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d100 Dungeon Wonders & Spectacles

Wonders are not meant to be attacked or destroyed just amaze from afar and not get too close. but you might. I will be doing some cave and Xor geomorphs soon and will design some big chasms as spaces for stuff like this. I have done wonder tables for my hells and other places

d100 Dungeon Wonders
1 Dragon hatchery with at least one elder dragon and many smaller ones with eggs
2 Manacled demon lord or godling or titan chained up, often being tormented by something cruel
3 Ziggurat covered in bloody skulls while tribe of chaos humanoid worship and sacrifice
4 A gigantic statue or monument with own complex and temple inside
5 A gargantuan pit of filth and garbage with formarians wallowing like a pool on a summers day
6 Dozens of beholders swarming around a pit to the netherworld
7 A glowing fleshy lake forming eyes and mouths and spawning dungeon monsters
8 A great pit swarming with ghosts, spirits and other undead horrors
9 A mighty battle between dungeon humanoids with hundreds being slaughtered
10 Two huge golem like walking temples of different faiths slamming against each other
11 A huge pit is swarming with purple worms, a island with a pyramid is on island in the middle
12 A slumbering Kaiju curled in a ball hibernating for a aeon
13 Titanic slumbering monsters from the end of the dawn age awaiting the apocalypse
14 A great throne where Orcus sits with his wand being surrounded by a thousand zombies
15 Mountain of shattered statues accumulated over thousands of years by spirits
16 Drunken sleeping giants, napping after game of boulders and megaliths
17 Huge monolith engraved with fantastically complex battle scene of law and chaos
18 Huge glowing stone egg awaiting the end times to hatch into a kaiju
19 Headless titan bleeding out into a pool for millennia
20 A great mushroom keep populated by d4 1=goblins 2=giant bugs 3=dark elves 4=trolls
21 A giant devil mouth guarded by greater devils used as a gate by the lords of hell
22 Gigantic stone skull used by cult for great ceremonies and sacrifices
23 A chaos witch gathering where hundreds cavort naked with goat men and demons
24 Gurgling great lake with misty phantoms struggling to fly free of moaning in pain
25 Titanic clockwork automatons dancing eternally in concentric circles
26 A transparent ice titan lays fallen with a village of goblins visible in digestive tract
27 A hanging cosmic void floating in air left over from creation of the universe
28 Titanic tentacled ice ape elemental lord of chaos searching snowflakes for sets of two
29 Enormous godlike burning phoenix sitting on mountainous nest made of metal
30 Mega kraken writhing in pool of slime writhing tentacles around a incredible jade monolith
31 A small castle built from glittering rock, a planar intrusion from psionic humanoids
32 Huge semi ruined statue of evil lord of fire actually remains of a past manifestation in world
33 Millions of rats swarming into a mound supporting gigantic greater rat demon lord
34 A giant stone head vomits into a foul pool where vile imps of plague gods bathe
35 A thousand mummified crucified corpses on poles on a mound of skeletons
36 A faceless hermaphrodite titan with saggy skin pleasuring itself sitting on huge stone cube
37 Landshark breeding pit makes the cave shake as dozens of beasts grind away relentlessly
38 A cave with dozens of great frozen hideous beasts of the deep posed in battle
39 A necromancy cult assembling a titanic flesh colossus with scaffolding and tonnes of corpses
40 A wondrous fungus garden where mushroom men ans sprites dance amid the psychoactive spoor
41 A great ancient mighty mousoleum full of cursed relics and undead kept by the underworld lord
42 A great earth god on a throne surrounded by cavorting mountain nymphs and beast men
43 A huge illusion of tempting nymphs offer gold and sex covering a bottomless pit
44 A stone sphinx enigmatically staring into space, hidden tomb or reliquary inside
45 A titanic ice sculpture with hundreds of taunting ice apes living within guarding a ice temple
46 Colossal tentacled one eyed idiot god flails about uselessly in his pit with no mouth to scream
47 Two mimic demi gods having mind blasting shape shifting contest that has lasted aeons
48 Gibbering demon lord of filth wallowing in mush playing with huge slime beasts
49 Fragment of prehuman ruin of mighty monster god temple, to gaze on it is mind troubling
50 Giant spiral crystal steps leading from depths into ceiling, many steps are trapped
51 Titanic bronze astrolabe indicating alignments of world and the seven lords of hell
52 A great lake of fire where salamanders and dragons and fire snakes cavort playfully
53 A great lake of boiling blood where goblins push crying spirits under surface with magic poles
54 Eternally burning castle in a time loop, if you get inside you must escape before loop traps you
55 A gasping mineral encrusted pit releasing a huge cloud of diseased miasma with glowing eyes
56 A gorilla kaiju manacled with chains to huge stone sacrificial altar full of unconscious maidens
57 A fort of bronze full of cyclops orcs and ogres led by a wicked efreeti guarding huge metal eggs
58 A rotating glowing polygon crystal constantly changing numbers of facets and arcing electricity
59 A swarm of fluttering modrons experimenting to assemble a lost god of law by merging
60 A colossal heap of quivering flesh with patches of tentacle tumours and oozing orifices
61 A star fairy or demon trapped in a sigil flooding area in searing light begging for release
62 A bound god bound and tormented by dripping venom claims he tried to help humans
63 A patch of growing crystals and pools with crystal megaliths engraved in magic runes
64 A enormous lamprey trapped in a pit where cultists throw victims into it's mouth
65 A rude fungus covered amphitheater where hundreds of goblins watch giant beetles fight
66 A ramshackle goblin market with a hundred or so tents and tiny wagons for goblins stalls
67 Filthy mountain of organic garbage where shambling mounds battle for the best scraps
68 A giant bronze bull with fire pit underneath and hundreds of burned bodies inside
69 A crumbling citadel from the monster age crawling in creatures, curses and ancient loot
70 A demon lord raging trapped in giant chunk of amber by a sun god long ago
71 A grove of petrified giant trees around a tar pit are now homes for twisted creatures
72 Remains of giant size ancient ruins with fragments of murals and several hidden man size doors
73 Illusionary echo of ancient scene of the gods repeating in a endless loop
74 Titanic apparatus holding huge glowing crystal doom seed built by a mad god aeons ago
75 A wicker man woven from spider silk filled with moaning sacrifices being prepared by cult
76 A chasm filled with giant webs roaming with giant spiders and a minor spider god shedding skin
77 A black basalt citadel of the snake men with dinosaur and reptilian mercenaries and monsters
78 A titanic stirge sucking blood through beak stuck in ceiling, its body a foul swollen sack
79 A human shaped titanic golem operated from inside by dark gnomes building a fortress
80 A titanic toad god squats here hibernating and eating the odd purple worm on mound of ruins
81 A god head floats and drips incredibly slowly into a bowl of rubies guarded by a dragon
82 A titanic statue of a forgotten weird god with cultists throwing selves from it into a pit
83 A sprawling monster feast where dungeon bosses and retinues feast on neutral ground
84 A huge mound of candy with gingerbread golems and honey cake witch house in the middle
85 A huge stone maze covered in vulture like gargoyles that kill cheaters and guard secret treasure
86 A lake of green slime with creaming titans chained within as torment for forgotten sins
87 A whole village populated by statues arranged by medusa sisters like collectable toys
88 A giant mermaid goddess corpse being eaten by giant crabs picking her clean of meat slowly
89 A huge pile of grave goods with a lesser deity in dragon form asleep on top having a nice dream
90 A bubbling lake of raw chaos in form of bubbling energy with imps dancing among the flames
91 A great ceremonial ground where vampires of all ages and clans meet every hundred years
92 A dead kaiju being eaten by giant maggots with screaming human baby faces
93 A titan size weapon suspended in brackets guarded by cyclops giants from grubby mortals
94 A golden great tree on a mound of luscious earth with beasts and humanoids living in branches
95 A graveyard of monster bones including titanic sea beasts and kaiju somehow gathered here
96 A huge burning crater fuelled by natural gas or the elemental plane of fire
97 A walled citadel occupied by race of sentient magician goats with charmed human servants
98 A inverted citadel hanging from ceiling of cat-bat people who worship the dukes of hell
99 A giant vampire demon godling hangs from the ceiling cultist pilgrims come to feed him
100 A great ruined silver pyramid citadel populated by mutant wizards and silver automatons

added a few as pointed out i skipped lots of numbers


  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy as soon as I saw the reference to this in a previous post, so much anticipation. #2 is just so full of potential chaos and mayhem. I wonder what those chains are made of...

  2. Great table, but you skipped all the numbers from 24-33 and from 46-55. Was that intentional?


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