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d100 Greater hauntings for Weird War One

Will try and do more horror this month.

Sequel to this post

These are major manifestations witnessed by troops fighting in no mans land or even during active battles. I will do fantasy versions of both tables one day and possibly modern ones. Some based on propaganda, myths and hallucinations of exhausted men. The last table was more subtle and more for tunnel fighters. These are for troops in no mans land or on maneuvers. they are larger scale and more horrific and even dangerous. It is up to GM to decide if these supernatural or propaganda hallucinations are mere phantoms or physical threats. I envisage a Robert Holdstock kind of effect that soldiers encounter their dreams about the enemy amplified by death and sacrifice.

This includes some examples

d100 Greater haunting for weird war one
Grim reaper leading off soldiers
02 Cannibal ghost eating corpses and crying
03 Men possessed by ancient long dead soldiers
04 Demons entering hellmouth of medieval underworld
05 Medieval demons laughing and marching or flying
06 Phantom soldiers trapped in a minefield warn you
07 Corpses broken up by shelling trying to move
08 A marching band playing patriotic tunes
09 Recruiting volunteers for Hel
10 Medieval archers and soldiers

11 Roman and Celtic soldiers fighting
12 Medieval plague era skeletons dancing 

13 Angel with sword killing enemies
14 Angel helping the wounded
15 Witches on brooms with familiars flying over battlefield throwing bombs
16 Soldiers running through minefield explode raining phantom gore and body parts
17 Rains blood from the sky
18 Severe shelling explodes graves, chunks of long dead soldiers cry and moan 
19 Apparent reinforcements marching to viewer, as close see more fatal wound
20 Corpses burst from ground struggling to escape earth
21 Thick storm clouds darken trenches, in brief flashes mauled marching men visible
22 Long missing troops aid viewers avoid a hazard then vanish
23 Lost in fog find a bunker and trench system of allies, dawn comes and evidence gone
24 Skeleton troops marching
25 Phantom soldiers battling
26 Millions of crows and ravens feasting on thousands of corpses
27 While walking step through rotten belly of corpse, corpse jerks to life screaming
28 Millions of flies cover everything like a blanket
29 Rotting corpses writhing under shallow water
30 Ambulance and medics carry dying away then fade into mists
31 Hundreds of hopping and crawling lost limbs
32 Drowned rotting phantoms reach for help from abandoned latrine pit
33 Huge black hell hounds eating corpses
34 Huge grim reaper with muddy faced soldiers cowering under robes
35 Malevolent aurora paralyzes everyone with choking fear and paralysis
36 phantom fog rolls over area with rotting gas mask wearing troops staggering within
37 Witness squad comprised of lost  friends who fade after sharing cigarettes
38 Phantom troops marching in formations shaped like skulls
39 Phantom tattered fighter flown by skeleton flies overhead
40 Phantom tattered zeppelin flies overhead raining skulls
41 Great bloody eagle on tree stump eating faces of men climbing from flooded trenches
42 Clouds of gas form phantom faces and choking sounds
43 A great ape beast with enemy helmed dragging dead woman 
44 Ground collapses and skeleton sappers burst out to attack
45 Clanking of tanks but find only sunken burned wreck covered in mud
46 Machine gunner post, seems to keep missing, find long dead skeleton crew
47 Dawn rises to see thousands of semi exposed skulls and sprouting poppies
48 Phantom medic treats wounded, those who drink his potion survive gas attack
49 Crusader on white horse with flaming sword exhorts men to attack 
50 Fog shrouded castle appears where none seen before
51 Hideous nosferatu gnawing on dead men
52 Horrible giants devouring corpses greedily
53 Phantom lights swarm over area 
54 Phantom cavalry seen in distance
55 Werewolves in enemy uniforms gnawing on human skeleton
56 Hulking figure staggering from no mans land falls, sewn together from multiple corpses
57 Enemy undead skull faced soldier, with clock work and metal parts 
58 Devils strolling with enemy officer looking at plans
59 Marching troops swallowed by strange cloud leaving no trace
60 Enemy plane struck by strange lights and crashes
61 Strange spectral forest uncovered by mist with cavalry riding into it
62 Intact village spotted not on map, it and citizens fade on closer look
63 Cloaked hooded men seen who sink into ground and vanish
64 Friendly soldiers approach offering ciggies and booze, turn to dust if touched
65 Line of phantom angels blocks advance of enemy troops
66 Biplane dogfight with glowing light, light crashes and explodes
67 Phantom enemy soldiers tormenting and killing peasants fade up close
68 Enemy nurse executed by enemy soldiers, gas cloud passes leaving rotten bodies
69 Enemy troop gorilla troops savagely charge from fog
70 Enemy troops gathering corpses and feeding into horrible machine on traction engine
71 Horrible enemy corpse factory processing corpses into rations, fat, soap and leather
72 Allied soldier crucifies with bayonets on barn doors
73 Phantom drowned genera appears to look over mountains of corpses (Kitchener 1916)l
74 Phantom zeppelin dropping poison ration packs, candy, rum and ciggarettes
75 House size vehicle crewed by scores of men rumbling through the mist 
76 Phantom exotic dancer in mist winks and gestures to join her
77 Phantom wild men of multiple sides roaming like wild beasts scavenging corpse flesh
78 Nosferatu in officer uniforms commanding zombies (privates) and ghouls (sergeants)
79 Phantom enemy marching civilians as living shields before them
80 Phantom cottage untouched, when farmer looks back all fade away
81 Phantom civilians mutilating enemy soldier corpses
82 Dozens of bodies hanging in barbed wire jerk and spasm vomiting blood as approach
83 Dead trees with soldiers hanging by barbed wire twitching by marionettes
84 Huge black storm clouds with huge tormented faces seen during flashes
85 Sound of thousands of marching boots like thunder
86 Enemy soldiers abusing nuns and burning a church vanish if approached
87 Officer compiling accounts of enemy atrocities, vanishes into mist after questions
88 Burning building, looks like imps dancing among sparks
89 Rotting phantom soldier with flame thrower, demonic face appears in flames
90 Tormented soldier with entrails caught in wire being tempted by devils with freedom
91 Swarm of drowned souls begging for vengeance against enemy
92 Friendly soldiers approach, visible backs burned and shrapnel ridden, then fade
93 Underage boys in baggy uniforms sitting and crying lost, fade away if aproached
94 Lost boy bugler or trumpeter overjoyed to see you, runs forward and mine goes off
95 Enemy soldiers bayoneting a wounded angel
96 Pigs in enemy uniforms eating corpses
97 Phantom enemy soldiers kidnapping women in waggon bound for military brother
98 Enemy executing captured allied soldiers with firing squad
99 Enemy marching captured allied soldiers into lake of mud to drown
100 Enemies tying priests to bell clappers in ruined church drunkenly singing

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