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Pimp my Zombie + a LOTFP Spell

Had a thought lately that basic undead can easily made weirder and throw adventurers into confusion.  Also a LOFP spell to make a zombie but with lots of problems which is part of the fun of magic in this game.

Call Living Dead Servant 

magic User 1st Lv Spell
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch
A ten minute ritual with chalk circle and a corpse to cast. 
Corpse gets a save to resist being created as if alive. If it fails it arises as a obedient zombie servant until destroyed. If corpse wins it possibly remains dead and gets a second save check to see if spirit is angry enough to be awakened on it's own terms to spread trouble directed by a dark spirit. A variant Call Skeletal Servant is a separate but similar spell. The Referee should roll these saves. Having a zombie slave could get you killed by the mob or law.

Having played this now two more suggestions:
Only one save if body succeeds roll on 
rebellion table
If you make more zombies than charisma they automatically use rebellion table

d6 Zombie Rebellion
1 Awakens later and goes on killing spree till destroyed
2 Awaken later and hunt creator then will rest

3 Awakens and wanders off ignoring commands will attack if stopped
4 Awaken and attack caster or anyone nearby

5 Awaken later as other type of undead d4 1=ghoul 2=wight 3=JuJu Zombie 4=shadow
6 Zombie has evil spirit that betrays creator at worst moment or by surprise

I can imagine robe and mask covered plague doctors carrying scented herbs and flowers would make great disguises for undead.

Undead Modifiers
These are to make more colourful and varied undead especially zombies. One or two of these should work to make players wary. Possibly each has slightly different creation spell with extra processes like soaking corpse in brine of sulphur or naphtha, wrapping in seaweed or herbs. Spell could be defective with weakness mods.

d100 Undead Mods
01 Hopping - hop eerily instead or walk ten foot at a a time 
02 Exploding - d6 blat to all in 1"
03 Screaming - eerily scream once awakened
04 Hungry - desperate to eat flesh will stop to eat
05 Talking - evil spirit makes undead say awful things
06 Fast - move 15" speed and +1 initiative
07 Flammable - if fire used will burn for d6 for ten rounds
08 Burning - on fire +d4 melee damage and immune to fire
09 Bleeding - when start to move blood pours from mouth and eyes
10 Trapped Spirit - innocent spirit protests innocence as body attacks

11 Flying - can fly at a speed of 6" for one round per HD per hour
12 Blink - can teleport to enemy rear in melee

13 Stinking - breathe on one melee combatant as stinking cloud
14 Displacer - immune to first missile short at, +2 AC
15 Regeneration - recover 1HP/round till decapitated or burned
16 Gaseous Form - can turn to vapour form
17 Extra attack - gain +1 melee attack per round
18 Ecco location - has bat like sonar 
19 Can smell living flesh in 3"
20 Glows green - gives off 1" radius light
21 Can turn into a hound
22 Can turn into a bat
23 Can turn into a huge raven
24 Can turn into large black cat
25 Recovers all wounds next sundown unless holy water used
26 Recover 1HP per HD of flesh eaten
27 Recover 2d4 HP from unholy water 
28 Kills normal plants matter on contact 
29 Smoking - stinking sulphurous odour
30 Spiderclimb - can easily climb walls
31 Freezing - gives off icy vapour and leaves frosty footprints
32 Worm ridden - drips maggots and looks ghastly
33 Huge claws - bump damage to next higher dice
34 Burning footprints - glow for several rounds
35 Crawling in rats - jump off and attack
36 Wearing jewelry (cheap or valuable possible)
37 Swarm of stinging flies - live inside body act as spell
38 Detachable Hands - can attack and mov 3"
39 Headless - yet senses but silent
40 Detachable Head - 25% of HP and bite attack mov 3" and can be thrown
41 When killed a poltergeist exits the body
42 When killed bugs crawl from corpse
43 When killed worms or maggots pour from corpse
44 When killed body burns into smouldering ash heap
45 Snake eyes - two small poison snakes live in skull and can be thrown
46 Overgrown in thorny vines
47 Entwined by python - constrictor snake
48 Bird Head - with extra peck attack 1d6
49 Covered in tattered feathers and smell of burning flesh
50 Diseased - covered in contagious filth  
51 Acid Spit - 2d4 once per day 3" range, drools green spittle
52 Explodes into fog cloud on death
53 Explodes into stinking cloud on death
54 Any weapon wielded is flaming for +d4
55 Zone of silence 15 foot radius
56 Laughs creepily or just giggles
57 Immune to sunlight
58 Drips slime leaving a stinking trail
59 Can burrow at 1" per round
60 Cannot cross water unassisted by human
61 Can exhale sleeping gas once per day to victim in melee range
62 When dies a tiny imp or demon bursts free and scuttles away
63 On death corpse smokes for several hours till ash
64 On death leaves stain where nothing grows
65 On death geyser of black slime erupts staining everything in ten foot area
66 Tentacle bursts out of body range 2" d6 melee attack or grapple
67 If killed fades away to burial place and may return next night
68 Elongated neck reaches 1" and can bite for at least a d6
69 Horns or antlers
70 Cyclops or additional glowing eye
71 Tongue can reach 1" and grapple replacing a normal attack
72 Long nose can stab and drain blood as a stirge
73 Extreme long hair that moves on own
74 Floating - walks on air
75 Sea drenched - swollen, barnacle and seaweed covered, dripping
76 Walks on stumps where feet cut off
77 Covered in nails
78 Wrapped in rusty chains
79 Covered in dripping sores
80 Skinned with bare muscle and sinew
81 Baleful Gaze - replace one attack with fear gaze on one target a round
82 Singing eerily - rasping or beautiful or echoing
83 Patched together from several corpses with stitch marks
84 Vomits blood and gore when injured
85 Spits Fire - d6 once per day 3"
86 Aura of cold you can feel from 3" away
87 Aura of stench you can feel from 3" away
88 Fused into a siamese twin with double HD and +1 Attack
89 Hands replaced by daggers - possibly two d4 attacks
90 Head is a flaming skull
91 Eyes glow like coals and highly visible
92 Invisible in darkness or shadows
93 Burns in sunlight 1HP per round
94 Shun holy symbols and sanctified ground
95 Can vomit up unholy water once a day to defile sanctified places
96 Can assume form of living if not in sunlight or strong light
97 Strong winds arise around them especialy in a fight
98 Can turn into a chaos goat
99 Spit bone fragment d6 7" range
100 Anyone killed arises as zombie

just for record I use ADnD measurements
1" 10 foot indoors 10 yards outdoors

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