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d100 Horrible Secrets In the Castle

Castles both old and crumbling ruin or vital bastion of the nobility have their secrets. Every slightly spooky castle deserves a few odd things. Even the nice palace in a good kingdom might have a secret nobody wants to know. Spice up any overnight castle visit. Will end up in my gothic compilation update.

d100 Horrible Secrets In the Castle
01 Secret doors with tormented skeletal remains
02 Concealed trapdoor to secret tunnel 
03 Signs of old passage or room bricked shut with skeleton prisoner
04 Hidden trapdoor to oubliette with prisoner somebody has hidden
05 Secret small torture dungeon recently used 
06 Secret chamber has slab for prisoners with bladed pendulum 
07 Secret well under slab with insane immortal fish hybrid boy
08 Secret door to iron maiden holding a wight 
09 Altars have secret panels with pagan fertility or demonic idols inside
10 Secret entry to grotto with delightful pool for bathing

11 Secret cave filled with skulls and evil idol
12 Spyholes with secret doors to access often behind artworks

13 At least one gargoyle is secretly alive observing and dropping occasional rocks
14 Gremlin colony eating rats and pranking humans
15 In subground level there is a slab with a wraith asleep underneath
16 Old tree stump was a dryad, her spirit might appear to a handsome hero
17 Old porter remembers where a staircase was covered up
18 Huge fur rug is actually a cursed were beast cloak turns wearer to monster
19 Tapestry contains spirits of old dead dynasty, they invite explorers inside
20 A mirror is a entrance to a pocket universe with a lesser demon or succubus inside
21 Secret hidden sex dungeon with art, wine and obscene furniture
22 Secret rooms with niches for severed heads
23 Curse on this place graffiti marked in hard to find place, research to break  
24 Small faerie folk like pixies or brownies or leprechauns hide with treasure
25 Slime monster lives in drains keeping them and dungeons clean
26 Someone summoned a demon here long ago and people have nightmares since
27 Several goblins live between walls and have made secret doors to move about 
28 In a hidden place is a diabolic sacrifice dagger sacred to devils who's cultists seek it
29 Four identical carvings hidden if pressed open a secret door with a treasure chest 
30 A hidden crypt where a lost dynasty buried royal remains and a ancient crown
31 Stray kittens live in castle air and drain vents
32 Black ravens lurk around a tower until a prophecy is fulfilled
33 Kobolds are living under the the floorboards off spilled crumbs and rats
34 A poltergeist likes to grope guests in their sleep or pinch bottoms 
35 Chains rattling and moans can be heard in dark parts of the castle
36 A strange translucent spectral woman in coloured gown is seen in corridors
37 A shadowy misty phantom is said to spread sickness here 
38 Bat colony has taken roost in ruined walls and dungeons
39 A small idol tucked away is worshipped by rats, a shrine to the demon rat god
40 A ghost child walks the castle at times and will not rest till doll buried with 
41 A witch lives here in disguise as old woman or maid with a cat 
42 A large hellcat lurks here in the dark corrupting generations to diabolism
43 A Imp or quasit lives in the castle invisibly or in animal form causing mischief
44 A huge gecko has grown giant sized hiding and feeding here for decades 
45 A book is hidden in ceiling with amazing recipes from monsters and human flesh
46 A hidden journal in box describes a cult leaders increasing corruption
47 A hidden book of confessions of horrible murders by past castle tenant
48 A secret door with a rust starving rust monster inside 
49 A naked old man chained inside wall space sealed for years and fed daily by someone
50 Secret witch marks scrawled on walls in hard to find spaces
51 Hearts or toads impaled by dozens of thorns hidden in chimneys as part of a witch spell
52 Giant centipede nests inside several walls will swarm out if walls tapped or smell food
53 Several dragons teeth were hidden around castle according to old scroll found
54 A old grandfather clock with a modron inside acting as a mechanism in secret
55 A vampire child lives under rubble in castle ruins and occasionally comes out for blood
56 Squealing sound heard occasionally from underground, sometimes angry pig men too
57 Sounds of rat swarms rumbling through the walls squeaking and scratching
58 One of the rats has a human face and is actually a evil familiar spirit of a witch
59 Several large toads living in holes in walls are witch familiars spying for mistress
60 A secret chamber with dental tools and hundreds of teeth in display cabinets
61 Several secret cache of banned printed political pamphlets and pornographic prints
62 A secret room with armour and weapons in good condition and greased
63 A headless phantom walks the night looking for or carrying his head
64 A secret rich bedroom abandoned for years with chained maiden skeleton
65 A secret chamber with blood stained bath and remains of dozens of youth skeletons
66 A secret room with a demonic altar and statue with black tallow candles in candelabra
67 A secret room with model of castle and region with toy soldiers and tennant plots marked
68 A secret chamber with erotic paintings and human size cages
69 A secret chamber with small stove, huge slab and human skeletons hanging from hooks
70 A secret room with morgue slab, desiccated body and anatomical charts and tools
71 A secret chamber with display cases of taxidermy, fossils, old tablets and skeletons
72 A old box filled with hundreds of scandalous love letters by former occupants
73 A secret shrine of good defiled with blood, feces and evil graffiti 
74 A secret chamber with large unknown monster eggs in straw stuffed crates
75 A chained and gagged immortal has been here for hundreds of years as punishment
76 At night a evil black goat kid roams about, actually a evil imp familiar
77 A secret chamber with human size rending cauldron and hundreds of tallow candles
78 A secret room with cabinet of severed hands with magical insignia once used by witches
79 A secret room with wolf skeletons and scratch covered walls
80 A secret room with dozens of coffins leaning on walls as a makeshift mausoleum
81 Small secret tunnel in room leading to a crushed old man who tried to dig way out
82 A secret room with spinning wheel, mannequins and several expensive ballgowns
83 A secret childrens room with wooden toys, tiny beds and skeletons
84 A secret chamber with table, altar and robes hanging on a hook
85 A secret room with paintings of evil forgotten aristocrats of fallen dynasty
86 A secret room with a well, chain, barrels and a marine troll hidden underwater 
87 A secret room with corpse in coffin on altar with stake through heart and head missing
88 A secret room with workshop and several incomplete golems and notebooks
89 A secret room with treasure chests guarded by animated armour with swords
90 A long lost family crest in a chest with a reward on offer for decades
91 A secret room with a well with several water weirds with coins in foul well
92 A secret door with dead young noble skeleton, spirit begs for proper burial 
93 A secret alchemist lab, damaged and abandoned in a explosion
94 A secret library with a dozen occult tomes in secret cyphers and dead languages
95 A secret chamber with lab, strange salts in jars and caged pit with horror trapped inside
96 The castle has a strange custom which curse those committing a certain ordinary act
97 A old witch lives in secret room with her pets, stove, bed and her guard hellhound  
98 A ancient alter in secret room creates monsters occasionally
99 A secret room with ancient pagan cauldron which undead exit from occasionally
100 A secret room with a mirror that lesser demons enter the world through occasionally

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