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d100 Magic Frogs for the Village Frog Shop

Yes you may need a non goat encounter in game. Believe me it can by done! A exotic frog might be seen near any body of water anywhere and possibly magic water attracts or creates magic frogs. Magic frogs might make a good potion ingredient or a quest. Frogs can be hard to catch and are harder to grab than whack as they have slimy skin. When you catch a frog they start screaming which sometimes startles a catcher (zero level save or drop) and scares other frogs away. Tadpoles might be about in right time of year. Toads are interchangeable and often less dependant on water if you have too many frog incidents. Lots of slate doorsteps might have a toad who lives under them. Most peasants think them lucky. Old nature cults adore them. Modern high church suspicious they serve evil and are evidence of witchcraft. But screw those guys. Frogs rule. Now you will need a frog dealer in every village.

d100 Magic Frogs
01 Glow in the dark - spooky by night often taste bad or toxic
02 Albino cave frog - signs of subterranean wet caves
03 Giant frog - a foot long frog eats whole rats or kittens or snakes
04 Night frog - jet black frogs very hard to see anywhere wet and dark has chilling scream
05 Bloodfang frog - brilliant red when angry or calling and can bite with bony teeth
06 Hairy frog- has hair like fur and each can make a quality glove
07 Bullet frog - has a hard nose and hurts when they panic and jump into people
08 Screaming frog - screaming like woman, predators attack fools who come to help
09 Barking frog - sometime cause children to climb down wells to save the puppy
10 Unifrog - has a small horn which it might stab any harming the water with pollution 

11 Chaos frog - swirling opalescent colours, explode like grenades for 2d4 on death
12 Batwing frog - frogs that annoyingly croak on your roof and attracted to lanterns

13 Jewel frog - have a semiprecious stone or sometimes cut gem in forehead
14 Acid frog - damages anything that eat them for d4 or you can squeeze out a few drops
15 Fog frog - when croaking release ufs of fog, hundreds will bathe area in mist
16 Slime frogs - fill ponds with slime that traps bugs and larger animals
17 Church frogs - marked with a holy symbol, stop croaking if undead nearby
18 Wolf frogs - travel in packs, have teeth and attack giant rats together 
19 Stone frog - looks like a sling bullet size rock but scream when you touch them
20 Mesmer frog - croaking is hypnotic making larger creatures dopy and slow witted
21 Web frog - spin webs and colonies cover water in web to catch food and defend babies 
22 Devil frog - spookily chant your name when close, orange warty and horned
23 Lemon frog - brilliant yellow can harmlessly squeeze out juice flavour to food 
24 Bearded frog - look very jolly and croak sounds like laughter
25 Spike frog - if grabbed spikes pop out skin and stab attacker for d3 
26 Vanila frog - tastes delicious and secretions can be used in cooking without harm
27 Purple frog - lick it and fail a save will have d4 hours of visions of the frog gods 
28 Horned frog - has tiny antlers that inflict a d3 damage, fight each other to rule a pond
29 Crown frog - has tiny gold crown and can talk, half tell horrible lies and are con artists
30 Lava frog - heat resistant and flammable, will ignite on own if angry, d4 dam to touch
31 Message frog - will repeat one sentence for a day if given a mouse to eat
32 Barn frog - will croak if intruders enter barn in return for a grub every day
33 Dairy frogs - like to swim in and steal milk but can be bribed to churn cream to butter
34 Doorstep frog - lives under doorstep and croaks if evil being steps before door
35 Grave frog - lives in graveyard and will hop immediately away if placed on undead grave
36 Sugar frog - taste sweet like candy if licked but can be addictive if over used
37 Master frog - will coerce other frogs to sing it's orchestral compositions nightly
38 Blue frog - will croak if there are any snakes about area and will try to flee
39 Cave frog - if you lick it will give you thermal vision for ten minutes, d6 licks per day
40 Galens frog - white with red cross, if you lick it will heal 1hp good for 2d4 licks a day
41 Bone frog - like to live in corpses and skulls which is creepy when the sing at night
42 Astral frog - makes peculiar sound if astral beings near, kept by shamen as pets
43 Witch frog - if killed the killer is cursed, has a pentacle on back, commoners avoid
44 Flint frog - has flint heals and can spark of a fire in dry conditions if hops in fear
45 Fruit frog - eat a fruit whole then disguises self as the same fruit that tastes gross
46 Wart frog - if warty skin is touched will be infected with warty charisma ruining growths
47 Blindmans frog - have blindness venom on skin infecting any who touch or lick
48 Hangmans frog - weaves skin into rope and leaves noose snares around ponds
49 Storm frog - carry a shocking grasp once a day d8+1 it uses to hunt with
50 Steam frog - iron frog can heat up cooking nearby critters, also kept in kettles
51 Blink frog - has very fast reactions and can teleport ten feet several times a day
52 Crystal frog - transparent and if held while casting ads +1 Lv once a day
53 Grog frog - taste like whiskey, once a day you can squeeze out one shot single malt
54 Skin frog - can be inflated as a air bladder or filled with gallon of water or wine 
55 Cleric frog - will clamp on a bleeding wound and stop a person dying
56 Guard frog - if placed by door and fed for 12 hours will croak if any come through door  
57 Wetstone frog - stony warts can be used to sharpen blades on but tends to ribbit a bit
58 Leaf Frog - large leaf looking growth on back seasonally changes colour and song
59 Magistrate frog - place on a persons head will croak if person tells deliberate lie
60 Thief frog - grey wiry fingered rough backed frog can be used as a set of thieves tools
61 Faerie frog - croaks wildly if any faerie circles or magic active in area at night
62 Goblin frog - only sit on non toxic mushrooms or toadstools and croaks on magic ones
63 Compass frog - likes to face direction of sunrise day or night, especially if well fed
64 Ice frog - immune to cold and radiates a chill that can keep food or a copse fresh
65 Arrow frog - can be used to poison a d6 arrow heads a day, save or 2d6 damage
66 Ogre frog - two foot long and ugly, AC+3 HDd4 bite d4 and chases dogs and children
67 Sulphur frog - if touches flame burns a d4 rounds then explodes for 2d4 over ten feet
68 Rust frog - rusts metal like a rust monster but avoids touching if possible
69 Plague frog - big fat and if squashed bursts spreading disease to all in ten feet
70 Clown frog - if licked causes victim to act like slapstick comedian for a hour if fail save
71 Xylophone frog - like to sit in rows according to notes in scale to sing
72 Kissing frog - used by teens to practice kissing, frogs don't mind much
73 Seer frog - can determine sex of unborn child by which way hops off ladies belly
74 Sacred frog - will avoid any unholy place, ground or objects, prey when singing
75 Salt frog - animals like to use as a salt lick, salt tolerant breed
76 Babel frog - if licked victim who fails save cant make comprehensible speech for a day
77 Beer frog - if placed in beer stien increases alcohol content by d4%, frogs like it  
78 Plough frog - turn over gardens looking for worms welcome at planting times
79 Bakers frog - if sits in yeast will grow faster and frog skims off it to feed self
80 Smith frog - leaks arsenic which is used in metal work or for poisoning or makeup
81 Talking frog - likes to point out peoples flaws, short comings and fears, not popular
82 Singing frogs - sing popular bard tunes they hear from passing singers
83 Gossip frog - know all the local village rumours but requires worms as payment
84 Slander frog - tells awful lies and makes vile claims about anyone if asked
85 Counting frog - will sort coins and stack neatly in lots of 20
86 Wizard frog - mumbles arcane sounding gobbledygook some claim helps spell research
87 Choir frog - will sing hymns, large group sing beautiful harmonies 
88 Limerick frog - recites often bawdy and filthy rimes popular in pubs
89 Lying frog - tells outrageous whoppers nobody would believe 
90 Foul mouthed frog - swear horribly with unwholesome stream of vile phrazes 
91 Lotus frog - sweats addictive lotus resin causing nightmarish hallucinations 
92 Warp frog - if eaten causes a petty mutation, frogs dont mind being eaten 
93 Treasure frog - kept in stash will croak if thieves touch loot or open storage container
94 Mariners frog - if licked allows you to breathe water for a turn, d4 doses per day
95 Sin eater frog - can eat a curse once a week 
96 Magi frog - can cast one first level spell a year
97 Displacer frog - never where it seems to and casts illusion of self elsewhere
98 Plutonian frog - lick it and if fail a save sends soul back to dawn times for a hour
99 Time frog - if you kill it time rewinds one minute, they stopped breeding aeons ago
100 Doom frog - kill it and will try to possess you and make you commit suicide


  1. Frogs as watchdogs/potions/magic items for sale in villages is just the sort of twisted thing I'd have never thought of.

  2. I love these! And especially their implication of a society in which virtually all everyday tasks are carried out with the aid of specialised magical frogs. ('Breaking and entering? There's a frog for that!') Frog cultists with way too much time on their hands, maybe?

  3. i realized these might work in xor quite well

    a organ replacement frog that hops into a body and adopts the function of a missing or diseased organ....

    1. Narcosa had toads which, when you licked them, caused your tongue to dissolve, and then climbed into your mouth, bonded with your flesh, and began acting as a replacement tongue, didn't it?

      I remember the line about how kissing might be a bit bitey afterwards...

  4. I love how the lack of physical descriptions for most frogs combined with the vast number that have special effects when licked suggests a mini adventure of characters mucking about in a swamp, trying to grab frogs and lick them to see if they can find the one they are looking for.

    Also, there are two blood frog entries. Are they different frogs with the same name, or the same frog, but with different aspects emphasized?

    1. froggy fix...
      One now bloodfang frog, other is cleric frog

      im enjoying seeing this inspire adventure ideas

      might be good low level adventure - frogquest


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