Monday 28 August 2017

Sewers and Cesspits 3

So here are some tables for generating sewers on the fly
Part 4 will be encounters and wonders for sewers of hell
Not sure if sewers require own treasure types....or do they?

Vornhiem trick of slapping down letterforms for maps might work well too with this stuff

d4 Standard Tunnel Size
1 Cramped yard wide requires crawling on fours most humans - no channel
2 Tight five foot wide require most humans to stoop awkwardly - 1in6 2 foot wide channel
3 Ten foot wide with 2d4 foot wide channel for waste water
4 Twenty foot wide 12 foot wide channel

Channels are deliberate or carved by water most are as deep as they are wide
With no channel explorers are walking where liquid waste flows

d6 How deep is water?
1 Dry
2 Trickle of liquid a inch deep
3 Foot deep
4 Two foot deep
5 Yard deep or half deep
6 Channel is full or pipe mostly full

 d4 Water Quality
1 Mostly clean and drinkable water but tastes nasty
2 Contaminated by human waste, garbage, disease and industrial waste
3 Slimy horrible waste dangerous to touch
4 Thick sludgy slow moving tar like waste

d6 How Long is Section of Passage
1 10xd6 yards
2 10x2d6 yards
3 10x3d6 yards
4 100xd6 yards
5 100x2d6 yards
6 100x3d6 yards

d6 How Straight
1-3 Straight
4 A 45 degree bend
5 A 90 degree bend
6 Winding passage

Each section may have
1in6 chance of side passage keep rolling d6 till roll 2-6
In between each section is 1in6 chance of a junction

Each section or junction may have
1in6 chance if ladder going up or stairs in wider tunnels
1in12 chance of  ladder going down or stairs in wider tunnels
1in12 chance of a door
1in6 chance of a hazard
1in6 chance of something strange

d6 Junction Type
1 Square with d3 other tunnels
2 Circle with d4 other tunnels
3 Hexagon with d6 other tunnels
4 Octagon with d8 other tunnels

d6 Door Types - most are locked
1 Equipment storage with shovels, barrows, buckets, bricks and ceramic pipes
2 Access to pipes and air vents
3 Worker acomodation with bunks, kitchen and stores
4 Room has been repurposed by gangs or homeless
5 Room has door missing and is now a creature lair
6 Door is secret with some strange repurposed function

d20 Weird Secret Rooms
1 Lab used for illegal drugs or poison operated by guild
2 Lab used for alchemy for illegal potions or monster making
3 Lab for wizard research with books, charts and comfy chair
4 Sleazy den where sorcery cult lay about enjoying drugs and vice
5 Cell with torture equipment 1in4 chance of d4 prisoners
6 Cult shrine with idol, manacles, robes, altar with 1in6 chance of prisoner
7 Crypt with treasure and 1in4 chance of no angry undead
8 Safehouse for people smugglers often full of undesirables, mutants or escaped slaves
9 Secret police house where agents rest and hide in between missions and raids
10 Humanoids or demihumans have made secret home here
11 Secret stash of treasure 1in4 chance forgotten without vindictive owners
12 Secret bar where sewer dwellers enjoy grog and forbidden cheap nasty vices
13 Witch hideout with cauldron, herbal supplies, fetishes and familiars
14 Secret shop where sewer dwellers buy and sell strange goods
15 Adventurers have set up secret house and cant afford anybody know and live
16 Secret hideout now occupied by shadows or doppelgangers or poltergeist
17 Hellmouth gate to hell with guards where agents of hell come and go
18 Prehuman monster race spies come to observe city and seek lost relics
19 Hibernating prehuman monster race awaiting time to return in crypt or living pod
20 Gate chamber of ancient ones but most don't work without secret chant

d12 Other Structure to occasionally alternate with Junctions 1in20
1 Sluice gate where rubbish and solids are filtered by bars or nets that get cleaned every few months
2 Cistern where water is collected for emergencies, huge area with hundreds of columns
3 Water wheel with mechanical motion used in some industry on upper level behind locked door
4 Underground canal boat station where larger water filled tunnels move goods across city
5 Huge chamber choked with garbage often with a encounter and possibly interesting junk
6 Large junction chamber with many levels of scaffolding and ramshackle scrap shacks
7 Underground prison complex well guarded and guests not welcome, might be abandoned
8 Complex of underground vaults and storage, sealed behind gates that weigh thousands of pounds
9 Complex of abandoned mining tunnels with remains of mining equipment
10 Catacombs used for burial with coffins and urns in niches mostly avoided
11 Remains of streets built over or buried in some disaster and sealed, empty houses and shops
12 Plaza remaining from prehuman occupation with strange carvings, idols and decor


  1. Great stuff, this reminds me of engineering inspections i has to do in sewer tunnels, some live some safe.... consider too... variation in air flow (affecting flame lighting) and air quality (hazards to breathing), unexplained changes in water speed or level, slipperyness of footing... the panic of "can i reach the next access hole before the water gets too deep?"

    1. i was a cave clan wanabee exploring drains but because i was into graff most "oficial" clan kids were suspicious of me - amazing drain adventures and im a big fan of photography....

  2. Reading these posts reminded me of The Goonies.


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