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Apotheosis mutation tables


Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations

The mutation system im working with now is working pretty well. Will do a paladin, troll, fungus, demon, cyborg and more yet. A mutation class is viable yet as part of a 4 class futuristic set including robot, cyborg, mutant and possibly psionic

So if you get too many mutations there is a chance of leaping to the next stage of evolution. Which might be fatal or inconvenient or retirement. RQ has a good system like this. It is to stop you being too greedy and eating every chaos shroom you can. Although a plyer in my thief in my Xor game became a manitaur with 4 extra pegs and buds tiny clones off himself which the ones he catches in time become his followers. Now he carries two halfling archers on his rump in battle.

Every petty mutation more than your CON score requires a save roll or apotheosis
Every major mutation more than your level 
requires a save roll or apotheosis
Possibly in play i might make mutant class more resistant or everyone else worse

Paladin one is a teazer for paladin mutations for painfully good people

d12 Xor bio mutations
1 Devolve into a ochre jelly

2 Devolve into a shoggoth
3 Evolve into a sphinx or chimera - a human faced amalgam monster
4 Breeder will grow bigger, hide, eat, breed rapidly a new species or race
5 Autophage will eat everyone in sight then eat self if no edible victims
6 Rapidly expand into hideously obese land mass eating everything in reach
7 Tear flesh from others adding to your mass and becoming a insane flesh golem
8 Split into a d6 duplicates from total body mass and scatter in opposite directions
9 Break down into biological slime mass with melting skeleton left
10 Grow a tap root into the earth and become a massive living dungeon full of tentacles
11 Become glowing enlightened being whose spirit soars to new realms never to return
12 Evolve into perfect alchemical hermaphrodite and stride of with confidence of a god 

d12 Necro Mutations
1 Become a poltergeist or spectral minion

2 Become a skeleton
3 Become a zombie
4 Become a ghast
5 Become a ghoul
6 Become a shadow
7 Become a wight
8 Become a wraith
9 Become a mummy
10 Become a spectre
11 Become a ghost
12 Become a lich

d12 Reptilian Mutations
1 Devolve into a dimetrodon

2 Devolve into a pteranodon
3 Devolve into a plesiosaur or tylosaurus
4 Devolve into brontosaurus
5 Devolve into allosaurus
6 Devolve into a anaconda, sea serpent or other giant snake
7 Evolve into a lizard man of various species
8 Evolve into a serpent man of various species
9 Evolve into a dragon man of various species
10 Evolves into a wyvern egg that rapidly hatches
11 Evolves into a naga egg that rapidly hatches
12 Evolve into a dragon egg that rapidly hatches

d12 Diabolic Mutations
1 Devolve into a larvae

2 Devolve into a gibbering insane lemure
Devolve into a mass of insects, lizards and frogs
4 Devolve into a Imp
5 Devolve into abishai in the army of hell
6 Evolve into a erinyes devil the persecutors of hell
7 Evolve into a major lesser devil like a barbed or bone devil
8 Evolved into a greater devil like a horned or ice devil
9 Evolved into a pit fiend
10 Mouth opens and body grows forming a hellmouth gateway
11 Evolve into a unique devil and declared a outcastes banished to hell
12 Evolve into a low ranking unique noble of hell in service to one of the lords of hell

d12 Plant Mutations
1 Grow roots then turn into a giant flower that dies after releasing seeds into the wind

2 Grow into a tree with recognisable features of human face 
Crumble into dust then flowers grow in area ever after
4 Root into soil and become a carnivorous giant plant
5 Root into soil and grow into a huge thorny bramble hedge maze
6 Collapse into mass of compost and arise as a shambling mound
7 Fall dead and a d6 plant people burst from corpse and scatter
8 Root into soil and grow into a pod then hatch reborn as a vegetal humanoid
9 Grow into a humanoid plant spirit that can turn into a tree and back
10 Grow into a giant tree man a guardian of the forest
11 Crumbles into compost and a mighty forest grows from the location over a day
12 Grows into a mighty giant tree over a hundred yards tall and ten yards wide

d12 Faerie Mutations
1 Devolve into a goblin

2 Devolve into a hobgoblin
3 Devolve into a bugbear
4 Evolve into a halfling
5 Evolve into a gnome
6 Evolve into a faerie changeling
7 Evolve into a faun
8 Evolve into a elf
9 Evolve into a dryad if female and a satyr if male
10 Evolve into a pixie or brownie or nixie or sprite
11 Evolve into a sylph or nymph if female or leprechaun if male
12 Evolve into a faerie

d12 Mental Mutations
1 Spirit abandons the body to explore the multiverse

2 Enter a coma but does not age or awaken
3 Body dies and mind becomes one with the collective consciousness
4 Overcome with desire to conquer world by any means
5 Body falls into coma while spirit now dwells in the dreams lands beyond the wall of sleep
6 Called by alien intelligences to join them in overspace
7 Planar beings call you to join them exploring secrets of higher realms
8 Reject enlightenment so as to aid others, become obsessed with alignment conduct 
9 Charged with cosmic energy the new being soars into space never to return
10 The archons come to take you to another plane because the world is not ready
11 Illumination, prepared to become one with universe by meditating till body passes away
12 Illumination, heart filled with bliss now beyond desire, wealth or worldly attachments

d12 Paladin Mutations (a sneak peak)
1 God rewards you with a mission to invade the infernal realm and fight a archduke

2 God rewards you with mission to thwart demon kind in your world
3 God rewards you with mission to destroy a evil god and thwart there worldly schemes
4 God makes bet with enemy deity and they torment you with awful sufferings
5 God strikes you dead so you can serve in the afterlife
6 God sends a horrific land ravaging monster to punish you for hubris
7 You are made a saint so god plans a terrible ordeal of suffering for you
8 God commands you to lead a crusade against a enemy or herasy 
9 A enemy of your god declares your death sending their minions to ruin your life
10 God takes all your loved ones to paradise so they are safe for you to enjoy in the afterlife
11 God sends a test where you curse or aid the world depending on your success
12 God calls you to afterlife to serve in celestial court of the gods

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