Sunday 25 February 2018

d100 Wonders of Psychon

Art by Michal Dutkiewicz from lost in space comic (with a bit of dan dare inspiration)

So these are ancient wonders and monuments that you might find in a hex ans possibly has a opportunity to adventure and explore. Such wonders might have been built by an ancient civilization then fell into ruins or a AI god might have built a ruin. Some might copy an ancient monument so you might see a few statues of liberty or one with a insect or ape head. Certainly this is a good way of making a hex more interesting and mostly they are in the centre or on a high point.

Wonders of Psychon
01 Huge satellite dish complex with a AI in the control complex and a strange cult
02 Ruined sprawling airport with aircraft, airships and a shuttlecraft
03 Geodesic dome overgrown with dinosaurs inside
04 Statue of one of the great gods with complex inside full of cultists
05 Gigantic golden stupa surrounded by ancient trees and smaller stone statues
06 Huge statue of multi headed dragon standing on temple complex
07 Floating castle hovering in the air, occationaly moves
08 Walking citadel migrates around region leaving trail of destruction 
09 Two walking cities at war devastated region leaving a scarred wasteland
10 Huge citadel tower almost a mile high, many upper inhabitants have never left
11 Huge rusted pile of wrecked cargo ships, liners and tankers fused into a mass
12 Huge sprawling steam train station with sheds, tracks and hundreds of ruined carraiges
13 Stack of hundreds of ancient cargo containers, some scattered over region
14 Citadel in pristine condition surrounded by forcefield and maintained by robots
15 Ancient pyramid covered in polished marble with a gold cap
16 Huge silver and glass pyramid citadel where inhabitants shun the mutated world outside
17 Black glass ecology overrun with gangs but still semi serviced by robots and androids 
18 Huge circular stone wall that keeps out most with a ruined giants castle within
19 Ornate stone mousoleum, crawling with undead guarding a emperors tomb
20 Mighty ziggurat with temple on top where priests comune with a god 
21 Bloody step pyramid used for gory sacrifices for centuries by cruel priests
22 Colosseum where gladiators fight dinosaurs for the pleasure of the crowds
23 Gigantic earth mound with rings of monoliths and huge trees
24 Great stone cube ruined citadel  overgrown with fungus jungle
25 Huge shed where a colossus of flesh is approaching reanimation stage
26 Titanic tree who's branches reach the sky and nobles visit often
27 Field of solar reflectors surrounding a tower that once was a solar boiler array
28 Huge cooling towers and sphere structures of ancient reactor complex
29 Aquatic maze of monsters surrounding a isolated ancient city
30 Almost invisible crystal citadel out of phase with reality
31 Huge mass of ice with some creature frozen inside maintaining the cold
32 Volcano with weird smoke and occasional eruptions, explosions and lava flows
33 Huge necropolis with hundreds of tombs and headstones full of cults and undead
34 Statue of standing war goddess with tribe of amazons living in the base
35 Statue of liberty with insect head, mad insect man king preparing army to conquer
36 Colossal mall complex maintained by androids and AI open for shopping and adventure
37 Glowing crater bubbling with thick strange fluid, a island with a tower is in the middle
38 Crashed mobile citadel precariously balanced, residents fight off barbarian invaders
39 Great statue of the founder of the apemen faith Konga Khan, inside is a ape temple
40 The great pineapple, former tourist attraction home to cult of cane toad men
41 Giant rocking horse where benevolent gnomes make children's toys and fend off attacks
42 Giant toilet where cultists throw victims in and send via swirlies to the underworld
43 Great stone head crashed here long ago from sky and cult of gun worshippers guard it
44 Huge bubbling geysers and lakes of colourful chem deposits with a ancient temple
45 Huge canyon with stone city built in cliffs inhabited by mutants, with lake in bottom
46 Round lake mile across in the bottom is a sunken city with many breathable ruins
47 Huge terrace garden complex with peaceful agrarian people in stone city
48 Huge earthen hillfort mound with stone circle on top, ancient tunnels go deep inside
49 Scarred pockmarked strange rock inhabited by naked mole rat men serving a queen
50 Ruined ziggurat with swampy patches and rubble mounds, tunnels inside unexplored
51 Great plaza with multiple colourful step pyramids and occupied by bloodthirsty cult

52 Huge shallow lake with artificial island temples and causeways linking
53 Colourful block of ice melting off surrounded by coloured pools with tunnels inside
54 Eerie eroded rocks with carved buildings and underground ruined city
55 Huge stone sphynx with temple in the base and a sealed trap filled tomb underneath
56 Great stone maze filled with minotaurs and goblins rumoured to be guarding treasure
57 Sprawling semi collapsed ancient library guarded by spirits and undead librarians
58 Mass of giant crystals dripping with water from geysers with caves inside
59 Giant stone cube, occasionally glows by night, has a secret enterance
60 Crashed spacecraft with angry AI who tests intruders with traps to guard treasure
61 Wrecked aircraft carrier with scattered aircraft and degenerate tribe of former crew
62 Huge open cut mine with titanic excavator machines, refinery and coloured lakes
63 Great dried lake bed with strange colours, some say the salts are narcotic
64 Strange city of mud bricks of strange organic design, crumbling and abandoned
65 Garden covered ziggurat and wall enclosing ancient overgrown pleasure garden
66 Titanic stone dome, so big has weather inside, anti mutant uniformed cult inside
67 Collapsed statue with exposed metal structure mome to mutant cult or fanatics
68 Reclining serene statue of sleeping woman surrounded by water gardens
69 A great rift canyon exposing buried skyscrapers of the ancients underneath area
70 Huge statue of a robot king of the 500th robot dynasty surrounded by ruined city
71 Huge ruined dam with lake pouring through huge gap into sinkhole into the deeps

72 Colossal cave complex some areas open to sky, with forests and ruins inside, 
73 Hundreds of stone statues litter plains with entrances to underground temple complex
74 Dragonspawn pits a huge canyon with cliff caves where dragons come to breed
75 Ruined stone city with golems, some open doors or pump water from wells by request 
76 Enormous tree almost a mile high with towns and ruins of eldren in branches
77 Huge maze of giant thorn hedges in middle is a black castle guarded by a dragon
78 Great stone egg worshipped by cult who pray it will hatch and transform the world
79 Sleeping kaiju with settlement on top who mine it's flesh and valuable organs
80 Mountain with carved heads of ancient kings, there are temples to them inside
81 Colossal 
imobile war mecha , AI wants help to purge vermin mutants living inside
82 Giant stone hamburger with restaurant and cult serving mad fast food chain AI god
83 Happyworld, huge sprawling theme park flooded and ruined with cannibal mutant cult
84 Mountain floats above plain with wizard cult inside trying to make it move for a invasion
85 Giant termite mound like structure now inhabited by crazed cultists
86 Giant statue of a demon prince with a great temple dedicated to him in base
87 Giant stone cow statue, minotaurs have come to worship it and built a maze inside
88 Crater lake with huge temple on shore who hurl treasure to their god under the water
89 Glistening city of gold with step pyramids and temples, a ruined casino complex
90 Hundreds of working neon signs from a mostly buried city surrounded by sand
91 Tops of ancient skyscrapers worn and exposed erupt from plain covering lost city
92 Huge mountain carved into fortress surrounded by nud, trenchworks and barbed wire
93 Ruins of deco city where mutant witches wage war against androids

94 Great clusters of spheres from ancient apartment complex roaming with youth gangs
95 Sprawling complex of gothic cathedral ruins inhabited by cults, gargoyles and undead
96 Futuristic pristine city where robots serve AI to exterminate life who dare sully purity
97 Mountain of skeletons and bones where behemoths and kaiju come to die
98 Statue of dinosaur kaiju worshipped by lizard men as proof they ruled the world
99 Clusters of giant silver spheres surrounded by forcefield, correct ID is needed to enter
100 Carved stone temple complex with fantastic relief art inhabited by degenerate mutants


  1. Replies
    1. in adelaide hills there is such a place
      my dad and other gnome like men made wooden toys for the worlds biggest rocking horse

      a cruel place where kids get wooden toys they have to put on a shelf and not play with


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