Tuesday 21 November 2017

d100 Draconic Gossip during the dragon war

Dragons are jerks everybody knows that. And when dragons invade you hear all kinds of gossip.  Will do draconic loot and reminded of draconolgy or dracomancy based wizards.
Possibly draconic mutations might be handy.

This is to accompany

d100 Draconic Gossip
01 Dragons have been sleeping for aeons and have awoken now there is enough food
02 Dragons like to eat humans as part of their reproductive cycle to help them produce eggs
03 Dragons are a sign of divine displeasure, prayer and good living will diminish them
04 Many dragons live in hell and come to the mortal realm to hunt
05 Dragon eggs can take milenium to hatch and are buried far and wide
06 Dragon skin armour is valuable but enrages reptilians 
07 You can placate dragons by feeding them horses, cattle or virgins
08 Dragon blood and hearts have magical powers if eaten
09 Dragons can be appeased by gifts of treasure and cattle
10 It's the end of the world and dragons will burn and eat everything

11 Every dragon has a weak spot which can be found by trial and error
12 Thunderlizards are incomplete degenerate dragon spawn from long ago

13 Dragons were spawned to battle gods and giants in primordial times
14 We need to grab all the food we can and move into dungeons and seal ourselves in
15 In the old days sacrificing cattle and virgins kept us safe we need to do this again
16 A priest tried talking to the dragons and they just burned him and ate him
17 Dragons are mostly dumb animals, the smart ones you can deal with
18 Some dragons serve official positions in the celestial court but they are mostly unseen
19 The lords of hell are not so pleased with dragons rampaging, perhaps they will aid us
20 The dragons attacked temples and wizard towers first, they want us dumb like cattle
21 If we feed the dragons enough they will go back to sleep for a aeon
22 The dragon cultists try to gain favour of the dragons through worship, perhaps we should
23 The reptilian alliance is more fragile than thought, secretly they hate each other
24 The serpents and lizards and dragons are united in keeping humans weak only
25 Kobolds think they are dragon kin but realy they are too small and taste bad
26 A dragon cultist could be right here, drawing their masters to burn us all
27 If we could find the hellgate we could seal it and end this war
28 If we could go to the dragonspawn pits and destroy their eggs we could win
29 Dragonmen were made by eating dragon eggs and joined the dragon cause
30 Someone saw different coloured dragons mating so we will see new breeds soon
31 If only good dragons were not all in heaven serving the gods instead of helping us
32 In other lands the dragons are not all evil and can be reasoned with
33 Some dragons can change their form and walk among us
34 Serpent men predate dragons and seek to be dominant after humans are crushed
35 Lizard men are mostly sick of humans for once they were a great civilization
36 Dinosaurs are being hatched by lizardmen using their ancient magic 
37 If we burn our houses and hide the dragons will move on
38 If we swore alliegence to a smart dragon he would protect us from other dragons
39 Our gods have failed us dragons are the new power of this age
40 This kingdom is done for, we should flee while we can
41 We should round up the old, weak and criminal to give to dragons as a peace offering
42 If we build a idol of a dragon they will spare us for worshiping them
43 Only a zealous return to the old ways of our faith will end this tyranny of dragons
44 I hear there are realms beneath the earth we could all live free of dragons
45 Every part of a dragon is valuable and worth a fortune, they might be a blessing
46 Primal Tiamat is the mother of dragons and we must prey to her for forgiveness
47 Alchemists have been making life and some made whole dragons in huge aparatus
48 Wizards and alchemists brought dragons here and we should kill them
49 Our priest has done nothing to stop the dragons we shouls sacrifice him to the dragons
50 We can hold a lottery to see who gets eaten that would be the fairest way to decide
51 Salamander wool makes fire proof clothing and roofing to protect us from dragons
52 Humans are finished, lets all get drunk then poison ourselves and take a few dragons too
53 Perhaps elves or dwarves will aid us, if we beg they might let us in their kingdoms 
54 If only a true hero would unite us all and drive the dragons back to hell
55 Elves and dwarves, they must have seen draconic swarms before and know something
56 I hear a giant and a dragon had a fight, we should send treasure to the giant king
57 I've heard a dread artifact in a dungeon could be used for good to drive away dragons
58 We should stake out women and children for the dragons to eat so they spare us 
59 A man told me the name of a demon who might aid me if i should see a dragon
60 The dragon cult can act as speakers to the dragons so the accept our surrender 
61 The rich have been fleeing and leaving the poor to be eaten, typical
62 If we stuffed a cow full of black powder it might be a effective dragon trap  
63 Men tried to shoot a dragon with a cannon but dragons learn fast and the men died
64 Great fog clouds from the sea have stopped shipping, dragon turtles they say
65 If you rub dragon dung over your body they will not eat you
66 Dragons are asleep in their lairs are most vulnerable to attack
67 Witches called the dragons we must find and burn them
68 Someone saw a dragon digging up a graveyard for food, some prefer aged meat
69 Even if the kingdom survives we will be weak and suffer invasions for years after
70 Many refugees have been turned away from cities and some have turned to banditry
71 Everywhere food is short, people are fighting over foodstuff
72 With so much dragon scale and flesh about magic using them is more common
73 Dragon cult wizards have been using spells mostly used by dragons in the past
74 Many dragons have been mating with local monsters so expect more hybrid horrors now
75 The dragon cult seem to think they will be in charge soon and many are flocing to them
76 Dragonmen come from remains of dead dragons using long forgotten spells
77 Dragonmen come from lizard men mating with dragons
78 New strange dragon hybrids monsters have been seen of late
79 Some dragon cultists have developed draconic mutations making them easy to detect
80 Knights have been busy rescuing maidens from dragons left out by villagers
81 A knight who rescued a sacrificial maiden killed all the men who chained her up
82 Draconic items once rare and valuable have become more common
83 Some draconic cults worship kindly dragons or celestial dragons but such sects are rare
84 Dragons walk among us in disguise observing how humans cope in these times
85 Magic that harms reptiles and dragons has become very valuable and scarce
86 A dragon slaying weapon was rumoured to be lost in a dungeon a century ago
87 Dragon cultists were stockpiling anti dragon magic years before the invasion
88 Sorcerers of draconic bloodlines have become despised and are accused of witchcraft
89 Mutants with draconic features have become more common, tainted by dragonblood
90 Some heroes who fought dragons and touched blood have developed mutations
91 Dragon pie and dragon roast have become popular dishes among the ruling court
92 A wizard in the city pays good money for dragon brains for some reason
93 When the dragon plague is over our land with have been made stronger by the ordeal 
94 The taint of dragons will linger long after these troubled times
95 Dragonmen have been developing new exotic varieties based on their bloodlines
96 Dragon dung and blood if fantastic fertilized that benefits crops for years
97 If you eat a dragon egg you gain incredible draconic abilities and all dragons know
98 Dragonmen have been increasingly squabbling with lizard men who find them bossy
99 Dragons are reincarnated on death and may recognise their killers in their next life
100 A knight who killed a dragon has been sleeping with dozens of noble ladies

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