Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Sentient Magic Murder Maze Ecology

Ive dealt with sentient and self aware dungeons a few times or the dungeon as a insect like colony but here is a table of types to consider when those boring old dungeons just are not reactionary enough against intruders. Xor is a bit like this, my redbrick dungeon, long stairs even Psychon on a wilderness scale actively plots against adventurers. Im also inspired by the Dungeon Meshi comic and it's internal ecology and external economics.

D12 Magical Dungeon Ecologies
1 Connected to the dungeon dimension a infinite self aware dungeon that goes on forever
2 The dungeon is the belly of a great beast or a colossal mimic creature
3 The dungeon is a cursed land with boss monsters and artifacts entwined in the self aware curse
4 A powerful spirit of ghost has control of the dungeon apparatus and exercises influence
5 The complex is under the control of a deity possibly a underworld or cthonic one
6 Centuries of murder has brought the dungeon to life with a twisted animus life force
7 A creature has filled wall cavities and spaces controlling doors and traps and monsters
8 Secret sub complex exists where behind the scenes monsters work to maintain dungeon
9 All the creatures are part of a hive mind which directs them and expands the complex
10 The dungeon is the unconscious dream projection of some one asleep inside a artifact
11 The dungeon beings are influenced by a fungus demon through visions and hallucinations
12 Parasitic brain worms control dungeon beings linked by pheromones

D12 Motivations
1 Seeks to devour interesting things to increase its power and influence
2 Part of a invasions the dungeon seeks to expand or multiply or infect other dungeons
3 The dungeon is a sadist that exists to inhabitants and entrap new victims
4 The dungeon is protecting a fragment of a deity it seeks to imprison or protect
5 The dungeon seeks to break captives and convert them to it's slaves to build a army
6 The dungeon is a test and is part of a bet between two cosmic beings for entertainment
7  Dungeon traps victims to play with like toys like a monsterous child
8 The dungeon is a creation of demons to torment human kind
9 The dungeon is a great board game played by higher powers or mighty wizards
10 The dungeon is a gourmet and increases its power and vitality by entrapping powerful beings
11 Breeding program seeking strong bloodlines by testing and mating monsters and adventurers
12 Torment trapped outsiders with dreams like freedom, lost loved and unfulfilled desire

Multiple of these could be operating at the same time.

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