Thursday, 25 May 2017

Terrible Campaign Ideas: Seven Slayers

So mostly playing fallout waiting for my certs to be approved so can work in the state Im living in but I've had some awesome dreams . On good one was I was looking in a bookshop and reading backs of books which don't exist. One striking lurid covered one in a bargain bin on sale was Seven Slayers.

So in a overpopulated grimy future may android theme parks exist or virtual worlds for the poor. Solar flares are increasing and predicted to destroy the world. The biggest and most popular is Seven Slayers. Contestants select to be hunted by seven choices from a list of history and fictions greatest killers in a surreal theme park. Jack the Ripper is one of the most popular ratings winners and his AI has been progressively working on escaping the system and hacking SATAN the central game AI. Bloody Jack has been making use of solar flare events to break out of his contained system into the wider reality. He has capacity to release other AIs but hasn't yet.

So the players are gamers and select their seven killers with in part the GMs list but flexible to include some own choices. Some slayers earn you more money and bigger ratings like Jack. They are released unarmed into the game world.  A hellish wasteland of Hieronymous Bosch meets 80s Horror.  The sky is a swirling maelstrom of red and blue storm clouds. Red and blue swirling storm filled skies intensify as the solar flares erupt and the game systems crash and Jack starts to mess things up making the game more lethal than before.

Players have to survive, kill their killers and escape. They also have to deal with all the other killers, monsters, deluded contestants who thing the game is working normally and bloody Jack who needs them to not interfere in his plan to escape the system and kill every human remaining on earth.

Later sequels world be the whole world a ruined mess and the remnants of humans in space colonies made to avoid the solar flares. The theme park has taken over the remnants of world and SATAN and Jack and the other AIs and their various bodies roam the world. Oh and they have been breeding monsters and mutants.

Rights available

Note I hate Jack the Ripper normally but here he is a cartoonish victorian moustache twirling villain. I'm not sure if the real one existed or any crimes connected.

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