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Mutant Character Class

Past Mutant Posts
Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Cyborg Mutations

Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations

Also gotta be consistent with d12 and d10s for source and apotheosis but will fix when i revise or do a mutant book.

Mutant Types So Far

1 Xorian fleshy bio mutants
2 Undead necro mutants
3 Serpent spawn reptilian mutants4 Hellspawn are tainted by devilish diabolic mutations
5 Botanical tainted plant mutants
6 Faerie beings tainted by faerie blood
7 Mental mutants with psionic abilities
8 Underground subterranean mutants
9 Sainly angelic mutants 

Cyborgs evolving into machines using cyber mutations
11 Psychon mutants exotic bio chem war survivors
More new mutations coming
12-Martial arts, weird martial training creates inhuman fighters
13-surgical, patchwork frankenstein medical experiments
14-alchemical, slimy gross toxic cancerous mutants
15-geo mutations, earth element, mammalian
16-hydro mutations, water element, aquatic maritime mutants 
17-pyro mutations, fire elements, draconic, reptilian,
18-aero mutations, air mutations, birds, flying creatures
19-zoomorphic, patchwork animalhybrids
20-insectoid, bug mutants

Part of three classes for Psychon
Robot (cyborg android replicant variants)
Psychic (Mystic) 1 2 3
Mutant (less mutated more secretive variant or change every day varient)

A mutant gets
HD: 1d8
Prime Stat: Con
WP: 3 (+1/2nd Lv)
NWP: 3 (+1/2nd Lv)
Non-WP mod: -3
Languages: d4 (+1/3rd Lv) S=spoken and W=written
(machine coded beeps for speech (often by radio) and punchcards or tapes for read)

Spells: Mutations
NWP: Any Warrior and Rogue
Shield: Yes
Armour: Light +3 (as bodies change most don't bother)
Weapon: Any weapon may select modern firearms
Fight as: Priest
Save as: Priest

Mutants get each level a new random minor and major mutation
Mutants get a extra mutation if:
-minor mutation for every +1 CON bonus and
-major mutation if they get +3 CON bonus
Starts with one mutogenetic taint type and can choose one more each level and may use any others they are exposed to during play
A mutant can choose to be a unstable mutant  and reroll mutations every day using whatever mutation tables they have been tainted by

Mutants can be exposed to new taints and new tables for new mutations rolled
Mutants never worry about too many mutations or apotheosis risks
Each new level can reroll one previous mutation and risk something new
If exposed to a new mutation not from increasing a level as a mutant, you can roll the new mutation and choose to replace a existing mutation or just keep the old one or
You may keep any new minor mutations you recieve in play
Major mutations are limited to one per level plus any bonus one from high starting prime requisite but the mutant may change them unlike non mutants
Initial mutants have one type of mutation but can be exposed to more in play and then use any tables they have been tainted by, non mutants don't get this choice. A mutant should list what mutagenic types they carry (one per level+any exposed to during play)

A Lurker mutant mostly can pass for normal, they lose this status if the cannot hide among humans anymore. Such mutants are hated by humans for living among them and by mutants for shunning their heritage and deformed kin.

Non mutants and MutationsNo more minor mutations than half CON
No More major mutations than Level
Any new mutations beyond this make a save or roll on apotheosis mutation table and gain no new mutations
Non mutants do not ever get to reroll existing mutations or choose which taint effects them using the type from the current exposure

Psychon Bonus Mutations for all charactersOn Psychon all players even mutants can start with up to four bonus mutations from the psychon minor mutations table.

Starting Mutations for Psychon Mutants
A starting mutant class character can choose which type of mutagenic taint they carry instead of the default psychon table most non mutant class characters use
All starting characters on psychon will get a bonus 4 minor mutations
Mutants get extra mutations for a CON bonus
-each + is a extra lesser mutation and +3 is a extra major mutation
plus one starting minor mutation and major mutation for  being a first level character

SamplesSo 12 CON 1st Lv Psychon Mutant 4+1 Minor mutation and one major mutation
So 18 CON 1st Lv Psychon Mutant 4+3+1 Minor mutations and two major mutations
Non Psychon Mutants don't usually get the bonus 4, everyone weird on Psychon

Mutie 1 CON12Cyber mutant, contaminated by Replicant AI agent of a god
Lesser Mutations 5
-Gasmask respirator in chest plate
-Gas analyser detects harmful gas and type in chest unit
Head is square or cube
-Laser targeter +1 hit ranged weapons
Major Mutation 1
-Satellite laser uplink, can contact orbitals, know codes for one/Lv, 10% chance/Lv
So gas resistant, direction sensing, square head and a satellite uplink. Has various obvious cyborg features. Has some useful abilities, possibly should use gas bombs and missiles.

Mutie 2 
CON 17
Mental Mutant, haunted by spirits 
Lesser Mutations 7-Control a small hand sized rodent or bird one round per level per day
-Directional sense always feel magnetic north
-Glow aura makes mutant glow at will 1" radius light
-Perfect sense of time to the second with clock precision
-Probability control gain a +1 on any dice roll once per level per day
-Plant empathy can sense well being of a plant by touch
-Highly sensitive to pain and paranoid about threats of injury
-Sense evil intent towards you within 1"
Major Mutation 1-51 Fanaticism can add +1 once per level per day day on any roll, can use any or all at once
So looks normal. Mostly likes small animals and plants, phobic of pain, sense evil intent and to start with can add +1 two times or +2 once a day to a roll. Some useful senses and carry some birds and rodents for scouts. Glowing has uses.

Mutie 3 CON 18Subterranean Mutations, activated by malnutrition and darkness
Lesser Mutations 8
-Richer hemoglobin reduces need for air 25%, more resistant to bad air
-Insect like tube for sucking fluids and food
-Short stunted legs with flat feet for shoveling dirt
-Able to hibernate once a year for up to 3 months if well fed with fat stores
-Hold breath extra ten minutes if prepared
-Hook claws on feet designed for climbing and hanging upside down even while asleep
-Arms are flattened with large flat hands for burrowing and swiming
-Can feed offspring by shedding skin for them to eat
Major Mutations 2
-Vomit acid d4+1dam/lv three times a day 1" range/lv
-Skin highly lubricated by mucous +1AC and can easily escape bonds and wrestling

Revolting moleman with weird limbs, feeding tube, can survive on scarce air and hibernate. Slimy sheddable edible skin and a acid attack. I kinda feel sorry for making this guy but he might be handy in Veins of the earth or operational unfathomable

Mutie 3 Con 13Psychon Mutant activated by chems
Lesser Mutations 6-Huge ropy grotesque veins-Can eat cellulose in grass, bark, paper, leaves or reeds-Huge luscious puffy lips-Cat tail-Huge coloured hair style-Self cloning reproduction by budding
Major Mutation 1
Vacuum sealed, hold breath 3 min/Lv or survive space for round/Lv
Mostly cosmetic and a bit of a freak, can get food easily and handy in space. This dude will leave a trail of tiny children and will parent a race of clones. Id be hoping for more interesting mutations in the future. 

Take away first 4 lesser mutations for a non psychon mutant makes them less weird. Up to Game master if they let psychon bonus be standard or have say 4 starting lesser mutations instead of one. Certainly not too unbalanced and they will be all the weirder.

Taken a long time to be happy with my range of mutations. I considered a mutant spell list once and several other systems. I could possibly run gammaworld with abhumans beastmen, these mutants, psionics and robot classes or basicly psychon without magic.

Comments on this welcome.

Any interesting mutants made or should the starting minor mutations for non psychon be higher? Any thoughts on balance? etc...


  1. As usual my only thought is "I can't believe he writes this much every day"

    You are amazing

    1. im cheating of late
      write most in one or two days and automate

      so i can make a book a month


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