolt 2 Gossip
Draconic 1 Encounters and wonders
Draconic 2 Gossip
Draconic 3 Treasure

Necromancer 1 Causes and forces
Necromancer 2 Encounters and links
Necromancer 3 Rumours and treasure

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