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d100 Hazards for old mine tunnels

This is a bunch of hazzards for old mines, tunnels, dungeons. Possibly watching Hill60 film did this. Consider use when too many explosions or rock to mud or other destruction happens. Or a dungeon with a time limit. Everyone had better be quiet. Make your veins in the earth game more horrible!

Explore old mines...

d100 Hazards for old mine tunnels
01 Dripping water down walls and from ceiling
02 Walls become damp and floor wet
03 Column if water pouring in from ceiling
04 Floor grows wetter and becomes deeper
05 Wall supports sagging from weight
06 Wall supports cracked and breaking
07 Wall supports start collapsing
08 Cracks in walls
09 Cracks in wall water weeps through
10 Floor becomes mud
11 Ceiling sags
12 Large stone drops through roof
13 Piles of soil where slowly trickling through roof
14 Bad air lack of oxygen in area, fire goes out
15 Poison gas in area causes choking and gets worse
16 Poison gas save or die
17 Flammable gas ignites if open flame
18 Sinkhole opens in floor
19 Smoke from fire in complex
20 Distant explosion from flamable gas
21 Slight tremor as mine shifts
22 Sounds of cave in in distance
23 Ceiling groans
24 Floor collapses into lower level
25 Rats fleeing swarm over everything
26 Bats fleeing swarm in a panic
27 Fine dust in air choking hazard
28 Fine coal dust in air explosion hazzard
29 Electrostatic discharge causes sparks
30 Distant blast shakes ground
31 Fine dust from ceiling rains on party
32 Gravel from ceiling falls down
33 Rubble falls from ceining
34 Large rock falls from ceining
35 Huge rock dromps from above
36 Dead humanoid under pile of rubble
37 Sounds of distant hammering and digging
38 Tunnel littered in rubble
39 Large boulders and rubble in tunnel
40 Passage half blocked by rubble
41 Only a small crawlspace through
42 Partially blocked requires some work to get through
43 Section flooded knee deep
44 Section flooded waste deep
45 Section flooded neck deep
46 Section flooded can swim through
47 Filthy water with floating mould rafts and bodies
48 Toxic chemical deposits, dust causes slow effect poisoning
49 Shaft in floor with a few planks over it
50 Shaft in ceiling
51 Rotting old planks over floor covering pit

52 Angry creature fallen through hole in floor
53 Corpse in bottom of pit with broken planks
54 Sound of something gnawing through stone
55 Termites nesting on wooden beams
56 Ceiling has lowered to half original height
57 Passage width has been squeezed half original width
58 Kobold footprints
59 Deadfall trap dumps rubble on anyone bumping a stick
60 Skeleton with broken leg
61 Loose piles of wet mud and rubble
62 Trickling stream ow water on floor
63 Geyser of water pouring from a wall draining away into a shaft
64 Knocking sound, a deliberate signal
65 Strange kobold metal sheets on ground burn feet
66 Strange glowing rocks left by kobolds cause sickness over time
67 Passage seems to be burrowed by giant worm or giant bug
68 Shrine with offering for kobolds to keep tunnel safe
69 Grave of long dead miners
70 Warning signs
71 Warning sign buried in rubble

72 Warning sign half sunk in filthy water or mud
73 Deep pit of mad hard to see
74 Floor slippery with mud
75 Groaning sounds from ceiling
76 Distant sounds of sliding rubble
77 Corpse under pile of rubble with feet or a hand exposed
78 Sound of flowing water behind wall
79 Fools gold glistening nuggets if removed causes cave in
80 Huge crystals in wall if removed water flows out
81 Bloody handprint on wall vanishes
82 Distant sound of impish giggling
83 Distant sound of sobbing
84 Feel strange breeze
85 Hear chains rattling
86 Hear moaning
87 Hear distant scream
88 Smell rotting corpses
89 Ghostly breeze blows out light source
90 Someone feels touch of ghostly hand
91 Giant badgers attack like wolves
92 Skeletal miners arise from rubble
93 Wall bursts open and kobolds pour out screaming to attack

94 Zombie miners arise from rubble
95 Sand trap of a ant lion
96 Giant ants identify party as threats or food
97 Spectral miner howls and attacks
98 Giant mole bursts through wall tries to use paralysing bite and drag away a victim
99 Giant carnivorous worm bursts from floor
 Giant burrowing insect bursts out tries to snatch victim


  1. I'm not really sure why Zombie miners seems so horrible to me. The thought of them dying off, only to start eating each other and then to be imprisoned in the dark until an unfortunate group of adventurers comes along...yeeech!


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