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d100 Interesting Statues

I did some artwork based table log ago i wasnt happy with. This is more quick dungeon dressing and you could put a statue in each room in a dungeon which was interesting and different. Various statues could have multiple features. If you want a evil or good statue you should just pick abilities you think do the job.

d20 Common Features
1 Water trough
2 Fountain
3 Plaque with text
4 Additional animals
5 Vegetal motifs
6 Secret symbols
7 Repair work
8 Piece missing
9 Skulls and funeral motifs
10 Coat of arms and heraldic signs
11 Braziers or urns of flames
13 Furnace oven or hotplate
12 Sacrificial altar with food or blood laid out
13 Braziers of flowers and herbs
14 Severed heads
16  Statue is a shrine to a specific cult
17  Fine quality material with high value
18 Marks of a famous artist or clan
19 A stove is lit smoke exits statues mouth or nose
20 Graffiti possibly useful name or faction

d10 Minor Unusual Properties
1 Statue is viewing point for a scrying object 
2 Secret compartment and spy hole
3 Statue has secret compartment with treasure
4 Secret compartment with clue or map
5 Statue can talk if asked right question
6 Statue can be manipulated to open secret door
7 Statue has clue like a secret map or inscribed text
8 Statue is trapped 
9 Statue is a alarm mechanism for a boss
10 Statue has Protection spell attuned to a exact alignment 

d10 Major Unusual Properties
Statue can animate and fight
2 Statue can cast cure light wounds once a day
3 Statue poisons first person to touch it
4 Statue causes fear within 3" to hostile persons
5 Statue calls wandering monsters to investigate strangers
6 Statue occupied by a lesser spirit like a poltergeist
7 Statue shoots magic missile at intruders d4+2 missiles a day
8 Statue casts sleep to any group of enemies within 3" of front once a day
9 Statue produces fog cloud and magicly laughs 
10 Statue glows with faerie fire when enemies approach

d10 Weird Unusual Properties
1 Statue was a petrified and could be restored to life
2 Statue is alive and can animate occasionally
3 Statue has a spirit and can animate objects to fight
4 Statue has a major spirit within
5 Statue calls a planar being if touched or damaged  
6 Statue contains a liquid like monster like a shoggoth or mimic
7 Statue can be used to contact spirit of who it depicts
8 Statue produces stinking cloud once a day if intruders near
9 Statue watched by a major planar or spirit entity
10 Statue calls chaos demons in return for sacrifices

d10 Quick 
01 Royal Monument
02 Imperial Monument
03 Church Monument
04 Guild Monument
05 Funery Monument
06 Ruined Monument
07 Hero Monument
08 Ancestral Monument
09 Prehuman Monument
10 Elder Monument

d100 Interesting Statues
01 Statue of king from long ago, semi precious stones stolen, surface scratched all over 
02 Statue of old king on throne holding regalia with coat of arms
03 Statue of king badly vandalized by treasure hunters with gaping holes
04 Statue of king standing with head removed holding ceremonial mace and baby animal
05 Statue of king in armour with weapons as if for war
06 Statue of royal on horse back dressed for pageant
07 Statue of queen or princess from long ago in a big dress with crown and sceptre
08 Statue of noble born knight hero in full plate with sheild 
09 Statue of armed knight noble or royal in full plate
10 Statue of male and female royal couple with figures standing or seated together

11 Ceremonial archway with imperial regalia and soldier figures
12 Equestrian soldier on mount in military dress with imperial flags of old empire

13 Monumental altar with statue of god of the empire with piled armour and weapons
14 Gateway with soldiers of old empire infantry as guards either side
15 Huge statue of standing emperor or empress from ancient times
16 Imperial noble on mount with processional military dress
17 Statue with slaves holding palanquin with decadent imperial noble reclining on
18 Statue of heraldic beast of the empire
19 Statue of imperial official of region long ago
20 Statue of imperial hero from ancient times
21 Local Religion monument featuring mythic entity
22 Statue of a saint of a local religion
23 Statue of famous prophet or preacher
24 Statue of animal important to religion
25 Statue of famous martyr of religion
26 Statue of important church leader
27 Statue of obscure petty god
28 Worn statue of old god from past aeons
29 Statue to obscure feared god of old times
30 Shrine of religion with many carved characters and texts
31 Statue of wealthy merchant guildsman of long ago
32 Statue of banking patriarch of long ago
33 Statue of merchant prince of olden times
34 Statue of explorer of the guild states
35 Statue of ox or horse wagon of produce or cargo
36 Statue of a ship or featuring nautical symbols
37 Statue of mercenary general who purchased noble titles
38 Statue of one of the warring princes of city states
39 Statue of early governor of region or city mayor
40 Statue of guildsman founder
41 Statue of Death god possibly in chariot or on mount 
42 Statue of funeral wagon or barge
43 Statue of angel or devils gathering souls 
44 Statue of of horned god from olden times
45 Statue of one of the necromancer kings from aeons ago
46 Statue of planar being or beings escorting soul next life
47 Statue of a great healer who angered death
48 Statue of guardian monster of the underworld
49 Statue of a gargoyle standing on pillar
50 Statue of suffering god or hero or saint
51 Beast gate with pair of animal statues either side
52 Statue of hero fighting a monster
53 Rampant beast column 
54 Ancient deity statue with secret priest hole and speaking tube 
55 Ancient hero sacrificing person or beast
56 Ancient beast god statue
57 Monstrous hybrid beast sphynx or chimera
58 Statue of hero mounted on fabulous monster steed
59 Statue of a draconic being or dinsaur
60 A heroic warrior king with fanciful arms and armour
61 Statue of famous adventurer
62 Statue of famous monster slayer 
63 Statue of Famous knight who completed a quest
64 Statue of a famous wizard or sorcerer
65 Statue of a local leader revealed to be a cult leader
66 Statue of a generous criminal mob boss 
67 Statue of hero who rose from common ranks to nobility
68 Statue of explorers party that opened area long ago
69 Statue of heroic leader of forgotten adventurers decades ago
70 Statue of dead merchant in prayer
71 Tribal ancestor of famous ancient clan
72 Tribal ancestor a great beast lord
73 Tribal ancestor a great tribal warlord
74 Tribal ancestral deity riding sacred mount
75 Tribal ancestor god standing holding a defiant weapon
76 Tribal war monument made after great battle long ago
77 Tribal ancestor in chariot pulled by great beasts
78 Tribal ancestral matriarch with children or animals
79 Tribal ancestral maiden love goddess
80 Tribal ancestral heroic trickster and cunning man
81 Dwarf hero king who overcame famous foe
82 Elf hero on a mound made as a warning to enemies 
83 Hobbit statue of chef or merchant or mayor
84 Dryad or minor earth goddess of the dawn age
85 Ogre statue of horrific humanoid
86 Orc warlord statue from ancient horde
87 Heroic statue of extinct ancient race of troll civilization
88 Gnome statue seemingly rising from the earth
89 Reptilian statue from some elder dynasty
90 Beast man statue of a warrior hero who led a horde
91 Statue of amorphous horror covered in mouths and eyes
92 Statue of the serpent god father of reptiles
93 Statue of the black horned beast, a demon said to posses evil men
94 Statue of sea captain or merchant trader with bulgy eves and bowed legs
95 Strange abstract sculpture of one of the many angled ones
96 Statue was worshiped as a living god  in ancient times
97 Primordial human like ape creature with spear or club
98 Statue of the monster whale with many trapped inside
99 Statue of alien god that helps you contact it's spirit
100 Statue of abstract art opens gateway to beings of overspace

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