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Cyber Mutations

Huh? Robot mutations? What are they for?
Can use for machines especially customised or modified ones. Also some AI and synthetics experiment on victims and perform partial cyborging operations on victims. Oldschool Dr who Cybermen might do stuff like this. There are nano tech mecha viruses that turn victims into combat machines also surviving from the apocalypse war.

11 mutation tables so far including next post so will do poll for which to do next...
Insectoid? Amphibian? Arachnid? Draconic? Fish?

Basic mutation here are powered by the body possibly from body heat but more powerful sub systems recharged daily or microfactories renew ammo or other components. Most cyborgs use food but major cyborgs have atomic fuel cells the same as ancient automobiles and houses. At this stage the cyborg oly needs food for remaining organic systems.

Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Next Psychon Mutations

Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations

d10 Sources of Mutation
1 Contact by android or machine nanites
2 Operated on in a black lab
3 Operated on by robot medic
4 Piece of tech fused to body
5 Shot by munition carrying machine nanites

6 Synthetic life form deliberatly contaminated you
7 Dormant in body possibly from parents
8 Stung by robot insect drone
9 Romantic contact with synthetic life form
10 Touched fluid leaked by synthetic life form  

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Minor Mutations
01 Never blink
02 No nose or smell
03 Filter mask resists dust, pollution, spores
04 No ears just small holes, -1 per dice sonic damage
05 Faceplate comes off revealing electronics
06 Nightvision
07 Eyes light up red when angry
08 Heads up display points out obvious facts
09 Laser range finder in eyes 
10 Laser targeter +1 hit ranged weapons
11 Skin is metallic flexible mesh +1AC
12 Cables run along limbs and body with junction boxes on joints
13 Plastic skin peels off when damaged revealing metal
14 Anti radar coating, don't detect as metallic
15 EMP shielding, resist anti electronic pulses
16 Reflective skin -1 damage per dice from energy beam weapons
17 Articulated mechanisms on joints
18 Fire proof skin, -1 damage per dice from flame
19 Shock proof skin, -1 damage per dice from electricity
20 Thermal regulated skin, -1 damage per dice from cold
21 Condition readout display panel on chest
22 Gasmask respirator in chest plate
23 Metal plates over chest +1AC 
24 Duress alarm sounds if activated or unconscious or dying
25 Gas analyser detects harmful gas and type in chest unit
26 Radiation detector in chest unit
27 Radar scanner detects in chest unit detects radar in use
28 Built in fire extinguisher in chest, charge/Lv/day
29 Spotlight in chest
30 Printer in chest unit, print out ticker tape or punch cards
31 Folding grappling hook with 20 yards cable
32 Built in utility belt with various pouches
33 No genitalia
34 Impressive synthetic genitalia
35 Storage space 1/2 cubic foot
36 Immune to poison food or drink
37 Humidity extractor collects water from air no longer needs to drink 
38 Can only digest predigested food in paste form
39 Food analyser detects quality and properties of food
40 Only needs to eat one day a week
41 Claw hand less agile but stronger d3 pinch
42 Tools in fingers (screwdriver, file, pliers, drill, clippers)
43 Lighter in finger can light fires
44 Keypad on arm
45 Built in calculator watch
46 Wrist monitor screen
47 Wrist radio
48 Pop out blade d4
49 Arms or hands detachable
50 Arms elongate one longer foot at will
51 Legs detatchable

52 Metal detectors in feet sense mines or loot
53 Storage space in legs for dagger or pistol or ammo
54 Spikes pop out feet +1 kick damage
55 Legs elongate two feet longer at will
56 Pneumatic jumping jacks +2 yards
57 Wheels instead of feet +1 Mov
58 Magnetic boots, can cling to metal surfaces such as space ships
59 Climbing spikes easier to grip wood or cracks for climbing
60 Impact sensors detect heavy things moving on ground 1"/Lv
61 Megaphone speakers
62 Synthetic voice
63 Mimic voice
64 Metallic pointy teeth d3 bite
65 Mouth a thin unmoving slot
66 G
rinding tool in mouth chews steel like a power tool
67 Elongating tongue two foot long
68 Regurgitate waste products in pellet form
69 Smoke comes out when exerting effort
70 Skull opens to access brain
71 Lamp on forehead

72 Head is square or cube
73 Neck extend two foot
74 Head detatchable
75 Head is metalic skull
76 Cyclops, single wide angle eye
77 Antenna detect radia signals
78 Transparent dome upper head
79 LED display in forehead or over eyes
80 Horns or spike d4 headbutt
81 Reflex booster +1 initiative, once/Lv/day
82 Compass
83 Self sealing system -1 damage from cutting or stab (not a axe or bite)
84 Self repair centre +1 HP per day
85 Access ports to reach and repair insides easier
86 Blood filter +2 save vs disease or poison
87 Requires only half air of normal person
88 Atomic fuel cell lasts five years
89 Deep sleep can shut down most systems week/lv
90 Denser bones +1AC
91 Separated brain lobes take turns to rest, no sleep
92 Input output jacks and disc drive
93 Sealed brain can be removed and replaced

94 No pleasure centres
95 No emotions +2 resist fear or charm
96 Pain suppressor, prevents shock or incapacitating pain
97 Rerouted nerves, gets a second save to resist paralysis
98 Disdain for organic life and "meatbags"
99 Photographic memory
100 Save to awaken from unconsciousness in in negative HP

d100 Major Mutations
01 X-ray vision, one round/Lv/day 1 foot per level
02 Sonar as a bat 10"/Lv, sense invisible and see in dark
03 Explosive sniffer (sense bullets or bombs within 1")
04 Laser eyes d4/Lv singly or all dice at once in a day, 10" range, roll to hit 
05 Holographic face, change face at will for disguises
06 Face gun 2d4 10" range, shot/Lv/day kinetic bullet projectile, loud
07 Voice stress analyzers detect lies on INT roll
08 Thermographic vision, see heat trails and temperature extremes
09 Optical shield amours eyes and provide flash defence and polarising filter
10 Detachable eyeballs can be left as spies to record or broadcast to owner
11 Molecular mesh as chainmail
12 Shock touch +d3 unarmed attack or vs any foe making contact
13 Holographic cloak skin invisible round/Lv/day
14 Resilient skin -1 to any incoming damage 
15 Ablative skin +2HP/Lv
16 Fire Resistant, 1/2 damage from fire
17 LCD skin whole skin surface is a monitor, camo or graphics standard
18 Sensory domes all over 1"/Lv motion detector
19 Radar skin 1"Lv detect metal objects, weapons, vehicles, machines
20 Chaff cloud skin fogs radar and energy sensors 1" radius cloud/Lv, use/Lv/day
21 Monitor in chest to display thoughts or images from other inputs
22 Rocket launcher, shot/3Lv/day, 6" range, 3d6 damage 1" radius, roll to hit 
23 Satellite laser uplink, can contact orbitals, know codes for one/Lv, 10% chance/Lv
24 Energy scanner, sense power or energy sources within 1"/Lv
25 Chest Beamer 3d6 cone fx 1"/Lv, shot per 3Lv, shot/Lv/day
26 Drone bay with scout drone with remote camera, 10"/Lv, 10min/Lv
27 Cryptography computer, comprehend one language or code Lv/day
28 Support AI, secondary personality offers advice or lakes over if main brain injured
29 Synthesizer can play music or pre programmed tracks or smples 100 tracks/Lv 
30 Toolbox suitable for all kinds of repairs, ten tools/Lv
31 Furnace can feed off any organic matter for power
32 Seperate body at waist splitting HP between them, steer legs by remote
33 Medical diagnostic scanner, detects if victim poisoned, diseased or injured
34 Technological diagnostic scanner, detects faults and how to operate machines
35 Spinnerette can spin 3" thin rope/Lv/day
36 Food replicator, produce 3 meals a day/Lv
37 Acid sprayer 2d4+1 per round/Lv 3" range, one use per 2Lv/day
38 Spiked Tail extra d6 melee attack
39 Hand grenade dispenser, 3d6 1" radius, one every 3 Lv, throw STR in yards
40 Tail prehensile, can swing from or hold objects 2 yards long
41 Drill hand or chainsaw hand d8 weapon
42 Mecha Claw d6 extra unarmed attack
43 Hand blaster 2d6 energy beam range 6"
44 Fold out shield can choose small, medium or large at will
45 Bolt caster arm 2d4 range 20" fold out gauss crossbow
46 Cutting torch finger, cuts bars, doors, through metal walls round/Lv/day
47 Tentacle arms can become flexible and 1 yard extra length/Lv
48 Hammer punch +1d6 unarmed attack once/Lv/day
49 Lockpick finger opens common mechanical or electronic locks not safe or vault
50 Cable launcher 1" range/Lv, can swing or entangle as a whip or d4 damage
 Rocket Legs fly 1 round/lv normal Mov rate
52 Bionic leap +1" jump/Lv
53 Bionic legs +1" Mov/Lv
54 Hammer kick +d6 unarmed 1/Lv/day
55 Storage compartments, handgun + 2 clips or similar items in each leg
56 Legs fuse into a tail at will allowing full speed in water
57 Legs elongate into stilts 1 yard/Level at will
58 Centaur configuration or transformation mode, cant trip, +50% speed
59 Oil droppers leave a oily slick that pursuers can slip on with failed DEX  
60 Two medium size melee weapons can detach from legs
61 Sonic screamer 2d6 in 1" cone, save or deaf for ten minutes, 1 use/Lv/day
62 Mecha Jaw d6 bite damage
63 Monofilament tongue 1" range 2d6, extra attack, one use per/Lv/day
64 Mouth flamer, 2d6 1" range cone, one use per/Lv/day
65 Fog cloud breathe 1" radius/Lv one use/Lv/day
66 Taste analysis determines if food edible, poisonous or nutritious
67 Shuriken launcher d4 3" range 3 per round
68 Translator box 10 minutes of speech overheard to start learning basic language
69 White noise generator neutralizes sonic attacks or speech in 1"/Lv
70 Stun gun, shot/Lv/day 6" range roll to hit, save or paralysed round/Lv
71 Stroboscopic stunner 1" 
range cone shot/Lv/day save or paralysed round/Lv
72 Sensor antenna extend senses 360 degrees up to a yard from head, 
73 Neck extends yard/Lv
74 Spectral analyser determine composition of materials in 1" range
75 Groscope +1 DEX
76 Power jack can recharge batteries in a hour, hydrogen cell -1month chem cell -1day
77 Hologram projector can project store images or image of self 1"Lv Round/Lv/day
78 Buzzsaw in forehead d8 headbutt
79 Extra face on back of head, head can rotate
80 Flying spy drone detaches from head with recording camera bird size
81 Artificial gills can respirate under water, if not needed can provide others with air
82 Repair nanites 1HP/hour
83 Radiation resistance
84 Self destruct charge d6/Level 2" radius on death
85 Internal air supply 10 minutes per hour
86 Poison resistant
87 Disease resistant
88 Artificial heart +1 CON
89 Adrenal booster +1 STR
90 Four atomic fuel cells last 5 years each, replacable
91 Brain removable can be jacked into terminals or robot bodies
92 Black box, back up holographic recording of personality
Brain casing will survive for a month independent of body or death 
94 Brain can crawl on own, 10% HP, Mov or Jump 1", d4 crush attack
95 Data base encyclopedia, possibly biased or ancient +1 INT
96 Brain pod can fly off on own in detachable winged drone
97 Mental shield +2 resist mind control and half psionic damage
98 AI brain, second brain can advise, provide warnings, monitor sub systems
99 Dual brain can perform extra action in combat or perform multiple tasks better
100 Back up recording of memories uploaded daily to satellite

revised Apotheosis third stage mutations

Every petty mutation more than half your CON score requires a save roll or apotheosis
Every major mutation more than your level requires a save roll or apotheosis
Mutant class ignore these risks and get one of each type per level and can reroll any old mutations if they wish

d12 Apotheosis Mutations

1 All organic remains replaced with plastic and metal
2 Upload consciousness into orbital AI colony and shut down
3 Reproduce self on mission to replace organic life
4 Merge with AI consciousness, body becomes a drone
5 Merge with collective machine network, body becomes a drone
6 Join virused synthetics in exterminating all organic life
7 Serve humanoid masters and protect them from all harm
8 Leave the earth to spread machine kind to the stars
9 Encounter your back up duplicate and both fight to destruction
10 Fuel cells ignite leaving body just radioactive scrap and ash
11 Fuel cells eject irradiating area and explodes d6/Lv 2"radius
12 AI god uses your body as a vessel and deletes your memory core


  1. "Oh no, I got a robot STD and now a satellite dish is growing out of my head!" These tables are very nice for Other Dusts

    1. cheers as long as you get tv on your dish you will be fine


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