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Bows and Magic For Faerie Folk

So as I mix BX with mid-1st ed with a few things from third I also allow a elf to choose druid or wizard or cleric spells and that defines what sort of elf are they. I do it with bards too. Worked very well. But I have toyed with making spell lists just for them and bards and mix up all three. I also have a Mentalist List (psionics and illusion magic) which I plan for Shamen to use and this worked with bards and elves. So this is a whole separate tradition of faerie magic which a elf or changeling may choose instead. Possibly dark elf versions a bit creepier. Some spells visually different to human ones

Bow Spot Rules (A Bit Elfy)

Damage Bonus on Bows?

- as I use DEX bonus for all hits mods and STR bonus for all damage melee or missile has worked fine (STR only damages no hit bonus)
-thrown weapons are fine but you need extra STR bows or crossbows to use bonus
STR 13-15 +1 Bonus double cost
STR 16-17 +2 Bonus five times cost
STR 18-19 +3 Bonus twenty times cost
-For every STR bonus of bow is better than what your STR bonus is -1 to use and half speed
-There are WP that let you use DEX instead of STR to dam or STR instead of DX to hit

Firing Into Groups - attack best AC of group

-Fire into group of 5 persons in 1" square +1 randomly hit one in group
-Fire into group of 10 persons in 2x1"square +2 randomly hit one in group
-Fire into army or massed military unit +3 randomly hit one in group
-This affects regulars and in close formations but not say skirmishers in a open formation
-A close group being shot at might use shield walls and get a improved AC
-A WP will specialize in this for extra +2 vs group attacks

d10 Alternative critical hit table
1 - bleed a HP for a turn or till first aid or healed at least a HP
2- big scars or cosmetic scarring
3- tear or destroy clothing
4 -cut off a backpack or item
6 - damage armour or shield by a point
7 - dazed -2 all rolls for ten rounds
8 - choose where target struck
9 - arm hit drops something in hand
10 - leg hit fall over
11 - stunned for one round
12 - save or blinded for d3 rounds -4 on rolls
13 - save or a leg does not work for a d3 rounds
14 - save or a arm does not work for a d3 rounds
15 - destroy item of equipment
16 - save or stunned for a d3 rounds
17 -save or drop weapon
18 - save or weapon broken
19 - maximum weapon damage
20 - save or double damage and limb removed

Bright Faerie Spell List for Elves

I let the celestial high elves use cleric spell list,
they are kin of the stars in the celestial city

Plane shifting eldren my mentalist (psionics) list
they are strange alien observers almost extinct

Forest elves use druid lists
They are proletariat elves of woods, forests and farmlands

Grey elves are the elven magi who use wizardry lists
They are more urban and interested in arkane science than nature

This is a spell list for most common sylvan wood elves and functions for most others. It is a mix of wizardry and druidry. Possibly elf cultists use these lists or some goblins. Dark elf spells more about darkness, undeath and cursing and often reversed but mostly the same.

Faerie Spell List

Zero Level Spells
Flowers - per Lv decorate one person/object or make a flower in hand or sprout flower from ground
Butterflies - make lovely cluster of butterflies1 cubic foot/lvBubbles - make lovely cluster of bubbles 1 cubic foot/lv
Sweeten - makes food taste like flavoured with honey one use per serve
Conjure Bee - creates a single bumblebee round/lv
Lantern - summon glowing globe lasts round/lv can move it 1"/Lv range aheadMask - covers your face and identity for a minute/lv
Music - plays a round of music per Lv

First Level Spells
Elfdart - slows victim by 1"/lv and -1skills/lv if they fail a save from joint pain, round/level
Detect Faerie - detect elves, sprites, goblinoids, brownies, gnomes and other beings or faerie places
Faire Dance - save or dance wildly round per level can flee, if victim higher Lv than caster only -2 to attack or act on a failed saveElf Arrow - makes a arrow become magical flame instead of weapon damage that can harm magic beings, one shot per Lv
Silver Blade - can hit anything requiring magic or silver can cast on edged weapon round/Lv

Second Level Spells
Venom Arrow - poison curse for a arrow head, victim saves or takes 1d4/lv if succeeds takes only 1/Lv
Bless Bow - arrow damage to 2d4 fire for round/Lv hit as if magic +1 every three levels Burning
Faerie Gold - turn pebble into gold 1gp/Lv last a hour per level, cold iron touch reveals truth

Hide Away - disappear to another plane round/Lv, no awareness or movement
Sync Lay Line - increase spell casting level by +1 for round/Lv near special power places and gates

Third Level Spells
Spawn Goblin - turn a mass of fungus, ferns, shrubs or a human baby into a goblin
Spawn Orc - turn mud in a pit into a mindless newborn orc
Faerie Food - charms failed saving throw victim to want more, taints them with faerie nature

Planar Vault - disappear for a round per level and move through other plane, use to pass through solids, aware of real world vaguely and can navigate in the confusing between world place

Fourth Level Spells
Tree Curse - turns enemy into a tree unless reverse spell cast on them or to make a tree into a wildman who probably panics and flees promptly
Walk Between Worlds - travel through weak points in planes like between faerie worlds.Often marked by stones or increased spirits

Fifth Level Spells
Alter Human - create lycanthropes, beastmen, doppelgangers, goblins, orcs. Permanent surgical ritual
Metal to Wood - turn 10lb of metal into wood, used for art or to ruin weapons, armour or doors

Sixth Level Spells
Call Old One - call a elven ancestor to aid you with a vision where you negotiate for help

Seventh Level Spells
Faerie Gate - make permanent gate to faeryland, can be opened monthly or require ritual or dance or spoken phrase to open. Often based on lunar cycles and solstices


  1. Mixing spell lists is a good way to make fun, different characters.

  2. ooh! These are cool! I like the different spell groups for different elf species :)

  3. Very nice grasp on traditional elfishness.


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