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Non Corporeal Undead Horrors pt2: d100 Hauntings

I found this useful and scooby doo to make last part

Will do a post on skills and variations for undead but might wait till i do coporeal undead. Corporeal i might divide into skeletal and fleshy types. I think most monsters should be more unique and spirits even more so. Im pretty happy with the new undead and petty undead I have done.

More undead stuff

So these are some tables t make hauntings. The d100 one is for generic manifestations you could use multiple undead types for stats.

My gothic section under my "
EMO DnD Rules and world" page has lots of good corpse related fun.

This one has tragic reasons to be a incopreal undead.

Clerics might be sent to clear up some local hauntings. Once you get Exorcism spell you get even more busy.

Thinking about my turning stuff might allow skills to let clerics tiurn LV in HD of other monster types turn demon, turn lycanthrope, turn elf, turn devil etc.

d12 Places to haunt
01 Abandoned murder house
02 Ruined old tower
03 Ruined old manour house
04 Ruined old church
05 Lonely moors
06 Old graveyard
07 Under old bridge
08 Creepy local patch of woods
09 Lonely crossroads
10 Old mill pond

11 Mausoleum
12 Old farm shack

d12 Former life purpose
01 Revenge against murderer
02 Revenge against ex lover
03 Revenge against family betrayal
04 Revenge against business partner
05 Revenge against rival clan
06 Revenge against thieves
07 Find something of great wealth
08 Find lost or forbidden knowledge
09 Find something of power
10 Find ultimate pleasure

11 Find  family heirloom
12 Find true love

Spirits are usually crap at these that's why they are cursed and damned

d12 Remains
01 Burned ashes possibly in urn
02 Crumbling chunks of bones and teeth
03 Scattered bones
04 Pile of bones, possibly charred
05 Skull, possibly charred
06 Coffin, chest or box of bones
07 Intact skeleton
08 Intact skeleton with hair and clothes
09 Desicated dried corpse with streatched skin
10 Worm eaten semi liquid body

11 Presrved stinking slimey corpse
12 perfectly preserved corpse

d12 Burial location
01 Under stairs
02 Under floor
03 Secret wall panel
04 Forgotten hidden crypt
05 Under roots or in hollow of tree
06 Bottom of pond
07 Bottom of well
08 Midden heap
09 Under foundations
10 In wall cavity

11 In ceiling
12 Under field or garden

d12 How did they die
01 Strangled
02 Poisoned
03 Burned
04 Drowned
05 Stabbed
06 Fall
07 Diseased
08 Decapitated
09 Tortured
10 Hung

11 Eaten
12 Beaten

d12 Who killed them?
01 Nobility
02 Criminals
03 Mob of commoners
04 Suicide
05 Lawmen
06 Cultists
07 Family
08 Madmen
09 Clergy
10 Soldiers

11 Wizards
12 Monsters

You could roll trice and generate names and locations separately

Though perhaps they are a hoax to scare people away from a goldmine...

d100 Non Corporeal Undead Hauntings by Night
01 The Red Lady walks on lonely roads in country side following strangers

02 The Grey Friar stalks in ruins of old monastery spying on visitors
03 The Obsidian Man lurks in a prehistoric quarry lurking among rubble
04 The wailing woman screams by crossroads at night under a full moon
05 Awful Andy spirit of clown killed for bad jokes now kills drunks on way home
06 Lord Godfrey a dandy spirit haunts abandoned palace in city keeping out squatters
07 Lorriel Songstealer was killed by sleazy bard now her spirit kills any bard she finds
08 Setorian Vlan bitter merchant haunts the docks by night looking for prey
09 The Weeping Widow seen by city graveyard scaring nocturnal visitors
10 Ebor Gran a cruel miser torments sweatshop residents by night

11 Master Klargherdt a mean school master haunts the school grounds by night
12 The Tattered Man haunts local midden heaps chases away the homeless

13 The Drowned Maiden roams the riverfront leaving trails of water
14 The Scarlet Knight walks the city walls troubling city guards by glaring at them
15 Bloody John executed serial killer roams the city red light district alley ways 
16 The White Lady appears every winter driving people to horrible ice related accidents 
17 The Fisherman creepily seeks dockland victims for bait to catch ghost sharks
18 The Sewer king lurks in city drains upsetting sanitation workers
19 The Rat-Eater will possess victims and makes them eat rats till they die
20 The brown shroud is a hideous spirit that attacks those who roam streets by night
21 The bleeding woman drips trails of blood as she seeks vengeance on her killers
22 The flying hag is a revolting old woman spirit who jumps on rooftops by night
23 The grinning man is a knife wielding spirit with huge teeth who stalks people alone
24 Granny Grasp is a hideous woman spirit who snatches urchins near city bridges
25 Bloody Conrad a armed spirit challenges men to duels in city alleyway
26 Nanny Snatchcradle steals babies in the ghetto for some mysterious reason
27 Grim Vorgon gloomily stalks the streets pursuing homeless in the redlight district 
28 Peter Flatman haunts the streets he was run down in by a wealthy carriage
29 Scarlet Molly appears as a prostitute who reveals her gory form when intimate 
30 Jimminy Gutbucket died stealing guts from butcher and now he chases people
31 Jenny Iron Nail was murdered by a carpenter and now she kills with her finger nails
32 Byron Blood a fat greedy aristocrat died eating now his spirit tries to eat poor ghetto folk
33 Master Enkiron a famous black wizard who's spirit steals souls of pets and street urchins
34 Billy the Cod, executed for being fishman hybrid, now he drowns and stares at riverfolk
35 Zola Shankfinger a convict who died in prison rattles his chains keeping babies awake 
36 Ulrich Stormcrown mercenary publicly disemboweled, trails phantom entrails in streets
37 Golden Gareth former dandy, now as spirit steals pennies from the houses of poor
38 Tabitha Fireskull, matchstick girl died of phosphorous poison, now a glowing skulled spirit
39 Eliot Shearhands, shearer killed by bandits now skins people alive with his hands
40 Awful Oliver, former mugger killed by law, now bashes victims in back alleyways
41 Hepzibah the witch spirit was killed by a mob and now she starts fires in homes of poor
42 Tully Slitgut spirit of labourer gutted by master, now disemboweling haunts alleyways 
43 Lady Florentine patrols grounds of ruined old manour house watching visitors
44 Estaban Bileblood murdered gongfarmer makes foul odours driving people from homes
45 Sabatha Whorelock a murdered prostitute kills and emasculates drunks in redlight areas
46 Melmor the Tyrant menaces anyone near the city gallows hungry for revenge
47 The Baroness a cruel spirit kills servant on way home from rich town by night
48 The Iceman used to carry blocks of ice for the rich, his spirit freezes victims
49 Oscar the Belligerent was a garbage worker now a insulting spirit who steals tobacco
50 Betty Blackgut, was strangled and stabbed now her spirit strangles folk with her entrails
51 Zebidian the Foul, overly sensitive hideous spirit despot, attacks any repulsed by him 
52 Goathead Piss Stain, hybrid spirit of beastman urinates on his territory in the ghetto  
53 Droolbert Slimeskin, sneezing spirit leaves traces of smile and spreads the common cold
54 Nutgrab Grimghastly, former athlete as a spirit surprises men by punching in testicles
55 Valeran Starsigh, heroine spirit of old defends honour of womankind, kills sexists 
56 Blantrag Kruul, barbarian died drunkenly falling into river, now steal drinks
57 Timmy Trollborn, spirit of boy turned into troll by drunk wizard, burned after eating kin
58 Mrs Miggins Murder Maam, sold human meat pies killed with her sons, now angry spirit
59 Grandma Gleek, spirit of crime family head roams ghetto breaking legs of rival gangs
60 Snake Fingers, mutant killed by mob now angry spirit strangles and poisons in the ghetto
61 Zorgan the Cruel, mass murdering mercenary muscleman spirit strangles soldiers 
62 Penny Dreadful, killer nanny spirit drains blood from children, parents live in dread 
63 Awful Andy, killer clown spirit kills jesters and anyone telling jokes better than his
64 Creepy Felix, spirit climbs walls of alley ways dropping on victims and eating brains
65 Stab Foot Jack, armless spirit leaps city about stabbing victims with his feet
66 Old Man Flint, miserly spirit steals food and firewood from homes of poor he hoards
67 Bradly Skunk Fist, flies about ghetto slopping stinking ichor on victims
68 Fanny Skull Popper, spirit of murdered servant, crushes skulls of uppity merchants
69 Old Man Scatfingers, spirit of gongfarmer, slops feces on clothes of the wealthy 
70 Greedy Glob, slimy spirit who steals food from street venders and takes children's candy
71 Orlan Cat Stangler, spirit hates cats and leaves them dangling from sign posts
72 Metron the Hatemonger, angry spirit who starts feuds by murdering faction members
73 Tess Stabheart, spirit of maid executed for killing lovers, now kills young men in streets
74 Milly Bloodbonnet, jelous maid who killed rivals, now her spirit kills young women 
75 Old Man Fishlips, killed by mob for groping girls, now his spirit drowns them instead
76 Ten Tonne Tessa, obese noble woman died alone, now spirit crushes men flat 
77 Grandwa Bloodteat, evil granny spirit crushes babies with her murderous cleavage
78 Old Ben Miller, spirit of angry murdering miller, kills young lovers using his haystacks 
79 Abominable McDonald, failed chef suicided, now his spirit force feeds victims to death
80 Orrible Alf, nasty spirit who keeps kidnap victims in his private dungeon to abuse
81 Black Annie, horrible hag spirit drains the life from beggars leaving blackened corpses
82 Shifty Pete, spirit of a pick pocket now steals life from victims by reaching into hearts
83 Gnarf Bloodpike, spirit of town guardsman executed for corruption, now haunts city walls
84 Robert the Claw, spirit of nobleman killed by mob, spirit returned to continue predations
85 Lor the Mad, wailing spirit who gibbers and keeps local residents awake all night
86 Matilda Hellstomp, spirit of murdered dancer, makes victims dance themselves to death
87 One-eyed Bill, hook handed sea captain killed by lawmen, returns to kill by the docks
88 Lars Grumblefang, spirit roams about alleyways often spotted bloodily eating victims  
89 Roanna Needlenose, spirit sucks blood of victims though her mosquito like nose 
90 Orin Nighthaunt, angry warrior spirit backstabbed roams alleys attacking innocents
91 Grandpa Cackle, bloated bearded laughing spirit chases innocents about streets 
92 Mirrin Whiplepot, spirit of murdered schoolmarm, chases urchins to beat them with cane
93 Count Cruelpork, wicked spirit who murders and sets fire to pigs of the poor
94 Ebony Shunk, horrible hag spirit who drags victims into sewers and chews off their faces
95 Gloria Gutburster, a wicked spirit who infects victims with fatal explosive gastro disease 
96 Stygian Sally, spirit of tavern keeper killed by patrons, now she kills drunks on way home
97 Fanny Flenser, spirit who tears the skin from victims then wears them like clothes
98 Bloody Hobbs, bleeding pig headed spirit murders the elderly in their homes
99 Jerry Red Fist, spirit who tears the hearts form victims and leaves bloody trails about
100 Danny Prolapse, spirit attacks victims on the privy with his spectral intestines

took a while to get into vibe of this - first few a bit too soft before i got into spirits that would look horrible even in my setting...

Alliteration makes everything better

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