Friday 23 March 2018

d100 Saucy Slums for 1920's + Cthulhu game so far...

Skip to table if your a 1920s gamer and ignore this silly cthulhu stuff

I"m running shadows of yog sothoth - the first COC campaign running 2nd ed play tempting them with other crossovers and scenarios - about 8th or 9th game with one original character left only just getting spells that you might actually bother with not out of necessity - not that great one has 35% mythos most of rest have 12 or less). They utterly failed first 3&1/2 adventures from cowardice and just fleeing. Only now stalking cultists.


temporarily psychic character travelling through scotland had dreams passing three towns. Now in Scotland area again may well massacre a few extra towns. Having crossovers with Ship adventure from Asylum and possible links to the brotherhood of the beast - all stuff in first few products. So lots of tempting tangents and characters getting own hints and leads. One guy from Kingsport getting confirmations of research in his vivid dreams of being a sword wielding fantasy hero.

The anti cult cult is totally not a cult

Last Game
Party gate back from scotland
Recruited new party members
-veteran investigator playboy turned wizard
-brush salesman training in catburglary
-parapsychologist dreamer from kingsport
-occult conman who doesn't believe
-gangster son of going mad mafia grandma
spend month training and reading
buy some land near dunwich to train in guns and demolitions
decide to clean up unfinished stuff
sneaked into silver twilight lodge
found too many mythos books
degenerate meat creatures in pits a bit scary
took lots of photos of evil art and spell in resurrection chamber
three players got permanent insanities after seeing things in pit
-gangster compulsively says "ladders" after seeing things in pit
-faux occultist (now a believer) into self mutilation and cutting
-brushman obsessed with numbers
stole a door with a elder sign
rescued a competent rich doctor
dropped off near dead madman at hospital
probably will all be reading and studying for a while  

played scenes of pit things from "The Resurrected"
and some italian horror sound tracks

Glory hole of Cthulhu Tonight
So my cthulhu party now have over a dozen mythos books, at least six+ allies, guns from the future and serpent man death rays. Decided to return to scotland to massacre the cult they escaped a few months back. Tried to summon a byakhee which didn't work so well but they destroyed it in hail of automatic weapon fire.

Went by luxury cruise
Saved a russian count
Met 3 scholars fleeing the mythos
Had a vision of cthulhu in a ceremony
Met guy who didn't know this Cthulhu guy was real until 32% Mythos skill doh!
Saved him from suicide by Psychiatrist staying up all night with him
Which atracted cultists on the ship
Got new books
Drowned a sailor cultist
Got girlfriends
Abused cocaine and alcohol lots
Possible marriage for once brush salesman - now saner and richer since started
Danced and read cult books
Learned the Voorish sign

Arrived in london now plotting their next murder spree and bought land with boston to england gate on both sides. Plan on sending donkey through with guns and booze. Will need agents each side of the gate. On USA side farm also used for target practice and summonings. Talking about setting up a base and making a gate.

This was big fun.

d100 Saucy Slums for 1920's
01 Protesters out marching d4 1=union 2=women 3=racial 4=religious
02 Marching salvation army playing music and collecting money
03 car accident on street, at least one car wrecked
04 Horse accident leaving a dead horse on street for a d4 weeks
05 Fight on the street between gangs
06 Someone fires a gun on the street everyone runs, police come d10 minutes later
07 Copper arguing with push cart peddlar
08 Newsboy spruiking wears, watching for a gang
09 Line of people waiting for a job interview
10 Hobos looking for work asking everyone they meet
11 Drunken bums arguing over bottle
12 Old men playing chess or checkers or cards on street
13 Mobsters playing cards at table while watching a door
14 Kids playing with soapbox go-carts or stickball 
15 A body found in a alley, police, press and other ghouls watch
16 Man arrested and put in police vehicle shouting
17 Begging war veterans
18 Kid offers to help you find good stuff, whatever you need
19 Street Works digging up the road with machinery
20 Busy building site partly on the street
21 Politician with goons out meeting the public
22 Soup kitchen line up
23 Police horses
24 Police raid pouring booze into gutter with crowd watching
25 Kids playing with broken fire hydrant
26 Busy traffic today road choked
27 Angry motorists yelling at each other
28 Desperate mugger with knife or ice pick
29 Butcher with horse and cart
30 Bakers boy on bicycle
31 Iceman truck delivery
32 Milkman with horse and cart
33 Removal truck moving crates. 1in6 a piano
34 Delivery truck moving lumber or pane of glass
35 Battered truck delivering fruit, vegetables and cages of chickens
36 Mailman on foot
37 Beat cop on foot
38 Building being demolished
39 Prostitutes gathering on corner watched from afar by gang member
40 Children running around playing some game
41 Young hoodlums sitting on steps to apartment building
42 Man pushing trolley with produce to a diner
43 Group of cyclists stopped for a drink
44 Man making a speech on a soap box with crowd
45 Street sweepers cleaning street
46 Pro or anti drinking protest
47 Reporters hounding someone d4 1=performer 2=statesman 3=rich 4=reformer
48 Bus or trolley car
49 Police evicting family with angry crowd
50 Homeless child stealing food
51 Women chatting on doorstep
52 Crazy man muttering something while gesturing strangley
53 Muttering old woman on stoop glares at you while tying knots
54 Shambling large homeless man most skin covered in filthy rags

55 Parent beating squealing child
56 Men having a fist fight on street
57 Filthy children huddled in alley way
58 Several pushcarts selling goods on roadside
59 Women hanging laundry on upper floors
60 Old men living in shack built of garbage being moved on by police
61 Person selling their clothes on the street desperate for cash
62 Drunk pushy thugs shoving through crowd
63 Old homeless men sitting on steps
64 Preacher lecturing about sin and wickedness with supporters
65 Band playing in street for pennies
66 Taxi driver stopping for a snack
67 House fire with sirens coming
68 Mobsters threatening a shop keeper
69 Performers putting on show to promote local show
70 Man with cart of tools grinding knives
71 Old man playing acordian

72 Hod dog cart
73 Hold up in progress
74 Someone shot in the street
75 Cad harassing woman in street, she tries to just get away
76 Man with pistol holding up old couple
77 Older kids chasing a smaller kid
78 Dog running with stolen sausages
79 Billy goat from vacant lot has escaped
80 Vicious dog chasing people
81 Horse gone wild from beatings
82 Local hoodlum boss in fancy car with dames
83 Priest or nuns talking to the poor
84 Creepy old man tempting poor girls to follow him with food
85 Mobster arguing with his girlfriend in street
86 Goons collecting protection from stores, stop to give a beating
87 Angry man takes shot at a mobster who stole his gal
88 Mobster arriving at restaurant with someone from city hall
89 Journalist asking questions of witnesses in a recent murder case
90 Police detectives with photo on a manhunt going door to door
91 Woman looking for missing "boy" who is working for a gang
92 Boy with bag on delivery for a gang
93 Man talking to prostitutes a moment ago has had face just slashed with a razor

94 Mobster thinks strangers are undercover cops and follows them
95 Private eye on a case watching a building from a car or alley
96 Sleeping bum actually watching building for someone
97 Old woman smoking a pipe on steps watching everyone
98 Ambulance arriving to collect emergency patient
99 Kid signals some shifty guys police coming with hand signals
100 Suspicious foreigners muttering about the workers struggle and revolution 

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