Monday 18 September 2017

Pimp my skeleton

This is a sequel to Pimp my Zombie

Spin off on my notes on ossimancy for Xor

Firstly last time i introduced a spell LOTFP style with terrible things that go wrong if over used. In play caused some issues so I would amend to you can create a HD of zombies per CHA. You have no sure way of knowing if a zombie fell in a pit and is still active. If you create too many then all current undead roll on rebelion table. That should cause more excitement. Players finding spell in a book might find no warning of the problems. So here is rewritten spell...

Call Living Dead Servant
Magic User 1st Lv Spell
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

A ten minute ritual with chalk circle and a corpse to cast. Corpse gets a save to resist being created as if alive. If it fails to save it arises as a obedient zombie servant until destroyed. It requires simple instructions. If corpse wins the remnants of the spirit is angry enough to be awakened on it's own terms to spread trouble directed by a dark spirit. A rebel zombie rolls on the below table for what it does. The Referee should roll these saves. If you create more HD of zombies at the same time than your CHA score they all rebell and use one result on the rebellion table for all. This creates risk because the wizard has no means of knowing if a zombie destroyed or just trapped in a hole. Enemies of the wizard might stake the zombie down in a coffin and bury them to confound the caster.

Having a zombie slave could get you killed by the mob or law. Some disguise them as plague doctors or monks or keep the pickled in vinegar or brine to prolong their utility.

d6 Zombie Rebellion
1 Awakens later and goes on killing spree till destroyed
2 Awaken later and hunt creator then will return to rest
3 Awakens and wanders off ignoring commands will attack if stopped
4 Awakens now and attack caster or anyone nearby
5 Awaken later as other type of undead d4 1=ghoul 2=wight 3=JuJu Zombie 4=shadow
6 Zombie has evil spirit that is intelligent and malicious that betrays creator at worst possible moment or by surprise

Call Skeletal Servant 
Magic User 1st Lv Spell
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

Can animate a single skeleton with a ten minute ritual with a chalk circle and some of the casters blood and a reusable human tallow candle. The skeleton serves the casters commands as best it can. Only one skeleton at a time can be made with this spell or the skeletons turn on the caster.

This is a bit safer and easier than the zombie one but a skeleton version of that might be possible or a safe zombie version of the skeleton spell. I envisage lots of undead making and summoning spells for necromancers and evil priests. This is probably used by apprentices a lot. Some versions might require you to flense the skeleton or eat the flesh yourself. The zombie one probably gets wizards killed occasionally.

Variant skeleton types require different creation spells possibly higher level or lose a few HD worth of creations or weird extra ingredients or processes. You could roll several times and add a few HD and some spell casting levels and smarts too.

Variant Skeletons
01 Yellow Bones, carries disease save after battle or lose CON point
02 Bloody Bones, bleeds, regenerates until zero HP or damaged with holy water
03 Screaming Skeleton causes fear once per day in 3" radius
04 Flying has skeletal bat wings
05 Blue Bones, radiates chill d3 damage to all within 1" per round
06 Hungry Bones, if eats HP of flesh equal to own becomes a zombie
07 Hexen Bones has extra arms with two attacks
08 Raptor Bones has large claws two d4 attacks
09 Cunning Bones a smart killer uses tactics and ambush but not really sentient
10 Flying Skull has no body, skull levitates and bites but otherwise same 

11 Bone Knight has armour as plate with armour made from other skeletons
12 Bone Hound is a huge war mastiff instead of a human

13 Bone Steed is a warhorse that moves at 24" has 2HD
14 Flaming Skeleton inflicts extra d4 with a hit, is immune to fire and will start fires
15 Evil Bones has malicious cunning, collects treasure and has own plans
16 Devil Bones has horns and can cast burning hands once a day
17 Green Bones drips acid and adds d3 to dam,age plus is immune to acid
18 Flail Skull has a flail with biting skulls for balls inflicting 2d4 and has 2HD
19 Head Hurler has a skull per HP it can throw 6" which bites for d4
20 Phantom Bones has invisible ghostly flesh 2HD, can use normal weapon damage
21 Sleeper Skeletons, illusion of being living and intelligent by night, normal by day
22 Maggot Bones crawling with worms which jump on enemy within 1" 1HP dam/round
23 Bone Archer has bone and sinew composite bow, magically pulls arrows from self
24 Sea Skeleton covered in coral and marine growths +1 HP and AC and can swim
25 Ironbones has armour as plate and weapons it uses inflict normal damage
26 Goblin Bones smaller stature but excellent climber and often swarm
27 Burrowing Bones sleep in earth by day, by night can burrow 3" and sense life in 6"
28 Magi Bones has a d4 levels as a wizard and slightly smarter, necromancer aprentices
29 Blast Bones blows up for d6 fragmented bone blast on death d6 damage in 1" radius
30 Stone Bones has armour equal to chainmail often disguised in architecture
31 Ghost Bones glows green with ghostly fire, flies and screams
32 Demon Bones has sickly yellow red eyes, cunning, 2HD, armour as chain, giggles
33 Chatter Bones says horrible things and is possessed by intelligent evil spirit
34 Blink Bones can teleport up to 1" per round use to blindside or surprise
35 Displacer Bones actually 2 feet away, armour as chain, first missile on them misses
36 Leaping Bones can jump 3" and spiderclimb on any surface, rudimentary cunning
37 Lava Bones armour as chain, inflict 1HP/round within 1", weapons hitting save or break
38 Rust Bones wield rusty weapons, destroy metal weapons that strike them and fail save
39 Fishy Bones of fishman hybrid, +1 HP and AC, two d4 claws, climb and swim well 
40 Horned Skeleton of goatman has extra d4 headbutt or kick each round besides weapon
41 Hypno Skeleton has flashing jewelled eyes, save or stupefied d3 rounds once per fight
42 Shadow Bones has aura of darkness 1" radius, victim -2 to hit and -d4 STR in aura
43 Brilliant Bones flash 3" radius light once a day, victim blinded d3 rounds if fail save
44 Bejeweled Bones armour as chain d100gp gems inset, requires +1 or better to harm
45 Witch Eye causes enemy to have -1 save and hit if in 3" of gaze during combat 
46 Ghostblade has phantom weapon that ignores non magic armour and sheilds
47 Scrap Skeleton if injured can fuse with other skeleton adding it's HP to max of 2HD
48 Skeleton Thief is cunning and sneaky, can backstab for double damage and +4 to hit
49 Skeleton Priest can animate a d6 skeletons in a battle to join it using it's unholy symbol
50 Skeleton Wizard has a staff or wand, shoots d4+1 magic missile per round, only d6 HP
51 Skeletal Nightgaunt can turn into a giant skeleton bat that can fly and back
52 Tooth Spitter can spit teeth d6 damage 3" on roll of 1 it runs out of teeth
53 Beggar Bones holds out hand, if not given coin for the ferryman will attack
54 Grim Bones laughs in battle, each round in battle within 3" save or cumulative -1 to hit
55 Black Bones is charred, can exhale 2" cone of smoke once a day as a stinking cloud
56 Mouldy Bones when struck, all within 1" save or spend round helpless choking 
57 Dragon Bones can breathe a 2d4 fire 1" cone once/day, has a single dragon bone
58 Breeder Bones if killed arises as two d4 HP skeletons and can inflict d4 damage eack
59 Bone Pile a swirling whirl of air and loose bones with floating skull on top
60 Necro Bones require +1 magic to hit, d6 touch drains d4 STR, recover 1pt per hour
61 Bone Lord - huge 2HD, armour as chain and always uses a 2-h weapon for a d10
62 Bone Mother carries baby skeleton in abdomen that makes extra d4 att each round
63 Sub Human Skeleton is remains of a cave man +1HP and AC does d8 damage
64 Wolf Skull has had human had replaced with a wolf head gains extra d6 attack
65 Knife Bones can throw 2x bone knives per round from own body 3" range d3 damage
66 Bone Hoplite, has spear and shield, +2 AC and extra +1 AC if another by side (2 max)
67 Bone Crusader has armour as chain, d8 damage and turn as if 3HD
68 Sleeping Bones attack from underground by surprise when you walk over buried remains
69 Night Bones are shadowy, armour as chain in dark or moonlight, harder to see
70 Stink Bones radiate choking stench within 1" as a stinking cloud
71 Eternal Bones, reassemble 1HP/round after killed until holy water or +1 weapon used
72 Berserker Bones have beards and use axes, +2 Hit and damage, wear tattered chainmail
73 Vampire Bones have extra d4 bite attack which damage inflicted with heals them
74 Venom Bones drip with venom, if hit save or take extra d6 damage
75 Shocking Bones d8+1 electric damage first time struck with metal weapon or they hit
76 Mana Bones can absorb a 1st lv spell if cast on them heal d6 damage
77 Hellfire Bones if turned explode for d6 damage with 1" radius doesn't hurt skeletons
78 Coffin Creeper carries coffin chained to back, if killed a zombie arises from coffin
79 Headstone Horror carries grave stone it can throw 3" for d8 damage, round to pick up
80 Vine Bones crawling with ghastly creepers, entangle target in 1", save to resist 
81 Ghost Bones can become phantoms and walk through walls or earth to attack
82 Sticky Bones weapons stick if fail save, weapon -2 to hit after undead killed till cleaned
83 Shrieking Skeleton, shrieker mushroom growing in rib cage, skeleton is immune
84 Bang Bones, explosive keg in chest, fuse lit by match when moves, 2d6 dam/1" radius
85 Eyeball Bones has single huge eyeball instead of a skull, fire a magic missile each round
86 Howling Bones inflicts 1hp sonic damage to any in 1"/round, not cumulative with others
87 Snake Eyes, snakes in skull, two extra d3 attacks, save +2 or take d4 poison each
88 Hangman Bones use nooses as lassos, drag victims to ground and strangle them
89 Jumping Bones these try to wrestle victims to kiss and grind against them inefectivley
90 Beautiful Bones have illusion of youthful beauty, if embraced attack as skeletons
91 Dueling Bones these challenge foes to single combat and take turns to fight one to one
92 Bard Bones play flutes or drums or horns cause fear in 3" accompany fighting types
93 Grasping bones embrace victims who if fail save are held then dragged to grave lair
94 Siege Skeletons, build human remains into siege weapons, require at least team of 4
95 Bog Skeletons dripping with mud and vegetation, throw mud to blind for round 2" range
96 Chilling Bones cold claws if touch save of held for one round then -2 to hit for d3 more
97 Nightmare Bones if killed save or haunts dreams preventing rest for d6 days
98 Midget Skeletons (possibly halflings) mov 15", can throw rocks for d4 3", skirmish tactics 
99 Bone Blade Skeletons, armour as chain, bone sword in each hand for two attacks
100 Vengeful Bones, if killed spirit animates another skeleton within 6" unless sanctified

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