Wednesday 29 November 2017

d100 Fairy Maidens

Plan to do a bunch of faerieland stuff 2018. Will doe faerieland war zone as it won my recent g+ poll although necromancers almost caught up - siege the goblins will follow.

Fairy maidens are found in woodlands on the borderlands to elfland. Some are worshipped as minor divinities. Some are charged with a purpose. Heroes might fall in love with them or be charmed by their superhuman beauty. Man and faerie are not meant to mingle. Faerie beings even the mostly bright ones can have monstrous forms and can be spiteful or cruel. Some faeries might flux between bright and dark between seasons or even night and day.

Faeries have family and kin and If you harm then you might bring about great danger and curses on you. Most love affairs turn out bad or with the mortal enthralled or discarded after time. Faerie dwellers experience strange flow of time that might be continuity incongruous or distorted.

Heroes often lust after them and seek them as mates but this mostly leads to disaster and ruination. It is also a disruption of natural forces and many beings will not be pleased if a maiden neglects her duties. Most have semi divine kinfolk. At best being with a mortal might last a few decades if the husband lives or can cope.

Maidens in fact might be a obstacle in a mountain pass or forest trail that stops civilization passing.

You can use the d10 tables on own or just the d100 or a mix to fill out details.

d10 Bright Fairy Maiden's Companions d10x10HD Worth
01 Local commoners enthralled
02 Local commoners worship for generations
03 Animal companions d6 1=chariot team 2=mount 3=familiar 4=guard 5=farm 6=wild
04 Munder hobo adventurers of the worst sort in love
05 Charmed lovers d6 1=bards 2=bandits 3=knights 4=hunters 5=revelers 6=servants
06 Monster friends d4 1=hybrid animal 2=sphynx 3=lycanthropes 4=draconic
07 Demi Humanoids including halfling d4 1=gnome 2=dwarf 3=elf 4=orc
08 Humanoid including kobolds d4 1=goblinoids 2=ogres 3=trolls 4=giants 
09 Sylvan folk d4 1=faerie folk 2=beastmen 3=animal spirit folk 4=nature spirit folk
10 A slumbering kaiju monster can be awoken if maiden very cross

d100 Fairy Maidens Magic Accessories
01 Instrument 1=lute 2=flute 3=horn 4=harpsicord
02 Water d4 1=pool 2=fountain 3=water jar 4=well
03 Weapon d4 1=sword 2=bow 3=spear 4=dagger
04 Grooming item d4 1=mirror 2=brush 3=perfume bottle 4=makeup tin 
05 Food d4 1=dinner set 2=stove 3=basket 4=mill 
06 Hiding place d4 1=cave 2=hollow tree 3=buried chest 4=hollow stone
07 Clothing d4 1=dress 2=cloak 3=girdle 4=gloves
08 Jewelry d4 1=ring 2=medallion 3=crown 4=broach
09 Craft Items d4 1=loom 2=spinning wheel 3=painting set 4=sewing box
10 Location d4 1=summoning circle 2=shrine 3=monolith 4=portal

d100 Fairy Maidens Duty
01 Guardian of region of nature
02 Watching area for great evil to return
03 To test heroes on a quest
04 Ruler of local sylvan beings
05 Guardian of a holy place
06 Guardian of a great secret
07 Defender vs encroaching humans
08 Serves a divinity or lords of faerieland
09 Cursed or banished
10 Watches a dungeon or ruins

d100 Fairy Maiden Enjoys
01 Singing, dancing, poetry or playing music
02 Frolicking with animal friends
03 Working on exquisite art or craft works
04 Helping woodland beings
05 Playing pranks on naughty humans
06 Caring for human or animal orphans
07 Worshiping the faerie king or queen or the gods 
08 Educating young forest folk in faerie lore
09 Punishing the wicked
10 Grooming and bathing often with friends or followers

d20 How to gain a Fairy Maidens hand
01 Assist her purpose or save her from enemies
02 Perform quest or acts of unselfish kindness and heroism
03 Helping the natural world resist exploitation
04 Aid forces of the faerie kingdom
05 Encouraging her interests with gifts or help
06 Gifts of fantastic works of artisans or craftsmen
07 Gifts of exquisite food and drink
08 Gifts of jewelry and magic items or fabulous clothing
09 Share discusions and documents of scholarship
 Stealing her prize possessions and holding them hostage
11 Defeat her in a contest of her choice
12 Steal her magic item and hold it to ransom (jerk move bro)
13 Entrap her and force her to marry you (jerk move bro)
14 Steal and threaten her pets (jerk move bro)
15 Make a deal with faerie nobility
16 Prove your devotion for years attempting to please her
17 Slay her current husband who forced her into bondage
18 rescue her from  a dragon or hag or demon or wicked knight
19 Succeed at near impossible faerie challenge
20 Convince her of your lifelong devotion and unquestioning obedience

d10 Fairy Maiden Love Gone Wrong
For anyone having relationship with them
01 Children with mortals will be cruel ugly mutants or goblins
02 Eventually will flee with children to fairy land
03 Child grows rapidly in fairy land returns as knight hating father
04 Child grows rapidly in fairy land returns as vengeful troll
05 Mother flees and children turn into horrible monsters
06 Takes lover to fairyland to meet family, returned 1d0 centuries later
07 Family and possibly divinities offended send monsters and assassins 
08 Children and mother sickly must return to fairy land or die
09 Sickly children and/or mother dies in childbirth or in grief from childrens deaths
10 Feeds addictive fairy food to lover, move to faerie land or die

d10 Friends

1 Has a favorite animal companion
2 Friendly with a local nature spirit
3 Friends with local elven people
4 Kin with spirit folk d4 1=tree 2=animal 3=water 4=earth
5 Friends with treeants
6 Raised by a local hag of great power
7 Related to Elf court who watch out for her
8 Favoured by a god
9 Worshipped by druids and rangers
10 Sylvan friends d4 1=satyrs 2=dryads 3=centaurs 4=gnomes

d100 Fairy Maidens
01 Shalara the dawn mist maiden entices intruders to dangerous mist shrouded waterfalls
02 Caerranna lady in green turns men who spy on her into trees
03 Farneras the white lady warps flow of time so dallying whith her takes d100 years
04 Cragyana the weeping widow sobs and washes clothes in river, hearing her steals all joy
05 Cibrana the innocent one frolics in the woods and is guarded by disgusting harpies
06 Korana the wild hunts mortal men for sport with her bow and will never submit to man
07 Erradora the woman in red skins and flays men to make leather for the elf king
08 Sashaldra the air maiden frolics on mountain tops and those who chase her fall to death
09 Karmndela the battle maiden is lusty and loves sex almost as she loves decapitation
10 Voornadala the cavern maiden guards cave entrances to the underland, warning visitors 

11 Bellahabi the wild girl runs with wild dogs and wolves and deer and shepherds hate her
12 Karrana the dancer frolics with her animal friends and will talk only to good dancer

13 Cyrella the harpist sings beautiful music and is surrounded by jealous charmed bards
14 Vorana the sleek lives with her mountain lion friends who dislike her mortal admirers
15 Pandra the celestial really really loves dragons and will shapeshift lovers into dragons
16 Korranna the sweet is protected and cared for by tiny faeries who dislike mortals
17 Virridia the mad dances with her swords and loves to see body parts and blood fly
18 Seeranna the frost queen is surrounded by snow and ice troll guardians
19 Kola the rabbit queen is surrounded by large thuggish rabbitmen who love maiming man
20 Herroda the golden sits spinning gold with elf handmaidens for the elf court who love her
21 Virrida the skymaiden walks naked in the woods and her beauty can kill
22 Godvirja the divine has great wisdom and sylval beings come to her for advice
23 Sunmaak the radiant glows with light and the plants sway around her
24 Khieric the healer cares for sick and wounded and woodland folk will never let her leave
25 Bezzora the wailing lost her lover in the dawn age and cries ever since
26 Sirranna the sweet frolics in the woods but will do anything for honey and sweets
27 Kirranis the delight sings and dances with her chorus of elmaids that please the gods
28 Zarifiah the sword maiden likes to adventure with her tako wizard companion
29 Tesorah the glib likes to read meloncholic books and poems and is hungry for more
30 Hannirah the exquisite sits in her crystal cave contemplating mysteries of the ages
31 Voadora the silver wears silver armour and weapons, enjoys duel practice with anyone
32 Belomas the contrarian always acts the opposite to the intentions of strangers
33 Sironis the river maid lives on the shore raising nixies and sprite children 
34 Veragorana the mountain maid lives with wild boars and carries a titan war maul
35 Kalenara the night maid is a dark elf princess who delights in torture and poison
36 Tetyanavorana the grim is daughter of a night had and a elf prince she rides a nightmare
37 Elorra the wood maid only talks to human rangers who she trains in secret
38 Voranid the radiant is surrounded by prismatic auroras in her gem encrusted cave 
39 Derasa the Swan Queen leads her sisterhood of swanmay rangers protecting the woods
40 Korlandra the inscuteable sits motionless contemplating secrets of illumination 
41 Janmalla the guardian lives in her misty dinosaur filled valley with her pet sabretooth cat
42 Jubnubblar the earth maid sleeps with any mortal and sends them any bastard children
43 Korindra the flower maid lives in a garden with her sprites and flower spirit changelings
44 Zorranna the dark lady runs with her wolf and giant bat friends and hates human men
45 Koriola the runner is seen ever running with deer through the woods with her bow
46 Lyshea the stalker invisibly follows intruders and judges conduct to see if they live or die
47 Corinda the shining one is a happy maid who plays with animals and is kin of the elf king
48 Zoranna the seer is a expert on divination and mostly interested in learning new methods
49 Viradja the redeemer is consulted by fallen holy folk to find the means of redemption
50 Sidri the historian remembers great events since the start of time 
51 Koorindala the panther maid lives with several great cats and they hunt together
52 Loradama the peacemaker used to be a diplomat for the faerie folk but is over it
53 Korindala the shrine maiden attends hundreds of scattered shrines to her divine kin
54 Sarinntor the bather spends days bating in springs with elfmaids, dislike spies
55 Marradansoor the provider puts on a splended feast for her sylvan friends each day
56 Terrania the gatekeeper watches a mysterious gateway in a cliff bound with chains
57 Karisama the singer is always performing for animal friends and loves to hear new songs
58 Ellianya the delightful spends days listening to pleas of human and non human admirers
59 Sarinara the vine maiden makes wine from wild grapes with her drunken satyr friends 
60 Jasseeran the enabler sits with elf friends smoking hookahs of exotic and inhuman drugs
61 Torilindar the maker spends her days making art and is aided by her faerie friends
62 Seemaris the freamer spends most of her time sleeping and guarded by trolls
63 Gorgora the strong enjoys wrestling with bears and ogres or anyone really
64 Violetta the serene sits in meditation guarded by seven giant serpents
65 Zorrana the delectable lies about seductively for lovers then turns them into animals
66 Corrinda the archmage dwells in a cottage guarded by elementals researching spells
67 Sorrindel the summoner dwells in a cave researching the of summoning planar beings
68 Pessarind the adoring one gives her love freely and stores her best lovers in crystals
69 Vorinda the reveler is always partying with centaurs and satyrs and anyone really
70 Zeeranon the fornicator mates with all kinds of creatures spawning hybrid creatures
71 Pathelas the all seeing dwells in a cave and watches the world from her crystal ball
72 Morandor the witch queen leads a coven of witches dedicated to keeping humans away
73 Corlia the collector has a cave full of her treasures and will trade wisdom for more
74 Korrianna the dice maiden likes games of chance and staking lives, she has divine luck
75 Hortence the apostate believes humans are equal and rejects elvish philosophy
76 Palentia the waterfall maiden bathes in the misty falls watching a hidden sleeping dragon
77 Zimmarra the maid of plenty has a magic cornicopia and lays on a fantastic feast daily
78 Tsammarra the corn maiden visits human fields to bless them and makes corn golems
79 Vharjezra the watcher of the stones guards a prehuman black monolith of the old ones
80 Phenltralia the rubble runner frolics in the ruins of a lost prehuman civilization
81 Khemnara the voluptuous is guarded by bronze golems sent by this milleniums lover 
82 Torrian the slayer enjoys hunting monsters who's corpses she mummifies as trophies
83 Ferranial the smith works metal in her cave with dwarf, gnome and troll lovers
84 Beerinda the bee keeper grows flowers, keeps bees and makes mead for sylvan friends
85 Velenteena the spearmaiden likes to fight and drink with barbarians and vikings
86 Sirrella the maid of a hundred wands carries a different one each day from her collection
87 Cormandeera the blessed virgin bathes with goddesses daily to restore her virginity
88 Hanamelta the perfumer brews perfume and makes incense in her laboratory cave
89 Lidiratta the axe maiden daily beheads a criminal delivered to her by faeries
90 Vilidaxa the drowned maiden lures handsome heroes into her underwater prison
91 Midrella the night hunter patrols her woods with her owl friend scouts and guardians
92 Zardella the friend of the furry forest folk spends her time with intelligent forest rodents
93 Assurkalan has 100 gnome husbands who toil in her underground pleasure palace
94 Varrassa the tree conqueror lives in a giant tree fort guarding elf relics  
95 Ramina the hero dwells with her elf and sylvan friends who adventure together
96 Sarrella the god slayer works to repair a relic that fragments each time a god is killed
97 Oorlana the bell ringer has a collection of magic bells she rings daily to effect weather
98 Zaphia the solemn cares for a ancient forgotten elf war memorial and preys for it's dead
99 Kola the ape mother dwells with her friendly family of flesh eating giant apes
100 Zemijya the walking bird maid lives with her flock of terrorbirds and elf amazon riders

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