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d100 Horrible Prison Convicts

These horrible guys turn up in dungeons and all kinds of places. They are horrible freaks who make player stays in prison more memorable. Sometimes they are taken out in public or even trusted for a chore outside. An escaped band are desperate and often join bandits or become murder hobos. Convict names stick and usually a name starts as a insult and pretty soon the prison staff record as legal name. When I say governor of prison it could be a woman. In some cases wife of a governor might take up contract or have worked way up ranks in prison or government admin.

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d10 Prison Types (Half the max population is over crowded)
1 Sherrifs Lock Up in country village d3
2 Ruined tower d4 or sometimes a huge tree stump or hollow tree
3 Ruined old house with walls 2d4, some might be kept in basement or tower
4 Country Prison with wall and shed 3d4 used as labour
6 Castle ruins with intact dungeon 5d4 mostly shackled up in dark
7 Prison Hulk chained out at sea or small island prison d6 lots of ten inmates
8 City Prison with courtyard d10 lots of ten man cells
9 Sealed inside sprawling mine complex d4 lots of 100 inmates
10 Horrible over crowded old fortress near city  d10 lots of 100 inmates

d10 Prison Production and Industry
1 bribery for the managers, black mail, hostages and corruption
2 Vice selling sex slaves, booze, gambling and drugs and forbidden goods
3 Mining often dangerous
4 Road building or quarry work
5 Land clearing and logging
6 Building houses and walls
7 Farming some kind of crop
8 Gladiator battles run by staff
9 Manufacturing often dangerous like manure, dyeing, smelting
10 Sending them into explore new found dungeons

d10 Prison Feature

1 Amazing torture engine with own famous name
2 Famous horrible confinement cell with cruel torture
3 Prisoners killed frequently by staff
4 Abandoned sub level
5 Haunted by spirit or creature
6 Dangerous hidden creature lurks in prison
7 Famous gang with outside connections
8 Death place of famous criminal
9 Nobody has ever escaped alive
10 Staff are a cult who murdering inmates in secret rituals

d10 Governor
1 Injured war hero with strict discipline and punishment
2 Overweight corrupt glutton can no longer leave gatehouse
3 Kindly reformer ineptly creates problems
4 Religious reformer wants church and marriages for inmates
5 Medical doctor convinced drugs and surgery can help inmates
6 Strict bureaucrat obsesses with legal minutiae and slow to act
7 Brutal sadistic madman took job for the torture
8 Religious maniac believes is here to punish wicked and force religion
9 Doddering school master thinks torments are jolly good for the lads
10 A cruel governor is ruthless and oversexed, with delusions they are artistic

d10 Escape plans
1 A secret tunnel being dug
2 Planning a riot at vulnerable riot and
3 Take keys or use home made lock picks
4 Take weapons and kill way out by night
5 Obtain or make uniform or disguise
7 Blackmail staff by having family kidnapped
8 Corrupt staff with vice and debts and favours
9 Help from outside gets escape supplies in
10 Use corruption, bribes or favours to have staff release

d10 Common Punishments
1 Birching or whipped with bundles of sicks
2 Cat-o-nine-tails whipping
3 Beaten by guards with wooden truncheons
4 Locked in solitary
5 Locked in with violent offender
6 Locked in with violent sexual offender
7 Starved in solitary
8 Chained to wall or in gibbet and exposed
9 Torture session in dungeon
10 Conversation with governor

d10 Most popular Executions
1 Torture with implements and or exposure
2 Beaten and torn apart by angry mob
3 Torn apart by machines or animals
4 Bloody ritual organ removal with knife
5 Strangulation considered merciful by authorities
6 Burning at steak especialy for witches
7 Drowned but worthy might survive
8 Hung from a tree or gallows till dead
9 Decapitation on knees with sword
10 Decapitation on block with sword

d10 Quick locations for convict
01 Chained to rock exposed
02 Locked in cage
03 Shackled in a pit
04 Strapped in gibbet or chained to wall
05 In public stocks being humiliated by poor
06 Cage in wagon or boat
07 Working as hard labourer cracking rocks
08 Working in prison factory sweatshop 
09 Chained in castles dungeon
10 Locked in death row cell near chopping block

d10 Quick what is inmate doing
1 On the run
2 Plotting escape
3 Plan to shank fellow prisoner
4 Trying to score goods
5 Plan to shank a guard
6 Distracting guards
7 Having a fight
8 Intimidating someone
9 Gorging self on food (possibly cannibal)
10 Trying to be on best behavior with guards

d10 Quick favorite thing
1 Tattoos from gang and underworld
2 Shank d3 stabbing implement or good for digging
3 Knuckle Duster d3 blunt damage
4 Wire Garrote d4 can also be a saw
5 Lock picks set
6 Drugs, alcohol or pipe and weed
7 Ring in nose or ear or nipple
8 Cards, dice or d3 coins

9 Love letter or Death threat
10 Stolen key

d10 Marks of Experience
1 Tattoos all over with gang signs
2 Scars from stabbings
3 Scars from arm and leg irons
4 Scars from torture
5 Whip marks
6 Rope burn scars on neck
7 Self cutting on wrists and legs
8 Pox or flea scars all over
9 Mising body part d6 1=finger 2=hand 3=nose 4=scalp 5=ear 6=eye
10 Parasites like intestinal worms

d10 Skills Learned in Prison
1 Crafting (one type)
2 Labourer
3 Farmer
4 Miner
5 Streetwise
7 Theif skill or Escapology
8 Improvised weapons
9 Servant
10 Brawling

d10 What are you in nick for this time?
1 Drunken violence
2 Petty theft
3 Debts unpaid
4 Rude conduct
5 Fighting lawmen
6 Disrespect your social betters
7 Striking your social betters
8 Accused of petty witchcraft
9 Accused of robbery
10 Accused of murder

d100 Prison Convicts
01 Sticky Stab fingers a gang enforcer and violent hitman, has prosthetic hands
02 Clancy Wolfburn a skilled woodsman and suspected bandit, has tried cannibalism
03 Kaligra the Strangler a gypsy and circus strongman, prison owners enjoy his hard work
04 Mandy Scrubpox a prostitute and extortionist carries exotic diseases
05 Corny Hole Gouger a stab happy giggling thug likes candy and shanking
06 Slappy Hamfist a chubby greasy thug always eating and enjoys cooking new animals
07 Myra Clawhand a grizzled old woman prone to rage and psychotic strength bursts
08 Danny Hotspur a violent drunk who thinks he is a swashbuckling charmer
09 Barron Muck a huge smuggler covered in tattoos with dozens of huge bastard sons
10 Oxjaw a huge lumberjack, injured many in a violent frenzy, has killed bears with hands

11 Nostro Magnum a tattooed wizard who likes to live in prison and lift weights
12 Corman Muskrodent a mustached dandy pugilists who fights for money 

13 Ingrid Shankmadchen is a topless sword fighter and boxer in trouble for lewd behavior
14 Ivana Grumpfrut is a maid turned thief and prostitute who didnt bribe the lawmen
15 Laramie Allydog a former street urchin turned theif and criminal courier
16 Slippery Gordon a cat burglar and black mailer crossed the wrong people
17 Gregory Slapknuckle a seedy rat faced punk who likes to smoke and teaze
18 Mabel Hackvine injured her mean husband with a hatchet and has adapted to convict life
19 Ronson Blackbuck was a shepherd who worked with goat men to tear up a town
20 Billy Blackbeedle a corrupt court guard took bribes and beat confessions from innocents
21 Leftie Brickspittle a violent drunken labourer has been diagnosed as evil left handed
22 Tamzin Sprinkles notorious vice queen said to get anyone anything, is hated by dwarves
23 Donny Dumbmallet is a huge easily offended dumb brute some say is part hobgoblin
24 Eliza Neckscissors slashed her pimp in the street and is a brutal inmate boss
25 Donard Flumph a obese corrupt merchant imprisoned by king, dreams of old life
26 Izra Kameran a sad foreign merchant guard turned bandit who stabbed a sherrif
27 Coolah Borignan a huge jolly man who can brew rotgut grog even in prison
28 Jimmy Stabweasel a passionate knife man for hire slashed several prostitutes faces
29 Vamry Toolsnadger was a child kidnapper who sold poor kids to nobles but messed up
30 Ginny Lumpen was  a "skinner" who caught children with candy and stole their clothes
31 Blarny Winetaint is a beetroot like angry man who screams and beats weaker people
32 Blue Ptior a tattooed sailor has all his brutal crimes illustrated on his skin, likes knives
33 Short Oleg a short blonde shifty man a thief and conman who tried to kidnap a girl
34 Bloody Ivan enslaved victims for secret attic sweatshop, when too weak he killed them
35 Conrad Stabfang a famous stabber who works for the governor to silence troublemakers 
36 Lucy Crampsie a barmaid who killed a rich man in self defence, well liked by inmates
37 Meg Strumpetrazor a prostitute who murdered and robbed clients and kept their ears
38 Mrs Mulligan the pie poisoner and cannibal who sold human meat and ran extortion gang
39 Clarence Pikerington merchant who beat horses and workers to death, broke from fines 
40 Klaus Wonderbender happy well dressed maniac who lives for thrills and corrupted youth
41 Sammy Clubfingers beat her husband to death in the street in fit of rage, doesnt talk
42 Johan Baneblood a duelist from continent who picked fights for cash, killed wrong person
43 Barron Blackblood locked in iron mask claimed he was real Barron before tongue cut off
44 Horrace Wimploe published vice and political pamphlets and arrested for treason 
45 Lord Moneybags claims was a noble here for debt but nobody believes his wild stories
46 Billy Bloodfist claims he never done nothing wrong but is a brutal pugilist for hire
47 Father Stormhand was exposed for his troubles in orphanage for boys he built 
48 Lucy Lirrips was a vampires slave and spared death sentence most inmates fear her
49 Cannibal Bill lived in cave robbing and eating people near a road for decades with family
50 Harris Knockmount was a knight but lied about ancestry and now in prison for life
51 Granny Glinder accused of witch craft but given mercy for naming other local witches
52 Morgan Warmonger a weary former mercenary captain on wrong side during war
53 Flint Snapwrist is a crafty fighter some say was a monk, he could escape but doesn't 
54 Iron Andy is a huge dark skinned ex blacksmith who once skinned a cellmate alive
55 Stumpy Clubfoot is a deformed man the mob demanded be imprisoned as a witch
56 Kolden Caldoon a smooth frontiersman with delusions of nobility, killed a man 
57 Snippy Fingers a thief with a temper who murdered people who annoyed him
58 Glinda Grimghoul a pretty wench who killed several employers who fell in love with her
59 Flathead Randy has a deformed skull and likes to headbutt any who point it out
60 Dorian Skinner a merchant sold human skin leather goods he bought from orcs
61 Earnie Fartpants is a flatulent thug who gets angry if any mention his problem
62 Dame Plumpbottom amassed a fortune as prison prostitute, of indeterminate gender 
63 Judge Bent former officer of law corrupted by bribes in land disputes, old and crazy
64 Googly Pete is a voyeuristic creep who was ruined by taste in secrets of rich women
65 Fran Fliechcraft butchered twenty slaves following lords orders and taken the blame
66 Dame Muskrat is a old woman who served a vampire noble slain by adventurers
67 Borris Bloodyaxe is a bear of a lumberjack man who killed his wife and her lover
68 Zoran Teargleaner served a evil wizard for years and thrown here when master killed
69 Magda Halfmoon acused of witchcraft by her husband so she broke his arms
70 Hagad the Spook took fall for cult and never squealed about his coven
71 Lorian the Elfstruck abandoned whole family looking for elfmaids and they all died
72 Raddad the Short is actually a dwarf just governor orders him clean shaven
73 Gorion the Fool was a wizard who failed to make a pact and was taken by the mob
74 Lyra Daggereye killed a gang of wealthy youths attacking her with just a dagger
75 Emil Gordaz served a mad wizard whose monster got loose and Emil was blamed
76 Timmy Bookburn was a apprentice charged with breach of contract with master
77 Alice Savage killed all other women in island colony, men brought her to prison
78 Corrion the Pretty has a huge knife scar on face he got first day in prison
79 Zog is a ugly google eyed thug found eating a hobo, freak actually is part fishman
80 Lorna Strangecraft accused of witchcraft for bad hings happen to her enemies
81 Dockland Ripper a former serial killer but caught for evading rent payments
82 Hilderbrant Giest a charismatic cleric imprisoned and excommunicated for heresy
83 Digby Doublebutler was a servant who sawed his senior butler in half
84 Godvinia Golden paraded naked protesting against clothing too many times
85 Doc Sawbones was a quack medic whos goat testicle implants failed killing patients
86 Steven Weird lived as a recluse and mob insist he is a witch and part faerie
87 Pam Weldshrew is made to wear a iron mask to teach her not to be so foul mouthed
88 Barney Hackmeister killed neighbor fighting over farm tools and ran from the law
89 Elizabeth Scarlet murdered six suitors who harassed her for marriage 
90 Tabitha Salamander accused of witchcraft and arson, spared due to family connections
91 Godwin Knifeglisten successful murder hobo jumped a dungeon claim and killed a party
92 Rawin Hogsfetter was a barbarian farmer who killed three men in a bar fight
93 Elon Hawkfear tells beings from the stars told him to murder all those people
94 Brolga Crusheart was a prison cook who slept with inmates and ran black market
95 Don Marowhawk left travellers to die in wastelands selling inferior equipment and mules 
96 Ebron Cleanskin sold poison grog and fraudulent goods by changing goods 
97 Jimmy Ratman ran a secret sewer market and was tken for tax evasion
98 Demented Tom is a obese idiot who sometimes hears voices from his invisible brother
99 Scaly Jim a obese sailor with peeling scaly skin is of course a hybrid fish man cultist
100 Mamma  Brass Jugs elderly barmaid who married and killed a dozen men for money 

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