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Secrets From Red Herring Castle

Old Sarum, town near Stonehenge on bronze and iron age hillfort. After fight between church and sheriff cathedral was moved and town ran down. Was gradually abandoned and people used stones for new buildings elsewhere. Nice little frontier town for a party. I will use it for inspiration for some setting stuff. Area surrounded by pagan and prehistoric religion. Attracts chaos cults and occultists. Murder hobos come for dirty dungeon deeds for cash. Area riddled in old ruins and pre human tunnels. Robber knights and pagan bandits nearby. 

Castle Red Herring is beyond McGuffin mountain along plothook ridge. The mystery kids often look there for secrets on their various cases. No problem cant be solved like a extended chase through

I've done some cultist stuff tables in the past and many object lists for dungeon decor before but this time I present more tables for dodgy stuff to find. This is a list of spooky crap you might find in a goofy gothic castle or crumbling crypt or murderous mansion. It should satisfy those tourist type gamers who wanna know history of everything about world then try and profit from it. Well you can now you can imply history or wicked plots and worldbuilding with some of stuff on second table.

d12 Some Gothic Containers
01 Wooden chest
02 Wooden coffin
03 Old barrel
04 Wooden crate
05 Covered in sheet
06 Funeral urn
07 Stuffed creature
08 Covered in cobwebs
09 Iron maiden or metal chest
10 Skull or body cavity

11 Large Glass jar with cork lid
12 Small idol or artwork

d100 Weird Things
01 Mummified brain
02 Dried heart stuffed with nails
03 Dried huge horned toad
04 Ball of dead rats with tangled tails
05 Mummified organs
06 Shrunken head
07 Mummy dust
08 Dried hedgehog
09 Wizened monkey paw
10 Baby skull

11 Fresh heart or brain
 Severed hand
13 A fresh eyeball
14 Bloody finger
15 Tatooed skin freshly torn off
16 Fresh scalp
17 Bloody bandages 
18 Severed ear
19 Tounge
20 Severed face
21 A crude fetish dolly made of sticks 
22 Statuette of aroused devil
23 Squat demonic idol
24 Tallow candle in hand shape
25 Medallions with demons faces and symbols
26 Jade idol with gem eyes of jealousy demon
27 Small black marble sphinx with missing face
28 Idol of serpent god
29 Squid faced demon from strange slimy stone
30 Sacred chaos holy symbol
31 Cloud of moths nesting
32 Living angry giant rat in nest
33 Rot grub in a hunk of meat
34 Huge jumping tarantula
35 Small colourful poison snake
36 Living startled huge bat hiding
37 Kyuss grub
38 Huge centipede
39 Angry cobra
40 Huge scorpion
41 Mandrake root
42 Dried hashish or poppies
43 Dried old mushrooms
44 Dried long dead flowers
45 Pipe and pipeweed
46 Dried turnip with carved face 
47 Monster plant seedpod
48 Alien fungal spores in tin
49 Black lotus resin in blocks and pipe
50 Piece of amber with tiny dead imp inside
51 Cameo necklace with eerie portrait
52 Tiny bird skull silver broach
53 Small silver holy symbol necklace
54 Copper arm band with designs
55 Large ornate brass key
56 Gaudy semiprecious stone and gold box
57 Pearl earing
58 Gold ring with inscription
59 Silver ring with seal
60 Broach with clan coat of arms
61 Quality red velvet cloak
62 Curly toed shoes with bells
63 Ornate skullcap
64 Fancy hat
65 Ornate leather belt
66 Finest kid gloves
67 Attractive satchel
68 Quality silk scarf or shawl
69 Fox stole with head and tail intact
70 Fine whale bone and painted silk fan
71 Shipping ledger
72 Holy book 
73 Merchant contract
74 Illuminated scroll in bone tube
75 Inn guest book
76 Pamphlet of moral concern
77 Building plans
78 Recipie book
79 Devilish prayer book
80 Illuminated book
81 Pair of spectacles
82 Pair of opera glasses
83 Domino or harlequin mask
84 Long silver hatpin d3
85 Tin of boiled lollies or toffee
86 Ball of wool and knitting needles
87 Bloody ornate dagger
88 Bottle of brandy
89 Ornate lace handkerchiefs
90 Ivory chess set
91 Imp or fairy in bottle
92 Tiny fire elemental in lamp
93 Bottle of tasteless poison
94 Healing potion in tiny crystal bobble
95 Tarot card
96 Ritual wand or sceptre
97 Spellbook with d4 spells
98 Demonologist manual describing 3d6 demons
99 Polymorph potion
100 Werewolf pelt - worn under full moon makes you a werewolf

d100 Odd clues
01 Ledgers with financial records
02 Births and deaths tax register
03 Account of ancient battle
04 List of criminal cases over decades
05 List of executions 
06 Mining claim certificates
07 Letter of credits from bankers guild
08 Soul contract with devil signed in blood
09 Bloody oath of criminal league with signatures
 Last will and testament scroll
11 Tragic love poem in scented envelope
 Letter with a death threat
13 Family tree on velum illuminated scroll
14 Deed for property, a crumbling old house
15 Deed for land which includes ruins
16 Cult ledger of evil deeds
17 Assassination contract
18 Apprenticeship ledger for region
19 Farm lease records for year
20 Wanted posters for local bandits
21 Missing persons list
22 Diary of a vampire stalking victim
23 Tales from the haunted moors book
24 Vivisection diagrams
25 Invitation to join dark cabal
26 Invitation to vampire ball
27 Methods to become a werewolf book
28 Letters from prisoner
29 Ransom demands
30 Diary of a virgin kept by cult
31 Journal of maiden imprisoned by wizard
32 Letter from woman held captive by evil knight
33 Letter requesting help to solve odd crime
34 Reports of local hauntings
35 Letter from sheriff investigating weird happenings
36 Spellbook bound in human skin with d4 nasty spells
37 Lock of hair and cameo with picture of maiden
38 Painting of evil overlord
39 Painting with hidden map under paint
40 Treasure map
41 Lair of monster map
42 Old abandoned mine map
43 Graveyard map with named plots
44 Map of mousoleum 
45 Incomplete recipe to create monster
46 Contract to be turned into a vampire
47 History book with hand footnotes from 
48 Plans of a queen trying to kill king
49 Book on last days of merchant house
50 Book describing a sinister haunting
51 Book describing witch sabbat
52 Book on introduction to witchcraft
53 Guide to selling souls to demons
54 Epic poem about trek to hell
55 Note describing secret doors and trapdoors
56 Potion recipe book
57 Unicorn skin book with blasphemous rites
58 Treasonous letters to foreign power
59 Letter to foreign drug lord syndicate
60 Blackmail letter from brother
61 Demonic pornography prints
62 Horrible torture prints
63 Letter begging for mercy
64 Letter from mayor offering to send payment
65 Testimonies from evil talking animals 
66 Confessions of torture victim
67 Angry letter from a witch demanding payment or else
68 Cult leader reporting on infiltration of community
69 Report on local virgin kidnappings
70 Missing children list
71 Crude letter from orc warlord
72 Arcane letter from dark elves 
73 Letter from wizard explaining why sex golem a bad idea
74 Demon contract demanding murder for long life unsigned
75 Letter recommending bringing roast human to village feast
76 Letter about having recruited clan of cannibal bandits to cause
77 Evil preist list of demands to restore hidden temple
78 Collection of human teeth
79 Letter offering soul for return of grandmother
80 Schedule for living humans to be driven from area
81 List of agents close to recent king
82 Rite to open gate to chaos plane
83 Letter demanding round up of local goats for sacrifice
84 Report claiming interference from those meddling kids
85 Plan requiring deceiving murder hobos to kill monsters
86 Siege equipment plans and material list to build ten 
87 Map of secret passage into royal castle 
88 Letter to clan of doppelgangers
89 List of monsters to be released in area
90 Roster of local monsters and guard duties
91 Letter of admiration unsent to famous evil wizard
92 Instructions from the lich lord
93 Letter of thanks from a lord of hell
94 Demonic prayer scroll
95 List of treasure giant king demands for hiring his army
96 List of local humanoid leaders
97 List of missing ships and cargoes
98 Map of secret evil trade routes
99 Description of scandalous affair that would bring down several clans
100 List of doppelgangers in key civil positions

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