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d100 Diabolic Mutations

Mutagen Links
Reptilian Mutations
Xor Mutations
Necro Mutations
Lawful Anachronisms to be revised

Im considering other mutation lists including plant, machine (law), elemental, plague, ice, whatever for future.

Devil mutations could be signs of taint, rewards for devilish deeds, sign of a damned soul evolving to devilhood, curse or product of being reincarnated or raised while in hell. Devilish features could be dangerous and unpopular.

This could be a handy table to make new devils with or for unique devils or for rewards for helping devils

d12 Taint came from...
1 Cursed by evil ancestors deeds
2 Family witch cult mated with devils for aeons
3 Family had witches till only a few generations ago
4 An ancestor served hell and all now bear taint of crime
5 An exotic bride/groom appeared and married clan leader a few generations ago
6 An adopted child or slave brought taint into clan
7 Some ancestor battled creatures and rescued victim from them and married them
8 A family member married into the cult and for several generations intermingled
9 Clanmember read a diabolic tome and gained the taint
10 Clan member gained mysterious wealth and taint at same time
11 A child of clan was saved from illness by mysterious person and then carried the taint
12 A strange traveller in area had illicit affairs with many local women spreading the taint

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

Extra faces might be capable of speaking or biting but most often on cosmetic versions are eating lower body parts so it looks like chest face eating another being from waste down.

d100 Minor Cosmetic Mutations
01 Ass or goat ears
02 Shell like ears
03 Bat ears
04 Coloured pupils
05 Glowing eyes
06 Long pointy nose
07 Bestial elongated snout
08 Pointy beard
09 Bulbous fat nose 1in6 functional penis
10 Scaly like a lizard

11 Bristly like a pig
12 Hairy like a beast

13 Slimy like a frog
14 Bright colour change
15 Coloured body parts
16 Devilish tattoos
17 Hard chitinous skin like bug
18 Chunks of rotting flesh dropping off
19 Skeletal or mummified corpse looking skin
20 Resembles ornamental armour
21 Face on chest
22 Tiny wings, flap when exited but not functional
23 Hunchback
24 Spikes down spine or from back
25 Spectacular boobs
26 Saggy flat witch tits
27 Many boobs D4+2
28 Insects or vermin live in folds of chest flab
29 Leonine mane
30 Eyes on chest
31 Face on stomach
32 Small tail like a goat or pig
33 Forked tail
34 Reptilian tail
35 Enlarged genitalia
36 Face on genitalia
37 Snake like face on genitalia
38 Flabby gut
39 Face on buttocks
40 Enormous buttocks
41 Faces on shoulders
42 Faces on elbows
43 Faces on wrists
44 Claws on fingers d3
45 Bird fore arms
46 No thumbs
47 Tattered flaps of membrane from arms
48 Spikes on arms
49 Crab claws d4
50 Hooks for hands d4
51 Faces where legs meet body
52 Faces on knees
53 Faces on ankles
54 Large claws on feet
55 Hooves for feat
56 Scaly bird feet
57 Webbed frog feet
58 Backward bending knees like goat
59 Bristly hairy legs
60 Spurs on feet or spikes on legs
61 Tusks d3
62 Pointy teeth d3
63 Beak d3
64 Foot long red forked tongue
65 Doglike mouth d3
66 Cat like mouth d3
67 Goat like mouth d3
68 Horse like mouth
69 Sphincter mouth
70 Lamprey tongue
71 Small d4 animal heads like cat, rat, monkey, puppy, lizard, bug
72 Tiny crown
73 Stubby horns on head d3
74 Curved ram horns d3
75 Goat horns d4
76 Long curved ibex horns d4
77 Single horn d4
78 Cockerel like wattles
79 Fiery halo
80 Cyclops
81 On death explodes into 3d6 brimstone blast 2" across
82 Organ produces gold, pass out 1gp per day in feces
83 Chronic flatulence at least once a turn
84 Flaming farts at least once a turn
85 Internal body heat can be used as a food warmer
86 Smoke emits from mouth and nose 
87 Regenerate finger, limbs or organs over a week
88 On death smoulder away into mess of charcoal
89 On death body breaks into swarm of lizards, toads, bugs, rats
90 Sulfurous egg gas odour reeks from flesh
91 Cry tears of  d4 1=blood 2=mild acid 3=unholy water 4=vinigar
92 Become legal pedant, argue about interpretations of rules
93 Desire slaves and servants
94 Desire conspicuous wealth and money
95 Desire glory and social climbing
96 Detect poison
97 Detect chaos
98 Detect good
99 Detect magic
100 Diabolic alignment shift to lawful evil

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Major Mutations
Fly head with compound eyes can eat rotten garbage
02 Sonar vision bat ears can see in absolute darkness
03 Eyes emit light in a 3" cone at will
04 Long thin proboscis nose can suck d4 blood per round once stuck with first head 
05 Snake mustache
06 Flaming hair and or beard 
07 Frog face hold breath CON in rounds under water
08 Goat face eat anything and a beard
09 Extra face on head, whispers demented lies
10 Glowing eyes provide night vision

11 Leathery hard skin +3 AC
12 Hard metallic scale plates +5 AC

13 Warty leather hide Immune to natural fire -1/dice other types
14 Blubbery skin Immune to natural cold -1/dice other types
15 Rubbery skin Immune to natural electricity -1/dice other types
16 Immune to energy level draining
17 Slimy rubbery skin cannot be grappled or constricted
18 If skin punctured or bleeding stops after one round of bleeding
19 Only harmed by silver or magic weapons
20 Skin reduces melee damage by 1 point per attack
21 Tiny bat wings, can hop 3" once per Lv/day
22 Buffeting wings +3" speed with a straight charge or can make 2x d3 hits
23 Gliding membranes can glide across as far a height off ground at 12" speed, silent
24 Functional wings can fly at 12" speed noisily
25 Face on chest can talk and huge mouth can bite for d6
26 Plastron turtle like shell +4 AC
27 Diabolic skeleton +d3 STR
28 Barrel chest +d3 CON
29 Huge +d8 HP and 1 foot height
30 Spitting chest face fires fist size darts d3 twice a round 
31 Face on belly can talk and huge mouth can bite for d6
32 Revives as undead being d20 hours after death
33 Urinates acid that can poison plants (they save or die)
34 Acidic urine 2d6 roll to hit save halves extra d6 5th Lv/HD and every 5 Lv
35 Immune to poison
36 Immune to disease
37 Vomit up nauseating bilious spew, victim saves vs CON or nauseated like stinking cloud
38 Shits flaming hot coals that can be thrown like a rock for a d4 and might ignite flamables
39 Shits bitumen which can be used as seals, fuel, building and all kinds of uses 1gp a day
40 Prehensile forked tail 2-3 yards long, can hold things or swing from
41 Huge slashing or crab like claws d6 extra unarmed attack
42 Detachable hands can be sent on missions and reattach, share HP with both 
43 Cast a Burning Hand spell once a day + INT Bonus
44 Cast Protection from Good spell once a day + INT Bonus
45 Cast Protection from Chaos spell once a day + INT Bonus
46 Cast Detect Alignment spell once a day + INT Bonus
47 Cast fireball spell once a week + INT Bonus (some cold devils cast ice storm instead)
48 Cast wall of fire spell once a week + INT Bonus (cold devils cast wall of ice instead)
49 Have a a magical rod (part of souls) can cast Monster Summoning equal to HD or Lv once a week + INT Bonus. Rod appears and disappears at will and makes a d6 club
50 Pitchfork can be summoned and be made to appear and disappear 2d4 magic spear
51 Huge toenails or spurs +1 d6 kick attack
52 Skate with toenails moving on ice with ease
53 Firewalk can climb and walk up any fire like stairs or a ladder, immune to normal flame
54 Wallwalking with knife like toenails that stick into walls or ceiling
55 Can leap +3" inches like a locust or flee
56 Waterwalk can walk over water
57 Levitate can walk on air at a leisurely pace 1/2 speed max
58 Featherfall feet can fall ant distance unharmed
59 Diabolic Speed can run 50% faster
60 Charge +d6 damage +1 to hit if charge at least 1" in a line and make single attack
61 Forked tongue immune to detect lies 
62 Track by tasting with long red tongue 
63 Dog snout extra attack d6
64 Pig snout d6 tusk extra attack
65 Cat face extra bite attack d6
66 Snake tongue immune to detect alignment
67 Cast Command spell once a day + INT Bonus
68 Cast Charm spell once a day + INT Bonus
69 Cast Sleep spell once a day + INT Bonus
70 Immune to charm spells
71 Extra horn attack d6
72 Huge horns or single horn d8 damage
73 Magnificent gold crown grows from skull
74 Flaming halo aurora at will d4 damage to any in melee range 
75 Extra head, can talk, help cast spells, each can take turns to sleep
76 Skull glows at will or if angry, 6" radius light
77 Armoured face plate +1AC 
78 Cyclops ray eye 2d4 heat damage 3" range one beam per round
79 Fold out crest or frill +1 AC
80 Extra thick skull +1 AC
81 Regenerate 1hp per round unless silver or holy water used to cause wound
82 Rancid stench when angry produces a troglodyte like stinking cloud to all within same 1"
83 Flesh is poison to any who bites
84 Grow gems inside organs or on skin 100gp per HD or Lv
85 When killed body burns leaving mas of charred ash and gold 100gp per HD or Lv
86 When killed d4 lesser devils or imps crawl out of body when killed
87 When killed insect or vermin swarm attacks all in 3" 2 dam/round a round/HD or Lv
88 When killed a non corporeal evil spirit is released
89 When killed a similar rank devil is summoned to investigate death
90 First bottle of blood drained from corpse is a magic potion
91 Superior internal balance +d3 DEX
92 Diabolic intellect +d3 INT
93 Diabolic charm +d3 CHA
94 Diabolic strategist +d3 WIS
95 Cast Planeshift spell once a week + INT Bonus 
96 Cast teleport spell once a week + INT Bonus 
97 Hellfire, any hit by a flame attack make fear check also
98 Terror cloak, any under 4 HD creatures make morale check within 3" or flee
99 Cast unseen servant at will and uses like simple telikinesis
100 Cast contact other plane spell once a week + INT Bonus 

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