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A-Z Xor Meat Murder Mazes & Subdermal Dungeons

I'm glad I got back into idea of generic a-z dungeon keys again and for other uses like the village one. So I thought I would try a Xor one. Should make the whole dungeon section of the book work well and offers more ways of generating content. I had some interesting ideas on subdermal tribes and more and more thinking of making a colour pallette for Xor with random elements. Tempted make humans more like my Psychon or Carcosa. Would be more gonzo and avoid other problems. Have thought of making humanoid races that ant like do certain chores unimaginatively like transport food or repair damage or attack strangers. Many surface people descend from escapees of the subdermal world.

Started thinking now I have done bone and blood magic to work on finishing meat spells the animus the fourth element of Xor. Necromancers and animancers are opposite types of wizard. Animancers or vivomancy or biomancy to some is less well known but is the original school used in dawn age to create the world with the elementals. Later when evil was born and wrecked the world necromancers prefered to steal and recycle life rather than nurture things that might not obey you and don't live forever. On Xor Animancers remained more useful and shunned immortality. On otherworlds Animancers are mostly found serving with immortal masters writing on hide scrolls kept in caves in as simple life as possible.

Possibly I could do a outdoor hexcrawl system like Planet Psychon too. Would help to flesh setting out. Yuk yuk! Also see new Addition from JD for his Appendix in the eventual Xor Book. http://aeonsnaugauries.blogspot.com/2017/04/gygants-xorish-pc-class.html

The Elements of Xor - blood and bone and flesh and soul

Bone Wizards practice Knochencraft or Ossimancy
Blood Wizards practice Blutcraft or  Sanguinmancy
Flesh Wizard practice Flieschcraft or Carnomancy
Animus Wizards practice Lebencraft or Animancy
Death Wizards practice Vernichtungcraft or Necromancy

Some say the last two are the same thing split ideologically when death began

I did consider spark and breathe as the two non material lists for elemental necromancy, who knows I might try this again one day and i liked the bone blood and flesh lists I had done. Maybe spark or breathe are just names of animus.

Animancer apprentices on Xor sell wizard meat using a spell that grows pounds of meat from the wizard's own body or another's which buds off when spell finishes. Barbarians hate wizard grown meat.

When you eat Xor or life from Xor you become more tolerated by Xor's immune system. If you only eat your own food you get attacked more. Eating Xor makes you become one with all Xorian life.

Inspired by plants possibly when you eat flesh of Xor if overgrazed defencive monsters are attracted and the flesh in area becomes toxic. Possibly pheromones released to make eaters feel remorse or make local life enraged. Also areas killed or damaged attract disease that causes food poisoning.

Im inspired by some botony vids ive seen for some Xor things. Im considering a world tree setting which connects to multiple worlds like norse myth but with a bit more Enid Blyton. Maybe xmas.

Anyway this will make the adventure section of Xor easier to get on with.

A-Z Xor Subdermal Murder Maze Dungeon Key
01 A Alien
2-6 B Bones
7-9 C Crossing
10-14 D Digestive Tract
15-19 E Eyeballs
20-24 F Fluid System
25-28 G Gelatin Chamber
29-34 H Hazzard
35-39 I Trap
40-42 J Giblets
43-45 K Glands
46-49 L Liquid
50-54 M Mouth
55-57 N Neural Cluster
58-61 O Orifice
91-65 P Meat Pit
66-68 Q Bacterial Colony
69-71 R Reproductive Organs
71 S Secret
72-74 T Tentacles
75-77 U Utility Chamber
78-80 V Trench
81-83 W Waste Products
84 X Weird Esoterica
85-94 Y Small Chamber
95-100 Z  Large Chamber

A-Z Xor Meat Murder Mazes

A Alien
Something not made by Xor often by humanoids deliberately to make a habitat or something that fell from the stars or was brought in by outsiders. Thongs alien to Xor might get attacked by the immune system of Xor. Others get grown over by tissue and might form cysts or boils. Other things might be smothered and slowly sent to surface or might absorb or move into the digestive tract. Xor has visitors from many worlds. Some items might be buried for aeons
1 Remains of wooden shack and tattered tents and fragments of equipment left by explorers long ago
2 A shattered section of a wooden ship or shack partially absorbed or exposed by Xor
3 A series of rusty metal pumphouse shacks connected by pipes with strange ruined machines inside
4 A meteor partly exposed from centuries of being buried often worshipped by locals
5 A series of small rooms adapted as someones home but long abandoned with dried old organs
6 A flesh cave with windows and a living meat flap or mouth door home to tribal family
7 Metal spigots with buckets fused int the walls to tap fluids or from transport tubes
8 Metallic wreckage of transport or base from a advanced possibly steam based civilization
9 Remains of a huge balloon from outside Xor or a skin sack from far away Xorian travellers
10 Campsite of explorers from the outside world have a semi permanent camp and some local slaves

B Bones
Bones make up many buildings and structures and tools on Xor. In places bones breach skin or could be remains of some huge creature. Some areas of Xor are dead bone, possibly whole dungeons, ecologies and civilizations might exist in bone lands.
1 Skeletons suspended from roof gathered by recycling bugs with fleshy tendrils re growing meat
2 Bone spur tree like growth used for crafting, bone branches make good weapon hafts
3 Bone cage, fenced , gate, bars or spikes some retract into flesh to open or close
4 Bone spur trap stabs victims with erupting barbed spike, often in clusters or guard things
5 Bone caster shoots bone javelins at intruders some appear in clusters or varied size or fire rate
6 Bone gate lowers from roof or rises from floor, a ridged bony portcullis
7 Broken wall with piles of loose bone bricks in piles, fleshy walls starting to grow over the edges
8 Calcium formations like fantastic chasm with coral like fragile formations some very delicate
9 Interlocking martly meat covered rib structure can open or close disgustingly like a trapdoor
10 Bone Complex with tunnels and chambers made entirely of bone, teeth and calcium growth

C Crossing
A hazard usually a pit, chasm or body of fluids. You could roll up or choose a hazard but a awesome and dangerous piece of scenery to span is the standard. The random elements here describe the crossing rather than thing crossed.
1 A tightly stretched flap of sinew or skin like a trampoline
2 A bridges of bone and gristle possibly inhabited
3 A slimy rubbery mass of gelatin or tissue
4 A spinal column with vertebrate, sinew and scraps of flesh
5 A elongated tongue crosses gulf like a draw bridge from a huge mouth
6 A swarm of worms or bugs or squirming vermin form span by clinging with each other
7 Inflated gasbags of skin form bridge
8 A great fleshy slide tube with mucous
9 A living bridge creature you enter mouth and exit the anus or climb over the top
10 Bridge is flaccid mass of saggy tissue that becomes erect when blood engorged to use

D Digestive Tract
These include esophagus to the stomach and intestines which resemble many structures inside Xor. Acid is usually mild and causes 1 HP damage per minute. Some areas this might be weaker or stronger. Many creatures live inside Xor and feed in the digestive tract. Sometimes Xor eats a universe or planet or just bites off a peninsula os scrapes off a few hectares top soil. So anything could be found including buildings, ruins and survivors. Some tribes live in these areas too. Many things come to here just to eat then leave.
1 Ridged surfaces covered in mucous area can compress and squeeze people through into corridors
2 Stomach chamber filled with ships and ruin strewn islands in a sea of stomach acid
3 A lake of acid with fleshy fortified building on island with a footbridge of bone and sinew
4 Lake of stomach acid with tons of food mass floating and slowly dissolving
5 Chamber filled with mashed and crushed food garbage and crawling with bugs
6 Area formed from a mass of squirming semi transparent parasitic worms
7 Huge creature corpses laying unconscious in corrosive slime slowly being digested over aeons
8 Stomach chamber flooded with a man who ferries passengers on his giant worm
9 Feces covered mass with glacially slow moving river of turds crawling with creatures feeding
10 Sewer like waste deep viscous river of shit, occasional swimming creatures

E Eyeballs
Eyes are usually inputs and sensors for local sub system neural clusters but in a sense they are the means Xor observes and spies on everyone. Some other organisms use eyes or are disembodied eyes. Some eyes act as alarm systems and identify threats. Some eyes can have their visual information hijacked by intruders or parasites.
1 Huge googly buoyant eyeballs hanging by flesh muscle that quiver if anyone gets close
2 Hundreds of eyes covering every surface blinking, tear and close when you walk on them
3 Gigantic gazing eye makes a entire scowling from wall occasionally twitching
4 Area covered in floating eyeballs like balloons drifting about in hypnotically beautiful dance
5 Tiny spying clusters of eyes in clusters in all corners
6 Eyes stalks with tentacle clusters that manipulate goods and hold prisoners
7 Eyeballs with slug like feet that crawl about surfaces directing less intelligent organisms
8 Area heavily surveilled by floating eyeball spies that follow intruders and cluster in dead ends
9  Ground is a mass of eyeballs squirming in gelatin
10 Round chamber with giant aggressive eyeball that rolls over intruders

F Fluid System
Xor is filled with liquids and various structures to transport them. What is described here are ones accessible in interiors but there are more completely flooded. The aquatic areas of Xor require the ability to breathe water or not breathe at all. Creatures live in and travel in vessels some like ochre jellies act as defences to remove unwelcome creatures. Larger bodies of come under liquid and digestive tables.
1 Canal of blood sometimes used by inhabitants as transport with scab rafts and boats
2 Area riddled in vessels, tubes and pipes full of blood or plasma
3 Scab sealed damage possibly weeping blood or pus or serum
4 A swollen red mound ready to burst filled with pus prone to bursting with infected ooze
5 A stream of slowly flowing clear lymph or yellow serum
6 Huge veins like massive pipes that are difficult to climb over and almost block area
7 Hanging bundles of wet ropy veins hanging from the ceiling
8 Pillar or waterfall of flowing blood pouring down from ceiling into a sinkhole
9 Tree like structures of blood vessels drawing in oxygen like lung bronchili
10 A mass of hege veins entering a filter or pump organ

G Gelatin Chamber
Chamber or tunnels covered in gelatinous mass often used for spawning Xors defences. All kinds of jellies, slimes and oozes.
1 Gelatinous creature spawning pit where slime and jelly creatures are born from
2 Lake of quivering protoplasm where squirming creatures are born from ooze constantly
3 Lake of glowing protoplasm sprouting tentacles, eyes and mouths making gibbering noises
4 Area dripping with slippery mucous with pits and orifices easily slipped into
5 Deep pools of gelatin with embryonic monsters growing, vulnerable to being awoken
6 Sacks of embryonic fluid hanging from ceiling growing humanoids
7 Bubbling shallow slime lake covered in mist and calcium and salt deposits
8 Orifices in ceiling pouring down drool washing away contaminants and filth
9 Gelatinous raft of foam and bubbles blocking visibility and limiting movement
10 Gelatin structures like quivering slime trees and jelly cilia threads covering ground

H Hazzard
These represent obstacles that can often be avoided or might require problem solving to overcome.
1 A rapid flowing river of blood or acid or urine
2 Area swarming with parasitic monsters or herd beast grazing on Xor
3 Slippery slime covered area deposits unwary into a tube to a deeper level
4 Walls clench shut gripping and asphyxiating trapped victims
5 Walls clench and swallow victim dropping them into a digestive cavern area
6 A great chasm opens with a shuddering quake
7 A flash flood of mucous pours into chamber flooding it
8 A stinking infected area covered in parasites and crawling with rotting disease
9 Rows of grinding teeth erupt from floor and ceiling and begin to grind everything
10 Highly flammable gas pocket easily ignited and stinks of decay

I Trap
These are common traps in the corridors and chambers within Xor. Many also attract slime creatures to clean up the mess. Traps often guad valuables or you might find remains of old victims that in turn become bait. Local Xorian thieves learn to disarm the traps using hormones and knowledge of triggering Xor nerve spasms.
1 Acid spitter squirts corrosive fluid like a acid arrow spell
2 Flamer shoots burning gas from a flaccid nozzle in a fan shape like a burning hands spell
3 Bombardier glands ignite a explosion by mixing two chemicals or electrically igniting gas
4 Spore shooter sprays choking particles that grow fungus in corpses
5 Gas emitter sprays paralytic gas and calls some ochre jellies to clean up
6 Quill caster fires porcupine like arrows growing in clumps
7 Bone bolt caster fires ballista made from bone javelins that influct 2 or 3 d6 damage
8 Sticky floor covered in beads of glue that trap victims then calls ochre jellies
9 Electric arc nodules shoot bolts of lightning and can be used to fence areas
10 Web spinnerets can block areas wit web or entangle intruders like a web spell

J Giblets
These include organs not included or detailed in other categories. All kinds of gut and grisly gore.
1 Heart pulsing and beating loudly behind walls twitching rapidly as the great engine pumps blood
2 Kidney huge shaped structures with multiple fluid pipes filtering urea from blood
3 Spleen mass of veins covering surface
4 Chamber for air exchange with increased air pressure and breeze as ceiling expands and contracts
5 Glands secreting hormones that might effect mood and behaviour or effect intruders body
6 Huge liver connected to masses of blood tubes often crawling in worms or polyp growths
7 Sacks of bile grow from surfaces, easily burst staining area and create stinking cloud
8 Grey and pink soft giblets make travelers sink knee deep in slimy viscous warm organs
9 Walls covered in pulsing coloured sacks and organs pumping gurgling fluids
10 Splattered torn heaps of organs scattered and eviscerated by some huge parasite

K Glands
Glands are swollen lumps that produce and excrete precious fluids. Glands can function as traps by making intruders or affect local body of Xor or effect local life forms. Adventurers often seek out glands to use as magical potions. Most glands have one dose of secretion but some have more. Glands can be milked but many require a biological equivalent of lock picking requiring the gland to be stimulated or massaged to release it. Most hormones last a hour after away from gland. Many glands secret hormones that are aerosolized into a musky mist that can be inhaled or absorbed through skin. Many chemical can be found in glands and are frequently used by inhabitants of Xoe even animals.
1 Alarm gland if triggered release chemicals that attract and enrage wandering monsters
2 Steroid gland accelerates growth of juveniles a d10% closer to adulthood over a hour
3 Clusters of hundreds of lactating breasts in varied sizes that attract creatures to feed or sleep
4 Gland releases a stinking cloud if intruders approach area
5 Gland regulates local sleep cycle or can spray sleep vapour over area to halt intruders
6 A pineal gland stimulates others to see horrors from beyond, once seen the beings start to cross over
7 A hormone secreting gland that causes beings to become aroused and non violent
8 A hormone secreting gland makes local beings crave violence if fails and becomes berserk
9 A gland that has hormones to accelerate healing for a d6 HP per person per dose per day
10 Gland secretes growth hormones increase muscle mass +d4 strength for one hour

L Liquid
Great reservoirs of fluid within Xor like subterranean rivers with own life forms and are used by local creatures to hunt or travel on. Some bodies attract settlements or colonies even hundreds of animals might seasonally come to these liquid bodies to mate or migrate or hunt other creatures.
1 Saliva stream washing away dead intruders, food scraps and hostile life, seasonally floods
2 Blood pools where natural anticoagulants keep pools liquid and creatures come to feed
3 Serum lake of sticky yellow fluid flooding area from infected wound
4 A lake of milk where creatures come to feed, often settlers come to make cheese or yogurt
5 Crusty infected mound oozing out diseased river of puss that attracts scavengers and worms
6 A slimy lake of phlegm and diseased discharges often inhabited by horrible creatures
7 A river of urine with floating turd islands, some used as boats, often crawling with parasites
8 Lake of intercellular fluid filled with floating huge cells awaiting to be assembled
9 Reeking lake of poison dripping from the ceiling with floating corpses of creatures caught
10 A lake of fresh water or salty tears often populated by creatures or humanoid settlers

M Mouth
Xor has many mouths of varied sizes. Some talk or eat or act as traps or doors or gates. They are very hard to open by force but a experienced Xorian thief knows the nerve ganglia to manipulate to make them open or close. Some mouths even talk. Many will be able to talk about the local area only or come across as insane and enigmatic. Rarely a mouth will claim to speak for Xor but really they are just a fragment. Xor will be more helpful to those who help it with parasites, invaders or corruption.
1 Huge Teeth portcullis gateway ready to snap shut to kill intruders
2 Huge sets of teeth clenched shut over every entry or exit in room
3 Huge hidden mouth in floor opens and victims swallowed into a digestive chamber
4 Huge quivering tonsil like sack if tickled then cause Xor quakes over area
5 Huge teeth surround cavern perimeter forming a fence across room making ideal defence
6 Chamber has a huge tongue on the floor if walked on will throw intruders through a doorway
7 Drooling mouths on all surfaces drip fluids on floor and on intruders
8 A mouth on a wall will address intruders speaking on behalf of Xor
9 Gibbering mouths shout abuse or insane screams that cause confusion on failed save
10 Clusters of mouths in surfaces grabb passers like a bear trap

N Neural Cluster
These clusters act as electrical based communication systems through Xor networking various sub systems of Xor's body. Brains often collect data or might be employed as controllers of lesser Xor creatures or problem sayers. Such tissues are vulnerable and react badly to injury causing regional spasms and quakes. Some neural structures can defend themselves with electric arcs or lightning bolts. Electrical elementals and other electric creatures often guard clusters.
1 Brain complex chamber with many human sized or giant brains, sometimes might be psionic
2 Electric cluster chamber with nerve nodules that fire electric arcs at intruders
3 Nerve cable bundles cover surfaces and whole chamber spasms if walked on
4 Sacks of brains in fluid hanging from ceiling actually from humanoid tribesmen and explorers
5 Nerve master switch resembling huge nerve ganglion, if switched lights and other systems turn off
6 Huge brain with face fused into ceiling that telepathically warns intruders away
7 Flesh golem holding brain sack in chest cavity guarding area, the brain has a face and directs golem
8 Brain sacks chamber, stored in hexagonal niches, winged insectoid creatures move them about
9 Twitching spasming nerve cluster, area electrified like shocking grasp
10 Area full of nerve clusters and arcs of electricity, slimy volts flying about happily

O Orifice Gates
These are doors and gates and portals of chambers which also are fluid tight. One hazard of opening such a door by force or incorrectly is to release a flood. Such gates might also have air pressure differences or gas. Flammable methane is common or oxygen depleted air.
1 Sphincter gates are fluid tight doors that can squeezed through with some effort
2 Flap door is a hinged sheet of skin functions as a one way door
3 Fleshy portal of a gum like ridges that open and close like sliding doors
4 Membrane of thick skin that allows certain materials to pass or needs to be cut through
5 Muscular valve gate very difficult to break through or damage in two or three parts
6 Flesh walls contract and seal opening under certain conditions and may clamp unwelcome visitors
7 A circular ring of muscles compresses to seal the opening, will crush anything caught
8 Convoluted winding cramped passage which many low intelligence beings get trapped and lost in
9 A chitinous iris valve with sickle shaped plates that interlock and can open or close
10 Flesh lid which snaps shut like a trapdoor in floor or ceiling really just a flap with a muscle

P Meat Pit
These are common obstacles and traps inside Xor.
1 Concealed meat pit covered in weak membrane
2 Self sealing meat pit  that seals over trapped victims rapidly
3 Acid pit with fog covered stomach acid often used for sacrifices to Xor
4 Monster pit with pacing hungry beast inside desperate to escape or eat
5 Clam like lid covering trapdoor up or down with muscular hinge
6 Maw pit opens under victims and filled with teeth and horrible tongue
7 Tentacle pit grabs those who get near and pulls inside to be devoured
8 Maggot pit with giant grubs writhing in diseased filth and puss sometimes guarded by adults
9 Phlegm pit of thick ropy clear stick slime sometimes home to gelatinous monsters
10 Waxy secretion filled hairy pit with dead creatures trapped in sticky stinky yellow mess

Q Colony
A organism aggregates at this point attracted by safe lair, fresh fluid, reproduction or food
1 Plague miasma pool emitting stinking diseased cloud hanging eerily over area
2 Pox pool of toxic bacterium covered in dirty froth and poison
3 Macrobe spawning pit where amoeboids, jellies and Xorian defence creatures are made
4 Mutagen Spoor Chamber a skin membrane covered flower like structure releasing mutagens
5 Area crowded with walrus colony crowded near a pool led by alpha male, attracting predators
6 Adorable blob creatures in hundreds cluster in groups giggling and farting and eating
7 Dozens of creatures resting here with a well of water and food growing from walls
8 Humanoids connected by umbilical cords to walls peacefully live here near their sleeping pods
9 Trading outpost of humanoids selling exotic goods from across Xor and possibly beyond
10 Cultist shrine where band of worshipers dwell communally under a priest or sorcerer

R Reproductive Organs
Xor has various reproductive organs to create minions. It also might capture beings and sample their DNA. Sometimes it lures creatures into mating with Xor to create hybrids or mark them with spores they can transport to another lure or to track them. Xor also extracts genetic samples it might use or study or hold for later. Such areas might be too shocking for sensitive temperaments and bringing children makes you a poor guardian.
1 Breasts of all sizes and shapes cover every surface and lactating attracting creatures for food
2 Uterus chamber where creatures gestate in skin sacks awaiting birth
3 Penises from human to tree size flaccidly hanging from walls become erect if disturbed
3 Vaginas of varied size on every surface twitch and drip fluids when life enters area
4 Egg chamber where sacks of eggs connected by tubes which carry eggs to birthplace elsewhere
5 Globular huge hairy testacles hand pendulously, with huge flaccid oozing cocks and semen pools
6 Spawning pit where monsters curled up awaiting birth connected by umbilical cords
7 Naked Humanoids connected to walls by umbilical cords offering sex and grunting lewdly
8 Clone creatures growing in flesh vats of amniotic fluid and placentas grown for spare parts
9 Delicate flesh flower exuding hormones surrounded by various humanoids and beasts fornicating
10 Fleshy brain bees assembling creatures from meat in hexagonal wall niches dripping with jelly

S Secret
Stockpiles of resources and goods held in by Xor or stashed by inhabitants. These are usually hidden by overgrown tissue or secret doors.
1 Hidden chamber with spherical skin sacks holding a d6 potions left by someone
2 Scar where adventurers buried treasure like ivory, metal goods, weapons and outsiders goods
3 Eggs secreted by some creature awaiting to hatch, possibly guarded by creature
4 Concealed rusted metal lid with remains of dwarf exploratory bunker or mole machine
5 Infected mound with a buried treasure chest with a spellbook inside
6 A scab on surface hiding a tribal burial of a warrior with weapons
7 A hollowed out bone extrusion with cache of spears, arrows, harpoons, javelins and darts
8 A flesh flap concealing a secret observation post with food, water and possibly a spy
9 A huge land oyster with a stash of huge pearls
10 A buried chunk of bio resin like amber crystallized with a body inside, valuable as jewelry

T Tentacles
Tentacle polyps, creatures and other horrors
1 Tentacle polyps writhing from floors, walls and ceilings
2 Huge tentacle reaches from orifice here to trap intruders
3 Carpet of gently waving serene tentacles like a fleshy carpet
4 Monsters bathing in tentacle filled pits enjoying a massage and defoliation
5 Tentacles playing weird music on bagpipes, bone xylophones, drums and horns
6 Tentacles from walls holding desperate trapped victims begging for help
7 Tentacles stripping clothes and looting from corpses and putting in orifice
8 Transparent giant land hydras waving stinging tentacles, some with dissolved corpses inside
9 Tentacles using tools to craft every day goods with a merchant trading items for food
10 Tentacles dismembering a sacrifice while cultists watch on with fresh victims

U Utility Chamber
Various small chambers providing common resources for Xorian life
1 Well chamber where creatures come to drink water safely
2 Toilet pit where all manner of creatures instinctively relieve their bowels and bladders
3 Food chamber where sweet cotton candy like threads of superfood grow from walls rapidly
4 Tuber chamber where root like hairy edible flesh pods grow in bunches from walls to be gathered
5 Bio armoury where bone clubs, javelins and arrows grow from racks and are easily snapped off
6 Healing potion chamber each day a healing fluid drips from ceiling into a floor depression
7 Rest stop with soft pillowy floor and lactating breasts for food and rhythmic soothing sounds
8 Nursery chamber where humanoid babies with gills swim in amniotic pool, if taken lose gills
9 Cleansing chamber where beings come to be decontaminated and to remove traces of disease
10 Translation chamber where two beings can connect heads to brain that translates thoughts

V Trench
Long open pits often bisecting rooms used for waste or warfare or obstacles. Some trenches also have bone fences strewn with stinging jelly protecting them. You might find several trenches facing each other with a no mans land of traps between them like gnashing teeth or land clams hidden among scattered gore where breeds fight.  Trenches might be manned and could be engaged in warfare.
1 Long trench filled with diseased corpses dumped here to remove plague corpses
2 Long trench filled with rotten stinking slime and gor (possibly green slime, acid or diseased)
3 Defencive trench with hardpoints for cover and a bone fence strewn with stinging jelly
4 Two facing trench systems with gore and traps in between possibly manned with soldiers
5 Observation trench with humanoid archers and message runners or beasts
6 Long trench filled with sticky gelatin and soft semi dissolved skeletons
7 Abandoned defensive trench strewn with skeletons being semi absorbed by ground
8 Long trench dug to expose a hidden complex beneath the surface
9 Long trench full of idiotic jelly monsters that have fallen in and cant escape
10 Long trench filled with corpses of experimental test subjects and murder victims

W Waste Products
1 Rotting feces heaped in mounds with visiting creatures munching away happily
2 River of urine flowing through floor with crystallized urea
3 Tubes rhythmically pumping feces and urine around Xor
4 Open sewer or filth slowly oozing way into tunnels, often fed on by creatures
5 Walls covered in sensitive sphincters that flood area in diarrhea if disturbed
6 Mounds of bones cover the floor of many species
7 Thick gelatinous mass covers floor several feet thick full of soft semi dissolved bones and flesh
8 Area covered on mounds of dried dead skin mostly powdered but some complete humanoid skins
9 Mounds of shed hair in huge heaps often crawling in ticks or giant drabs
10 Desiccated corpses in mounds that crumble to the touch occasionally haunted by a mummy

X Weird Esoterica
Exotic chambers where weird things happen
1 Animus Chamber where lifeless bodies assembled or killed can be restored to life every 24 hours
2 Communion chamber where a creature fused into wall acts as a mouthpiece for aspect of Xor
3 Narcotic vapour room where stoned humanoids and monsters lay about peacefully together
4 Pool of liquid flesh where beings form from the dreams of intruders like lost lovers or monsters
5 Demonic enclave where several demons lurk in gore and filth with humanoid slaves
6 Brainbees knitting together flesh golems in assembly line guarded by several complete ones
7 Goblins with bulging brains licking up drops of fluid dripping from gland in ceiling
8 Gate chamber where Xorians are sent to scout new worlds to consume from crystal pedestal
9 Duplicate chamber with pods full of doppelgangers await victims to copy and replace
10 Clone chamber operated by brainbees who extract flesh then grow it over a month into clones

Y Small Chamber
Rooms with some function often inhabited
1 Tavern of lost souls inhabited by many species, bartender is fused into floor serving odd fluids
2 Shrine to a demon tended by cultists with sacrifices of treasure and a bound virgin
3 Traders stall where a merchant has set up a shop for passing travellers with guardian flesh golem
4 Laboratory of alchemist with monster guards making potions from valuable fluid fountain
5 Blood geyser spraying everywhere where humanoids play with their squealing children
6 Brothel operated by pimp/madam fused into floor offering strange mostly humanoids prostitutes
7 Healer has set up a small surgery with recuperating patients and loyal guards
8 Outpost of strange clothed telepaths with ray weapons studying samples and recording data
9 Party of paranoid murder hobos camped here in between rampage, murder and looting
10 Orphanage where a kindly person has care of a dozen children of various types in hiding

Z  Large Chamber
Chambers hundreds of feet across at least including entire habitats
1 Lung chamber wheezing as it inflates and deflates with noticeable air pressure changes
2 Stomach with fragment of some world or ship devoured long ago with inhabitants surviving
3 A village with buildings and 40-100 inhabitants with animal pens and defencive walls
4 A bioluminescent ceiling above a huge garden 0f plants and animals from some world
5 Lake of fresh or salt water with a few fishermen shacks or cult shrine on shore
6 Great ruined bone fortress now inhabited by monsters guarding some treasure
7 Towering flesh ziggurat inhabited by cult  and gibbering horrors
8 Dome of stretched skin over bone frame, inside live naked drugged humanoid hedonists
9 Flesh citadel growing into ceiling inhabited by civilized race of merchants and scholars
10 Gargantuan creature curled up filling most of chamber unable to move and miserable

Creatures from this I need to Expand on
Brain bees - squishy flesh bees with brain heads than knit meat into life forms or structures
Xorian Hydra - giant version of pond creature a tentacled gelatinous

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