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Contact Revision For TSR Marvel

These are examples of possible contacts. I have set them in tables so characters can roll up npcs easily. The organisation section is the silliest with orgs stolen from many sources I've used over years and most likely to be revised later with lots of specfic type subtables.

d10 Contact Types
1 Professional Contacts - 
have a specific job, talents and resources
2 Dependant - a vulnerable person depends on hero
Nuisance - a person who persecutes hero or attracts danger 

4 Organisation - a group with personnel, territory and resources 
5 Patron - a boss or sponsor who expects you to perform your duty 
6 Place - known in a specific area
7 Language - speak read and write a foreign language
8 Source - contact connected with origin story
9 Hero - contact is hero
10 Villain - contact is a villain

1 Professional Contacts
d100 These contacts have a specific job, talents and resources
01 Prison Inmate
02 Gangster
03 Mob Boss
04 Dealer
05 Bouncer
06 Black Marketeer
07 Forger
08 Burglar
09 Hacker

11 Homeless
12 Builder

13 Logger
14 Sailor
15 Life guard
16 Stock Herder
17 Miner
18 Fisherman
19 Farmer
20 Park Ranger
21 Newsstand Guy
22 All nite Diner Owner
23 Coffee Shop Owner
24 Garbage Truck Driver
25 Food Truck Guy
26 Publicist
27 Limo Driver
28 Hotel Manager
29 Celebrity Chef
30 Social Worker
31 Lab Tech
32 Factory Manager
33 Repair Tech
34 Pharmacist
35 Engineer
36 Radio Tech
37 Mechanic
38 Electrician
39 Electronics Tech
40 Computer Tech
41 Scuba Diver
42 Mountain climber
43 Extreme Cyclist
44 Extreme Skater
45 Stunt Driver
46 Airline Pilot
47 Ship Captain
48 Race Driver
49 Helicopter Pilot
50 Astronaut
51 Internet Blogger
52 Magazine Writer
53 Newspaper Journalist 
54 Radio Announcer
55 TV Reporter
56 Writer
57 Photographer
58 Linguist
59 Actor
60 Artist
61 Writer
62 Archaeologist
63 Historian
64 Anthropologist
65 Biologist
66 Geneticist
67 Chemist
68 Astronomer
69 Physicist
70 Geologist
71 Playboy
72 Stock Broker
73 Salesman
74 Banker
75 Corporate Director
76 Prison Manager
77 Civil Servant
78 Politician
79 Lawyer
80 Customs
81 Coast Guard
82 Emergency Rescue
83 Coroner 
84 Rescue Officer
85 Fireman
86 Paramedic 
87 Nurse
88 GP Doctor
89 Surgeon
90 Psychiatrist
91 Beat Cop
92 Security Chief
93 Private Detective
94 Special Weapon Police
95 Forensic Investigator
96 Police Detective
97 Army Officer
98 Navy Officer
99 Air Force Officer
100 Espionage Agent

2 Dependant (earn you +10 karma a session)
d10 Once a session a dependant calls on your help
01 A doddering older parent or grandparent needs help
02 A school aged child is your responsibility  
03 A pet requires your attention and occasional rescue or vet trip
04 A family member is a invalid and requires help
05 A charity you regularly support with favours or donations
06 A troubled teenager is your responsibility
07 A good friend you work with requires help and favours
08 A easily influenced youth requires your mentorship
09 A boy/girl friend needs attentions
10 A married or ex partner requires your attention

3 Nuisance (earn you +20 karma a session)
d10 A influential person who works to damage your popularity 
01 Persistent Journalist stalks you
02 Media boss persecutes you
03 Government investigator after your secrets
04 Private investigator after your secrets
05 Military Leader wants you destroyed
06 Scientist wants to study you in vivisection lab
07 A hate group makes wild accusations about you
08 A political leader publicly scorns you
09 A rich captain of industry wants your secrets
10 A police officer convinced hero up to no good

4 Organisations
d100 A group that can provides personnel or clues or resources
01 The Syndicate a international italian irish american crime clan with political interests
02 The 108 Dragons a chinese gangster assassin cult using esoteric mind control
03 Tong are chinese gangster clans
04 Yakuza are tatooed japanese gangsters
05 The Bratva are international russian mobsters
06 Maffia are international Sicilian organised crime
07 Green Fist a eco terrorist org formed from dirty marxist hippies of the 60s
08 Local Street Gang 
09 Circus of Assassins are  a secret society of killer carny folk
10 Black Hand are criminals specializing in kidnapping and hostages

11 Tribal Council
12 Political party

13 University 
14 Museum
15 Red Cross
16 A branch of a church
17 Alien Spotters Society or ASS
18 Fire Department
19 Correctional Services
20 Parks and Wildlife Services
21 The Airforce
22 The Navy
23 The Army
24 Federal Police (FBI)
25 World Heritage League
26 City Hospital
27 Emergency Rescue Service
28 Ambulance Service
29 Metro Police Department
30 National security organisation (MI6, ASUS. CIA)
31 United Nations
32 Wold Finance Organisation
33 GROVE Industries a front for pagan occultists calling the dark gods
34 STAR Labs a advanced science research organisation deals with cutting edge tech
35 Cyberdine Systems develop defence industry electronics and cybernetics
36 Temple Industries a secretive legal and financial working behind global politics
37 ARMCO defence manufacturer
38 Miota Incorporated a scientific research firm specialising in pharmacy and hospitals
39 Millennium Industries a wide ranging financial and manufacturing giant
40 Omni consumer Products make many diverse consumer products
41 Tyrell Corporation cybernetics corporation working in androids and robotics
42 Merrick Biotech sell cloned organs they grow in secure black lab bunkers
43 Biotechnica a advanced biotech and agriculture corporation
44 Global Broadcasting Network the worlds biggest new and entertainment broadcaster
45 Safeguard Industries operate superhuman prisons
46 Merco a private military force now conducting own R&D after years guarding black labs
47 Datatel a big data internet and isometrics firm used by industry and government
48 Delos Corporation create consumer entertainment products and theme parks
49 Smith Incorporated monopole and magnetic systems for transport and defence
50 New World Industries a transport financial and construction
51 Gentech Corporation makes universal products for secretive korean-german company
52 Aelita a russian aerospace and robotics corporation, aggressive industrial espionage
53 Kemelkon a petroleum, energy agriculture and chemical company, infamous polluters  
54 Kanawa Corporation a financial, eletronics, transport and military manufacturer
55 Exotech Corporation a medical, cybernetics, mind control and genetics company
56 Orion Foundation is a independent organisation working for world peace
57 The Assassins a secret ancient sect providing super skilled assasins
58 The Secret Empire world conquering science conspiracy
59  Zodiac a secret society that deal with espionage, black science and cosmic relics
60 The Brotherhood asian secret society using science and magic with own assassin cult
61 The Hand a demonic occult group with shadowy goals and ninja assassins
62 The Cabal a league of magicians that regulate and cover up 
63 Gold Phoenix Brotherhood a benevolent secret society hidden as a computing company
64 Order of the Black Tower a sinister secret society of 
65 PAGAN People Against Goodness And Normalcy
66 Illuminated Seers are group constantly generating cover organisations and red herrings
67 Cthulhu cult or mythos sect worshiping alien gods and pre human civilization
68 The Laundry UK occult espionage unit dealing with elder gods and hidden races
69 OSI Office of Scientific Intelligence develop and combat alternate technology
70 FIRE Free and independent inquiry are a secret society of science villains
71 Thule Brotherhood seek to restore lost continent of the master race
72 Cadmus devoted to neutralizing the threat of super humans
73 SPHYNX high tech special technology riddled with conspiricies and tripple agents
74 MAZE international intelligence cell hunts terrorists and security threats to world
75 Guild of Calamitous Intent control hero and villain relations
76 WASP World Aquanaut Security Patrol battle aquatic races and marine science villains
77 FREElancers a experimental inteligence contract firm with enhanced agents
78 WEB World Espionage Network World Espionage Bureau international bad guy spies 
79 SWORD Sentient World Observation and Response Department hunt aliens
80 SPECTRE Special Executive for Counter-intelligence,Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion
81 ODIN Organization of Democratic Intelligence Networks
82 International Rescue private high tech rescue organisation
83 Panther Claw international criminal organisation steals rare and beautiful things
84 AIM Advanced Idea Mechanics sell black science tech to evil organisations
85 HIVE Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination
86 COBRA. Criminal Organization of Bloodiness, Revenge and Assassination
87 SPECTRUM United Nations security organisation fighting alien race of shapeshifters
88 ANVIL Asian Nations Vigilance Intelligence Legion chinese & pacific org
89 SABRE Special Alliance Battalion Recon & Espionage
90 PATRIOT Pacific American Tactical Response Intelligence Operation Taskforce
91 SMASH Special Military Alliance Supreme Headquarters Europe, Australia India org
92 HAMMER Hegemonic Autonomous Monolithic Military Experimental Recon, Russian
93 HYDRA are world dominating fascists using espionage, black science and dark magic  
94 SPARTAN Secret government superhuman and vigilante taskforce
95 SHOCC Super Human Operational Combat and Command
96 UNIT United Nations Intelligence Taskforce 
97 SHIELD Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law Enforcement Division 
98 UNISEC United Nations Intelligence Security org 
99 SHADO Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation
100 Australian Paranorman Intelligence Organisation formerly APIS or Division X

A few Extra
Satanists, Division X (UFO hunters), Cult of the six fingered hand, The Black Lodge, Templars, big tobacco, boyscouts, Scientology, Freemasons, Football Association, Band, soup kitchen,  etc

5 Patron
d10 E
mployer or boss who sends you on missions

A patron will often give you resources and information
A patron will require you perform favours but help you more
Many patrons could include organisations  

01 Scholar from Prestigious university
02 Officer of law enforcement organisation
03 Officer from branch of armed forces
04 Spymaster from secret intelligence organisation 
05 Agent of a secret society
06 Millionaire corporate head
07 Director of prestigious benevolent organisation
08 Director of international aid organisation 
09 Secretive hidden patron
10 Manager of your workplace or employer

6 Place
d10 K
now area intimately and are well known there
Smaller place better the better knowledge and 

01 A street where everybody loves you
02 A suburb or districts where locals know and respect you
03 A town where locals consider you part of local flavour
04 A city where you are well known
05 A university campus, museum, library or hospital
06 A sewer system, tomb filled valley or lost city
07 A airport, harbour, spaceport or industrial complex
08 A military base or bunker or secret facility
09 A wilderness area like a park or mountain range or forest
10 A research base in a exotic location like space, antarctica, desert, underwater

7 Language
d10 speak read and write a foreign language

01 Spanish or French or Italian or Greek
02 German or Austrian or Dutch or Danish 
03 Swedish or Norwegian or Finnish
04 Russian or Polish or Czech or Slovak
05 Chinese or Korean or Japanese or Vietnamese
06 Indonesian or Malaysian or Filipino or Thai
07 Arabic or Persian or Phonecean or Turkish
08 Hindu or Urdu pr Tibetan or Mongolian or Nepalese
09 Tribal language spoken by traditional peoples
10 Latin or Ancient Greek or Hebrew or Egyptian

8 Source
d10 Contact connected to hero origin and powers
01 Eccentric expert in powers source
02 Someone with similar powers
03 A negative version with same abilities
04 Combat instructor
05 Specialist talent trainer
06 Mentor of abilities
07 A former user of abilities
08 Creator of abilities
09 Secret research project into abilities source
10 Persistent researcher who's work touches on subject

9 Hero
d10 Contact with a major hero who can offer assistance
01 A charismatic daredevil
02 A bitter old hack
03 A popular patriotic hero 
04 A brooding masked vigilante
05 A former government super agent
06 A misunderstood monster
07 A sentinel of liberty
08 A mysterious masked avenger
09 A famous hero of yesterday
10 A teenage sidekick of a famous hero

10 Villain
d10 Contacts with a major villain but can cause karma losses
01 Foreign dictator who rules a country
02 Dangerous mob Boss 
03 Compulsive Cat Burglar
04 Armed Robber uses advanced tech gimmick
05 Creepy magician
06 A mad scientist
07 A evil millionaire
08 Professional killer
09 A terrorist
10 A professional spy

More recently considered alternate universe versions of self or others as contacts too

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