Friday 29 September 2017

Friday Fast Map: Ogre mother Cave

A local cave thought to be a witch hole long ago has been blamed for the disappearance of a children and animals over the years. In ancient times cave folk came here for secret ceremonies. The men performed hunting rites in the upper caves. The deepest cave is home to a lady ogre magi shaman. She used to receive sacrifices to not eat people, give secrets or treasure. She tolerates women who bring a sacrifice and attacks men. He has long hair, is naked with blue-black-grey flesh and a blood red mouth with fangs. She has long black hair, tusks and long iron claws.

The chimney has some old handholds in key points indicating past use.

Water is icy cold and could be a hypothermia problem after an hour of being soaked

Other dangers include giant bats including a doom bat, piercers and prehistoric mummies of the elders.  A cave fisher and cave lobsters might be a problem.

The cave is rich in artwork.

Bones, teeth, tusks, skulls and horns of ancient game animals can be found. The hunters cave has obsidian and flint weapons, several are magical.

A flint hatchet that can ignite flammables it strikes
A returning d4 throwing stick that can also trip a running foe on a natural 20
A obsidian spiked wooden war club that does 2d4 +1 Wounding (1pt dam/round for 10 rounds)
d6 obsidian +1 arrows
A javelin that has triple range and no range penalties and can harm magic beings (+0)

The mummies have coral, amber, tusk and cowrie shell beads and a d4 ornate copper tokens of value to collectors that do not tarnish and can cut or be used to start fires or skin a animal hide

Cave fisher might have some remains of explorers

Cave lobsters lurk about and you might have left a snipped of limb about

The ogress has gold, silver, iron, copper, pearls, and several magic items

A Skull with a trapped ghost that if released must obay one command
A basket of holding carries 100lb but weighs 10lb
Club does a d6 but can hit magic and has a extra attack
Bone ring of water breathing
Copper bowl filled with water makes flattering reflections of viewer
Comb if used can add a d3 inches to your hair length a day and makes hair shine

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