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d100 Plant mutations

These taints could be used in fantasy setting or gammaworld really. Vegetal creatures, symbiotes plant gods, elfy curses could all call these. Will try to do a fungi version too but until then thus will probably be starting point). I'm interested in making a mutant class who get d8 hd and a few mutations per level which can be from any mutation lists I have done. Ive also considered treating mutations as a spell list which i will try as it was so good treating robot/cyborg bits as spell list.

Plant mutations might also be symbiotes or parasites and can still be separated from host.

d12 The taint came from
1 Ate a strange seed or mushroom
2 Strange spores or pollen blew on you
3 Attacked by plant monster
4 Cursed by elves or goblins
5 Given goblin or elf fruit to eat
6 Pricked by a thorn
7 Strange unguents rubbed on you by elves
8 Ancestor ate a strange herb
9 Ate fruit from a dryads garden
10 Ancestor mated with tree spirits or elf
11 Fairies sprinkled magic dew or pixie dust on you
12 Saw procession of vegetal deity

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

Notes minor mutations
Many attacks are not extra just options for unarmed attacks
Major mutations add extra attacks

d100 Minor Cosmetic Plant Mutations

01 Green eyes
02 Leaves or flowers covering face filters dust and smoke
03 Nose is orchid like
04 Aware of slow time scale plant lives
05 Flower petal eye lashes
06 Cheeks inflate and deflate
07 Coloured ridges on forehead
08 Motion sensitive plant antennae
09 Extra visual receptors but b&w
10 Extra smell receptors sensitive to plant hormones

11 Green skin photosynthesis half food requirements
12 Leaves growing on skin

13 Bark like rigid skin
14 Vines growing over skin
15 Thorns or needles growing from skin
16 Flowers growing from skin
17 Bristly vegetal hairs or moss growing from skin
18 Berries or nuts grow from skin
19 Taste hideous most creatures will not eat
20 Taste delicious and sweet and attract insects
21 Vegetal mouth in chest
22 Drum like acoustic chambers rattle when aggressive or scared
23 Vegetal eyes in chest
24 Vegetal vine like tentacles 
25 Vegetal tendrils floppily hang from chest
26 Rows of thorn like growths
27 Vegetable like growths ripening
28 Spicy chilli like fruit growing from sides
29 Spikes on spine or sides
30 Inflating and deflating sacks on sides
31 Odour of fragrant scent leaks from plant like orifices
32 Animated nightmare flower genitals
33 Spray pollen or spores a few times a day
34 Delicious syrup drips from a floral organ
35 Sticky extrusion smells of rotten meat attracts flies
36 Insect attracting and eating orifices half food intake
37 Insect repelling musk odour from plant like glands
38 Seed or bean pods grow on skin and drop off when ripe
39 No longer excrete waste food and eat half as much
40 Insect pheromones lure in potential food or pollinators
41 Flexible fingers like rope
42 Shedding plant needles
43 Flexible double jointed limbs
44 Pointy thorn tipped fingers
45 Sharp thorny bristles on arms
46 Dagger like thorn can retract from wrists at will
47 Flower petals on arms
48 Small prehensile branches growing under arms
49 Flower fingers
50 Strands of ribbon like razor edged vegetation growing under arms
51 Feet terminate in single root that can run as normal and can grip like a hand
52 Flexible legs that can uncannily bend
53 Additional smaller tendril like legs
54 Flexible rope like prehensile toes
55 Thorn covered legs
56 Thorn toe hard feet good for climbing or kicking
57 Legs can elongate height one yard
58 Legs covered in leaf like scales
59 Enjoy burying lower legs in good soil, do not require food
60 Eat dirt by the handful a few times a day equals one meal in food
61 Mouth dribles slime
62 Plant tendril whiskers around mouth
63 Insects attracted to mouth half food needs
64 Foot long tendril toungue
65 Huge thorn like teeth
66 Enlarged mouth with plant like lips
67 Puffy jowls with pitcher plant like bulging neck
68 Multiple rows of thorn like teeth
69 Bugs living in mouth 
70 Sideways mouth
71 Bulging skull forehead
72 Vegetable shaped skull
73 Horn or antler like hard wood branches from head
74 Spiked skull growths
75 Plant growing out of head instead of hair
76 Skull covered in vegetal brain like tissue 
77 Jaw dislocates can swallow whole cat or lamb or rabbit
78 Semi transparent green tinted skull you can see worm covered brains inside
79 Holes in skull where worms pop out of occasionally
80 Roots growing out of skull like hair
81 Plant like heart with strange low blood pressure increases life span 25% 
82 Can shut down into state of hibernation in extreme cold or air low for months
83 Vegetal lungs function of rebreather double how long you can hold breathe 
84 Blood is thick sap resin that sets hard
85 Blood is mildly toxic or carries disease
86 Blood is mild narcotic
87 Blood is delicious and good for cooking
88 Algae in gut processes food to energy can eat grass or wood or leaves
89 Liver filters out all plant based toxins from food lets you eat poison berries
90 Very little water leaves plant like organs needs half as much water
91 Go into torpor trance instead of sleep like animals
92 Calm never loses morale and ignores first magic fear attack a day
93 Plant empathy feels more concern for plants than animal life
94 Can remain still for as long as please, can sleep standing up
95 Urge to propagate as much as possible without passion 
96 Urge to devour or enslave animals life
97 Animals always eating and eating, they are your enemies and will eat you
98 Improved memory and recall with new plant slower but better neurons
99 Can evaluate best soils and climate conditions for plant growth
100 Can sense well being or taint or magic of any plant touched

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Major Plant Mutations
01 IR vision
02 UV vision

03 Can grow blank face mask yet senses and talks through normally
04 Beard of prehensile face tentacles
05 Nose is a prehensile trunk a yard long
06 Can smell sick plants or bad soil
07 Can change face once a day by growing a plant mask
08 Sense living beings in 3" through up to 3 foot of dirt
09 Face is a lovely flower +1CHA
10 Seed depositing tube comes out of nose to implant animals with plant mutations
11 Self sealing wounds only bleed one round
12 Scale leaf armour +2AC 
13 Irritant in skin unpleasant to touch or eat
14 Ablative ignore first 10 HP fire damage per day
15 Shed skin and recover 10 HP once a week
16 Photoreceptive skin regenerates a HP per hour in sun
17 Grow 2d4 goodberries that heal a HP each if eaten once a day
18 Grow fruit or nuts that act as one days food, grow a d4 per week, 7 maximum  
19 Spiky thorns d3 damage to any who make a bare hand attack or bite mutant
20 Sticky waxy hard skin use half water and +1AC
21 Extra huge mouth in torso d6 damage extra attack
22 Can fire arrow like thorns from chest d6 as a light crossbow per round
23 Vegetal armoured plastron +2AC
24 If you die a smaller clone sprouts from corpse taking 1 hear to regain height
25 Body parts of you buried grow into small offspring if planted a month
26 Regrow lost limbs or digits, eyes or ears or nose
27 Mouth in chest opens with a 1"  tendril that can make a grappling attack
28 Body can survive without  head, will eventually run away and grow a new head
29 Shoot explode seed 3d6 grenade once per level per week 
30 Inflatable gas bags inflate or deflate ten minutes can fly as levitation spell
31 Pollen bursts covering area in choking dust like stinking cloud once  a day
32 Air filled with fine floating seed pods like fog cloud once a day
33 Regenerate 1 HP every hour
34 Increased damaged resilience Plus d8 HP
35 Wooden muscles Increased STR +1
36 Vegetal fortitude Increased CON +1
37 Lithe like a plant Increased DEX +1
38 Every time take a poop useful plants grow rapidly from it
39 Silk worm colony live on you producing 3d4 gp a month
40 Can shake loose 1d4 meals worth of bugs once a day
41 Can shoot a d4 dart once a round blowpipe range from each hand
42 Hands have horrible mouths can make two 1d6 bite punches a round
43 Huge thorny blades come from wrists at will can make two 1d6 stab punches a round
44 Vines shoot from palms and allow you to swing or entangle with 3" range
45 Arms are flexible and ropey like snakes or vines can elongate a yard
46 Extra fully functional vegetal arms +1 melee attack
47 Tendril vines 1" long can be used to grapple 
48 Stinger vine extra attack on eyes of enemies, save or blinded if hit -4 
49 Fire a 1" across bundle of entangling vines up to 6" once per level per week
50 Seed if dropped turns into a 1HD midget vegeman once per level per week
51 Bury lower legs in good soil heals 1HP per hour
52 Legs are a cluster of roots, hard to fall over and +3" speed
53 Legs are flexible and ropey like snakes or vines can elongate a yard
54 Legs roots can climb almost any surface
55 Feet have mouths that lap up gore or eat small critters, extra d4 kick attack
56 Feet roots can tap into plants and heal them a d4 HP once a day per plant helped
57 Feet plant seeds every step in soil sprouting grass and flowers
58 Feet detect water within 3"
59 Feet feel movement of others walking on ground within 2"
60 Can track by vegetal smell and taste receptors in feet
61 Face is just a thick lipped vegetal mouth d6 bite extra attack 
62 Acid wretch 2d4 or save for half once per level per week 1" range
63 Pollin breath causes nausea to a target in 1" once per level per week
64 Spit a thorny seed pod roll to hit for 2d6 once per level per week
65 Vile Spew covers victim in diseased vomit once per level per week
66 Spit venom 2d6 poison save for half once per level per week
67 Spit web 1" is a entangling web like goop for one person once per level per week
68 Spit incendiary acorns d4 each 3 per round as a dart once per level per week
69 Vomit up a green slime per month
70 Can cough up a shambling mound seed once a month
71 Flexible neck can elongate a yard
72 Head will survive if cut off dead body and over a year grows a new one
73 Vegetal horns or antlers extra d6 attack
74 Beautiful hair releases 3" glowing cloud of spectacular airborne seeds once a day
75 Floral crown skull +1AC 
76 Floral hair flows like rainbows and grows a inch a day
77 Edible fruit or vegetables grow from head or hair for a d4 meals a day
78 Extra plant heads d4 tend to copy main head d4 bite each 
79 Detachable head can be removed, left then re atatched
80 Tiny offspring bud from head each month
81 Blood on attackers weapons turns to sticky resin -1 to hit cumulative each hit
82 Blood damages attackers -1 damage per hit for non magic weapons or 1HP damage
83 Drinking animal blood and/or eating meat can heal 1hp three times a day
84 Internal organs glow producing light 1" radius per level, blood glows
85 Release rain activating spores from skull once a week
86 Sonar with subsonic vegetal drum organ and delicate listening bristles
87 Cold resistant sap can operate in arctic climate -1/die cold damage
88 Fire resistant sap prevents burning -1/die fire damage
89 Addictive narcotic sap produces mild euphoric hallucinogenic high
90 Small animals love you and want you for euphoria they get from scent
91 Plant brain Increased INT+1
92 Plant mind Increased WIS+1
93 Can sense life in 3" through up to a foot of stone
94 Plant empathy can communicate by emotions 1"/Lv with plant like beings
95 Telepathy can communicate with 1"/Lv with plant like beings
96 Can extract random memories by eating animal brains of meat beings
97 Can enthrall plant beings with charm plant once per day delivered by pollen 
98 Can animate plant matter once per day effect 1HD or 30lb per level
99 Can create a thorny hedge yard thick x 1" wide x3 " per level once per level a week
100 Can charm a human with charm person once a day

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