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Planet Psychon: Under Pollen Skies

This is a revision of

The sky encounter tables in the original are fine but other stuff needs updating to true d100 and to fit in with terrain types more. This was from a time i hadnt trained myself to do proper d100.

D12 Base Colour 

As for everything on psychon use random colours
roll for sky, cloud, lightning and aurara colour

1 Red
2 Magenta
3 Cyan
4 Aqua
5 Yellow
6 Tangerine
7 Emerald
8 Light Green
9 Violet
10 Turquoise
11 Ivory or roll d10 twice
12 Jet or roll d10 1d4+1 times

D12 Typical Psychonian Weather

1 Hot - warm and dry

2 Cold - cold and dry
3 Cloudy - clouds in sky

4 Clear - sky is still and empty 
 Windy - blowing constantly
6 Frosty - frost, ice particles and snow

7 Scorching - desert like severe heat
8 Foggy - mist shrouds everything
9 Damp - everything is damp and humidity is high, often light rain
10 Rain - everything soaked
11 Stormy - strong wind, thunder, lightning or d10 twice results
12 Roll d10 d4+1 times or choose a exotic type of weather

d12 Exotic Psychonian Weather
01 Storm - rain, wind and severe storm types
02 Ice - featuring solid ice and suspended ice crystals
03 Fire - pyrotechnic phenomena including fires, meteors, ash and smoke
04 Quake - geological phenomenal from tremors to dust clouds
05 Chem Clouds - chemical agents often left overs from wars
06 Biological - made made spores, plagues and bio agents from ancient wars
07 Pollen - natural clouds produced by exotic plants
08 Auroras - coloured fields of light in sky, em feilds, lightning, magnetism
09 Mutagen - various agents to modify life forms
 Nanite Swarms - nano terraformers or weapons or buildings or mutagens

11 Psi Storm - telepathic infrastructure errors, mind hacking weapons
12 Manna - global or local magic arrays of the gods going crazy 

d12 Storm
 Sweet tasting coloured water rains in thin steady streams, nutrient enriching
02 Salty bitter rain, unpleasant but drinkable, just reduces your life span slightly
03 Flavoured coloured rain possibly effervescent or carbonated
04 Rad rain is luminous forming glowing pools of sweet radioactive water with short half life
05 Chem rain is most often poison and comes in a rainbow of colours that mix weirdly
06 Mud from ground water raising and saturating soil making it muddy
07 Flood raises water level covering coastlines, flood planes, dams and embankments
08 Lightning storm with deadly electrical arcs and balls of electrical plasma
09 Thunderstorm with deafening ground shaking noise that terrifies most animals
10 Rainstorm with heavy wind causes light damage to everything

11 Rainbows or halos and coloured rays in the sky
12 Cyclone or twister or whirl pool or waterspout sucking in everything in path

d12 Ice
 Hail of frozen ice pellets from pea to egg sized inflicts 1 HP per round to unarmored 
02 Light snow of fluffy white coloured crystals forming small amount of slush 
03 Heavy snow dumps d12 inches of snow on the surface of everything
04 Snowstorm area gets d12 inches of snow, visibility poor, temperature very cold
05 Frost covers surface of everything in shiny frozen dew, mud becomes slick 
06 Sleet with heavy rain and ice crystals covers ground in slush briefly during rain
07 Floating ice crystals sparkling in the sky like diamonds
08 Thick ice is deposited over everything over several hours of blizzard inch/hour
09 Icicles form on surfaces and overhangs during chilling winds
10 Ice is actually fire retardant chemical snow from a fire fighting nannite factory

11 Nitrogen storm showers liquid nitrogen everywhere freezing everything
12 Icicle storm showers huge spikes of ice from sky seeded by military weather nanobots

d12 Fire
01 Smoke plumes in distance, air slightly choking
02 Smoke clouds fill sky and partially block the sun, eyes water and air choking
03 Mirage shimmering in distance like water, rippling waves of heat 
04 Sky is filled with fire, every living thing panics
05 Flaming hailstones of volcanic rock fall from sky igniting some spot fires
06 Grass spotfires and smoke 
07 Bushfire driving animals into a stampede 
08 Volcanic ash rains like snow
09 Black rain a mix of volcanic ash and rain
10 Meteors fall from sky, distant explosions  

11 Fire Whorl is a column of fire created by fire creating a whirlwind, moves and very deadly
12 Firestorm is a raging incendiary storm that lays waste to everything above ground

d12 Quake
01 Dust clouds, vision obscured and sky coloured
02 Dust storm sky dark and discolored and choking sand covers everything 
03 Dust devils swarming across flats carrying dust and dirt
04 Ground shaking in short bursts alarms animals
05 Modest quake causing trees to shake and people to fall over
06 Severe quake triggers mudslides, avalanches, damages trees and buildings
07 Cracks open in the ground
08 Light volcanic rocks rain from the sky
09 Sinkholes open in the ground
10 Rain mixed with soil covers everything in mud

11 Quake collapses massive subworld of the ancients
12 Ground shakes causing h
ills and mountains drop in height

d12 Chem Cloud
 Teargas like irritant causes crying and burns eyes
02 Vomit gas causes nausea and violent retching
03 Iritant gas causes itching and skin sores and blemishes
04 Corrosive cloud damages leaves and plastics, burns skin
05 Severe corrosive eats stone, concrete and rusts metal, burns flesh
06 Dye stains everything for a d4 days
07 Mood altering cloud of coloured gas
08 Memory erasing nerve gas, victims awake from comas with memory loss
09 Blindness inducing nerve gas save or blind 24 hours
 Poison gas causes lungs to foam and horrible death if fail save

11 Hallucinogenic gas cloud with shimmering stars, surreal melting land forms
 Psychotropic weaponry gas clouds create a collective halucinations

d12 Biological
Mild bioplague cloud causes flu, sneezing and nausea
02 Fungal spore clouds rot cloth, leather and hair
03 Fungal spores sprout giant fungus everywhere
04 Clouds deposit floating seed pods with new breed of plant 
05 Skin colour changing bio agent if save lasts a few days if fail is permanent
06 Clouds drop millions of spiders with tiny web parachutes, harmless but creepy
07 Plague spores cause severe respiratory illness and death in 3d20 hours
08 Plague spores liquefies flesh in d6 hours if fail save
09 Spores turn victim who fails save into ambulatory fungal horror
 Zombie plague, any infected and fail save become undead d20 hours after death

11 Undead plague strain transforms victims who fail save into zombies
12 Exotic undead plague save or transformed into ghoul or more advanced undead

d12 Pollen

1 Coloured fuzzy fluff blows from sky, edible and nutritious
2 Coloured dust clouds cause sneezing and sore eyes
3 Coloured dust causes hysterical laughter and increases appetite
4 Coloured dust temporarily changes gender if fail save for 2d20 hours
5 Coloured pollen causes vegetation growth spurt of several inches per hour
6 Coloured pollen causes skin colour to change for d20 hours
7 Coloured pollen implants symbiotic vegetation on skin or hair
8 Coloured pollen dust covers hair or feathers with lovely flowers
9 Coloured pollen dust causes carnivorous plants to sprout over region
10 Coloured pollen dust infects system, if fail save turns into a plant
11 Coloured pollen dust infects system, save or turn slowly into hostile mobile plant person
12 Coloured pollen dust infects system, save or turn turn into free willed mobile plant person

d12 Aurora
1 Coloured glows in distance flickering pleasantly
2 Sky swirling with coloured auroras across the sky
3 Glowing fireballs float in sky and flaming auroras flash across 
4 Hypnotic lights observers save or stare into sky hypnotised by beauty
5 Neural frequency energy fields cause fits and stuttering if fail save
6 Radiation clouds glowing in sky, rains sweet water and causes burns and hair loss 
7 Auroras and magnetic fields light the sky scrambling radar, radio and navigation
8 Auroras flickering across skies make electrical technology stutter and malfunction
9 Auroras pour electromagnetic pulses damaging electronics and shutting down tech
10 Auroras effect gravity fields, making everything lighter and some objects float
11 Auroras effect gravity fields, making everything heavier and flight difficult
12 Auroras effect gravity fields liftijg land masses into the sky which float away

d12  Mutagens
1 Coloured dust from sky enters cells and becomes new organelle, various purposes
2 Coloured dust from sky lands and grows into short lived tentacle polyps
3 Coloured dust alters skin colour possibly in accord with some ancient faction
4 Coloured dust from sky inflicts cosmetic minor mutations
5 Coloured dust from sky infects plants, become ambulatory, sentient or carnivorous
6 Coloured dust from sky infects animal life making amorous and hybridise species
7 Coloured dust from sky infects dwarfism on many species
8 Coloured dust from sky infects gigantism on many species
9 Coloured dust from sky infects animals with bio weaponry and increased aggression
10 Coloured dust from sky makes animals swell up into huge imobile sacks of nutrient
11 Coloured dust from sky reduces intelligence and make hyper carnivorous and aggressive
12 Coloured dust from sky infects animals turns into amorphous tentacled horrors

d12  Nanites Swarm

1 Huge liquid crystal cloud displaying images across the sky often from the gods 
2 Fine coloured monofilaments rain down from orbit, dissolve in 24 hours
3 Bubbles rain down from clouds cover everything in bio degradable edible soap
4 Coloured slime rains down from heavens, breaks down rapidly and eaten by animals
5 Nanites construct barriers like walls or bars separating areas
6 Nanite rain incorporates cybernetics into various living organisms
7 Grey goo nanites rain from sky dissolving areas into pools of grey nano slime
8 Nanofactory cloud rains fish, frogs or other small animals
Hammer storm nanofac cloud dumps rain of hammers, rocks or knives
10 Nanite cloud assembles new major terrain type
11 Nanite cloud assembles a ancient ruin from nothing 
12 Nanite cloud constructs a village complete with inhabitants and history

d12 Psionic

1 Strange aurora makes everyone feel uneasy and nervous
2 See strange lights, phantoms and hear odd noises
3 Strange somnambulistic waves over region save or go to sleep
4 Mood clouds over comes area with strong feelings like lust, hate, hunger, peace, etc
5 Fields induce flashbacks to previous lives before gods recycled you
6 Weird mental fog cloud scrambles memories, fail save or obtain strangers memories 
7 Strange field of psychic hostility drives those who fail save berserk and crave flesh
8 Field over area inflicts unwanted telepathy causing everyone to over hear thoughts
9 Psionic mind hack weapon gives urge to kill soldiers of long forgotten faction of the past
10 Collective consciousness floods brains with past history and ancient language 
11 All in area mindhacked by will of a god to destroy a rival god
12 A collective dream pours over all minds in area, all experience several hours of unreality 

d12 Manna

1 Satellite falls from orbit, burning fragments of material scatter over wide area 
2 Sky sparkling as magical arrays haywire, spells work strangely over next day
3 Land bathed in rainbow rays from above, gods are scanning for something
4 Orbital lasers rain from sky destroying thinks the gods are offended by
5 Swarms of insects fill sky include flies or locusts, devour everything
6 Escope pods from orbital colony rain down from above
7 Sparks rain down from sky igniting dry flammables and starting spot fires
8 Floating islands drift by, beings from islands possibly drop down for visit
9 Clouds islands with buildings and vegetation dreamily drift by
10 Swarms of flying creatures mass migrating, include birds, bats, tiny dragons
11 Gigantic floating sky jellyfish swarm over sky, some crash or get tangled in trees
12 Teleporter arrays beam down several fully intact temple arrays

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