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Underland 7 - Outer Chasms Encounters

This is just a quick look at the outer chasms and I realized I didn't cover the inner land of Yoth-Ka. Will start do detail the communities and probably a bit on surface Island gazetteer for Tenkar's Landing. Citadels will probably get a hit next week.

d12 Yoth-Ka Central Plateau
The centre of the Underland where the great citadel lights the whole cavern with the great cold light Magenta beacon. The greatest citadel in the underland where prehuman monster kings met and once ruled the surface. While the gods tried to bury and destroy this place and bury it forever they failed. The plateau is covered in ruins and things best not disturbed.

1 Shoggoth
2 Mummy and skeleton guards
3 Iron golem on patrol to kill living
4 Ghoul lord and pack of ghouls
5 Cultists seeking wisdom kill any possible rivals
6 Beast Men d6 1=serpent men 2=bat men 3=catfish men 4=spider men 5=goat men 6=leech men
7 Beast Men d6 1=lamprey men 2=Insect men 3=fish men 4=lizard men 5=wolf men 6=eel men
8 Lich with servitor undead or summoned pets
9 Death knight with zombie hopolites in formation
10 Mighty skeleton warriors with skeleton spear men
11 Spectres 1in6 led by a ghost
12 Other planar being d4 1=devil 2=demon 3=elemental 4=evil spirit will secretly posses victims

d12 Yoth-Ka Swamp
The great evil swamp is a barrier to keep out enemies, made by the Yothians themselves or their enemies. No living being remembers or will tell. It s a land of abject horror.

1 Sons of Kyuss, diseased maggot filled undead
2 Slime zombies carrying corrosive olive slime colonies
3 Black dragon
4 Giant lizard
5 Giant octopus
6 Angry mushroom men pygmies with poison weapons
7 Lizard en tribes sworn to keep out outsiders to the death
8 Giant cave lobsters
9 Wight warriors of the ancient monster empire
10 Catfish man wizard with fish men followers
11 Giant eel swarm
12 Giant purple worm

d12 Outer Darkness Cavern

This land is bathed in magical darkness that drinks any light brought here. Only sonar and thermal vision works here. Sensing life force or minds or magic can help too. It is a great slab of broken volcanic rock with razor obsidian lined pits. Temples to Tsathogua with his dark spawn and to the living darkness.are found here. Shadows and negative planar beings reside here. Cultists pilgrims here require guides or surgically modify their sight or magically transform themselves to survive. The great black citadel is contested by man beings of evil and holds many secrets. Lights may function in parts of the citadel so it is used by pilgrims the most.

1 Night hag riding a nightmare
2 Giant bats 1in6 ridden by goblins
3 Swarm of vampire bats
4 Modified cultists riding quadruped degenerate humanoids with sonar
5 Flightless bat quadrupeds 1in6 ridden by bat men
6 Darkness elemental spawn of the living darkness
7 Shadows arise from long dead cultists or beasts
8 Wraiths of old priest kings
9 Tentacled mutants often with toad or bat like features
10 Darkspawn of Tsathogua
11 Toadmen worshippers of Tsathogua
12 Albino reptile men savages with obsidian weapons

d12 Grey Gnome Cavern
This is home to the gloomy cavern gnomes who dine on palid fungus and toil in their great smoke and steam belching factories. Not evil but indifferent to suffering or the plight of others they have been waging war against the dark elves and spiders for thousands of years. Their great citadel is a sprawling semi collapsed heap but still is populated and full of busy sweatshops. Tracks for a train across the kingdom. They harbour little ambition beyond survival, trade and stockpiling for the war at the end times. Iron golem guardians on the border sleep awaiting activation in the apocalypse to come.

1 Clockwork automaton workers will ignore intruders
2 Steam powered automaton insects defend land against intruders
3 Miserable gnome workers gathering grubs, palid fungus and ore
4 Gnome warband on patrol for enemies and intruders
5 Gnome merchants seeking exotic trade
6 Giant lizards eating fungus but possibly hungry
7 Ogres from outlands seeking delicious gnomes
8 Dwarf merchants here to trade
9 Dark elf assassins on hit and run raid
10 Giant spiders seeking tasty gnomes
11 Stone golem with handler challenges intruders
12 Shoggoth on rampage
d12 Spider Cavern

This is the kingdom of the spider goddess, covered in web and crawling with spiders and bugs they feed from. Great dark fungal growths are crawling in maggots and covered in webs. Humans are not welcome and mostly never leave. The spider citadel is home to their slumbering spider goddess and the spawn the mage spiders who can turn invisible and can sit on a mans back to control them. Humans are kept in the citadel and tin villages as food for royalty.

1 Swarm of tiny spiders
2 Giant spider d6 1=black widow 2=huntsman 3=trapdoor 4=funnel web 5=tarantula 6=redback
3 Spider kaiju demands sacrifice or will eat you (30 HD)
4 Human thralls gathering bugs and fungus
5 Human warriors in service of spider god, leader has invisible mage spider on back
6 A palanquin carried by humans with a mage spider inside
7 Spider men warrior band
8 Were spiders
9 Spider demon spawn of the goddess
10 Spider silk undead mummy, a priest of cult given final reward
11 Spider cultist pilgrims
12 Giant riding spider cavalry ridden by dark elf spider cult

d12 Zoran-Ka

This blue lit cavern is home to a degenerate albino cannibals ruled by immortal sorcerers and priests. They worship degenerate prehuman gods and and their priest kings. Their crumbling citadel was a ancient ruin when they were surface dwelling human. It is the source of the blue beacon that lights the cave. They ride quadraped humans and often battle albino lizard men who persist to live in outer areas of the cavern.

1 Shoggoth
2 Albino cannibals farming mushrooms and human quadruped cattle
3 Albino cannibals feasting on prisoners, with more in cages
4 Albino cannibal warriors riding human quadruped
5 Albino cannibal cultists with priest overjoyed to see sacrifices and food visiting this cave
6 Albino cannibal sorcerer and guards with slaves carrying palanquin 
7 Wight ancestors of albino cannibals defending the homeland
8 Ghoul pack hungry for food
9 Albino degenerate lizard men savages on warpath
10 Cultists on pilgrimage to learn from locals wisdom
11 White skinned orcs kin of the albino cannibals here to sell slaves
12 Wild human quadrapeds wary of being caught will attack in self defence

d12 Demon Cavern 
This horrible broken volcanic poison land is home to demons who keep some torture pits for human headed laval souls of evil here to trade with other evil beings. They also welcome evil cultists with hundreds of evil shrines to demon powers. Demons here reward evil pilgrims with dread secrets and dread relics. Many gates to the Abyss are here.

1 Larvae crawling alone having escaped 1in4 chance is being tracked by demon
2 Succubi/Incubus tempt explorers to their shrine with a luxurious bed
3 Quasits taunt and pester adventurers
4 Vrock demon guarding stone monolith and former sacrifices
6 Hezrou demon in a stinking pond guarding treasure in the bottom croaking to self
7 Glabrezu in human form offers gold if swear to join evil with blood contract
8 Nalfeshnee guards a gateway and groans to ward away intruders
9 Marilith guards a treasure filled shrine of evil
10 A Balor demon guards a great hoard of treasure and human skulls in a shrine
11 Rutterkin hoard inspecting shrines for intruders and larvae pits
12 A demon lord is here advising cultists and is angered by visitors without sacrifice

d12 Devil Cavern
This flaming pit filled land where devils maintain torture pits and a great embassy citadel of hell. Minions of the devils from here are given orders from hell and schooled in evil by devils. The pits contain larval human headed souls the devils torment and trade. Gates  to several layers of hell are heavily guarded by devils.

1 Larvae crawling alone having escaped 1in4 chance is being tracked by devil
2 Barbed devils keen to torment intruders with hellfire
3 Bearded devils tending larvae in a pit by tormenting them
4 Bone devils hunting intruders
5 Horned devils instructing cultists
6 Imps offer you help and advice in return for blood and signed contracts in blood
7 Ice devil guarding a ice geyser
8 Eryines devils looking to punish interlopers without permits and oath breakers
9 Pit Fiend with abishai servants collecting tax and larvae
10 Abishi hoard on patrol for enemies
11 Spined devils marching on patrol to escort cultists
12 Lord of hell addressing cultists and servitor devils in great black mass
d12 Dwarf Land
Dark dwarves of many types including some Derro and morlocks dwell here in their iron citadel of bitterness. From here they sit sulking about past glories and failures but will trade with outsiders, especially weapons of war like guns. The dwarf citadel is partly ruined and abandoned but many factions operate districts and offer market places.

1 Black bearded wicked dwarf warriors keen to fight, pretend friendship and betray
2 White bearded morlock savages hunting for edible humanoids
3 Beardless derro slave traders up for any chance to enslave or torment others
4 Grey gnome merchants wiling to trade
5 Brown bearded mountain dwarf merchants willing to trade
6 Red bearded surface forest dwarves spying on evil kin with riding badgers or moles or weasels
7 Goblin horde looking to run riot in Dwarfland
8 Ogres looking for dwarf dinner but not fussy
9 Chaos dwarf beserkers out for murder to please demonic masters
10 Common dwarf miners not interested in anything but work
11 Giant carnivorous moles
12 Giant cave weasels
d12 Uula-Ka
This red lit cave is mostly abandoned and empty of intelligent civilisation and forgotten. It's citadel bears the great red beacon and is a shambling ruin. Beings from other caves come here to loot . There is plenty of danger remaining however, even if nobody knows who dowelled here originally. Other races have tried to colonise the ruins and have disappeared.

1 Shoggoth
2 Blood elemental (evil water elemental made of blood)
3 Willow the wisp
4 Grave elemental (evil earth elemental filled with rotting corpses)
5 Insectoid bronze golem
6 lone vampire starving
7 Explorers from outside cavern looking for loot or lore
8 Inhuman insectoid mummies
9 Tako evil octopus folk piloting a great tripod death machine with heat ray
10 Animated carpet of red blood drinking fungus
11 Dust elemental (evil air elemental made of red dust)
12 Pyre elemental (evil fire elemental made of burning alien corpses)

d12 Brine Cavern

This is mostly flooded with a great semi submerged temple complex where fish men monks worship their goddess. Catfishmen wizards also dwell in towers and other ruins are common above and below water. Captured human are put in breeding pens and restrained to stop them killing themselves and rugged to perform breeding chores. Fish folk welcome humanoid visitors.

1 Shoggoth
2 Fish men hunters with nets and man catchers and bolos
3 Hybrid fish man human cultists on pilgrimage 1in6 visiting giant octopus pool
4 Fish men monks ready to test unarmed combat abilities on intruders
5 Fish women witches in disguise as beautiful women
6 Fishmen holy warriors in armour ready to fight intruders
7 Fish women carrying baskets of babies to temple pools
8 Fish man priest and followers angered at unholy defilers of the Brine cavern
9 Fish men herding naked yoked human slaves to market
10 Catshfish man wizard with fishmen guards seeking vivisection victims
11 Hybrid cultists pretending to be adventurers offer to join forces to betray later
12 Hezrou demon with fishmen worshipers at a holy pond

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