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d100 Crisis in the Court of the Cephalapoid Kings

This is for underwater folk in the local area to drive them to interact with the surface world. Possibly some characters might be part of the aquatic world or visit it or find other signs of things going on. The sea folk might have various surface adventures and cause some mischief. It's just part of the rich tapestry of life in a fantasy world. Also for those who might play magic octopus princesses or for the DM to see what squid men or deep ones up to. A setting on a Island or coastline with ongoing land sea interactions.

d6 Cephalapod type
2-Ammonite - curled shell
3-Nautilus - shell
4-Cuttlefish - short tentacles
6-Orthocone - long pointed shell

d6 Race Type
1 Spirit Folk - change into human form and any between
2-3 Tako - larger, sentient and amphibious versions or normal creatures
4-6 Beast Folk - fierce hybrid beast and human
were types might exist too....

d6 Alignment
1 Serve duly appointed lord of the sea according to mandate of heaven LG
2 Serving chaos and evil demons of the deep who seek the apocalypse CE
3 Serve fleets of hell and marine devils who seek eternal subjugation of weak LE
4 Serve bright faerie courts of various sea lords who serve freedom CG
5 Serve ancient elder evils who seek to return to walk the world NE
6 Care for the natural balance of plants and animals N

d100 Crisis in the Court of the Cephalapoid Kings
01 Human garbage is ruining the undersea community and sea folk are getting angry
02 A anchor ripped the roof off a shrine and infuriated the priests
03 Refugees from a massacre have joined the community increasing it's needs
04 Human fishermen have captured a maiden and her family demand something is done
05 Humans found some gold idols from the ancient sea kingdom and the priests have been dreaming the gods are displeased
06 A vicious fisherman has been harpooning citizens and everyone is upset
07 A storm washed a magic pearl from the temple and possibly it washed ashore
08 A holy beast from the deeps died and washed up on shore, humans are curious and starting to investigate
09 Human cultists have been calling on a rival sea entity upsetting the ancient balance
10 Prophets warn human kind are about to invade the deep somehow

11 Human smugglers have been faking supernatural events to drive away the curious but unwittingly have atracted adventurers to the area
12 Wreckers have sunk ships with false beacons and wreckage is strewn over the kingdom

13 A human alchemist has been dumping failed formula in the sea and causing mutations
14 Ships have been dumping ballast on the city damaging homes
15 Humans fishermen are depleting local fish schools causing sea folk to grow hungry 
16 Effluent dumped in sea by humans has caused toxic algal blooms 
17 A plague of starfish have covered the reef eating everything, if humans would eat them it might help 
18 A strain of marine lycanthropy has been turning humans into awful monsters menacing the sea folk
19 Human pearl divers have come closer to the city and need to be kept away
20 Sirens have been luring humans to their deaths prompting human adventurers to explore the coast
21 A cult has been drowning humans and the bodies are washing up on the coast, people are blaming undersea peoples
22 A ship was wrecked and has some cargo humans are trying to recover by extraordinary means risking the community being discovered
23 Some humans have been diving in area, one was captured and questioned. A scholar found ancient records of the sea city and is sending explorers to find ruins
24 A pod of orca have been working with human whalers to hunt behemoths of the sea
25 A water elementalist school has been mapping the sea bed and needs to be scared away
26 Sea druids have been trying to contact the kingdom but the ancient law says they must be kept away from the truth
27 A human sea cult has been dropping offerings into the sea and annoying the sea folk with their ignorant blasphemey
28 To punish the humans a great wave was sent to punish them but instead they have been investigating  the source 
29 A great conch shell that calls a ancient behemoth was lost by naughty princesses and humans found it on the shore
30 Humans have been constructing a lighthouse and have inadvertantly released the blood of a titanic slumbering demon god which might awaken
31 Humans have offended a sea god and thousands of sharks have been terrorising the coast
32 A selkie had her skin stolen by humans and now she is trapped in the human world, helping her would get her kind on side
33 Cephalopod cuisine is all the rage and fishermen have beet trapping anything with tentacles to sell in the city
34 A mermaid has lost her comb and mirror and sources say humans stole them
35 Several aquatic races have been at war and human scholars have been finding corpses washed up on the beach
36 Seahag kidnaps a prince of land and sea to start a war
37 Sea Necromancer has army of zombie sailors to raid coast and sea kingdom is blamed
38 Race of mermaids is eating men and fish folk slowing trade
39 Giant mass of sargassum seaweed choking seas, trapping ships and smothering sea folk cities
40 A new race of sea beings worshiping a strange marine demon move into area fermenting war
41 A ghost ship has been seen menacing small groups of travellers
42 A Dragon turtle has been eating people on coastal raids and attacking under sea towns
43 A dragon king is concerned one of his daughters has gone missing with a magic pearl and has minions looking for her
44 Scholars have found a seaside cave complex with pre deluvian tablets. The undersea folk dont want them in the hands of surface dwellers
45 A jade tablet from the palace of a sea god has been stolen by a disgruntled servant and will use it to create problems in the region with it's forbidden secrets
46 A great fishy sage has been trapped by humans and locked in a menagerie
47 Some farmers dug up a relic in a field that was once under the sea. Priests of the sea folk are getting visions and want it back
48 A human cult have been holding boat parties for the rich and conducting faux rituals that offend the sea priests
49 A local fish herding boy has been trapped by humans who have put him in a carnival freak show
50 Some local marine people were vandalizing human nets and got captured. Humans plan to kill the prisoners
51 A new breed of poisonous shellfish has been spreading from hulls of ships from far off land
52 Humans have been searching coast waters for shellfish purple dye derived from for robes of nobles. Many searching near underwater cities
53 Pirates looking for lost treasure have been digging up beaches and interfering with undersea agents missions
54 A surface dweller has been killing trolls and chopping up bits and throwing in the sea to dispose of them. Now underwater trolls are spreading
55 A tribe of sea ogres have been moving into area bullying locals and eating any who dont surrender treasure
56 A mighty sea spirit in serpent form has been keeping his daughters in a cave. Various sea warriors and human adventurers have died trying to meet these beautiful sea spirits
57 Explorers found a huge undersea statue and human scholars are seeking to study it and possibly move it. As one of the border stones of the lost undersea elder empire this is blasphemy
58 A fishing fleet has been using new huge nets and has captured a beloved community pet
59 Humans have been drowning witches and someone else has been reanimating the corpses which have been causing problems
60 A seahag has been kidnapping males and using them to father monsters which guard her island 
61 A disgruntled princess of the undersea kingdom wants to destroy peace and has been stirring up humans and giving them clues to the humans as to the aquatic settlements
62 A lord of the deep has demanded a birthday gift but only the surface world can provide it
63 A ship load of narcotic lotus resin sunk and after a night of hallucinations the sunken city dwellers want more
64 A new pet of a sea hag demands brains to eat and human or sea folk will do
65 A pirate has discovered the undersea folk have settlements and that they have treasure
66 Human merchants have been dropping messages into the deep inviting trade with undersea  world
67 A ship brought up a anchor with a architectural feature from the sea king palace hooked. Sea folk want it back
68 A catfishman wizard of elder times has been revived and seeks to rebuild his ancient evil empire. Most of the modern evil races dont even like this plan but he has managed to find malcontents and rebels to join his schemes
69 Drunken sailors have been scouring coast as rewards for captive mermaids are being offered in the city by a circus
70 Pearl divers from a far off land have been brought into area by merchants and have been getting close to secretive underwater settlements
71 A strange bard has been singing eerie songs and leaving political unrest in wake. Sources say same happening on surface too. Is it the same being?
72 A surface magician has been summoning fish schools for the fisherfolk and some sea gods are less pleased
73 The queen requires ambergris and some recently was washed ashore, sombody needs to take it for the rightful rulers of the sea
74 A group of mystery solving squid kids have not returned from a expedition to the surface and their families are worried
75 Human sealers have begun settling a rocky island sticking out of a  reef city and the king wants volunteers to pretend to be ghosts to scare them away
76 A sea people merchant want to start secretly trading goods with surface folk and needs someone to come up with a crafty way to do this without exposing undersea civilization
77 A seahag turned a princess into a human to be with a handsome sailor she saw and her family want her back
78 Human cultists have tried reviving a slumbering god who rivals that of the undersea kingdom and something needs to be done by Cthulhu!
79 Humans have trapped fish in setted off bays to fatten schools of fish in a farm but they are increasing disease and parasites over the whole area
80 A human boy used a relic to visit the underwater kingdom in disguise. So far humans don't believe him and the sea king wants the relic stolen and the boy discredited
81 A human artist has been spying on the aquatic world with a crystal ball and has captured the likeness of the queen in a comprimoising position. Someone must get the painting and probably steal the ball too
82 A human natural history professor trapped some children and has them on display in the university menagerie. The court demand they be returned home before they fall behind in the school year
83 Children have been playing in the shallows and some have gone ashore to prank the humans. Somebody must find theses kids and warn them away from this foolishness
84 A gang of misguided hybrids have been raiding royal sea caravans and hiding on land. Possibly human authorities can be tricked into killing them all
85 A report has come in of a number of citizens trapped ashore in wells for decades and the king would like these poor souls rescued
86 A horrible human murdered a member of the royal family. The king wants them punished or captured. As all humans look the same a detailed description of the villains wooden leg is available and the priest is certain he is in the human city
87 A spy on the surface world has seen hybrid offspring in the human orphanage and a priest would like someone to bring them to underwater civilization 
88 A human wizard has been swapping souls with citizens of the sea city to spy on it's people. Find the spy in the city or find where he lives on the surface and stop him
89 A human killed a holy narwhale and the king offers a reward for bringing the rotter in
90 A ancient nautilus prophet from the depths has come to the sea kingdom warning the humans are plotting against marine races. The king needs spies too visit the human kingdom
91 A human spell to summon marine creatures has been used increasingly and the sea king wants copies of the spell destroyed and humans warned off from using it
92 Some crafty sea folk have been sinking human ships to rob them but the humans are getting wary and have sent adventurers. The troublemakers sinking the ships must slow down and not be so greedy
93 The sea god priests need volunteers to go ashore and deliver pearls to the volcano goddess as a gift. Humans have been intercepting the gifts and the gifts are essential to appease the goddess
94 A dyke has been holding back the sea in a location of the human world and sea gods want it sabotaged so the land can be reclaimed
95 A heretical sea folk sect fled into marine caves under the human lands aeons ago. Now the king wants explorers to find them to see if they are fit to return to the bosom of the community or stay exiled
96 A sea spirit has fallen in love with a ornamental ship prow and offers a reward to bring it to him. Bonus reward if it can be brought to life somehow
97 A fish whisperer has been helping human fishermen and the sea king wants them punished and their powers somehow removed
98 A evil strain of parasite has been replacing itself with the tongues of fish folk and making them utter blasphemies. Where did they come from and how do we stop them?
99 Maps of the human world are required by the military and scouts are needed to get the latest ones from mankind
100 A attack on the surface world is being planned. Scouts are needed to check planned beachfronts and rivers


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