Saturday 8 November 2014

Underland 6 - New Hazards in the Underland

So played a bit of Underland tonight. Terrain and environment set the mood nicely. I need some more horror yet before I have them in ruins. The sample hex i did for Tenkar's Landing version is a bit small but was a good start. I might change scale in my regular setting.

The tunnel filled zone between the great Underland and the surface has many natural tunnels dug by monsters and volcanic vents and eroded by water through limestone. many have been altered and improved by animals and races of the deep. When marching you might find traces of mines, sub roads of underground cities, graffiti thousands of years old and more. Many smaller tunnels more erratic but larger ones longer, straighter and more evidence of habitation. They are the highways of Underland trade and connect many places.

So a big couple of encounter tables here for those tunnels in between the surface and the great Underland. Then some d12 tables for various terrain zones on the hex i have done so far.

I had forgotten about my old dungeon zone 12 Underland which I should print to use in current game.

Hazard and mystery tables handy too. Hazards are more problems and obstacles and mysteries are things that imply plot or make you question or could even be plot seeds. As original Hazard table was only d50 will add some extras here.

d50 New Underground Hazards
01 Bad air causes hallucinations
02 Gremlins foul food and water with excrement or just by consuming
03 Gremlins ruin your tools for fun
04 Gremlins tie knots in all your string, cords and straps
05 Rats eat your sacks and rope
06 Cave snakes crawl in your bed
07 Cave spiders and scorpions crawl in your boots
08 Break out with fungal rot on skin, everything needs a good wash
09 Walk over ancient graves and awaken the dead
10 Leather and cloth goes moldy and fragile
11 Giant ant nest disturbed
12 Giant scorpions follow your scent
13 Accidentally climb over huge camouflaged cave lizard
14 Zone of magical darkness left in some ancient struggle
15 Deposit of cursed animal bones assemble to attack intruders
16 Hidden sentry post with messenger system warns a faction
17 Area covered in cobwebs and tiny spiders concealing secres and passages
18 Area covered in giant invisible web by giant spider
19 Flaming pit of salamanders curious about outlanders
20 Totem pillars of faction signal faction or curse intruders
21 Waist deep water home to killer albino giant fish
22 A hellcat awaiting a new master to corrupt to path of evil
23 Burrows of huge snakes or cave eels in walls like to snap at intruders
24 A defensible campsite around a squat toad shaped monolith that causes nightmares
25 Abandoned beast of burden or pet, friendly and hungry, carries horrible parasites
26 Deadfall of rocks set by a faction or gremlins
27 A foot snare set by a faction or gremlins
28 Poison dart traps set by a faction or gremlins
29 Slimy slippery rocks
30 Red devil gem makes those who see it crave for it and fight friends to possess
31 Walls riddled with great flesh eating worm tunnels
32 Primitive explosive trap set by a faction or gremlins
33 Strange glowing auroras make you want to sleep or other behavior effects
34 Magical cave painting of beast, beastman shaman or demon comes to life
35 Spirit of long dead explorer haunts area seeking rest or a new body or burial
36 Cloud of spores causes choking and sets fungi growing on possessions
37 Crumbling cliff path over great gulf
38 Bridge of zombies or skeletons holding each other across chasm
39 Long undisturbed coffin on a plinth surrounded by withered corpses
40 Shrine with offerings, if disturbed curses interloper
41 Slippery blood all over rocks near cliff
42 Slimy giant slug trails around huge pit on path
43 Dripping acid from ceiling
44 Toll bridge with monster guards
45 Strange bacterial slime crawling with huge grubs, byproduct of alchemy gone wrong dump site
46 Mounds of monster excrement full of parasite eggs waiting to be picked up
47 Giant dung beetles rolling huge dung balls down tunnel
48 Huge boulder comes loose from sounds of adventurers and rolls towards them
49 Cursed idol makes all food and drink toxic or carry disease
50 Tar pit, concealed under dirt and debris

Regional Encounters of the great cavernThese are for this map

d12 Water - Pink Sea etc - open water
Great lakes of pink tinted water are rich source of life and albino cave fish

1 Plesiosaur
2 Tylosaur
3 Icthiosaur
4 School of ripperfish
5 Sea Serpent
6 Shoggoth
7 Fishmen Warband
8 Sargassum - carnivorous animated seaweed
9 Necromancer Longboat
10 Giant Octopus
11 Catfish man sorcerer with sharkmen or eelmen
12 Cave tako octopus folk

d12 Water - Pink Sea etc - beaches
Great lakes of pink tinted water are rich source of life and albino cave fish. Many critters come here for food and water and good hunting

1 Plesiosaur beaches self to reach victims on shore
2 Pteradactyls
3 Orc raiders
4 Cultists in robes seeking sacred objects of evil sea demons
5 Sea Serpent
6 Shoggoth
7 Fishmen Hunters on kidnapping raid
8 Frogmen looking for enemies or food
9 Undead soldiers (skeletons or zombies with leader elite)
10 Albino cavemen cannibals beachcombing for food
11 Catfish man sorcerer with sharkmen or eelmen or crabmen
12 Cave tako octopus folk

d12 Swamps and bogs
Dominated by savage frogmen and other slimy horrors, many ruins are found here

1 Giant snapping turtle
2 Giant bog octopus
3 Frogmen savages seeking captives
4 Crested Newtmen or salamander sorcerers with minions
5 Civilized amphibian beast men expedition
6 Goblins hunters of swamp tribe
7 Savage tribal orcs
8 Ogre hunters
9 Giant frogs or toads
10 Giant lizards or dinosaurs
11 Undead soldiers (skeletons or zombies with leader elite)
12 Killer swamp mushroom men pygmies

d12 Goblin Mushroom Forest
Crawling with life and plentiful food, dominated by goblinoids. The markets are a good source of interesting petty magic at low prices but buyers beware

1 Goblin hunters
2 Goblin labourers gathering shrooms and grubs
3 Hobgoblin bandits
4 Bugbears looking for thrills
5 Bat riding goblins
6 Thoul, nilbog or other goblin elite with followers
7 Mushroom folk minding own business
8 Ogres hunting for goblins
9 Gremlin swarm
10 Goblin merchants
11 Giant lizard
12 Giant grubs or worms or caterpillar

d12 Reptile Men Fungus Jungles

Ancient reptilian fued over which is the master race reliving feuds from pre human times

1 Raptors 1in10 actually a t-rex
2 Giant lizards
3 Lizard men primitive hunters
4 Dragon men warriors seeking battle
5 Serpent man wizards and lizard men guards
6 Dinosaur men berserk barbarians
7 Triceratops or stegosaur or anklosaur
8 Pterodactyls 1in4 with pygmy lizard men riders
9 Noble lizard men knights riding dinosaurs
10 Peaceful saropods 1in4 with lizard men shepards
11 Slime, jelly or other deadly goop
12 Giant grubs or worms or caterpillar

d12 Orc Lands in wastes or broken lands
These are the most worthless and inhospitable lands

1 Orc hunters looking for food
2 Orc warband seeking a fight
3 Orc shaman and retinue
4 Orcs with an ogre in chains
5 Giant Lizard
6 Giant grubs or worms or caterpillar
7 Giant Snake
8 Terror birds
9 Warg pack 1in4 with orc riders
10 Sabretooth tiger
11 Giant insects
12 Giant scorpion

d12 Beastmen Fungus Forest

These woods are home to savage beastmen who resent human intruders who kill or enslave them

1 Beastmen hunters
2 Beastmen shamen with retinue
3 Beastmen with wizard master
4 Giant rats d4 1=cat size 2=wolf size 3=deer size 4=bears size
5 Giant bats
6 Flightless bats hunting in pack
7 Terror birds
8 Sabretooth tiger
9 Giant rabbits
10 Mammoth
11 Giant grubs or worms or caterpillar
12 Slime, jelly or other deadly goop

d12 Dark Elf Fungus Forest

These ancient forests are warped dark places where dark elves frolic and practice petty cruelty

1 Goblin thralls gathering shroom crops
2 Peaceful mushroom men
3 Giant lizards 1in4 with dark elf riders
4 Giant spiders 1in4 with dark elf riders
5 Dark elf nobles looking for fun
6 Dark elf cultists seeking mischief with hobgoblin guards
8 Ogre looking for trouble
9 Dark elves dancing naked in cult ritual
10 Bugbear assassins lead by dark elf
11 Giant grubs or worms or caterpillar
12 Slime, jelly or other deadly goop

d12 Witchland Fungus Forests
This matriarchal kingdom has many secrets they intend to keep. Rins and monoliths and barrow mounds aplenty

1 Witches on business with orc guards
2 Warlock with orc hunting for outsiders
3 Witch familiar spies like cats, bats, spiders or imps
4 Hellcat or Hellhound
5 Shadows arise from the earth
6 Ghoul pack
7 Giant toad or Giant newt
8 Flying witches riding bats or brooms or other oddity
9 Witch coven meeting before ancient monolith
11 Giant grubs or worms or caterpillar
12 Slime, jelly or other deadly goop

d12 Other Fungus Forest
This wild fungus forest belongs to nobody in particular but many come here hoping to claim it or at least get a meal

1 Goblin hunters
2 Ogre hunter
3 Orc war band
4 Giant lizard
5 Peaceful mushroom men
6 Horrible mutants
7 Mutant cultists
8 Chimera thing made up of mashed up animal
9 Shoggoth
10 Human cultists
11 Giant grubs or worms or caterpillar
12 Slime, jelly or other deadly goop

d12 Necromancer Lands
Necromancers have come here to hide from surface and plunder secrets of the ancient age where they ruled the earth. Many towers here inhabited and abandoned

1 Zombie patrol lead by wight
2 Skeletons led by skeletal wizard
3 Pack of ghouls
4 Great necrobeast war engine with necromancer apprentice driving
5 Necromancer with undead and orc retinue
6 Necromancer aprentices with orc guards exploring
7 Necromancer apprentices with bone wagon full of corpses
8 Wargs with orc riders on mission for necromancer
9 Cultists on a pilgrimage or seeking relics
10 Giant scorpions
11 Demon or devil in disguise pretending to be friendly
12 Mindless zombies wandering about aimlessly

d12 Deathlands
Are roaming with free willed undead resentful of human necromancers coming to enthrall them. Rich in tombs and graveyards

1 Zombie patrol lead by wight
2 Skeletons led by skeletal wizard
3 Pack of ghouls
4 Mummy with skeleton or zombie minions
5 Skeleton warrior with skeleton soldiers
6 Wight warriors hunting
7 Wraith arises from ancient crypt
8 Spectre arises from crypt
9 Vampire or death knight with zombie soldiers
10 Zombie lord with superior fast zombies
11 phantom spirits try to drive outsiders away
12 Ghost seeks to possess or trick intruders

d12 Pale Plateau
A cold and stony place where ancient beasts and giants dwell in shadow of a glacier. Some giant ruins from a more civilized age are here

1 Ogre hunters
2 Ice coverered revenants looking for living to torment
3 Hill giant hunter
4 Cyclops shepherd with goats
5 Ettin with bet bear or sabretooth
6 Cavemen hunters
7 Sabretooth tiger
8 Terror birds
9 Wooly mammoth or rhino
10 Pack or wargs
11 Cultists seeking relics
12 Frost salamanders or fire salamanders near volcanoes

d12 Stone City Plateau
A great gathering place of human shamen and staone age wizards in the past when humans threw off the yoke of slavery to the pre human masters. Many barrows, monolths, caves, towers and remains of walls in crude cyclopean style, many made from magic

1 Cavemen hunters
2 Morlocks hunting for food humanoids
3 Undead ancient beast d4 1=sabretooth 2=mammoth 3=cave bear 4=rhino
4 Sabretooth
5 Ogre hunter
6 Cave bear
7 Caveman shaman with assistants and pets
8 Terror birds
9 Wooly mammoth or rhino
10 Pack or wargs
11 Barbarian beserkers
12 Ghoul pack

d12 Lost City Plateau
A huge sprawling city of degenerate remnants of the age when prehuman monsters kept the human race as slaves. Remains of many buildings and streets keep the secrets of the past

1 Cultist pilgrims seeking relics
2 Mutant degenerates looking for food
3 Wizard with mutant thralls
4 Bugbear gang
5 Giant spider or scorpion or centipede
6 Gigantic rats size of wargs
7 Giant Lizard
8 Goblin bat or boar or warg riders riders
9 Hobgoblin patrol with a dark elf
10 Serpent man wizards and lizard men guards
11 Shoggoth
12 Giant grubs or worms or caterpillar

outer caverns are species specific or crawling with mythos horrors like darkspawn and shoggoths and cultists and degenerate devolved humans and lizard men

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