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d100 Evil High Priest Cults

In the Barony EHP flood from the whole world to Shadelport in hopes of recovering evil relics used by the monster king slavers of aeons ago. Many cults in the city are evil and devils and demons are worshiped openly along side respectable gods from across the world. Some cults in the city ruins never left and still operate in the ruins of their lost age of greatness. Some demons and evil cults have been outlawed and driven away for being too dangerous to the city and it's profits. 

Many cult priest arrived and dream of being a hit and building a temple ensuring their gods love. Many become beggars and are lucky to secure any kind of following outside the most desperate and poor. Some join bigger sects that can accommodate them as a shrine keeper in area. Some might become servants of greater priests. Some brave the wilds and convince bandits or monsters to adopt their cult. Some willingly enter dungeons. Local EHP don't encourage other peers to enter their dungeon unless lower ranked members of the same cult. Some might use lesser priests to control specific populations. If that guy you send to the kobolds to convert them gets eaten it is still ok.

EHP often adopt a dungeon, ruins or an abandoned house or cave as a lair. Besides immediate cult, servitors, pets and minions such lairs often attract humanoids or beastmen. Lairs might be connected to a dungeon by secret passage.

Cults often conflict rather than cooperate but some form allegiances in the short term. Obviously evil cults are equal opportunity so EHP could mean a priestess.

EHP was a standard gaming acronym once. What happened?

Point of this is you can populate dungeons with EHP run factions quickly

d10 How Important a EHP are they

1 Lead a cult of wandering beggars and outcasts in slums and wastelands
2 Lead a secret village cult often incognito as a popular local figure
3 Led a suburban cult from a back alleyway shrine
4 Cared for a travellers shrine caring for pilgrims
5 Worked in a small temple as popular suburban or village priest
6 Worked in household of a noble as family priest, likley related
7 Worked in larger city temple employing many priests on an estate
8 Important senior city priest on many councils, operates a specific order
9 Converted tribe or bandit clan into worshipers now absolute leader of fanatics
10 Worked in a great holy temple a centre of great faith

d10 EHP Bonus Trouble

1 Has a pet holy beast
2 Has a imp, quasit or elemental familiar
3 Has a magic famed item
4 Knows wherabouts of a magic artifact
5 Has book of forbidden ritual to call otherworldly aid 

6 Has a collection of skulls of past EHP can consult 
7 Allied to humanoid tribe who worship the same cult
8 Has a famous warrior cohort of ill repute
9 Has a villainous rogue henchman who does dirty jobs 
10 Has ally in region of another foul cult

d10 What is the prefered lair?

1 Haunted old House
2 Spooky cave
3 Ruined old church with graveyard
4 Dilapidated old farmhouse and barn
5 Strange cyclopean ruins from a elder age

6 Dungeon complex under a ruined castle
7 Dungeon complex under ruined temple
8 Dungeon complex built by dwarfs or trolls long ago
9 Dungeon complex formed by ancient large animal burrows
10 Dungeon complex formed from flooded settlement

d10 What is the EHP up to in the Lair

1 Planning revenge on those that wronged them
2 Help a dark power enter the world
3 Exploit or sacrifice as many victims as possible
4 Torment the lives of common folk
5 Plot to undermine local government or nobility

6 Plan to seize a love interest or attractive substitutes in name of love
7 Destroy a rival cult or respectable religion
8 Take control of rival cult and monster tribes
9 Find and operate a forbidden machine of the dark aeon
10 Enthrall victims as labour force of minions

d10 Quick Evil Cult Types
1 Evil Personality Cult - founded by mortals for greed, power and sex and vice, often sorcerers
2 Evil Spirit Cult - often worship or enthralled by a local spirit hungry for power
3 Evil Elemental Cult - servinhg a evil element enter our world
4 Evil Druidic Cult - dark nature cult against humans kind and civilization, engage in blood rites
5 Evil Witch Cult - unlawful magicians seeking power through various elder entities
Wizard Sect - esoteric cults teach wizardry but with cult trappings
 Evil Beast Cult - often allied to beast men or a spirit animal to one of their ancestor cultsEvil 
8 Evil Demon Sect - demonic cults from the infernal abyss seeking power and murder
9 Evil Devil Cult - diabolic devil cults seeking influence over rulers of humankind
10 Evil God Faith - evil gods from one of the popular pantheons 

d100 Evil High Priests Cults
01 Egomaniac self made messiah with beggar and a few merchant cast followers. All wear one colour and assist the master obtaining virgins and drugs
02 Blind sorcerer claims he is divine and can teach sorcery. Started murdering public servants driven out of city 
03 Mad Prophet teaches students from his holy texts. Cult is obligated to kill and rob non believers and kill enemies of the faith
04 Old wise scholar sorcerer claims he can free minds with his potions and has atracted many merchant clan members. Went into hiding as wanted for kidnapping children
05 Mad alchemist has developed drugs to enthrall desperate and some non humans. Wanted by law seeking a dungeon hideout
06 Priestess of a hedonism sorcery sect, worshipers practice orgies and drug abuse. Tried to influence city officials and driven away. Priestess and her faithful seek a new lair and power 
07 Strange mystery sect advocate strange robes, food and sexual practices. Holy Teacher got into fight with more popular sect allied to university and was driven away. Desperate to be heard and grow
08 Mind mage sect who set up casinos they claim are worship houses of luck god. Driven away by crime syndicates they have found monsters dungeon atracted to cult
09 Grave robbing sect who robbed from the dead have become in communication with ghouls. Undead have taught them demonic rites and ancient forbidden secrets
10 Forbidden sex club of hedonistic sorcerers have fled city after being publicly shamed. Now they bring rich to them for secret esoteric rites of sub human debauchery 

11 A dark spirit has formed a cult from simple folk. Now it has them it seeks to gain a stronghold and more fanatic killers to join it's ranks
12 A disease cult found a vile relic and began to breed with ratfolk before being driven from the city. The spirit miasma seeks cultists to infect a dungeon and make it unholy 

13 A evil spirit has led a monster worship cult sacrificing to monsters for aeons. Recently some of it's followers became very successful and has whole dungeon interested
14 A evil spirit of jealousy has controlled it's cult who serve it's squat ugly idol. The cult bring it sacrifices and it grows greedier for power
15 Started as a harmless barnyard cult but spirit was tainted and became lustful and vindictive. As cult has grown the spirit has become more demanding
16 Cult of a dead wizard whos's spirit has corrupted and turned many to evil. Aids followers carving out a niche for them in dungeon and occupies a host body most believe is high priest
17 Cult founded by serial killer and cannibal, led by descendant who in recent years has gained magic and contacted their founder. Sell and give meat to monsters
18 A cult of necromancers worshiping dead masters corpse. They hope the current EHP will gain power to revive the master as a free willed undead who will lead them
19 A vindictive forest spirit has grown to hate humans so much it has forgotten specifically why. Now it directs it's cult leader to kill and torment and wipe out humans
21 Cult of evil fire elemental prince who practice arson, burning victims and calling elemental beings. Priest has been kidnapping sacrifices for the fire lord
22 Cult of the evil water elemental princess who practice drowning victims, wrecking ships and fornicating with fish folk. Priest has been sacrificing kidnapped wives of enemies from past life in city
23 Cult of the evil earth elemental prince who bury victims alive and crush them under dolmen they erect. The priest is greedy for precious metal to be hoarded till they can be given to the master
24 Cult of evil air elemental princess who drop victims off cliffs and tower windows or strangle them. The priest seeks to contact beings in the clouds to join their evil schemes
25 Cult of the funeral pyre gather wealth from burnt human remains. The leader operated a legitimate crematorium until they were found out. Bitter the cult leader sacrifices to his lord of fire and death. Conjure elementals full of ash and burned bones
26 Cult of the burial mound seeks to look graves. Cult leader robs graves of treasure and corpses and is on the run from the city. Conjures earth elementals with rotting corpses and coffins inside. Started feeding dead to monsters  
27 Cult of the drowned have been gathering dead from the sea to raise as undead servants and rowing oars on cult ships. The cult leader encourages drownings on coast and wetlands. Elementals conjured contain liquified rotting corpses
28 Cult of the desiccated dry corpses in wind and high places or in sealed crypts. They stockpile the dead to create mummies the cult leader sends after enemies. They summon air elementals filled with flakes of skin, hair and bone fragments 
29 A heretical elemental sect teach elements can work together for power. Current priest seeks relics and to build elemental shrines to unite various monster races 
30 A obscure sect worshiping a evil quasi demi or para elemental being such as ice, lightning, metal, wood, mist or something 
31 A warlock cultist has been communicating with hibernating catfish men deep under the earth. He hopes to dig up and awaken to learn their their ancient secrets
32 A witch coven seek revenge for members hunted and killed now they plan to spread terror over region
33 Witch Queen has been resurrected by cultist and she immediately seeked to restore her regime of the past through magic and monster minions 
34 Warlock was a former dark elf slave and uses his connections and dark fey knowledge to control a dungeon
35 A vengeful witch seeks revenge against a noble family. Her coven are all vindictive women with axes to grind against local menfolk
36 A warlock and his coven are serving a demon patron. Using information they seek to activate a monster generating relic they have detected deep in a dungeon 
37 A witch cult have been waging war against a sea demon cult for decades. The EHP is willing to use pawns as bait to destroy more fish cult hybrids
38 A warlock leads a cult of dupes using drugs and illusions. It's all a smokescreen for a secret plan to destroy a whole community 
39 A witch has been awakening ancient sleeping horrors to destroy enemies and build a power base. The cult require a rare resource to awaken the monsers
40 A warlock seeks to spread the plague and has been aiding chaos rat men. The cult have been aiding them infiltrate settlements and bringing them remains of mummies from crypts to make vile potions to spread disease  
41 A EHP of a warped druid cult has been making undead to punish humans for crimes against nature
42 A druid cult have been letting blood on a ancient stone for aeons but recently stopped releasing a demon imprisoned. The cult now serve the demon and plan a bloody rampage
43 A local bloody druid cult was hiding in secret but when found out fled to a dungeon. The cult have members hidden in local communities and seek revenge on informants and former neighbors. The EHP is still a respectable pillar of the community who escaped detection 
44 A new breed of monster has been seen in the area. It is the creation of a druidic EHP using village folk kidnapped by the cult
45 A Druidic EHP has been populating the forests with monsters driving away hunters and loggers. The cult have been scaring locals leaving trails of bait into villages
46 A cult of druidic priestesses have birthed a horde of beastmen and have been training them in a new lair over decades. The EHP is the wife of a respected noble who spent years away at foreign wars
47 A druid cult hunted to extermination decades ago by militia and a legitimate church has returned and has started killing retired militia and clergy. The new EHP is a child of the original leader and lives in the local area 
48 A peaceful druid cult were killed by a mob and the survivors are seeking revenge. The EHP has begun rites to awaken a elder god to punish the world and uses minions to keep them away
49 A druid lord has been in hiding with formarians and is now ready to invade civilised lands. He has organised a new cult from malcontents and cannibal outlaw clans and the formarians have sent hideous mutants to advise and protect him
50 A druid priestess has been bringing faerie monsters to the waking world. Her cult have been preparing a base where the creatures are spawned from and spread through rivers and streams
51 A necromancer cult leader has been sending his minions graverobing to prepare a zombie army
52 A esoteric cult leader wizard teaches mysteries of geometry and strange dietry secrets. His students will do anything to please him which includes murdering scholars who mocked the master
53 A wizard EHP has been recruiting rich students then blackmailing them to serve a demon lord. After decades some have become important officials in the city. Now the EHP has stepped up his plan to take over the city by assassinating city officials and replacing them 
54 A sect of white wizard women who perform acts of charity have secretly been using the sect as a cover for a cult. The cult really serve a strange entity from beyond and the EHP has been stealing souls from the innocent to bring the being into the world
55 A wizard was driven away from the university a laughing stock for his theories of summoning forgotten elder gods. Now he is a cult EHP planning on helping alien gods invade reality
56 A well regarded private magic teacher was revealed to be murdering his peers and stealing spells. He and his students ran away to some dungeon where he has become EHP of a demon cult
57 A wizard was discovered to be holding demonic orgies and driven from the city and his lucrative university teaching post. Now there are signs his cult has been reformed in a rural dungeon and he is publicly known as EHP of a pleasure demon sect
58 A wizards daughter outraged at fathers tower being left to her brothers stormed off into the wilderness with her followers. Now she is EHP of a vindictive cult murdering male kin and heirs of the city scions
59 A wizard cult of rebellious students seeking lore have been declared criminals and have holed up in a dungeon. Now they seek demon patrons, lost relics and monster allies to stir up trouble and gain quick power. The self styled handsome EHP was a former star student and has many bounties on him
60 A wizard sect who were a degenerate clan of elder god worshipers driven from family land by a angry mob. The current EHP just ate his father and heads the clan. He is seeking brides for himself and his otherworldly gods
61 A EHP found a ailing clan of goat men in the woods and has lead them to bolder victories. They worship various demon gods and have been sacrificing often to curry more luck
62 A werewolf cult priest driven from home and exposed as a monster has found a tribe of wolf men and converted them to worship of the demon wolf of eternal night. Now they have a new lair to raid caravans and kidnap human victims
63 A EHP on the run found a tribe of elder vulture men in a mountain cave who accepted him as leader. Their crumbling library contained secrets of the ancients including where a dangerous relic the cult now seek was hidden 
64 A EHP lost in the sewers found a temple of lamprey men and convinced them his evil god was superior to the worm god. Now they menace docklands and river sides kidnapping victims to drink and sacrifice
65 A EHP discovered his ancestors were degenerate mole men and has found and recruited them to worship of the blind worm god. They under his guidance took over a dungeon easily and have other monsters afraid of being dragged under the soil to be feasted on
66 A EHP has led his Frog men clan to partially flood a dungeon then took over. Now they have been murdering fishermen and those who live by wetlands
67 A EHP has spent years living in a fishing village corrupting family bloodlines with fish men. The cult have gone into hiding since the village drove them away but they have seized a dungeon and the priest has hatched a kracken egg in a subtereanean pool
68 A EHP of the blood goddess was sent a loyal clan of vampire bat men assassins. Since eating the weak and doubters in the sect the cult have been searching for a new lair to observe and menace the city 69 A EHP who was raised among rat men has led his clan to seize a ruin complex. There they seek to summon a greater rat demon of the chaos rat lord to lead them to conquer more dungeon areas
70 A EHP has raised a band of cat men as her sons. Now they are of age she has been directing them to assassinate rival cults and lawmakers
71 A EHP of a dark demon prince has led her cult to reclaim a long abandoned temple. She has been summoning him and has born a son the cult hope to raise to be a conqueror
72 A EHP of the demon prince of undeath has led his cult to a mausoleum.  Slowly they have been preparing a army and now seek more corpses to feed from and make more minions
73 A EHP of the spider demon cult have infested a dungeon with spider eggs helping her cult take over. They have been seeking allies to expand their territory even dealing with dark fey folk
74 A EHP of a bestial monster demon has been leading the cult to convert the inhabitants of a ruined castle dungeon complex. Having grown more confidant they have roamed further leaving gnawed tortured corpse on roadways
75 A EHP of a horrible slime demon cult were driven from the city sewers. They have colonised a dungeon using slime monsters
76 A EHP of a two headed bestial demon lord recruited a band of mutant followers convincing them they were the blessed deserving of power. Driven from the city ghetto the fanatics have overrun a dungeon complex and their demon god has rewarded them with a pool of mutagenic ooze
77 A EHP of a succubi cult have been ruining merchant families and influencing them to lives of depravity. A Inquisitor drove them from the city and now the cult have moved into a cavern complex and seduced a bandit gang to serve them
78 A EHP of a ogrish demon of winter and cannibalism killed everyone from his mountain village and moved into a dungeon with his followers
79 A EHP of a cavern dwelling devouring goddess has come closer to the surface having been driven from their underland homes by enemies
80 A EHP of a fungi demoness has been spreading fungal gardens with her followers. They have become rivals with the goblin mushroom cult and the conflict has spread over several dungeons
81 A EHP of hell has been banished and has since been in contact with outcaste devils. His cult have been spreading but orthodox hell cults have been setting adventurers on them. Now they have hidden in a dungeon till they are forgotten
82 A EHP of the lord of lies has set up a secret lair to plot against civilization. They have been running blackmail and extortion rackets and have relocated to a dungeon to avoid secret police scrutiny
83 A EHP worshiping fiends of the pit has been trying to re open a hellmouth with sacrifices and rituals. The forces of good hid the keys years ago and the cult are still searching for them
84 A EHP of the cult of Dis have been working to curtail rival hell cults. Posing as good adventurers the cult keep their hellish secrets in their lair in a dungeon so as not discovered 
85 A EHP of the archduke of Hell was driven from the city by rival priests. With his followers they seek to build their strength and influence in local dungeons before returning to the city
86 A EHP of Mammon has been driven from the city for being too obvious and a threat to them all. Furious the cult have established a lair in a dungeon where they can brutalize victims in peace. Clumsy and lacking subtlety the cult have been murdering suspected rivals and atracting bounties
87 A EHP of Tiamat has been suppressed by the lords of hell who fear her influence on mortals. The cult in response have hidden in a dungeon and raising baby dragons for future actions
88 A EHP of a hell worshiping witch cult have established a dungeon headquarters where they can frolic as they please and use as a place for black sabbath meetings and orgies. 
89 A gang of hell rakes form the city have been driven out of their city clubhouse. The secret EHP has established a new dungeon base where they can be even more horrible and debauched. Monthly the noble youth members of the city come to the lair for days of depravity. The rest of the time the cult kidnap victims and steal luxury items for parties
90 A respectable men's club are secretly a cult dedicated to spreading the influence of hell for power in the next life. The EHP is respectable and requires a dungeon lair for the clubs forbidden secrets 
91 An EHP of the lord of death has been driven away by rivals. Infuriated he has become a vampire and plots revenge. Still growing in power his cult have been feeding him and preparing for his glorious return  
92 A EHP of the night queen was driven from her home for witchcraft. Little did they know she was a priestess with a extensive cult. Now their goddess has sent them visions of a artifact to avenge themselves. Their new lair is located where they hope to dig up the parts of the relic to be reassembled 
93 A EHP of the lord of Decay has been working on a new plague to torment humankind. The cult have been fermenting a great pool of decayed filth in secret with chained prisoners to test the disease
94 A EHP of the lord of mutation plans to pollute the city water supply. The cult have been working in secret to brew foul potions to achieve this but so far nothing strong enough for the whole city. The dungeon lair however is crawling with mutant things 
95 A EHP of the scorpion goddess has developed a taste for eating human babies and grown to huge proportions. Worse she has been giving birth to scorpion men and had to move the cult to a isolated dungeon where the inquisition will not find them
96 A EHP of the Snake goddess has taken a dungeon to keep her hybrid snake cultists hidden. More reptilian minions have joined her and local farmers complain of record numbers of snakes in their fields
97 A EHP of the Ice goddess has thawed out and restarted her cult. She has raised undead monsters from the mountain glaciers and her cult plan to bring about eternal winter from their dungeon lair
98 A EHP of the horned god has established a secret lair in a dungeon where they operate their schemes to corrupt lawmakers and city officials. The cult keep elaborate records and create cursed magic items to taint victims with
99 A EHP of the dark man has been hosting witch gatherings for years but now intends to branch out into creating a formal school for witches. The cult have carved out a niche in a dungeon to act as cover
100 A EHP of the Bezerker god has become sick of weak puny city peoples. From a ruin outside the city they have been brewing bezerker potions. The cult plan to spike free grog during a festival to incite a bloody massacre 


  1. When posting an artist's work (which I'm pretty sure you didn't pay publication rights for) at least credit the artist.
    Art © Mitch Mohrhauser

    1. Im quite aware of the issue
      Most contexts I find the art no credit is given and I didn't know the artists name.
      I have 35000 images of mine online and nobody ever asked me even if lifted from my page. This doesnt forgive anything. If any atist complains personally Im happy to remove the artist or credit them as they prefer or even do a feature on them. Ive been posting art online for 20 years and one person has complained in this time period. Im happy to respect a artist who contacts me. If I was doing anything for profit I would not do this. People take my blog articles and sell compilations and charge for it. I can't even see them without using payment. I personally recommend putting name in work obviously but Im aware ppl crop them out.

    2. I commend you for crediting sources yourself and I would have done better at uni If I could remember where I read anything. Of course some ppl you attribute do not own the images you give credit for which is a problem too.

  2. I try to when I can.
    In this case, the artist is a friend of mine and his work has been used a lot unauthorized in some cases even selling products with his images on it.

    Artists work hard to create an image, while they may not get any compensation when someone uses their art online, at least by being credited that often leads to a paid commission. I've gotten commissions from unexpected places when an art director saw my art somewhere I was unaware of.

    I read your blog regularly and enjoy random tables, so much that I've considered approaching you about a collaboration. It just happened that this image caught my attention because it is a friend who I worked with for a few years at a studio. And this issue has been on my mind lately.

  3. You dont need to convince me how hard artists work - ive worked as one since 1986 and seen most of my friends go insane from poverty. I never received any credit the first 20 years of commercial work i did. I have mental problems remembering any names or numbers and wish i had the kind of memory for this stuff. Most images I source from FB or Tumblr and i don't know who did them. None of this excuses me. Some have web links in them or artists name. I certainly wouldn't crop out a artists name. If i start making any money from this I will probably delete this blog. It might happen sooner If I thought I had upset lots of people.

    I'm probably more offended by RPGs and crackpots using historic or cultural images without citation in the correct manner for racist reasons like alien astronaut theory or the 80% of aboriginal art in australia that is fake. (You linked to someone discussing alien astronauts which i had commented on using images owned in collections). I dont expect ppl to share my concerns.
    You dont need to convince me how hard artists work - ive worked as one since 1986 and seen most of my friends go insane from poverty. I never received any credit the first 20 years of commercial work i did. I have mental problems remembering any names or numbers and wish i had the kind of memory for this stuff. Im not motivated by greed or maliciousness or fraud. Most images I source from FB or Tumblr and i don't know who did them. None of this excuses me. Some have web links imbedded in them or artists name. I certainly wouldn't crop out a artists name. If i start making any money from this I will probably delete this blog. It might happen sooner If I thought I had upset lots of people.

    I'm probably more offended by RPGs and crackpots using historic or cultural images without citation in the correct manner for racist reasons like alien astronaut theory or the 80% of aboriginal art in australia that is fake. (You linked to someone discussing alien astronauts which i had commented on using images owned in collections). I don't expect ppl to share my concerns. I have considered only using historic images but they too need credit and the collections cited.

    I do get you and It does concern me. Im happy to remove it If you think it is the right thing to do. Or Id be happy to provide links to artist or even feature them. To date I have regarded this as just another social media platform like FB where credit for shared images is mostly never given. I commend you for doing it on your own posts.

  4. i was too stressed and couldn't sleep so i ditched it

  5. Don't let that Party-Popper bring you down! This post has a hundred brilliant hooks for diyers;
    He's just trying to be a hero, don't let him bully you. I bet he's got folders, like everybody, of 'ill-gotten' PDFs.
    I liked the pic so much I looked it up! Like pirate radio, diy d&d promotion is often worth ten licensing fees.
    By the way, I like your new pic! :)

    1. cheers though if i go this way I will end up on a meme or on Cals Cave of Cool as he already reposts my stuff even friends posting pictures of snack food on my page. On like the octopus cock gobbling news item - FB is designed to share unauthorised images

    2. tumblr too

      intersetingly my composer friends have had appl delete their own compositions from their computers and film companies pull takedowns of the composers youtube when they merely lease the music. Im glad none of us ever used a VCR or audio cassette.

  6. Thomas is ok - please dont take out on him. He doesnt deserve to be in a flame war over this. Partly why I didnt pull my blog was some ppl would kind of over react on some way I dont like.

    You can probably see the old pic in one of dozens of feed sites that steal all my content as their own.

    Ive been posting online stuff since 1989 and and this is second time I have had a complaint - other was for a great cassowary pic on FB that someone was initially aghast i had stolen from their front lawn (FB feed) - we talked they calmed down I pulled it. Ive walked into galleries and found images of my work for sale. I once found a whole gallery where 10 out of 12 huge digital prints were my work. I made friends with them and they became a patron. Gave me one of works, did a collab, had me as a guest speaker, got me exhibitions hot dinners and art equipment. Two other ppl who had some of their work in images just bitched and got nowhere. So there are ways of confronting this stuff that benefits everyone. For a hobby that preaches no to bootlegs on ebay and pdf torrents most of the same people post art all the time without credit - most FB groups on gaming preach defence of IP and share ll the time. Anyway I don't want to start a flame war or have my fans go mental. For the record I denounce any fan related shankings, hackings or other shenanigans

    Expect lots of pics of me in silly hats from now on

  7. actually this image i have now has two legal issues for those who can spot them

  8. You are not bacteria! You are very clever, and have good imagination :). I love to see your lists like these, they are very good. Be kind to yourself. Please don't be sad, or I'll be sad too! :(

    1. Cheers. Self loathing and meloncholia are my spinach so don't worry too much. I mentioned my dreams once and got lots of condolences which is nice. Some occasional feedback keeps me producing so thankyou. Crippling self criticism has had me sitting on manuscripts for 5 years now.

  9. I'm just suggesting credit the artist when you can.

    1. i do occasionally do so but could do better. I don't trawl through artist sites plundering them for profit i mostly grab images from FB, Tumblr and G+ sharing and aggregation groups and pages. Im going to make effort to stop using on this blog as I approach being comercial. I would prefer to come to a compromise or even a collaboration over this stuff but i get why ppl get angry because everything i put online is mechanically ripped off and sold automatically by at least a dozen sites. Id still happily do a feature or something with the artist or use with permission or link as I offer before but lack of sleep and worry has me a bit nutty now and I dont even want to write.

  10. Thanks Konsumterra, I wasn't trying to be a party pooper or a pain in the ass or anything. I took a good hard look at my own blog and while I'm good about crediting artists, I noticed I'm not as consistent about crediting photographers, and they deserve recognition for their work just as much, when possible. Reverse image search on Google is really helpful to find the artist.

    1. I get it
      The reason I reacted is because Im torn by this and by the incongruent standards ppl apply to this stuff and basically social media is designed to share without attribution

      i will probably write something on this


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