Thursday, 11 May 2017

Monster shops in the Dungeon

Following my dungeon tavern post here is where monsters go shopping. Shops of the damned woooooo!

2d6 Reactions (CHA bonus)
2 Locks everything, sets traps and activates silent alarm calling wandering monsters
3 Slams and locks doors and shutters
4 Shopkeeper rude "It's a local shop for local people" charges more, sells spoiled goods
5-8 Shopkeeper sleepily acknowledges you and watches you
9  Shopkeeper welcomes you pleasantly
10 Shopkeeper points ot today's specials and deals
11 Shopkeeper offers free sample especially to children or short races
12 Shopkeeper offers a free gift with purchase and  a hug

D12 Security Systems
1 Portcullis gate slams over entrance
2 Staff secret panic room
3 Silent alarm calls monsters
4 Traps protect entry and goods
5 d4 orcs or hobgoblins or worse guards
6 Poltergeist or spirit protector
7 Gremlins are fed by storekeeper and love them
8 Heave oak shutters quickly deployable cover entry
9 Pet monster laying about store
10 Invisible security Imp
11 Shop is holy to dungeon commerce god, all stolen goods cursed
12 Shokeeper can call devil or demon to aid due to blood pact

D12 Monster Shopkeepers
1 Elderly goblin with glasses and a limp, a bit grumpy
2 Musclebound orc more interested in commerce than killing
3 A dark dwarf makes it seem everything for sale is evil relic and laughs
4 A hobgoblin who is furious if anyone swears or impolite
5 A were rat old man who can change at will
6 A devil swine who only occasionally enslaves and eats rude customers
7 A Sphinx who makes every item seem mysterious with long winded fabulous history
8 A deep gnome who loves money and rubs new coins on his face and licks them
9 A human guy seems normal villager, does worship evil cult but quite dull
10 A human thief who occasional swaps goods for inferior ones with sleight of hand
11 A dark elf who decorates with spider webs and mushrooms
12 A shape shifter devil or demon or doppelganger in human form

D12 Hired Help
1 Enthusiastic kobold shop boy in apron packing shelves
2 Goblin shop boy who offers to pack and deliver goods but demand tips
2 Hardworking but sensitive hobgoblin in apron arranging goods
3 Obedient but clumsy zombie who needs instructions clarified often
4 Human slave raised here since stolen as a baby cleaning floors
5 Old murder hobo lost here for decades helps pack boxes for customers
6 Attractive dark elfmaid ex-assassin occasionally flips out if sexually harrassed
7 Tako octopus lad assistant cant help being a bit gropey to customers
8 Petty spirit in material odd form checking stock and rotating old items to front of displays
9 Shifty gnome "pssssst want some stuff not on display" offers contraband goods
10 Surly teen kobolds polishing goods snicker and make jokes about ugly customers
11 Hobgoblin youth smoking, always on his break at the moment
12 Enthusiastic hobbit helper keeps snacking on the merch

D12 Types of Items
1 Weapons and armour fresh from dead adventurers, mostly old and second rate
2 Mystery meat and sausages hanging on hooks, a bit smelly and flies about
3 Dungeon snack foods including smoked rats, bbq snake, eggs, salt fish, eel stew, pie
4 Vegetables like mushrooms, turnips, tubers, tree roots, truffles, monster plant seeds
5 Beverage shop with ceramic flagons and skins with fresh water, wine, beer, rum
6 General store with ramshackle mounds household and exploration supplies
7 Pawn store offers credit and range of unclaimed goods and possible magic
8 Apothecary selling herbs, potions, drugs and poison, including some quack fake products
9 Idols, trinkets, cheap and fake jewelry, coloured beads, "possibly owned by a wizard"
10 Personal grooming supplies and barber service, sells perfume, brushes, sheep gut condoms
11 Second hand clothes and shoes, some with holes and bloodstains, proceeds help orphan monsters
12 Trap kits and dungeon supplies like doors, chests, torture tools, torches, candles, furnishings

D12 Weird Special Items
1 Baby monsters, eggs, slimes in bottles, monster pellets, brushes, collars, cages, chains
2 Cursed magic treasure full of crazy bargains and gifts for your enemies
3 Demonic idols, medallions, evil books, curse scrolls, spell books, ancient tablets
4 Artworks including statues, paintings, furniture, with prices from 100gp
5 Books, pamphlets, prints or anything on paper, often mouldering crumbling
6 Scribe service and messengers for hire, goods freighted and storage lockers
7 Recreational goods including toys, cup and ball, hoops, balls, hurley sticks, crude jokes
8 Map shop selling local and exotic crumbling maps hidden for centuries
9 Thief supplies including tools, disguises, trick items, ropes, sacks, poison, forged papers
10 Sex shop with pornographic parchments, prints, idols also possibly sex toys and services
11 Gourmet food like truffles, honey, exotic cheeses, olive bread, foreign wine, sweetmeats, candy
12 Magic shop selling petty items, potions, scrolls, cursed items and a few decent items

D12 Other Services
1 Sell your soul for cash with Imp to officiate contracts most offer 100 sp or more for high levels
2 Puppet shows for kids and adult performances for when no kids or halflings around
3 Will buy corpses of any kind no questions asked, better condition the more cash
4 Will clean and cook any meat or foodstuffs you bring
5 Can detect magic 10gp and identify magic items 100gp
6 Letters read and written, wills and other documents semi competently prepared
7 Medical treatment such as first aid, boil lancing, tooth pulling, common healing herbs
8 Will sharpen weapons and oil or repair equipment
|9 Will make leather from any skins, or perform taxidermy or make trophies from monsters
10 Will delouse or deworm anyone and equipment for a sp or treat with preventatives for 1gp
11 Will tell your fortune, draw up your star chart, read runes or playing cards for a sp
12 Matchmaker with find you a monster life partner for only a sp and a wedding invitation

D20 Shop Problems
1 Something took my sign and I need it back
2 Need advertising, looking for some one to wheat paste up posters a cp each around dungeon
3 A mimic got into the shop and now we cant find it and it occasionally eats staff or customers
4 Gremlins are in shop playing pranks and having parties when closed and getting in customers packs
5 Need to upgrade security will pay for good suggestions or magic
6 Rats are nesting in shop and shitting everywhere and gnawing on goods
7 Some dungeon urchins are stealing stuff, find them, beat them and bring back my stuff
8 I opened this shop in a dungeon and don't seem to be customers! What went wrong?
9 A rival store on another level undercutting me and blocking my suppliers, can you stop them?
10 My staff are secretly lazy or thieving, can you catch them out?
11 If you could open or block a certain passage would help my business....
12 If you could kill the taxman for me and plant evidence it was someone else I would be greatful
13 Cursed items mixed up in stock
14 Inferior goods in stock
15 Stolen goods some one recognises and is outraged
16 Goods are tainted with disease
17 Some items are kind of monster in disguise
18 Some items haunted by spirits
19 Shop spied on by level boss for possible tax evasion or dealing with enemies
20 Staff insane, drunk or cursed

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