Saturday, 3 February 2018

d100 Frontier Woodlands

I heard there could be non magical woods with mostly animals and some humans. In a fantasy world anything is possible.

Frontier Woodlands
01 Prospector looking for metals, gems or ruins and panning for gold
02 Trapper catching foxes, rabbits and other furry forest friends
03 Hunter alone tracking game or wolves or patroling for enemies
04 Woodcutter with hatchet and donkey load of wood
05 Herbalist gathering plants and fungi and lichen
06 Young lovers out on a walk holding hands
07 Several naughty children out exploring and sneaking about
08 Ranger out on patrol for humanoids or border activity
09 Druid with animal friend out gathering herbs like mistletoe
10 Lone highwayman at camp 
11 Scruffy gang of starving bandits, mostly young led by older veteran bully
12 Woodland gang of rebels who harass the wealthy and nobility
13 Gang of professional killers and cutthroats with a secret lair
14 Robber knights, outlaws who lair over the border, well armed and armoured gang
15 Forest cultists meeting in the woods and cannot let witnesses live
16 Witch out to meet her sisters, might flee or try parley or deciet
17 Wisewoman in crude shack making a pot of herbal tea with her pets
18 Farmer out on hunting trip to supplement his struggling family
19 Lone grubby fugitive from serious crime d4 1=kinslayer 2=murder 3=heresy 4=banditry
20 Old hermit mostly avoids humans often mad or holy or both
21 Old cannibal murderer lives in a hole and makes man traps
22 Old homeless woman accused of witchcraft on the run with a few pets
23 Madman looking for victims to kill
24 Madmen outcasts in community of shacks and garbage
25 Lost village idiot looking for a new home after better idiot beat him in contest
26 Elf scout spying on humans
27 Barbarian hunters camping and in hiding
28 Escaped convicts probably will join bandits if they dont starve
29 Wildmen tribal hunters in small group wary of clothed humans
30 Wildman lonely savage might be willing to trade or meet
31 Dwarf prospecter happy to talk to humans
32 Goblin scout patrol searching the area
33 Goblin scouts riding wolves or giant bats
34 Hobgoblin patrol well armoured, looking for soldiers
35 Bugbears looking for people to scare or decapitate or both
36 Kobolds with wild dogs out exploring and prospecting
37 Werewolf in disguise as old trapper
38 Gnome mosty ignores people but likes to heal wounded animals in traveller groups
39 Orc hunters scouting human weaknesses
40 Dire wolves ridden by orc archers
41 Nobles with many servants, hunters and knights
42 Villagers searching for missing person
43 Hunters hiding have staked out a nervous young goat to lure wolves or lions
44 Fox trap d4 damage STR 12
45 Wolf trap d6 damage STR 14
46 Bear trap d8 damage STR 18
47 Lion Pit 10 foot deep d4 1=lid 2=spikes 3=wood cage 4=lion
48 Net trap, suspends victims 20 foot up
49 Poisoned meat baits to kill foxes and wolves
50 Snare trap, suspends victim upside down ten foot up
51 Squirrels amusingly chase nuts or fighting

52 Weasels scuttering in leaf litter and into roots of a tree
53 Swarm of bats to and from hiding places
54 Owls in tree hooting
55 Giant owl speaks your name to scare you or just talk
56 Beavers cutting some saplings down into a creek near a new nest
57 Gamebirds nervously pecking for seeds and fruits 
58 Wild dog pack attracted to humans
59 Wolf pack out hunting
60 Lone desperate wolf stalks for the right moment
61 Wild goats happily grazing
62 Rabbits quickly run into warren
63 Giant hedgehog can shoot spines
64 Wild cat or lynx runs away quickly
65 Fox bolts from hidingplace to escape
66 Forest lion or panther roaring in distance listening and smelling for prey
67 Wild boars with several aggressive males
68 Herd of deer, might run you down if you get in way
69 Plodding elk, large male gets angry
70 Wild cattle with several angry bulls
71 Wild sheep with a huge ram

72 Huge toads or frogs by a pond
73 Huge tortoise eating berries
74 Giant rats scuttling in trees
75 Giant squirrels throw nuts and try to steal stuff at camp
76 Dire Wolves d4
77 Dire weasel
78 Dire Badger
79 Bear d4 1=small black 2=medium brown 3=big grizzly 4=cave bear
80 Owl bear
81 Lichen and fungus covered lone zombie
82 Lichen and fungus covered skeletons with spears and sortswords and shortbows
83 Lichen and fungus covered skeleton aprentice d4+1 level wizard with guards skeletons
84 Bush troll only 4 foot high, vegetation covered meek helper of the woods
85 Forest troll a large stoney skin fat humanoid with moss and plants sprouting from skin
86 Chaos troll, a crazed cosmic cancer growth roaming wood for aeons gorging itself
87 Forest giant walking through the woods out hunting for humans to crush into bread
88 Ogre hunters with spears and a pet bear out hunting
89 Ogress man eater out hunting
90 Orc shaman with followers looking to do a vile deed on a quest
91 Evil knight with followers wants sacrifices
92 Murder hobo adventurers desperate to not go empty handed again
93 Young beginner adventurers looking for location on a treasure map

94 Hidden forest troll ambush anyone who swears or wastes forest resources
95 Ferocious forest walrus basking on rocks in the sun
96 Halflings having a extra meal of the day has been going for six hours
97 Centaurs angry at humans for existing, will cavy away love interests
98 Manticores out being jerks in the forest to forest creatures
99 Green dragon looking for food
100 Dark elf assassins with giant pet d4 1=spider 2=scorpion 3=lizard 4=praying mantis


  1. ah! now 07 needs a daughter tabld to determine what those naughty children are up to! :)
    And how many I guess. One naughty child is bad enough..but five..that's bordering a homicide-waiting-to-happen.
    Know one funny for rping; a naughty child royal prince...think the little sadist prince from GoT...and what do you do? go along with him or risk the ire of the king?
    Maybe you vould do a whole table of them :)


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