Monday 24 April 2017

d100 What's in that waggon

So nice to have worked last week, drawing mermaids and batman, making scones, getting screamed at by kids, minding an apartment i could never afford. Mind hasn't been on gaming too much and not getting much luck getting game in Sydney. Done a bit of Xor editing but my Frogs piece one of my best efforts in ages and feels hard to top. A bit of a extension of my flawed campsite post. Weirder stuff 51+

These could be used for non foot traffic in city, road traffic in country, targets for bandits or other uses.

d100 What's in that waggon
01 Ox pulled hay waggon with kids and some animals in the back
02 Single horse covered cart with urns of milk for delivery
03 Traveller waggon with two horses and attractive folk art for three generations living inside
04 Barbarian nomad waggon with family hoping to settle on farmland away from frontier
05 Draft horse waggon with load of beer barrels
06 Caged prison waggon transporting convicts to labour or bigger prison
07 Armoured waggon for valuable goods with armed guards
08 Battered old horse and cart for the blood and rag man collecting scraps
09 Nightsoil waggon manned by gongfarmers collecting human waste
10 Merchants waggon with chests, barrels and boxes and sacks of goods with a guard

11 Corpse waggon collecting dead and taking to lime pits to be buried
12 Funeral waggon transporting coffins for burial attended by costumed funerary workers

13 Ox waggon transporting stone monuments, statues or stone blocks for building
14 Ox waggon transporting lumber and wooden beams for building
15 Church waggon with mobile shrine and templar guards and priest
16 Huge temple juggernaut pulled by ox team with staff of priests and guards
17 Waggon with chanting monks delivering documents 
18 Waggon transporting pigs or goats or sheep to slaughter 
19 Waggon load of sacks of grain being taken to market
20 Waggon load of crates full of vegetables and fruit to be taken to market
21 Coach service between settlements with passengers, driver and guard
22 Private coach of wealthy local traveller with guards 
23 Noble coach with servants and soldiers
24 Coach for hire looking for passengers to give rides
25 Butchers covered cat making meat deliveries
26 Tinkerers waggon often parked making repairs for a customer
27 Palanquin of wealthy transporting a lady in covered box with guards and servants
28 Chariot of arrogant rich youths on joyride with little concern for passengers
29 Palanquin with open box with bloated bejeweled hedonist with servants and guards
30 Dark covered palanquin silently carried with masked robed servants
31 Waggon with cage load of urchins captured off streets to sell to sweatshop
32 Slavers waggon with cage overcrowded with slaves escorted by guards
33 Villagers with families on way to festival 
34 Military supply waggon with armed humourless soldiers
35 Clothier waggon with bolts of cloth, boxes of clothes and young apprentices
36 Carpenters waggon with furniture, crates, barrels and apprentices
37 Potters waggon with crates of ceramic bowls, jars and plates
38 Wine merchant waggon with barrels and bottles and amphora
39 Oil merchant with jars of aromatic, cooking or lamp oil
40 Woodcutters cart with loads of firewood and tinder
41 Militia waggon with cage full of drunks and murder hobos caught sleeping on streets
42 Militia waggon with chained prisoner being pelted by passers by before execution
43 Carny waggon with freaks and clowns inviting public to local fairground for show 
44 Traveling show waggon with actors, bards and apprentices inviting passers by to show
45 Waggon from hospital parading disabled and mentally ill for public humiliation
46 Waggon of harlots waving to passers by with pimp and armed guards on way to frontier
47 Battered waggon loaded with supplies and miners returning to their claim
48 Waggon of cats, dogs and ferrets to be sold to frontier farmers 
49 Ratcatchers cart pulled by donkey with sacks or rats, traps, rat skins and rat jerky50 Waggon of halflings drawn by ponies on holiday full of fancy snacks and grog
51 Draft horse waggon with load of beer barrels, hidden bandits inside several barrels
52 Run down but decorated traveller waggon with old fortune teller
53 Necromantic apprentice transporting zombie workers for master in covered waggon
54 Waggon load of oil in large sealed clay jars for palace actually asphyxiated bandits
55 Funeral waggon actually transporting a vampire to new territory allocated by lord
56 Cart of scrap and old junk crawling with gremlins dropping off regularly driven by drunk 
57 Robed man with cart of rotten garbage actually a rat man with hundreds of plague rats
58 Palanquin with covered box transporting hookah smoking rakshasa to monster party
59 Waggon of bitter murder hobos travelling to brothel with dungeon loot and prisoners
60 Fishmen hybrids in waggon transporting cocoon of lungfishman wizard from elder age 61 Stunted evil foreign dwarves with waggon of trade goods and hidden black lotus resin
62 Waggon load of kobolds in cages for slave markets driven by retired adventurer
63 Witch hunter waggon with talking goat in cage to be taken to trial winks at adventurers
64 Siege weapon on waggon operated by experimental monster hunters 
65 Waggon of noble tents and supplies for rich camping holiday for decadent aristocrats
66 Waggon of stone statues actually gargoyles, golems or other monsters
67 Waggon load of chests actually mimic clan moving to new dungeon home
68 Waggon of hospitallers relocating lepers actually doppelgangers trying to avoid scrutiny 
69 Waggon of goat wizards with charmed human driver travelling to secret conference
70 Ghost catcher with waggon of poltergeists in bottles being careful not to have accident
71 Prisoners of war in prison waggon actually carrying the plague, guards just got sniffles 
72 Waggon crowded with religious idols commissioned by various faiths
73 Waggon load of possessed swine being taken to butcher but plotting to escape
74 Alchemist supply waggon with wobbly wheel driven by drunk apprentice
75 Childcatcher waggon loaded with complaining halflings pleading innocence
76 Caged waggon with owlbears bound for circus or menagerie
77 Wooden cage load of rust monsters being transported to enemy territory for gag
78 Waggon of diseased blankets to be given to wild frontier folk
79 Elf waggon moving a sick old treant to kinder climate with less root fungus
80 Waggon of bones being transported to necromancer cult to build skeletal monsters
81 Waggon of monks on pilgrimage actually foreign assassins on mission
82 Waggon with concealed glass jars of green slime being transported to dungeons
83 Waggon with blinded chained ogre being sent to work in a mill
84 Waggon of orphans being freighted to cathedral school to become clerics
85 Waggon of fruit and vegetables with stowaway vegepygmies seeking a new colony
86 Devil swine with charmed flunkies and stolen waggon looking for village to take over
87 Apprentice driving waggon of wizards foes polymorphed into pigs to butchers yard 
88 Dragon in human form driving hoard of loot to new cave as old one kobold infested
89 Elf waggon shipping annoying prankster goblins in kegs to new habitat
90 Dwarf waggon with mobile smithy makes armour and weapons, follow conflicts for cash
91 Secretive shapeshifters in waggon searching for kinfolk missing in human lands
92 Cultists transporting monster eggs to dump in settlement water supplies on travels
93 Cultists with secret mobile shrine pretending to be wholesome traveller family
94 Murder hobos with waggon of stolen tribal relics crawling with angry spirits
95 Cultist transporting demonologist supplies including idols, unholy water and amulets
96 Dungeon monsters in disguise trying to liquidate loot into cash for boss monster
97 Witch waggon decorated heavily with cauldron inside and herbalist supplies
98 Disguised lizard men with dinosaur asleep under tarp transporting to new swamp
99 Royal coach with important noble, entourage, guards, servants and train of baggage
100 Disguised demons pretending to be friendly family looking for victims to corrupt

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  1. Everyone knows a wagon on the trail means a goblin ambush. This is demonstrated by Lost Mines Phandelver and numerous WoTC adventure league modules.


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