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d100 Pilgrimages of Atonement

So paladins and clerics and others occasionally offend the gods and need to prove to their gods they are not jerks. These are some quests to patch up your gods unconditional love.

Also good for npc characters. to make up for some failure. Most gods and beings will temporarily remove your powers after at least one warning, three at most. An offer of atonement comes only after they have demonstrated sincerity and will allow a Oath spell to be cast on them.

Accepting a new tabu or oath according to alignment might be a common form of atonement also. Actually makes followers more extreme to compensate for past failure.

Characters who are priests, clerics, paladins, champions even monks might require a sacrifice of action to restore their gods faith and holy powers. Do not ask if you have faith in god. Ask if god has faith in you. Repented characters are expected to be more zealous and right acting as example to others. Some order penitents wear hair shirts or practice self flagellation to atone for petty sins and desires. Periods of prayer and silent contemplation alone might work too.

If players have come into conflict with a god or their religion they might try this procedure to bring peace and ask forgiveness. Some might be tough to comply.

d10 Things to anger god

1 Committed  mortal sin (or broke alignment code)
2 Lost a holy relic

3 Failed to defend temple or holy person
4 Forbidden love
5 Fled from enemies in a crisis
6 Deceived by enemies
7 Killed wrong person by mistake
8 Made ritually impure by contact with opposite force
9 Failed mission resaulting in great tradgedy
10 Released great evil into the world

d10 Things to appease for offences to God

1 Prayer and contemplation in silence alone 3d6 months
2 Pilgrimage to holy places d6 holy locations and relics to visit
3 Temple service one year living in temple barracks
4 Take on a new oath of conduct dedicated to your alignment
5 Sacrifice 90% wealth to the church or to poorest of faith
5 Daily ritual such as flagellation, tattooing, blood letting, or sacrifice required
6 One year living as a hermit in the wilderness or wastelands

7 Mission to preach faith and serveof church with good public works 3d6 months
8 Crusade go join in a war approved by church anf fight for god 3d6 months
9 Work on church lands as labourer or mill worker or farmer for d4 years

10 Take on a pilgrimage of atonement

A priest might take on your case and advise on options or if heroic might use magic to divine what god wants with magic to advise the penitent. Penitents or atonement might wear a badge or mark indicating to the faithful this person is on a moral quest.

A god might meddle in such a quest and make things harder sending temptations, perils and worse. An enemy cult might also make life harder.

A god might be impressed you have suffered and atoned and let you off. They might even send a message or appear to the atoned in a dream. A god might reward a hero as a welcome back to the fold. Perhaps a gift of a intelligent magic item that can advise them better. Perhaps a guardian Spirit. Doing some of these tasks for your god as a sacrifice might earn you merit in heaven or a real gift or attention from your big (not imaginary) friend in the sky. Some of these you must continue forever but at some point the god restores your abilities but expects you to continue the task even if it is endless. They will tell you when to stop atoning but might restore powers at a climactic moment to help you achive quest.

d10 Divine Gifts for those that went above and beyond holy mission

1 God lets you witness them in true glory +1 WIS
2 Church earmarks you for possible sainthood
3 Gifted with holy text d6 1=prayer 2=philosophy 3=legal 4=mythology 5=technical 6=hymm
4 Chest with d6 holy scrolls and potions
5 Mark of heavens mandate a brand recognised by the faithful, on body or holy symbol
Position in church hierarchy. Lots of committees, legal matters, courts, councils and reports to write. Well provided for but take all your money, usually attached to a famous temple and given a title and mix with nobility
7 Watched by a divine guardian familiar spirit in secret (tries its best)  
Holy beast d6 1=mount 2=familiar 3=farm 4=guard 5=hunter 6=messenger
9 Holy place requires defence and worship often added to heroes title
10 Intelligent Magic Item offers advice from heaven d6 1=holy symbol 2=tool 3=weapon 4=jewelry 5=clothing 6=book with at least one other function

d100 Pilgrimages of Atonement
01 Find a long lost artifact
02 Kill a evil witch in her lair
03 Destroy a secret enemy cult
04 Liberate an oppressed kingdom
05 Slay a enemy champion
06 Wage war agains a foriegn power
07 Conquer a kingdom in name of god
08 Destroy rival cult great temple
09 Wage war on Hell till god satisfied
10 Drive a demon lord from the earth

11 Found a new temple in hostile land
12 Establish new worshipers in new land

13 Serve a noble in defence of the faith
14 Marry and serve leader of the faith
15 Steal relic from a foriegn land
16 Slay a great beast menacing the faithful
17 Destroy city of rival faith
18 Destroy relic of rival faith
19 Bring faith to a newly discovered land
20 Carry a relic to a far off land
21 Defend a agent of the faith against assasins
22 Capture agent of hell and convert them
23 Slay a minority of unbelievers in your land
24 Kidnap a love interest of god
25 Lay waste to worshippers of enemy god
26 Exterminate species of creature sacred to rival faith
27 Kill everything in a dungeon and destroy it
28 Hunt all the bandits on the kingdoms roads
29 Uncover cult corruption in the kingdom court
30 Seal a planar portal d4 1=demonic 2=diabolic 3=elemental 4=underworld
31 Recover a lost hero trapped or slubering for an age
32 Rescue a saint from captivity and help their mission
33 Build a shrine a month 
34 Build a temple each year
35 Never cease war against forbidden cults
36 Challenge every evil high priest to battle
37 Raise a army to wage war on evil
38 Raise village mob and destroy a place of evil
39 Protect a supernatural being from evil
40 Protect a breed of holy beast for the breeding season season
41 Build a shrine in a far away land for the first time
42 Send aid and missions to a great disaster or the frontier
43 Convert a shanty town of murder hobos to join your sect
44 Munish a race of beastmen menacing a community of faithful
45 Cleanse the undead from a former holy place or burial place
46 Cleanse the were beast from a wilderness area
47 Exterminate all the doppelgangers in a city 
48 Exterminate every vampire in the kingdom
49 Challenge every priest of another religion you meet to a fight
50 Build a cathedral every ten years
51 Establish a monastary in the wilderness
52 Live as a holy hermit when not adventuring
53 Convert a king to your faith
54 Destroy copies of a book criticising your god
55 Kill artists or bards who slander your god
56 Establish a fortified temple in enemy territory
57 Establish and lead a religious order with a specific mission
58 Travel alone to the wasteland to convert the wild heathens
59 Exterminate a heresy god dislikes, some might be saved if the recant 
60 Rescue and raise a sacred child to be a hero of the faith
61 Care for all widows and orphans you meet
62 Heal and give alms to the poor
63 Establish a poor hospital in a busy place and maintain it
64 Establish a orphanage and school
65 Establish a poor house every year
66 Help victims of a plague and live among the sufferers till over
67 Have clergy cover body in religious tattoo art
68 Hide your face in shame forever
69 Change your name and title to a more religious and zealous one
70 Always help apprehend evil doers on the kings road
71 Have as many children as possible raised in standards of the faith
72 Abstain from d4 1=sex 2=killing 3=money 4=settling one place
73 Must report to every temple in district you enter and ask priest if they need help
74 Your god insist you flagellate yourself every day
75 You are taken to heaven seemingly briefly to reorientate yourself to the true faith
76 You must establish a great burial ground and transfer remains there from old site
77 You must comision beautiful artwork by great artists till god satisfied
78 You must give away all wealth to the poor and live among them
79 You must give all wealth to church who will support you at a basic level
80 Guard a holy place from minions of evil or provide for such
81 Recover a lost holy text and have church leaders adopt it as new dogma
82 Preach a message from god at every oportunity to as many people as possible
83 Carry exiting new gospel that will meet resistance from the established church 
84 Exhort everyone to give more money and charity to the church at every opportunity
85 Join a particular order and serve them for life
86 Transport scriptures to temple in far off land and help spread the faith
87 Slay a fantastic behemoth that has menaced humankind for aeons
88 Collect materials from dangerous place far away to help build new cathedral
89 Gather priests and acolytes and sail to a undiscovered land to preach the faithful
90 Stamp out horrible religion of d4 1=city 2=nation 3=natives of a colony 4=foreign land
91 Build a fantastic monument that will carry gods fame through the ages
92 Build a mission far away to help spread faith on major trading point or route
93 Exterminate a race of heathen humanoids menacing the common folk
94 Punish a king for defiance to your god
95 Burn down a library or reliquary or cathedral of a rival religion
96 Publicly torture and kill cultists you catch as message to all from god 
97 Swear to serve a hierophant or king in the name of your faith
98 Free a imprisoned supernatural being and ally of your faith
99 Rescue an bound supernatural being and force it to adopt true religion to be freed 
100 Dismember a saint into many pieces and distribute across the world to churches


  1. Someone's got their thinking cap on with all these great lists lately :)
    I've come up with some whole missions, stories, quests, encounters and even a few places with these!
    I've seen randomizers and lists before, but yours list are the best

  2. These lists are fantastic! I need to add you to my blog roll.

  3. Love this one, atonement is something that is often overlooked when people play Clerics or Paladins.

  4. Sometimes I think clerics are too powerful, but then I see something like this and think the cleric has hung a "kick me" sign on his own back, and who am I to disappoint?

    Thanks for the ideas!

  5. A priest might take on your case and advise on options or if heroic might use magic to divine what god wants with magic to advise the penitent.

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