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d100 Petty Dungeon Bosses

This is designed to provide some petty bosses quickly. This covers level bosses and faction bosses commanding sections of the dungeon usually on behalf a species of humanoid. Humanoids of different types might lead sub faction but not often a tribe.

Humanoids in these tables are made to be variable. You could roll up each dungeon tribal faction and assume leader of same type or chose a few exotic leaders as sub leaders. You could choose humanoids based on levels. Humanoids might dominate a lesser type as slaves (or even human). Leaders of other species might be chosen for increased might or cunning or even diplomacy. Possibly a monster of a different tribe might stage a coup and become absolute ruler but this is trick to maintain. A cheif of another tribe might be a vassal of a king of his own breed running this tribe that was defeated long ago. Evil humans join monsters to get power or because they are outlaws from the human world. Evil demihumans might bring new skills or might be extra cruel which is respected by monsters.

A typical level of a dungeon might have a main humanoid tribe and have a rival species or tribal faction. Some tribes split when they reach a certain size. Some might have a sub faction of a slave species who pay tribute. Occasionally a cult might carve out a niche as a faction. Some cults might unleash undead or other horrors that become a faction. Human cults, criminals or bandits might might settle a first level of a dungeon or deeper.

d12 Common Dungeon Factions
1 kobold
2 Goblin
3 Hobgoblin
4 Bugbear
5 Orc
6 Lizard Men (or other reptilian or amphibian)
7 Gnoll (or other mammalian beastmen)
8 Fish Men (various types like shark or squid)
9 Arthropod Men (mantids, ants, crabs, spider, scorpions)
10 Demihuman (a evil Dwarf, Elf, Gnome or Halfling)
11 Human
12 Undead

d20 Extra Boss Traits

1 Hideously scarred - might limp or have lost a eye or hand
2 Old and wizened - wizened but experienced
3 Young and pretty - creepily youthful
4 Huge specimen - extra HP/HD +1 hit & damage
5 Diplomat - has allies and cooperates with factions

6 Exotic knowledge - expertise in a skill or rare lore
7 Mutant - has some additional abilities 

8 Brutal - has morale bonus but minions might lack true loyalty
9 Insane - followers fearful, unpredictable
10 Fanatic - dedicated to a cult or alignment
11 Attractive - in a creepy evil way for species
12 Has a notorious magic item
13 Has a symbol of office like sceptre or crown
14 Marked - tatoos, birthmark, unusual feature
15 Family - has kin and offspring to avenge them
16 Schemer - has plans to wield long lost power
17 Angry - flies into rages and poorly thought out actions
18 Vindictive - obsessed with revenge
19 Changed - lycanthrope or undead or other
20 Favoured by gods - worthy of resurrection

d10 Petty Dungeon Bosses

1 Humanoid Warrior seeks conflict and glory
2 Humanoid Leader seeks power and wealth
3 Humanoid leader driven by religion
4 Humanoid leader driven by magical power
5 Human murder hobo outcasts gone native
6 Human spell casters seeking power
7 Huge Humanoid like a ogre or troll
8 Dungeon monster possibly undead or other intelligent

9 Shapeshifting monsters like were wolves or doppelganger
10 Supernatural being infiltrating dungeon like a demon

d100 Petty Dungeon Bosses
01 Humanoid boss enjoys hunting and taking trophies
02 Humanoid boss believes humans are weak underestimates them
03 Humanoid boss like to capture and torture humans
04 Humanoid boss enjoys single combat or duels
05 Humanoid boss seeks to raid humans outside dungeon
06 Humanoid boss seeks to dominate dungeon by force
07 Humanoid boss wants to kill factional or tribal enemies
08 Humanoid boss wants to battle with armies
09 Humanoid boss seeks to exterminate a personal enemy
10 Humanoid boss wants to create alliance to war against humans

11 Humanoid boss wants human slaves
12 Humanoid boss obsessed with treasure

13 Humanoid boss seeks magic relics for personal power
14 Humanoid boss wants to increase control over dungeon
15 Humanoid boss wants to pit enemies against each other
16 Humanoid boss seeks ancient relic of power
17 Humanoid boss seeks to operate as bandits preying on merchants
18 Humanoid boss seeks treasures to use as diplomatic gifts
19 Humanoid boss seeks to corrupt local humans to evil
20 Humanoid Boss wants to impress a greater evil
21 Humanoid boss seeks power in a demon name
22 Humanoid boss seeks to serve a humanoid racial god 
23 Humanoid boss worships the dukes of hell and hopes to impress them
24 Humanoid boss wants to awake ancient evil deep in the earth
25 Humanoid boss works with a chaos cult above own kind
26 Humanoid boss worships god or demon of undeath
27 Humanoid boss worships god or demon of filth and disease
28 Humanoid boss worships a blood god or demon of murder
29 Humanoid boss inspired by dreams from evil powers
30 Humanoid boss collects idols of many lesser evils
31 Humanoid boss harbours renegade wizards from human lands
32 Humanoid boss made pact with sorcerer cult of hedonists
33 Humanoid boss helping a wizard find evil relic
34 Humanoid boss has gathered tribal witch doctors
35 Humanoid boss working with a coven of humanoid witches
36 Humanoid boss works with a renegade human alchemist
37 Humanoid boss has a wizard who helps make dungeon monsters
38 Humanoid boss has a demonologist to summon and contact evils of netherworld
39 Humanoid boss has a necromancer and apprentices to provide undead
40 Humanoid boss has recruited failed evil apprentice wizards from the city
41 Human criminal leader on run from local town or city
42 Human bandit leader whose gang mostly destroyed by law
43 Human highwayman on run from law hiding out in dungeon
44 Human mercenary captain who betrayed his company on the run 
45 Human knight has turned evil and wants revenge on human order
46 Human savage barbarian who loves cruelty found dungeon after tribe killed
47 Human serial killer on run found dungeon and convinced it is paradise
48 Human guildsman from town driven to dungeon over corruption scandal
49 Human agent serving evil town faction hoping to use dungeon monsters
50 Human captured by monsters since youth has climbed to top ranks
51 Human wizard has moved into dungeon to perform experiments
52 Human sorcerer seeking dark secret and using monsters
53 Human priest has fled to the dungeon to rebuild forbidden cult
54 Human druid wants vengeance for destruction of his cult and forest
55 Human priest wants to restore ancient doomsday cult
56 Human sorcerer escaped mob and hopes to build pleasure pit for self
57 Human wizard thrown out of university for forbidden research
58 Human priest seeking to awaken ancient evils in the depths
59 Human sorcerer following devil sent dreams came to dungeon
60 Human wizard bitter about life gone wrong has joined monsters to ruin world
61 Ogre moved in and ate previous boss and just took command
62 Ogre was sent here by bigger boss to streamline or eat faction weaklings
63 Ogre was raised as a baby and considers faction it's family
64 Goatman witch cultist impressed humanoids with savagery and fighting skills 
65 Minotaur moved in and humanoids gave it gifts till it agreed to be boss
66 Lizard man hero outcast of tribe was recruited by humanoids to be war leader
67 Chaos frog man brought bounty of food with it and made into boss
68 Verbeeg giant moved into lair and locals began to worship it
69 Troll came from the depths and saved faction from enemies and was made boss
70 Troll was grown from a cutting brought by a travelling witch doctor then ate way to top
71 Chaos centaur lives for violence has proven to be champion of humanoids
72 Ogre Mage simply arrived and assumed control as part of some greater evil scheme
73 Mummy risen from the dead has assumed command to help it find something long lost 
74 Manticore came into dungeon and moved from accepting sacrifices to being boss
75 Leucrotta came to the faction and used its sly charms to become a boss
76 Thri-kreen mantis man ate all the elves in the dungeon and is being boss till finds kin
77 Gargoyle has learned of opportunities for torture as a dungeon boss
78 Foul harpy seeks worship and slaves happily using humanoids
79 Wight seeks to raise evil horde to destroy human as act of revenge
80 Medusa uses humanoids to perform tasks awkward for her
81 Wererat leader become boss with promise of giving others power
82 Werewolf has become leader in a plot instigated by demon
83 Doppelganger replaced leader and stayed to enjoy the power
84 Jackalwere came to eat but has decided to stay and rule
85 Wolfwere has taken over to keep a continual supply of victims to eat
86 Werespider dark elf has been sent to prepare for spider queen plot 
87 Wereraptor lizard man hero has come to master the dungeon for the reptile gods
88 Werebat came looking for blood but found a home and position of authority instead
89 Lesser spirit being adopted human form to use faction to avenge self on enemies
90 Werecobra cultist came from distant lands and usurped faction to find snake god relic
91 Imp is real power behind faction boss puppet who relies on imp advice
92 Quasit is worshiped by faction as a minion of demonic powers
93 Rutterkin Demon bullied way to being in charge as part of evil plot
94 Abishai Devil is here secretly looking for recruits to diabolic ligions of hells
95 Alu-demon used shapeshifting to infiltrate faction for revenge against ortal parent
96 Cambion brought to world to sew demonic influence over the dungeon
97 Spined Devil was sent to carry a message but ended up replacing dead recipient
98 Piscodaemon was summoned by previous boss but daemon revolted and took over
99 Succubus/Incubus Demon used charms to take control of faction on evil mission 
100 Bearded Devil is on a mission to command dungeon factions 

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