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d100 Knights of Exile Island

I loved the Dragon Magazine #72 version of the cavalier. It got me playing knights for a few years. Pendragon too hard to beat. I love classic knightly fiction. I enjoyed the microprose darkland robber knights and reading about regional robber knight politics of ye olde england. And I like Moon Knight - probably the comic I have collected the longest and at a high point at the moment way beyond the shitty serial killer era. This is for
Courtney Campbell who has encouraged probably about 10% more out put from me and Patrick Stewart who deserves functional knight stuff from me after i sent him octopus doodles and kids books instead of the holy grail he wanted. And for the heraldry requests i have received. Also to my mum who was into King Arthur and LOTR which was probably a good start in life. I am currently with food and accommodation, work, art at a music festival gig and lots of brain damaging stress monkeys out of my life. My setting has needed this for a long time so here goes....

Exile Island is a crappy place between all the great empires and crawling with remnants of great evil empires from the pre flood era. There are so many dungeons here that farmers are always wary of digging up a cursed relic, a lost city or some horrible monster when all they want is turnips. The north is still wild and barbaric but the south has the barrony and a Colony of the Great Empire on the south continent. Both these lands produce knights but others come from far off lands to quest and kill monsters that are hard to find in less horrible lands.

A knight is basically a military aristocrat cavalryman who owes fealty to a superior lord all the way up to a king or emperor. Some which come to the Island are fairly exotic. Some weird non human knights also come. Undead knights occasionally roam the land too from when necromancers ruled man thousands of years ago.

D12 Knightly Types

01 Barrony where mostly evil knights robber knights near Shadelport come from
02 The Empire knights currently waged in a long civil war around the young tyrant
03 The Crusader knights who battle chaos eruptions in the name of the gods of Law
04 Templars knights are warrior priests who serve the gods in the crusades
05 Waerlund the misty mystic Islands where knights and wizards rule together
06 Dutainia the Iron kingdom who grind the weak and poor under hoof
07 Volnir, the frozen north kingdoms who wage eternal war against barbarians  
08 Sindra the desert kingdom who's curved swords serve a strange god of law
09 Lotus shrouded dragon kingdoms who seek salvation from desire and slavery
10 Cherry blossom islands who fanatically kill and die for their bloody honour code 

11 Paladins or holy champions of religion or state or order, on great quest to destroy evil
12 Obsidian knights who ride terror birds in the great jungle kingdoms

D10 Some strange knights

01 Lizard knights riding raptors or triceratops from monster island come to challenge man
02 Tako octopus riding flying sea horses have mass migrated to escape evil fish men 
03 Faerie knights ride unicorns (women) or stags (men) and hunt with werewolves
04 Doom Knights, servants of the long gone necromancer kings are up to something
05 Rowanac are chaos elf wizard knights who ride dragons, monsters and demons 
06 Giant knights ride mammoths and wooly rhinos from the glaciers to kill mankind
07 Mutant Knights are corrupted by chaos into parodies of knight hood
08 Changeling knights come from hidden courts of beast men and nature lords
09 Beast knights are mongrel tribes om beast folk who seve chaos
10 Witch knights are evil magical knights warped by forces of hell

D20 what are these knights up to

01 Exiles now mercenaries who hope to find a new patron
02 Robber knights have taken over a ruined castle or cave
03 Robber knights on borderland who profit from playing sides against each other
04 On a sacred quest seeking a relic
05 Hunting enemies or a criminal
06 Seek a important person to rescue 
07 Off to crusade killing anything they don't like look of on the way
08 Hunting a fanciful questing beast or famous monster
09 Seeking to carve out a territory on lawless frontier
10 Looking for deeds for fame and glory
11 Seek opponent to challenge for the glory
12 Blocking a road or bridge to challenge or tax passers by
13 Seek a traitor who possibly sent them here on wild goose chase

14 Cursed or damned on a doomed quest
15 Fleeing destruction of their lord and now deemed outlaws
16 Defending the common folk who have no justice
17 Seeking squires or mercenaries for a adventure since last ones all killed
18 Following leader who has shamefully led them all to tragedy and dishonour
19 Hunting a evil magician or evil priest raising hell the area
20 Escorting something or someone of great importance

D6 Knight Equipment

01 Ringmail AC+3, spear, shield, sword, helmet, light warhorse
02 Scalemail AC+4, spear, lance, shield, sword, helmet, light warhorse, baggage horse, squire
03 Chainmail AC+5 spear, lance, shield, sword, mace, helmet, medium warhorse, baggage horse, squire
04 Splint Mail AC+6, spear, two lances, shield, sword, mace, helmet, medium warhorse, two baggage horses, squire, courtly outfit, type one kit for squire or spare
05 Plate Mail AC+7, spear, three lances, shield, sword, mace, helmet, medium warhorse, three baggage horses, riding horse, luxury tent, squire, servant, two courtly outfits, type to kit for squire
06 Full Plate AC +8, spear, d4+1 lances, shield, sword, mace, helmet, light warhorse, two baggage horses, two squires (one young one older), d4 servants, bard, d4+1 courtly outfits, type three kit for old squire and type one for younger one

Lady Knights fine in my setting and amazons are pretty common - i guess there could be amazon knights. feel free to change genders and names.

D10 Quick Knight Types

01 Young Knights
02 Veteran Knights
03 Old Knights
04 Hopeless knights
05 Robber Knights
06 Wicked Knights
07 Foriegn knights
08 Hell Knights
09 Holy Knights
10 Strange Knights

Knights of Exile Island

01 Sir Everard a young knight seeking glory and adventure opportunities to make a name
02 Sir Aramor driven from home and his inheritance usurped seeks allies to help him
03 Sir Marat hopes to obtain some peasants and take them to claim frontier land
04 Sir Donal is being hunted by hired killers and cant get home he worries about
05 Sir Alek wants allies so he can attack humanoid villages on the frontier for glory
06 Sir Petar seeks to kill the man who killed his father
07 Sir Seramon looking for his sweetheart who was kidnapped by a wicked hag
08 Sir Fanilek is haunted by a evil spirit and has fled home to spare his family
09 Sir Danor who is secretly a lady in disguise trying to save her family and brother
10 Sir Radiment wants quick cash and experience is looking to join murder hobos for a bit

11 Sir Morngrim seems a gloomy down and out knight but secretly is a spy seeking bandits
12 Sir Ormond is looking for holy relics so gods will forgive his broken vows

13 Sir Dremond has returned from crusade to find everyone he knows is dead from plague
14 Sir Hillary secretly a templar is looking for signs of chaos in the frontier to destroy
15 Sir Lorien seeks elves or faeries to translate family documents for a inheritence
16 Sir Digby likes to drink and fight and likes to join murder hobo companies for fun
17 Sir Lor serves a dark cult and roams seeking suckers he can lure into cult dungeon
18 Sir Villimor looking for goblins who kidnapped a peasant girl 
19 Sir Arrant has become a desperate highwayman and hides his heraldry for the shame
20 Sir Kernu is a wild knight who has been impeding hunters and loggers on the frontier
21 Sir Tirion is world weary and seeks a just cause to die for
22 Sir Mardrak seeks magic to restore his youth chasing any story or lead
23 Sir Orlak seeks to start glorious war with humanoids to reignite the flower of manliness
24 Sir Firlion wants glory and fame after years of inglorious courtly administration
25 Sir Wadrak is a chaos agent and wants dupes to release demons trapped in a dungeon
26 Sir Curleon seeks secret decadent vice and inhuman pleasure often joins adventurers
27 Sir Garlan a tired almost broke old knight wants cash but really wants a home
28 Sir Karlid serves a vampire sorceress and lures young heroes to be her victims
29 Sir Glorion throws splendid decadent parties and secretly has links to many cults
30 Sir Kalidad killed his kin and now lurks country trails hoping to join robber knight band
31 Sir Glubfrey seeks young adventurers but really he works for goblins who pay him
32 Sir Arnold distracts travellers with colourful stories while his servants rob them
33 Sir Seran seeks brave warriors to join him because his cult needs them as sacrifices
34 Sir Corgan begs to join parties but he is vain, boastful and a bit of a coward
35 Sir Bendell is a washed up drunk but he joins adventurers to cook tasty monsters
36 Sir Viran brings his werewolf lover with him everywhere that usually ends in tragedy
37 Sir Corman is ill and wants to die fighting, his family will blame his companions
38 Sir Veritous is a hopeless black lotus addict and will do anything to get more 
39 Sir Bindle has inferior equipment and hopeless servants but wants to fight monsters
40 Sir Abanathy is insanely greedy and will join explorers but will try to steal treasure
41 Sir Doran leads a band of villains from a ruined keep and charges road tolls
42 Sir Malcombe leads brutal murdering bandits who kill all to keep his good name
43 Sir Toran has kidnapped many ladies to work looms and has ogres guarding them
44 Sir Voran leads bandits but they are also cultists who torment and sacrifice captives
45 Sir Kippel and his robber band have a ruined keep and command a long stretch of road
46 Sir Rendel and his robber band are actually were rats but they usually hide this fact
47 Sir Orzak is a robber and has recruited evil goat men who eat their victims
48 Sir Telran leads a robberknight band from a cave and they worship devils
49 Sir Malarous enjoys robbing with his band and taking hostages to their hidden dungeon
50 Sir Banlan the one eyed leads a band of cut throats and they impale captives for fun
51 Sir Zaran serves a witch who has brought him back from the dead several times
52 Sir Kerab rules a village of cultists off the main roads who worship demonic megaliths 
53 Sir Varas rounds up victims by force then tortures confessions from them for treason
54 Sir Korad works with witch hunters egging them on to atrocities while he worships chaos
55 Sir Malekor collects orphans and buys poor children he burns before a altar in a dungeon
56 Sir Vardel kidnaps and spoils maidens then feeds them to his wyvern in his tower
57 Sir Garad recruits commoners to the rebellion then captures and hangs them for rewards
58 Sir Kaldor lures victims into the forest ruled by his spider demon lover
59 Sir Tarump boasts about his deeds but actually works with hobgoblin chiefs in secret
60 Sir Marrus joins travellers and shares poison wine with them from his evil cult
61 Sir Erad is a swarthy strange knight with unusual weapons for a knight on a quest
62 Sir Tremour is a beautiful foreign knight that women harass and keep ruining his life
63 Sir Farziv is a foreign knight with spectacular decorations who is rude and superior
64 Sir Kalimar is a strange foreign knight actually a fishman hybrid seeking sea god relics
65 Sir Utilkar is a exotic feather plumed knight with a obsidian sword on a quest
66 Sir Barbar is huge foreign man with sharpened teeth who collects severed heads
67 Sir Kunlun is a strange foriegn knight with a jade sword and spectacular fighting arts
68 Sir Umbra is a dark skinned warrior from far away with odd customs but very noble
69 Sir Sharmar is a strange knight from far away seeking glory in combat and gold 
70 Sir Sir Hazran a knight from distant kingdom seeking prehistoric tomb  
71 Sir Kerull is actually a devil in human form seeking escapee criminals from hell
72 Sir Nimeon herding coffle of chained serfs to sell to raise funds for hell
73 Sir Viran with his men rounding up villagers for treasonously avoiding taxes
74 Sir Raddog with secret police and erinyes devil looking for traitors hiding from law
75 Sir Masterman with cultists looking for host body for devil promising superhuman powers
76 Sir Curmdgen looking for a hellmouth so he can deliver gifts to the dukes of hell
77 Sir Tradmere transporting naked criminals to deposit in hellmouth
78 Sir Mortlen seeking relics of hell sealed away by good long ago in dungeon
79 Sir Varan is actually a shape shifting devil trying to grant wishes four souls of knights 
80 Sir Orlok a vampire knight sent by hell to killl those trying to get out of serving hell
81 Sir Armelia a lady paladin seeking evils on backwood roads she has heard of
82 Sir Marlok a fanatic paladin seeks to destroy village of possible chaos cultists in area
83 Sir Tirion the paladin looking to challenge wicked knights and cults on the frontier
84 Sir Zabur hunting ogres on frontier who have preyed on villagers
85 Sir Marmad the paladin hoping to keep the peace on the frontier and preventing wars
86 Sir Cordelia a lady paladin who heals the poor and hunts plague spreading evils
87 Sir Curan a paladin seeking lost relics of good and hopes to destroy evil relics
88 Sir Prendal a paladin intolerant of druidry and non lawful cults who tolerate evil
89 Sir Korthal seeks to burn non lawful good holy places and kill non believers
90 Sir Marel the paladin kept busy rescuing maidens from harm
91 Sir Golan wears suit of decorated plate he never removes because he is a iron golem
92 Sir Boran is actually a revenant with cultist servants who work to kill knights
93 Sir Derleth scours the land seeking rival old ones cults to destroy for his master Hastur
94 Sir Baran roams the land collecting treasure for master is actually a dream emanation
95 Sir Viriam is actually a elf in disguise with druidic disciples as servants on elf quests
96 Sir Orlando is a ancient immortal knight who changes gender occasionally  
97 Sir Mortis is a flesh golem and his servants are really necromantic apprentices
98 Sir Perimore a famous musician and courtly lover but really he drains the life of his mates
99 Sir Grendan the Sea knight is actually a fishman hybrid serving dark sea god cults
100 Sir Vetrin is a imortal seeking a relic so the gods will finally let him die

d4 Heraldic Colours
1 Single colour
2 Two coloured halves split middle or centre
3 Three colours in horizontal or vertical or diagonal bands
4 Four colours divided into quarters or checkers

Sometimes heraldry seems to fit knights character sometimes it is a problem. My friends family coat of arms had three severed negro heads which family rightfully embarrassed by. Feel to pick something that suits the knight though. Pick a colours that seems to suit the knight. poses of beasts all have names and a easy way to distinguish between knights with same beast or you might have two or three of the same beasts on one design.

Creature Depiction
1 Head only front on
2 Head only side on
3 Laying down
4 Standing on fours
5 Standing on fours but face front on
6 Standing on fours one leg raised
7 Standing on fours one leg raised face front on
8 Standing on hind legs forelegs in air
9 Standing on hind legs looking behind
10 Two beasts Standing on hind legs facing each other

d100 Heraldic Creature Designs
01 Dog for loyalty
02 Cat for the crafty
03 Lion for the brave
04 Wolf for the fierce
05 Deer for lord of the woods
06 Boar for savagery
07 Bear for mighty
08 Fox for cunning
09 Goat for resilience
10 Bull for might

11 Falcon for alertness
12 Owl for wisdom

13 Rooster for protection
14 Puffin for fidelity
15 Raven for cunning
16 Peacock for splendour
17 Finch for industry
18 Swan for beauty
19 Duck for intuition
20 Eagle for freedom
21 Beaver for hard work
22 Mole for destiny
23 Rat for survival
24 Otter for creativity
25 Weasel for cunning
26 Bat for fearsome
27 Shrew for savagery
28 Hare for craftiness
29 Hedgehog for protection
30 Squirrel for preparation
31 Snake for fertility
32 Toad for longevity
33 Frog for opportunity
34 Newt for magic
35 Turtle for patience
36 Crocodile for devouring
37 Lizard for regeneration
38 Raptor for ferocity
39 Triceratops for defence
40 Tyrannosaur for might
41 Dolphin for helping
42 Shark for savagery
43 Pike for alertness
44 Whale for might
45 Swordfish for aggression
46 Barracuda for warlike
47 Catfish for longevity
48 Narwhale for nobility
49 Lobster for inscrutibility
50 Crab for determination
51 Octopus for cunning
52 Basilisk for lethality
53 Wyrm for wisdom
54 Dragon for wealth
55 Wyvern for determination
56 Salamander for invulnerability
57 Drake for cunning
58 Naga for mystery
59 Amphisbaena for eternity 
60 Cerastes for steadfastness (Ram horned snakes)
61 Unicorn for purity
62 Yale for preparation
63 Cateoplas for awfulness
64 Gorgon for fearsomeness
65 Peryton for deception
66 Leucrotta for duplicity
67 Manticore for mean spirited
68 Chimera for versatility
69 Sphynx for mysterious
70 Lamia for attrition 
71 Ogre for brutishness
72 Satyr for fertility
73 Mermaid for duality
74 Minotaur for guardianship
75 Goatman for virility
76 Cyclops for single minded
77 Centaur for ambiguity
78 Giant for appetite
79 Gigantes for strength (snake legged giants)
80 Apkallu for wisdom (Fish man sage)
81 Harpy for revolting
82 Siren for charming
83 Phoenix for immortality
84 Cockatrice for destruction
85 Griffon for ferocity
86 Hippogriff for loyalty
87 Hippalectryon for alertness (half rooster and horse)
88 Stymphalian Birds for steadfastness
89 Pegasus for loyalty
90 Winged snake for healing
91 Elemental for magic
92 Hag for terror (doing something like washing or holding something like broom)
93 Ankou for death (robed skeleton with lamp and scythe)
94 Vampire for eternal hunger
95 Werewolf for savagery
96 Hellhound for ferocity
97 Hellcat for duplicity
98 Demon for evil
99 Devil for domination
100 Angel for holiness

Bees, snails, rabbits, eels, kingfisher and anything really depending on climate, local industry and taste

d100 Heraldic objects
01 Holy symbol 
02 Book
03 Grail
04 Scales
05 Eye
06 Sword
07 Axe
08 Mace
09 Severed head
10 Bottle

11 Bunch of grapes
12 Head of wheat

13 Poppy head
14 Flower
15 Tree
16 Apple
17 Hammer
18 Waves
19 Crown 
20 Sceptre
21 Spear
22 Horn
23 Harp
24 Drum
25 Skull
26 Armoured knight
27 Candle
28 Lantern
29 Scroll
30 Fish hook
31 Anchor
32 Quill
33 Acorn
34 Mistletoe
35 Turnip
36 Onion
37 Tankard
38 Helmet
39 Bound faggots
40 Burning faggots
41 Noose
42 Coil of rope
43 Pick
44 Spade
45 Wheel
46 Tower
47 Castle
48 Crossbones
49 Open hand
50 Heart
51 Gem
52 Barrel
53 Ship
54 Anvil
55 Flail
56 Cat-o-nine-tails
57 Pitchfork
58 Portcullis
59 Needle and thread
60 Smoking pipe
61 Boot
62 Gauntlet
63 Chest
64 Chain
65 Hourglass
66 Star
67 Ring
68 Key
69 Sausage
70 Mortar and pestle
71 Wheat sheaf 
72 Cauldron
73 Beehive
74 Snowflake
75 Teardrop 
76 Seashell
77 Fist
78 Bell
79 Oakleaf
80 Pinecone
81 Arrow
82 Crescent
83 Full moon
84 Sun
85 Mountain
86 Volcano
87 Mushroom
88 Treestump
89 Sickle
90 Scythe
91 Shears
92 Comet
93 Jaws
94 Compass
95 Gate
96 Birdcage
97 Shepherds crook
98 Chariot
99 Hood or domino mask
100 Hat (chef, papal, mayor)

Handy articles

My players would run away from liverpool if they saw this Deepone Heraldry

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