Sunday 16 October 2016

d100 What does a devil keep in his chest

It had too happen
No trivium of hell will not be tabled

d10 What does a devil keep in his chest
01 Documents
02 Tools
03 Regalia
04 Trophies
05 Traps
06 Pets
07 Entertainment
08 Vice
09 Treasure
10 Magic

d100 What does a devil keep in his chest

01 Contract detailing demons territory, entitlements and duties
02 Contract for a mortals soul
03 Pornographic parchment 
04 Letter from a witch or suplicant wanting a favour
05 Legal letter concerning law suit, fine, bill, tax or other problems
06 List of goods to obtain or tasks to perform from superior
07 Criminal or treasonous document conspiring some wickedness
08 Documents concerning proper torment of a soul 
09 Secret police papers for hell's authorities
10 Passport permuting passage through hell's fiefs and other dimensions

11 Thumbscrews
12 Whip or cat-o-nine tails

13 Butchers knife or axe or machete
14 Club and sack
15 Manacles or leg irons
16 Brands with devil symbols
17 Tongs for tormenting
18 Hammer and d100 iron nails
19 Box of hot coals packed daily
20 Scribes set with pen, ink and paper
21 Ornate cult robes
22 Pitchfork or rod of office
23 Signet ring
24 Fancy hat of office or qualification
25 Crown according to rank like lead ring for the low
26 Fashionable curly toed shoes
27 Ceremonial wig
28 Manacle or spectacles denoting a scholar
29 Bundle of important keys
30 Ceremonial apron for special cult days
31 Branded human skull
32 Flayed human skin folded neatly
33 Medal or letter from superior
34 Picture of a human on parchment or in compact
35 Hat or robe of a fallen priest or corrupted ruler
36 Hissing angry larvae
37 Dried human heart
38 Cup or pipe made from skull or horn
39 Bronze trophy for some event long ago
40 Magic trap
41 Bear trap
42 Poison creature like snake or spider or scorpion 
43 Poison gas trap
44 Poison Dart Trap
45 Crossbow bolt trap
46 Curse on intruder
47 Alarm - possibly a spell or imp with a bell
48 Bottle of poison
49 Cursed gem or commemorative ounce coin
50 Cursed weapon
51 Imp trapped in a bottle
52 Imp taking a bath or sitting on tiny toilet taking a dump
53 Hellish fleas and tick swarm covers room
54 Gnome or halflingf tied in bundle
55 A baby or child d6 age
56 Strange large egg
57 Familiar spirit or imp in animal form
58 Two headed hell hound puppy
59 Hell cat kitten and ball of twine
60 A large glaring toad croaks if disturbed
61 Hourglass
62 Exotic undergarments for owners choice of gender
63 Dueling pistols in box
64 Ventriloquist dummy or sock puppet
65 Musical instrument made of skull and bones
66 Block of incence 1lb worth 500gp with infernal favorite herbs and spices
67 Knucklebones set
68 Dice set
69 Packet of cards
70 Chess or Backgammojn set
71 Bottle of fluid d4 1=blood 2=rum 3=urine 4=bile
72 Devils weed cigarettes an addictive stimulant worth D10 x 5gp and D6 matches
73 Pipe and box of black lotus resin worth D10 x 50gp
74 Block of stench kow cheese wrapped in paper with knife
75 Pomegranates and other underworld fruit cursed to mortals
76 Bottle with sexy dancing imp
77 Erinyes or succubi figurine
78 Impressive fertility Symbol
79 Mask that enhances or alters a devils appearance
80 Bottle of tears
81 Sack of copper coin 2D6 x1000cp
82 Sack of silver coin D10 x1000sp
83 Sack of electrum coin D8 x1000ep
84 Sack of gold coin D6 x1000gp
85 Sack of platinum D6x 100pp
86 Document promising D6 Larvae the bearer
87 Paper currency of hell D3 notes worth 300gp each
88 Collection of D10 special edition rare ounce coins
89 Hell gem curses owner to become greedy, selfish and evil
90 Rubies 1d4 worth D6x 100gp each  
91 Wand of d4 1=burning hands 2=charm person 3=magic missile 4=identify d10 charges
92 Crystal ball with d10 charges
93 Dagger d4 1=+1 2=silver 3=returns to hand 4=dagger of venom d10 charges
94 Potion d4 1= 2=poison 3=unholy water 4=D6 healing
95 Girdle of gender change with lock and key
96 Soul trapped in metal head in a box, must answer three yes no questions a day
97 Magic crown mostly circlets or skullcaps  +1 save on one type of saving throw
98 Ring d4 1=+1 Protection 2=Featherfall 3=Cast Light/day 4=comprehend language/day
99 True name medalions of d4 lesser devils or demons or angels
100 Devils true name medalion

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