Friday 2 February 2018

Village Book PDF Public Release

Celebrating Post 1250So some comments on the process of making a zine or pdf book a month.

Just got these two new ones printed for myself. Hope to afford toner in future to print and proof myself. Real proofs are kina handy to check art and some details i miss on screen. Getting glasses in a few weeks.

The Village Book is Here up for everyone to click here and Download

avoid maps in spreads with text near staples or words over centre of spreads
a few too pixelish, gotta scan my clip book archives for more
trying to use older dated art in publications
rather than just ripped of stuff by living possibly hungry artists
or do my self like i did on the murder hobo book
or crowd source like I am with the Psychon book (20+ so far)
Have been enjoying hand and digital maps and might bring both together yet
I'm going to get short on art possibly or it might become a bottleneck

Faerie Book - just finished Patreon release
More flawed than my recent stuff but still a nice fat book 74pg
need me to fill in 2 pages and read and clean up more 

i just wanted it done to meet my deadline and get on with other stuff
On my Patreon now

Village Book - current public release

Following the style of Shadelport book and fun getting images for it
Some of this for the hell setting and in shadelport, will be overlapping content and repeating can be handy if using several books at once
Will release on my 1250th post

Current Available Downloads Here

Murder Hobo Book 

got about 600 uploads week one
was fun and used my own art and in colour
did forget some content but have made lots of content for a future expansion since

Shadelport Book

This got 2000 downloads in a week and made me start the Patreon page. It is the biggest and I will revise and put out as a hardcover on Lulu first. Ive expanded on several things here and would possibly take out some of the rural and village stuff next time.

EMO Elfmaids & Octopi Homebrew Rules

Based on BX and late AD&D1 currently a bunch of stuff in this version I didn't end up using
Would like to revise bit by bit then include in later versions of my setting books like Psychon and Xor. Ive started this several times and failed. Possible breakdown of books
-Attributes and Character Creation and Proficiencies  (8 classes including 4 races)
-Spell Lists of varied types and 8 more classes, plus extra sample builds
-Monsters and loot

Gothic Sampler

A pile of horror and grave themed stuff
I could easily expand this and do a seperate necromancer book

Goblin Book

Was pretty pleasant to do and fits in with the elf section well

Great Weird War

My WW1 Horrour sourcebook for COC
One table to add and could do some more, overlaps with my Metropolis Setting

EMO Book of Cool Loot

Compilation of treasure stuff did
If I updated would need some extra content and treasure tables


Version with typo on cover still about, must reload new version
Current Australia setting would be included next time

Other Ideas
Planet Psychon ACID Punk Edition
Not much work so mostly time spent on layouts and new art
Have 20+ donated works so far which is nice for a crowdsource project
One day would like to do a fancy edition with 70s prog rock art leased

Murder Highway Setting Book

All my BRP roadwar stuff
Long awaited but I had particular artistic crisis and stopped
buat it is comming back again
Knowing I can add to and update later is good

Salty Seamen Book

All my sailor and pirate stuff
plus maps of coastal villages
plus Port Blood Sand mapped
undead deep sea mermaids

Mutant Book with multiple mutation types
mutant character class

Would love to do a pro version of Xor but a "Carbon" edition with my illos might be ok for now. One I would kickstart to get art for or scan lots of meat. At least my sketches might inform a proper illustrator

Hell The Spiral Path

Procedurally generated replayable escape from hell book

Cthulhu Metropolis

Just assemble from what I have done really
Film rights expire in 2022

Dwarvern Mountain

Dwarves, mountains and highland country and caves

Redbrick Dungeon Zone
There is a gaming company called Redbrick so I might need to change name
Mostly done writing wise and ive sat on it for 5 years.
A few things revised to true d100 and more geomorphs?
Would make a good project for LuLu part of my deadly dozen dungeons

Deadly dozen dungeons

This all mutated from my long stairs dnd game which i could have a crack at with some maps and more base stuff.

Dungeon Zones (all started to some degree)
-Gothic (i have a big to do list still)
-Redbrick Dungeon (mostly done)
-Goblin Mine (done but could be expanded with geomorphs)
-Amber Manour (time warping manour of cursed mad wizard clan)
-Giant Fortress (giant ruins, giants, ogres)

-Alcheringa (I might still change this but was a paleolithic ancient australia)
-Elder Cyclopean Ruins (prehuman races and horrors)
-Lost Temple (desert ancient temple and tomb)
-Forbidden City (jungle prehuman ruins full of slavery and cults)
-Glacial Caverns (frozen prehistoric civilizations and caces
-Sunken City (coastal ruins that expand into under the sae and ground)
-Underland Citadel (gigantic tower complexes deep under the earth

-replace alcheringa and underland settings
-sprawling library a replacement contender

Wilderness zones include

 -faerie forests, done
-dwarf mountain
-Shadelport city, done
-hellbog swamp
-village books, done
-possibly underland belongs here
-monster island

Other Dumb Possible Ideas

Could release some old campaign settings and revise maps
Goat Quest
Wilderness book
Dungeon boss book
Beastmen Book
Holy book
Psionics Book
shaman book
alchemist book
noble life stuff - castles, legal stuff
Babylon BC setting
SF BX book

I expect i will be refining and revising some of these by next year

Anyway feels like i'm making progress and these volumes im doing now are easier to edit before I try LuLu or Drivethrough. Im hoping on a Shadelport Hardcover by june

Getting these out will help me revise and develop these into fancier products I could do a kickstarter for mostly to get art and editing sorted

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