Monday 5 March 2018

More Mountain Mania 2

Revision of this, everything here revised now to d100
Also see Highlands, barbarian lands beyond frontier
Monster mountain kingdoms beyond the frontier

Rural mountains

Next part will be mountain hazards
Wild mountains are beyond the reach of civilization. there may be some villagers and isolated tribes but monsters and humanoids and backward savages and outlaws are more common.

d100 Wild Mountain Encounters
1 Giant Eagles may snatch familiar, dog or pony or hobbit
2 Griffon warily checks party, goes crazy if if sees a horse
3 Wild dogs ambush from both directions
4 Wolves stalk and attack at moment of weakness
5 Ogre throws rocks from great height
6 Goblin archers terrorize from above
7 Goblin soldiers demand toll
8 Kobold scouts and hunters follow party and attack
9 Kobold assassin's with poison darts
10 Goblin bat riders
11 Werewolf in human guise or a wolf by night
12 Hill giant half heartedly throws some rocks at vermin lil people
13 Barbarian warriors attack suspiciously civilized types
14 Nomads attack any civilized explorers for slaves
15 Outcast wizard looking for means to get revenge
16 Outcast family of cave dwellers chase away party
17 Cavemen tribe hunt party for food and slaves
18 Giant white flesh eating ape
19 Pterodactyls swoop party
20 Roc swoops party
21 Dragon seen flying
22 Wyvern attacks from sky 
23 Imperial Dungeoneer corp scouts looking for holes 
24 Savage shaman curses an harasses party
25 Hilltop fire signal post from ancient times with watchmen
26 Hilltop burial with ancient undead
27 Hermit hiding from world with animal friends
28 Furious bear resents intruders in path
29 Crazy old lion looking for easy dinner desperately ambushes
30 Giant goats resent intruders
31 Magical nanny goat offers healing milk, secretly makes your pets sentient
32 Chaos orcs battling Law orcs in huge battle
33 A great shaman or wizard or priest with orc factory in production
34 Frost Giant seen from distance making snow
35 Cloud overhead has a castle on top (cloud giants)
36 Sleepy drunk Ettin asleep on trail
37 Mountain Giant looks at party curiously as a new species 
38 Troll demands meat or gold to pass
39 Stone giant plays bowls with party as they pass his menhir skittles
40 Barrons men in balloon sail by
40 Barrons agents on mission
41 Knights looking for adventure, duels and jousts
42 Elf adventurers looking for prey
43 Evil Dwarves crazed with gread and murder 
44 Friendly dwarves offer trade goods 
45 Deep gnome instillation with steam, geothermal or windmill power
46 Flying witch sees explorers and tries to bother in secret
47 Gnome traders with repeating crossbows and silver quarrels
48 Druid on holy treks, various sects act acordingly 
49 Goat heard on impossible cliff face or trail
50 Cyclops herding his sheep
51 Naked mountain halflings with pet wild dogs try to steal stuff
52 Giant blood hawks swoop down on party 
53 Old holy hermit hasn't spoken in years in a stone hut
54 Old witch knows where local dungeons are for money
55 Hill giant protecting holy mountain trees offended by axes
56 Ancient stone golem made by dwarves long ago guards path
57 Hill dwarves trading in metal goods
58 Gnome water clock salesman
59 mountain dwarves warn humans to leave
60 Dark dwarves seek slaves and murder
61 Dark elves riding wolves wait for dusk or night to attack
62 Wild halflings roll burning wicker balls and logs down hill at travellers
63 Treant will throw rocks at humans intruding on mountains
64 Centaurs bandits will attack and try to carry off women
65 Sphynx demands you answer a riddle to pass
66 Harpies fly over flinging feces
67 Peryton flock looking for delicious human hearts
68 Satyrs try to carry away women
69 Mountain nymph demands love making from travellers
70 Trolls ravenous for flesh
71 Basilisk greedily blocking mountain path

72 Giant ram angily defending herd
73 Dire wolves hungry for flesh
74 Dire wolves ridden by orcs with bows
75 Clan of cavemen tribals curious about fancy humans
76 Clan of cavemen cannibals lustful for food and sex
77 Barbarian berserkers looking for sacrifices to burry with treasure
78 Barbarian raiders want to question travellers about villages to raid
79 Nomad horsemen with lassos raiding for slaves to get status back home
80 Nomad archers doing some banditry on the side
81 Fugitive criminals demand all travellers food
82 Druid with bodyguards and pets outraged at civilized travellers
83 Behir comes from cave daily to hunt
84 Family of fauns offer tea and cake in their cave
85 Living boulder beast tries to crush squishy meat people
86 Auroch cattle, aggressively herd two legged enemies towards a cliff
87 Cavemen chasing a mammoth
88 Rogue mammoth insane with rage from infected spear wound
89 Yeti clan looking for food and prisoners to abuse
90 Wild mountain ponies
91 Wild hill tribe of gibbering savages
92 Firenewts riding striders protecting secret entrance to hidden village
93 Orc slavers looking for merchandise

94 Rock men abhumans hostile to meat men
95 Earth elemental attacking anyone on holy trail
96 Tribe of boar men looking to prove bravery by massacring travellers
97 Tribe of goat men looking for sacrifices
98 Tribe of badger men looking for food and treasure
99 Mountain giant likes to throw rocks at little uns
100 Red dragon looking for shiny things or food

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