Thursday 7 September 2017

Caverns of Zargon

So I started the classic lost city adventure and planned to have campaign feature the caverns and city below but the campaign died. But this did have lots of promise and locations and encounter and a story sort of noted here. More stuff saved from my gaming notes....Maybe I could stick veins in the deeper depths...Or maybe use veins when they want to find a way to the surface realm.

Id still like to run this and do a cleaner digital version. When i get my software and net card i will get my tablet running too. I have a A1 light box for tracing stuff which i can then rescan too. I cant believe i could write that small.

I really liked old modules with notes on expanding into a whole campaign. Actually encouraging you to be creative and develop a sandbox setting from a textbox module. Was good training. There was enough stuff down here to get to 8th level and game for six months.

Ive mentioned I like underground a lot as a setting. Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Land of the Lost and the Molemen movie all were big fun. I should also mention the CS Lewis "The Silver Chair" i read many many times. Lovecraft's underground caverns with supermen civilizations  and quadruped riding men were good too. Shaver Mystery a good thing too look up and gave us the Derro.

Some more old maps and now spring is here Im finally feeling creative again so possibly some new maps so i can use my milk crates full of pens. Scanning notebooks and Marvel stuff will take a while then I can go through my pre internet archive of shredded magazines and even do back taxes....

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