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underland 5 - Orc tribes of the Underland Wastes

Orc tribes are pretty common inthe worst areas of the Underland. Originally made by evil wizards from elves then corpses of humanoids then mud, many tribes still find females scarce. Such tribes rely on tribal magicians or even still deal with wizards.

d12 What do orcs want
1 To eat eat you - raw, on a spit or a bonfire
2 To torture and terrify you for fun
3 To hunt you for trophies
4 Require leather and bone for craft
5 Breeding slaves
6 Slave labour for dangerous life shortening chores
7 Slaves to sell at market
8 Play horrible orc games with you
9 Interrogate you to see if you are plotting with enemies
10 Sacrifices to evil entities
11 Trade weapons, food or slaves (angry if you dont like their stuff)
12 Looking for mercenary employment

d12 What weapons of war do these orcs use

1 Stone age with bone, sinew and flint - clubs, javelins, slings, shortbows, mostly naked, irregular skirmishers
2 Stone age but with atlatl spear throwers, stone daggers, clubs and axes, padded armour, irregular skirmishers
3 High Stone age bone, sinew and obsidian - obsidian blade clubs, composite bows, spears, shields, leather armour, organised into teams based on weapons
4 Bronze age with shortswords, hand axes, battle axes, shields, spears, javelins, leather armour, organised into teams based on weapons
5 Bronze age with ranks of spear and large sheild followed by ranks of shortbows, swords for leaders, studded leather armour and capes, diciplined and organized formations
6 Warg riders with shortbow, spear (half numbers actually wargs counted as brothers), small sheilds and leather armour, irregular skirmishers
7 Bronze-Iron Age with round shields, spears, swords, axes, shortbows with scale mail, irregular beserkers
8 Iron age with ranks of long spears, hopolite sheilds, short spears and swords, sale mail, diciplined and organized formations
9 Steel age with round shields, spears, swords, maces, axes, short bows, irregular beserkers
10 Steel age with ranks of long spears, pole arms, large sheilds, crossbows, chainmail, diciplined and organized formations
11 War dog brothers with shortbows, whips, swords and half have a d4 war dogs on chains to terrorise enemies, irregular skirmishers
12 Berserk flagellants, prefer flails, chains, swords, axes, (two handed versions common) with round sheilds, mostly naked with skinned foes for capes, irregular beserkers

Skirmishers prefer to hunt and not direct confront well equipped disciplined enemies
Irregulars use loose formations and more likley to have poor morale
Beserkers fight with little concern for safety seeking heroic death and personal battle with enemy heroes
Dicaplined troops form sheild walls, turtle formations, phalanx lines and other tactics, professional and high morale

d20 Special orc tribe qualities
1 All orcs female and abuse male prisoners, torture and eat ones who displease them
2 Orcs are fearless drug addicts who fight to the death always
3 Berserk champions among them +2 hit and damage fight into negative HP
4 Evil priest and zombie or skeleton baggage handlers who fight as auxiliaries
5 Slave auxiliaries sent in first, poorly equipped d4 1=kobolds 2=goblins 3=humans 4=orcs of other tribe
6 Human wizard or sorcerer thrall to boss uses magic to soften up foes
7 Masters of camouflage use ambush, might draw foes into trap
8 Use burning oil flasks with slings, fire arrows and possibly a crude gunpowder grenade
9 Have monster thralls in chains they release on foes d4 1=ogre 2=troll 3=giant lizard 4=minotaur
10 Tainted missile weapons to soften up foes d4 1=diseased 2=sleep drug 3=1d4 poison 4=2d6 poison
11 Missile experts can shoot into melee without hurting allies or get extra missile attack or both
12 Huge orcs +1 HP per dice and damage on weapons, boss gets +2, champions get +3
13 Specialize in capturing foes, like traps, bola, lassos and nets, wrestling experts +1
14 Learned secrets of dinosaur domestication from reptilian beast folk
15 Have secret of turning enemies severed heads into explosive missiles with 4 year process
16 Swarming with bugs, fleas and parasites, like to hurl wasp nests at enemies
17 Shaman and assistants provide elites with blessings, charms and lucky fetish objects
19 Eating flesh after battle heals them 1 HP
20 All elites above basic grunts get extra unarmed attack and inflict d4 with a punch

Orc appearance

d12 Tribal Colour

1 White - like caves and night, enjoy cannibalism
2 Black (Jet) - like caves and night, enjoy conquest and slavery
3 Green - swamp and wood dwellers, enjoy fighting all the time
4 Scarlet - plain dwellers, blood thirsty killers like to drink blood and scream in battle
5 Blue - stony silent hill dwellers, like strangulation
6 Bone - hill dwellers like sucking marrow, eating and crafting bones
7 Dun - hill and mountain dwellers, use domesticated pets and creatures
8 Grey (Ash) - plain dwellers prefer to act dusk and twilight
9 Bile - nasty swamp orcs like to bathe in vile substances to make selves taste bad
10 Indigo - are gibbering madmen who like risk and giggle constantly
11 Yellow - live in vile places like swamps, diseased and like fever trances
12 Slate - silently torture and pointlessly murder, prefer twilight, no females

d12 Additional decor
1 Wear severed shrunken heads of enemies as decorations
2 Covered in bizarre piercings, plugs and implants; enjoy suspensions in spare time
3 Ritual scarification, mutilation and branding
4 Tattoos all over with secret meanings from initiation ceremonies
5 File teeth and fingernails sharper 
6 Outlandish hair styles including braiding, mohawks, beards, dye, etc
7 Elaborate head dresses, bigger the more status
8 Cowled robes or cloaks reminiscent of sinister elder cult assassins
9 Painted with ritual ochre, soot and blood depending on bloodline, status and current task
10 Necklaces and jewelery made from teeth, fingers, noses and ears
11 Horrifying masks, vary depending on current activity and status
12 Distinctive d4 1=hats 2=kilts 3=girdles 4=footwear

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