Saturday 9 September 2017

d100 Goblin Gifts

d100 Goblin Gifts
01 Dandy lion wine
02 Gourd of honey
03 River stone beads on strings
04 Pointy mushroom like cap
05 Acorn bread loaf wrapped in oakleaves
06 Small pointy toed boots
07 Bushel of field mushrooms
08 Bushel or wild berries
09 Hag Spittle
10 Spiderweb shawl

11 Scream in a bottle
12 Small bottle holds d6 gallons of fresh rat milk

13 Sick with minor spirit bound inside
14 Gremlin in a bottle
15 Wand with 2d10 charges of a cantrip
16 Fetish idol with green eyes - all chaoic beings save or crave it
17 Turnip with carved face summons a scare crow
18 Purse with d600 copper coins but weighs as 10cp (holds copper only)
19 Outlandish coloured troll wig +1 CHA when worn
20 Terrorbird Egg
21 Arousing mushrooms d6 doses
22 Screaming baby mushroom in pot
23 Addictive spore dust 2d6 doses d6 hour high
24 Explosive toadstool d6 damage over 1 " square
25 Glowing mushroom as candle but lasts for years
26 Prophetic dream mushroom d6 hour trip one Y/N crisis
27 Magic mushroom allows user to commune with spirits d6 hours
28 Tiny adorable mushroom person fits in pocket
29 Sovereign mushrooms, 3d6 days food with no weight
30 Chaos Mushroom, eater gets a lesser mostly cosmetic mutation
31 Ball of lizard tails +d6 HP when carried
32 Lucky ogre tooth - +1 saving throws
33 Gold nose ring 
34 Nose Bone - +2 poison save
35 Necklace of teeth 2d6 each summons a kobold who obeys for a turn
36 Dungeon Magic Pie
37 Healing Potion d6
38 Basket with live snake
39 Best quality licking toad or newt
40 Bag with pipe and quality swamp goblin tobacco
41 Obedient zombie rat in a box
42 Dire Wolf Pup
43 Large bejeweled beetle worth d6x10gp gems
44 Stirge in a box
45 Colourful magic fish in bucket with magical effect if eaten
46 Baby goblin wrapped in leaves or huge pea pod
47 Hand size rat eating spider
48 Baby vampire cave squid
49 Baby goblin riding bat
50 Footlong baby purple grub or carrion crawler
51 Dried Beans - cast Entangle d4 times
52 Wasp Hive - casts swarm once
53 Whistle - summons a wandering monster d6 times
54 Dried Beans - cause d6 months of flatulence if eaten, serve d3
55 Spider Web in bag allows one to cast web spell once 
56 Bark Ointment casts bark skin d4 times 
57 Bear Paw can cast strength spell d3 times 
58 Set of goat or ram horns may attach to head, increases headbutt to d6
59 Goat Hoof Shoes fuse to feet permanently if worn +d6 MOV
60 Kelpie Membrane, stretch over face to cast water breathing d4 times
61 Tree Seed, acorn or pine cone grows adult tree over night d6 per set
62 Goblin Chewing Stick a potent drug, +d3 MOV +1 DEX lasts 1 hour, d6 doses
63 Wizard Hood, dried skin bag from newborn baby wizard face, +1 INT if carried  
64 Goblin Shaman Chunder if eaten grants ability to cast a random cantrip daily
65 Goblin Priest Chunder if eaten will turn into a zombie on death
66 Goblin Goat Bagpipes can be used to attract goats, even better for bard
67 Bat riders Crop, +2 to ride bat ability and +2 to bat morale and understand bats
68 Wolfmasters Bow, compact composite shortbow with base damage of d8 per arrow
69 Goblin Arrows, warped willow shafts twist in the air ignore cover and range penalties
70 Goblin Lord Dagger, spider venom on first stab every day
71 Goblin Spider Fetish, atracts bugs and spideres that spread cobwebs everywhere 
72 Goblin Worm Fetish, dig under it if left overnight find 1d6 meals worth of grubs
73 Goblin Fertility Fetish, any births in house get a goblin baby extra in any birth
74 Goblin Mushroom Fetish, attracts fungus to grow in 1" square area double speed
75 Goblin Goat Fetish makes goats produce a extra kid each birth if kept in stall
76 Goblin Love Fetish increases holders CHA +1 if held in both hands visible to all
77 Goblin Bug Fetish increases growth rate of arthropod and or shelled invertebrates
78 Goblin Plant Fetish makes garden in 1" square grows twice as fast
79 Goblin Demon Fetish allows demons to observe area through idols eyes
80 Goblin Ancestor Fetish allows user to cast speak with dead once per week
81 Cauldron cooks battlefield meat into spicy stew, can cast animate dead once a month
82 Sickle of silver if used to cut mushrooms preserves them fresh twice as long 
83 Sword of Goblin Metal, shortsword, any wounds save or -1STR 1Turn, non cumulative  
84 Goblin Javelin, bursts in air into a d4 separate javelins and roll each to hit, only once 
85 Goblin Pot, can be used as a d6 club, a +1AC helmet and makes food taste better
86 Goblin Bong, ceramic water pipe, pack of goblin weed, +1 HP, -d3" MOV for an hour
87 Goblin Trap Tools includes quick snare trap, dose of poison, d3 rabbit rabbit traps
88 Goblin Inflatable Goat Boat, folds from a one man coracle to a 10lb pack
89 Goblin Scroll with a random wizard or priest spell with d3 Level power on leather
90 Goblin Tinderbox with a bottle of flammable oil, handful of gunpowder, d3 signal rockets
91 Goblin Potion makes drinker turn into a goblin
92 Smoked Goblin Ham +1 STR permanent if you can eat and keep down in one sitting
93 Holy Loaf has spores on wheat that causes eater of loaf to be able to see invisible spirits
94 Goblin Skin Ointment gives user rubbery flesh of a goblin +1AC permanently
95 Chaos Crystal if cracked raw ether inflicts a major mutation on whoever broke it
96 Goblin Scepter holder translates common into goblin speech and vice versa
97 Trained Wolf, can guard or track or attack, very loyal to good 
98 Trained Giant Riding bat can carry a small humanoid or child
99 Four trained giant tracking rats, loyal to who feeds and cares for them
100 A highly trained Goblin Dancing Girl (also concubine, spy and assassin)

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