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Sewers and Cesspits 5 - Sewers of Hell wonders and dressings

So sewer of hell is a sort of interconnection to all the proper layers of hell, the boiler room of hell and even to the sewers of the mortal realms. Not formerly a place of torment but that does happen too. They can be a alternate way in and out of hell but can also be worse than systematically passing through hell illegaly with a passport. Mind you the gates and ferrymen of hell have some pretty terrible fees so sewers often seem like a alternative. Plenty of renegade devils will offer to show you the shortcut to the next level then leave you in a eternal maze of shame and filth. Dedicated to the Mongrels, you know who you are nudge wink.

Hells sewers offer a higher level adventure into the sewer setting.

Some particular hells like the swamp hell or plague lands connect well here as does boiler room. As to escaping sewer hell that should be hard. Easy to get in and more likely to take you backwards than forwards. I guess when players really regret it and don't want to come back it it a sign they have been in too long. Entering the boiler room might make them regret leaving.

Sewers of hell have many damned trapped or who tried to escape some other layer. The damned are mostly naked miserable humans. Many here are trapped awaiting transport to a fresh place of torment and many try to cross the sewer stream but cant until they have learned some lesson. The devils facilitate this with horrible trials and scenes of torment. The damned of course keep returning refreshed even if they seem to die, sometimes death just moves them backwards on the snakes and ladders game played out on the realms of hell. Devils often refer to their damned charges as human effluent, turds and shits who deserve to be here.

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Blackstump village near the hellmouth see my village stuff

Future Hells Include (still unsure if 7 or 9 or irrelevant cos i can do more):
Ice hell, sea hell, a desert hell a brass or iron hell of metallic torture stuff
Hell city might be generic for cities on each layer or a eternal horrible Brugel city

If you speak to a devil tormenting someone they will usually explain they are just doing their job and how their victim performed horrible deeds and deserved this and were warned.

I will talk about passports in hell later. Visiting demon mercenaries and bounty hunters are supposed to carry them.

The dressings tables are somewhat horrible decor to come across but is mostly harmless common scenery. The wonders are really horrible mind scarring things you have been warned. None of them must lead to fights but might if players want them. You wouldn't believe I couldn't finish DeSade. Really i'm more into medieval art. Next section is encounters and hazards will be part 6 of Sewers and Cesspits

Metal lids on sewer access plates all have occult sigils on them preventing certain types of devil or demon accessing them or keeping them out or in. The metal rims covering the manholes are part of the seal and the seals are worth little without lids. Sometimes the lids and seals are mismatched making them mostly worthless. Removing the fittings ruins them so there is no way to remove them without ruining them. There are gates, grills and portcullises with the same properties but much less common. You might find something trapped in a dead end or area sealed several ends or you might be able to trap a entity.

d12 Manhole Lids
1 Silver keeps lesser devils out
2 Iron keeps lesser demons out
3 Keeps non corporeal beings out like ghosts, astral forms, shades, fetch, etc
4 Keeps corporeal undead out
5 Keeps lesser devils, demons, daemons out
6 Keeps the old ones out
7 Keeps major demons out
8 Keeps major devils out
9 Keeps major devils, demons, daemons out
10 Keeps elementals out
11 Defective or mismatched lid and rim
12 Keeps any natural plane shifting beings out

Also sewerage problems of the surface world are the least of your problems. Rivers of hell frequently flow through also. Sewerage is still most common 4in6 times.

d20 Liquids in hell's sewers
*waters from river of hell
1 Lava
2 Burning sulphur
3 Revolting bile
4 Boiling oil
5 Boiling blood
6 Boiling urine
7 Diseased puss
8 Acidic slime
9 Maggots or snakes
10 Mass of molten Lemures or writhing larvae
11 River of liquid flesh with moaning faces
12 Miserable moaning phantoms
13 Molten lead or other metal

14* River waters of Acheron - river of woe where souls cross to meet fate but neutrals sit on banks
 River waters of Cocytus - river of lamentation where frauds and traitors and unburied wallow
 River waters of Eridanos - the amber river at the the end of the world that traps victims forever
 River waters of Lethe - river of forgetfulness where souls are purged of memories
 River waters of Phlegethon -  river of of fire, burning diseased blood where violent souls are drowned
 River waters of Styx - river of hate used for oaths, drinkers lose voice for seven years, destroys vampires
 River waters of Vaitarna - river of blood, vomit, pus, hair, fingernails with heaps of bones on its banks and mud of blood and flesh, full of leeches and crocodiles, surrounded by vultures and ravens with iron beaks (this bonus river brought to you by Hinduism)

d100 Dressings of Hells Sewers

01 Old chains
02 Crumbling bricks
03 Air vents
04 Broken sewer pipes
05 Pipes running along passages
06 Bricks worn away by flowing water
07 Mass of slime covering everything
08 Glowing mushrooms
09 Glowing algae on wall
10 Capets of slimy mould

11 Clusters of fungus and mushrooms
12 Giant mushroom

13 Chained up corpse or skeletal remains
14 Chained up zombie or skeleton
15 Human skulls decorating walls
16 Iron barred vents at floor level just big enough for small humanoids
17 Minotaur skulls with sigils on walls
18 Small impish stone gargoyle statue set into wall
19 Large stone gargoyle, often in pairs by doors
20 Dripping flesh mass with wailing human face pouring down drain hole
21 Stone statue of cowering frightened naked person
22 Spectral phantoms moaning float down passage and through wall
23 Discarded human skin freshly discarded
24 Sounds of person screaming muffled from behind freshly mortared wall
25 Human bodies drift by in water
26 Fresh occult sigils painted in blood
27 Net across water filled with trapped human body parts
28 Human heads on spears, some old and rotten
29 Sulphurous burning turds that stink of rotten eggs
30 Flayed human skin nailed to wall
31 Mound of fingernails and pair of blacksmith tongs
32 Rusty old trident or pitchfork stuck in ground
33 Mutated corpse fused to suit of plate armour
34 Muttering naked madman oblivious to anybody else chewing fingers
35 Pile of human teeth
36 Stones in wall resemble screaming faces
37 Blood pouring out of drain into water
38 Pit full of drowned corpses
39 Pit full of snakes
40 Pit full of toads
41 Pit full of maggots
42 Pit of burning gas, occasionally great jet of flame comes out
43 Horrendous stinking flamable gas
44 Corpses with bleeding eye sockets
45 Archway made to look like laughing devils open mouth
46 Archway made up of stone skulls
47 Moaning faces appear on scummy froth on top of water
48 Burning swarm of rats running down passages
49 Zombie giant rats munching on corpses
50 A small devil shitting a pile of human eyeballs
51 Singing gremlins rowing floating turds down stream 
52 Imps workers with tiny helmets and tools repairing a pipe
53 Imps workers with tiny helmets fixing a portal
54 Imp worker placidly eating a bowl of maggots awaiting his shift to start
55 Imps watching two hellish larvae fighting over a turd
56 Gremlins throwing turds at each other 
57 Zombies moving liquid filth by bucket to upper level 
58 Trail of bloody stools on walkway
59 Several devil swine in hog form bathing in effluent while imps scrub them with brushes
60 Some of the pipes running along the wall are biological and you can see something being pumped through by how they twitch
61 Water weirds playing in the filthy water surrounded by drowned corpses
62 A devil whipping naked damned making them walk into the filthy water and drink
63 A naked old man with eyes and toungue torn out feeling way through tunnel
64 Mostly submerged damned, heads usable as stepping stones to cross river of filth
65 Damned suspended by chains or in gibbets or cramped iron cages from ceiling
66 Rats eating skin off a body that flee when you approach, is eyes open and it begins to scream and runs around hystericly
67 Damned scrubbing floors wirg buckets of acid while a lesser devil foeman whips them
68 Lesser devils with bows gleefully hunting naked damned souls
69 Demon bounty hunters with chained lost souls, returning escapees to ordained prison in hell 
70 The stinking filthy slime explorers walk through is body temperature 
71 Puddles of vomit across walkway
72 Damned souls, naked experiencing explosive diareah and vomiting at same time begging for death, producing more than body weight in filth
73 Devils holding damned and pouring drain fluid into mouth with ladle and funnel
74 A plank with bottom holes over the drain with damned souls eternally shitting diareah, also they are emaciated and starving
75 Devils holding damned by feet and dunking heads into flowing drain
76 Damned squatting over drain eternally shitting strands of tapeworms
77 Devils spinning a wheel with a damned victim tied to it. When wheel stops particular devil squats and shits something horrible on them d6 1=flesh eating worms 2=acidic slime 3=burning sulphur 5=red hot coins 6=diarrhea if they get jackpot all the devils vomit on them
78 Devils stuffing various things in butts of damned with privy keepers tools d6 1=coins 2=live toads 3=red hot iron eggs 4=gunpowder and fuse 5=live bats 6=maggots
79 Devils chatting watching their larvae swim and curse each other in sewer
80 Devils hurling corpses of damned into flowing drain channel
81 A giant toad is eating the damned presented before it and devils evaluate damned attempts to explain their dark deeds before letting the toad eat them
82 Dodgy devils selling chained damned souls to demons in breach of hells protocols
83 Devils selling indulgences permits allowing you to be forgiven before you commit the sin, totally legit, printed on oficial looking wood block printer with oficial looking wax seals and everything
84 Devil selling damned souls with official looking documents, totally legit
85 Devil offering to amend your hellish passport of make new ones, not strictly legal but less trouble than dealing with real civil servants of hell
86 Devil offering to buy part of your soul only with not very complex interest system you can buy it back later, contract manual ony 8 fat volumes but will charge you to look at it
87 Devil looking for adventurers to assassinate a lesser noble of hel for a lesser wish each, has plan to get you in their palace risk free and everything
88 Devil selling magic items, mostly non cursed with mostly no unforseen side effects
89 Devil playing shell games with damned, each loser gets longer periods in various parts of hell
90 Devil selling baby Imps, hell hound puppies and hell kittens at this age they bareley are capable of swindling you out of your soul explains the devil
91 Hundreds of squat miserable figurines moulded from feces arranged by tunnel walls
100 Esoteric occult graffiti in blood all over walls that greatly offends literate older devils and demons 
92 Area has boiling volcanic mud and sulphur deposits oozing everywhere from vents covering everything in stinking and boiling hot excrement
93 Mineral deposits of salt and sulphur have formed crust over the fluid and covered walkways in forests of yellow and white crystal
94 Mound of shroud wrapped plague corpses almost block passage
95 Devils caring for several larvae wrapped up in bundles and crying like babies, devil larvae sitters are at wits end on how to shut them up
96 Devils gambling over larvae in pit with cursed red metal coins 
97 Giant purple worm peacefully grazing on filth in drains while devils try to milk liquid silk from the other end and not get crushed
98 Devils fending off fly demons trying to steal the devils larvae
99 A night had looking after young imps, telling them stories of the diabolic bureaucracy and its struggle with demons of the abyss, she might invite visitors to cups of tea grown in some other dimension

d100 Wonders of Hells Sewers
01 A great sinkhole has collapsed from above, semi exposed to sky and some city of hell, devil workers are whipping workers erecting scaffolding to repair the pit
02 Stacks of coffins spew from cracked open walls spilling plague victim skeletons and mummified corpses everywhere and damning the drain causing a backflow of filth
03 Huge drain flowing out to river of filth in underworld where hundreds of starving shades lap it up out of desperation
04 Huge torrent of fluid draining out to some ocean of hell
05 Huge flowing drain flowing out to some swampy region of hell
06 Ceiling collapsed leading up to the boiler rooms of hell
07 A huge coagulated boulder of lard has blocked the passage but looks like something has tried to burrow through
08 Forest of gigantic bones fills passage semi blocking the passage and waterworks but able to be climbed over
09 Gigantic turds size of haystacks flow slowly past some being ridden by lazy imps
10 Gigantic rotten body parts float by, left over from god wars in early days of creation

11 A huge severed head on side half blocks the drain, it's eyes rolling and and silently muttering and spitting out filth
12 A battered and beaten giant sea god in merman form laying in drain, too big to escape, no longer cares about anything but might be up for conversation or request a message be delivered to the court of the sea king and to his family

13 Hundreds of orcs with huge net straining filth for interesting loot, so far they have found part of a pipe organ, a gods hand still twitching, dozens of giant lampreys and a giant sized manacle
14 Raft of bones driven by a ferryman daemon d4 1=looking for cargo 2=damned to next step of punishment 3=devils on a mission 4=adventurers
15 Huge chamber with dozens of huge pipes flowing filth inside, a giant skull semi submerged is a tavern were devils and damned relax
16 A depressed scarred whale with many harpoons stuck in drain
17 Ruined debris of smashed up houses and ships in a huge clogged chamber
18 A palatial villa built from semi sloppy turds and human bones, with the damned repairing it constantly while a devil swine sits on the heap directing them
19 A titanic sphincter in the ceiling occasionally dumping a river of filth into the sewer and raising the waterline
20 A great raft of damned manacled together forming a living bridge over the sewer with devils reminding them why they are here and occasionally stabbing them
21 A huge reclining devil bathing in filth while hundreds of damned scrub him using own removed scalps as brushes. he devil doesnt even notice them 
22 A huge face emerges from the liquid filth eyes shut and mouth open, devils march endless stream of damned across a gangplank into the mouth 
23 A hundred damned manacled to walls with wire cages on faces with rats inside gnawing off their faces each day, tended by devils and midget rat men
24 A mighty sewer kraken devil sits among wrecked ships snacking on damned sailors it saves from drowning in the sewer water
25 Devils operate huge apparatus for synchronized drowning for  dozens of damned at a time with headstones chained to their backs are dumped into sewer waters  
26 Devils drive damned back and forth over a broken bridge where a sewer plesiosaur snaps at them hungrily
27 Many dozens of damned swim or wallow through sewer waters being chased by small devils riding horned crocodiles yelling about how the damned chose this afterlife
28 A devil is forcing damned victims to swallow a chain which passes through them and is fed to the next, every time he reaches a hundred threaded he attaches a boulder each end and shoves them into the sewer waters
29 Chained damned with buttocks presented are force fed boiled demon chicken eggs and their farts are ignited by gleeful imps with flaming torches 
30 Rakasha with butchers tools are hacking up hundreds of damned joyfully and casting their still living hacked up bodied into the waters where crocodiles eat them alive
31 A great waterwheel with hundreds of damned tied to it turns slowly dunking the victims under the waterline while devils cranking the infernal machine laugh
32 Devils directing dozens of damned to operate pedal powered flagellation machines that force them to swallow sewerage if they stop
33 Devils whipping hundreds of chained damned, if they cry out harpies fly over and vomit or shit into their mouths
34 Hundreds of writhing damned with flesh eating worms crawling under their skin tended by imps
35 A hundred or so gigantic stone eggs, some broken, some leaking rotten muck, some explode if touched splattering rotten filth and gas everywhere
36 Large numbers of devil soldiers have made a checkpoint and searching damned, devils, demons and travellers plus checking passports. Looking for contraband, smugglers and unauthorised transit of larvae. Have built a wall and several stockades for travellers to wait in
37 Hundreds of naked damned having sex without joy on paths and wallowing in the channels of liquid, pay no heed to travellers
38 A great shambling statue of filth and human remains being worshipped by hundreds of naked damned, bowing and kissing it's feet while being whipped by devils, many were priests when alive
39 Millions of flies cover every surface and dozens of fly covered damned run about in panic trying to see and breathe 
40 A pathetic village built of excrement with villagers of damned going about lives but everything made of feces, their clothes, their food their tools
41 A titanic hairless she rat with a splendid crown and hundreds of breasts laying in filth suckles hundreds of damned, she looks very pleased 
42 A great pit of filth is surrounded by a hundred kneeling worshipers praying while occasionally a eyestalk pops up to look or a tentacle grabs several and pull them below
43 Damned souls trying to lash together a raft of giant turds to cross to other side and hopelessly fail and ignore any travellers
44 Hundreds of drowning damned in liquid waste crying out for help while devils fish for them with hooked chains to murder and eat them
45 Hundreds of damned trying to escape flowing liquid filth but hellhounds snap at them occasionally biting off fingers or faces
46 Devils throwing fool's gold coins in filth with hundreds of damned jumping in after them fighting and biting to them
47 Huge devil head with open mouth in sewer water draining away most of the liquid
48 Damned sitting on thrones of filth being crowned and adorned with filth by devils mimicking the trappings of royalty, self important damned thrown in river of excrement after ceremony
49 Damned with huge distended bellies being force fed filth by devils in rows, ones that refuse to eat more get kicked in guts till they burst then fed to survivors
50 Damned in hundreds admiring faces in reflections in river of shit while devils flash sphincters and balls in their faces with damned oblivious to their efforts
51 Damned lounging around lake of filth carousing and fornicating with fly demons
52 Dragons bathing in filth and snacking on damned running in blind panic on pathways
53 A giant devil on all fours like a bridge between two walkways with river of sewerage in between. Damned are herded in mouth human looking human and come out skeletons or shades or larvae other kind where devils take them to their next fresh torment
54 A great wide flowing sewerway with damned trying to cross, hopping across gigantic turds but some are vicious but sleeping crocodiles that eat them if disturbedA 
55 A river of damned are being herded by devils with barbed whips leaving them covered in open wounds into the sewerage channel. When they climb out other side their sores are swollen pustulating and worm filled  and devils are laughing at their freakish suffering
56 Two thin rope and plank bridges over a great sewer channel. Damned run across bottom bridge in waves, upper bridge has devils squatting dropping burning turds and acid urine on the fleeing damned. Any who fall are caught by swimming crocodilian hell dragons. Occasionally devils stop traffic to fix lower bridge
57 A line of damned await to cross a rickety bridge but first devils give proctological examinations pulling out toads, snakes, nettles, lobsters and other unpleasant things representing the sinners past crimes or just to make devils laugh 
58 Diabolic custom house bridge span the sewer making damned wait for years with red tape, forms, searches, passport checks, interviews and indifferent hellish bureaucracy. A hundred damned at least wait in line 
59 Swarms of damned carry tiny boats they barley fit in and try to cross the sewer while jolly flying devils shit on them from above sinking their boats
60  In order to cross over sewer on a thin long plank, damned must kiss the revolting butt of a devil, many cower away at last moment and are sent to back of the line for not showing respect
61 Horde of damned waiting to cross while devils make them sign false confessions to past sins and soul contracts before being flown across one by one
62 Whaling ship of blind damned hunt and harpoon a whale sized turd by accident and begin to harvest it
63  Devils in hundreds dressed as priests having orgy amongst a giant fountain of filth in the sewer channel
64 Damned in the form of goats with human faces on their butts herded across a tightrope over the sewerway and some fall in only to be sucked away by current
65 Naked damned swarming trying to cross a thin razor sharp sword bridge while devils pelt them with flaming sulphur turds that from a distance look like pretty shooting stars in the sky, many damned fall or cut off their hands or legs trying to cross
66 Cannons heard from the distance and see amany smoking mortars, bombards and cannons where devils offer to fire desperate damned over the sewer water to the other side. Most fall short or die splattered against the opposite wall or land shattered cripples unable to walk
67 Devils helping damned cross the sewer water by force feeding them boiled eggs and sauerkraut then igniting their farts shooting them haphazardly like skyrockets into the air some occasionally surviving the trip
68 Hundreds of blind sphincter face damned stumble about obstacles set up be devils who trip and abuse them as they did to the blind when alive. Many fall in sewer to be eaten by giant fish
69 A tightrope over a sewer channel where damned line up to cross, devils on otherside bend over spread buttocks and fire high velocity turds at them crossing, if they fall sewer sharks eat them and devil bros high five each other
70 Damned crouching behind rubble of broken structures and pipes trying to cross channel bridge while devils with muskets take pot shots any who break cover
71 Hundreds of damned building huge turd idol of false god who they prey will release them from hell while some passing devils chuckle
72 Hundreds of damned trying to build a bridge from feces over the sewer channel which keeps collapsing drowning dozens, crocodiles and sewer snakes keep snacking on workers to focused on labours to keep eye out for danger
73 Devils have built a bridge by lashing together living damned into a structure but the lower ones keep drowning and need replacing and the devils keep finding gullible volunteers from swarms of desperate damned on one shore
74 Swarm of damned keep trying to cross sewerflow but turd golems keep forcing them back and drowning them by holding them under the surface. Some devils making more golems on other side to replace ones occasionally destroyed or numbers of damned increase
75 A sprawling structure of scaffolding and turd bricks and garbage is the citadel of the rat men, who torment damned prisoners and prey to their demon rat god
76 A great black market with mostly devils, cultists, demon mercenaries, night hags, and strange monsters buying and selling illicit goods, larvae and damned slaves
77 A huge waterwheel that powers huge torture apparatus terrorising dozens of damned. Even the wheel has damned tied to it dunking them under the sewer waters. Devil foremen inspect the machine and refresh the damned who die or are sent to fresh torture elsewhere
78 Area frozen over with skating devils on the ice, enjoying themselves while damned huddling in masses together shaking. Many dead and frozen to lake surface while ice toads hop about snacking on the dead
79 Hundreds of devils relaxing swimming in the sewer, playing games, laying about, sleeping or eating picnics on shoreline. Damned scurry about serving them  
80 Ship lands and gangplanks roll out with devils herding naked chained slave gangs out and free them into the catacombs. Ones that don't enjoy their freedom are beaten or whipped till they go
81 A hellmouth appears and opens releasing scores of naked damned into their new home. Devils tease them then close the mouth leaving the damned clueless and stranded
82 A giant devil squats shitting fresh damned souls out, and man sized devil midwives chase them away
83 Thousands of imps fighting, eating, socializing, tormenting the damned and cluttering up area with their diabolic antics
84 A hundred naked witches holding a grand sabbat fornicating, dancing, performing vile rites with their devil allies and familiars including goats, toads, cats and giant spiders
85 A great chamber rains damned from a pit above who splash into the sewer way and swim to shore before crocodiles or vultures eat them 
86 Hundreds of coffins float down stream, some land and confused damned with shrouds step out wondering where they are
87 Goat men herding scores of damned on all fours. Some are drinking from the foul water way, others are licking feces from the brickworks of the shores for food. Some of the goat men are trading the damned others are slaughtering them to eat
88 Docklands with dozens af jetties where ferrymen daemons come and go, delivering devils and damned throughout hell. Occasionally a hydrodaemon or styx devil takes a non paying damned traveller for food or a slave
89 A warped and crumbling brick tower and farmstead buildings are on the shore of the sewer. It is one of the homes of a night hag staffed by her servants herding her larvae and stench kow cattle, nightmare pony and pet cockatrice. Her ladyship might see someone who offers a gift
90 A burned out old fortress built of stolen bricks made during a revolt of the damned none dare speak of now. All fear it's reputation as a harbour against the lords of hell and none want names associated with it. Mostly quiet and free on sentient life but a few renegates or plotters hide here still
91 A tiny watch tower run by devils where patrols stop and messengers can rest for servants of the lords of hell
92 A crude stockade where visiting demons mercenaries and bounty hunters stay when visiting hell. They are very wary of acting on any usual impulses or traps or tests lords of hell might tempt them with so they oddly polite to explorers
93 A huge ornate stairwell going up but passage caved in long ago
94 A volcanic vent in sewer hear fills area with steam, bubbling sewerage, calcium deposits and cracked brickwork
95 Colossal pipe intersects tunnel, occasional huge rumbling sounds and vibrations come from within, some use it as a bridge
96 Some one in huge tunnel section has painted huge portraits of lords of hell using only sewerage and horrible discharges found in drains, each portrait is several stories tall
97 A sprawling brownstone with columns run by eccentric outcaste devil is a museum of sewerage displaying stools of titans and beings from across the dimensions as well as toilet designs, models of sewer structures and construction and statues of the architect devils who built this world between hells. The curator will let you stay as long as you look and listen to his tales 
98 A crumbling collapsed tower bridge over a huge river of filth has signs of occupation. All kinds of outcastes, escapees and renegades dwell here and only monthly do devils kill everyone here nowdays
99 Bubbling pit of primal chaos intruding here with slimey mutant horrors guarding it, pretty soon someone will tell hells oficials and a army will come to destroy it
100 A huge tunnel with sleeping and lounging giants, many chained and others too big to leave imprisoned here by the gods. Many offer cosmic secrets and occult knowledge in return for trivial favours. Wizards and troublemakers and spies of hell come here 

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