Thursday 9 March 2017

d100 Contact Problems

This was for super hero sidekick problems

This is more on the followers who probably don't have powers but annoyingly need hero to help them. Will do another for more demanding organisational contacts or contacts agents for exiting organisations.

d10 Quick Problems
01 Family
02 Work
03 Love
04 Accident
05 Money
06 Health
07 Crime
08 Vice
09 Super Trouble
10 Weird Mystery

 Contact Problems
01 Family feud with members not talking
02 Family get together turns toxic
03 Family member in trouble with law
04 Family member needs caring for a while by contact
05 Family member behaves dreadfully offending everyone
06 Family member reveals shocking life style secret
07 Family member has a secret partly exposed
08 Discover long lost relatives
09 New children born or adopted
10 Pregnant relative needs support

11 Boss threatened to sack
12 Working for promotion

13 Trouble surviving on pay
14 Hours cut or demoted
15 Workplace in crisis overtime needed
16 Co worker a bully
17 Co worker or boss performs illegal activities at work
18 Discover fraud at work
19 Discover work connected to criminals
20 Business almost bankrupt
21 Trouble with partner with a dark secret
22 Partner wants marriage
23 Partner is cheating
24 Partner is secret plant by evil organisation
25 Partner is a criminal
26 Partner has dangerous job
27 Partner hates super heroes
28 Contact miserable, shy and lonely
29 Contact bitter and twisted from last life gone wrong
30 Contact busy with work avoids romance
31 Contact has a car accident
32 Contact falls from building
33 Contact in burning building
34 Contact injured by building site or poor maintenance
35 Contact chased by dangerous animals
36 Contact drowning
37 Contact trapped in building
38 Contact lost somewhere
39 Contact injured blooding
40 Contact 
41 Desperate for money
42 Tempted by questionable get rich scheme
43 Robbed by con man
44 Hit with huge medical bills
45 Audited for tax, very stressed
46 Offered criminal money
47 Found some money criminals want it back
48 Hackers emptied accounts
49 Assets frozen during investigation
50 Nigerian prince used fake ID to steal everything
51 Food poisoning requires treatment and care
52 Possibly contaminated awaiting tests
53 Tested for incurable fatal condition
54 Put in a mental hospital for evaluation
55 Ambulance took to emergency in fragile condition
56 Put on new medication but reluctant to take
57 Terrible fever and flu symptoms
58 Poisoned in hospital on observation
59 Relapse of old serious medical condition
60 Contact has dying relative in hospital
61 Contact held up and used by hostages
62 Kidnapped for blackmail or hostage
63 Violently beaten by gang
64 Home invaded by hoodlums
65 Threatened by organised crime
66 Held up by mugger, now scared to go out
67 Hit and run driver ran over contact
68 Stabbed by formerly friendly youth
69 Car or valuables stolen
70 House burned down by arsonist
71 Been over using legal medication
72 Abusing street drugs more and more high
73 Increasingly drinking and drunkenness
74 Has become hooked on gambling
75 Has been involved in risky sex life
76 Always out partying going broke
77 Mixing socially with dangerous bad people
78 Developing weird taste in pornography
79 Increasingly attracting abusers in life
80 Increasingly becoming abusive to loved ones
81 Has been harassed by super criminal
82 Has been dating a agent or villain
83 Under investigation by secret agency
84 Stalked by creepy villain or monster
85 Has been replaced by android or robot
86 Has been replaced by agent in disguise
87 Attempted target of serial killer
88 Exotic crime gang developed interest in contact 
89 Injured in super battle they witnessed
90 Witnessed a criminal and police and mob want contact
91 Haunted by supernatural emanations
92 Has seen flying saucers
93 Has seen some horrible creature in public
94 Menaced by strange voices
95 Feeling they are being watched by constantly
96 Occult paraphernalia has been left to scare contact
97 Seen a doppelganger of someone close like hero or self
98 Haunted by dreams of dead loved ones
99 Mysterious benefactor giving gifts to contact
100 Weird stranger following them just wants to talk

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